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(West Press)   Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather" to be adapted for TV. HO. HO. HO   ( ) divider line
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2006-02-09 06:15:48 AM  
Guards Guards would have been a better choice.

Looking forward to seeing Miss Susan though. She's HOT!
2006-02-09 06:19:15 AM  
I heard Sam Raimi was doing the Wee Free Men as well. While I'm all for more film adaptations of children's fantasy books, I'd quite like a few more adult ones too.
2006-02-09 06:26:36 AM  
purple_nurple: Guards Guards would have been a better choice.

Or Nightwatch. I love that book. But, if I can't have Sam, I'll take Death. I love him.
2006-02-09 06:42:25 AM  
Or Nightwatch. I love that book

You couldn't really do Nightwatch without diong Guards Guards though, but if you start on the Watch series you get to do the sublime Men At Arms.

Hogfather's an odd choice, no introduction to the reason behind Death's foibles or where Susan came from. All important parts of the story I would have thought.

I assume pTerry knows what he's doing though.
2006-02-09 07:41:25 AM  
I am a bit half/half on this. He said he would never allow his books to be filmed and now this. I have read all of discworld, and get new ones from me gran each year. Part would love to see it, and part fears it will just be some cheap excuse for a discworld representation.

That said, I did enjoy the playstation adventure game.
2006-02-09 08:18:00 AM  
They've done a few for television already - Wyrd Systers and Mort (if I remember correctly) as cartoons.
Hogfather could be interesting. I'd be interested to see Tim Burton do it as a movie actually. Could look brilliant if done with shedloads of gothic taste.
2006-02-09 10:33:43 AM  
Um, why? Part of the charm and strength of his series is seeing him build on the recurring characters and themes. Why not instead let him write a thorough skewering of the Lord of the Rings hype? It's not like he wouldn't churn it out in a weekend.

If anything, it's going to be very loosely based on Death's daughter trying to save Christmas after some bad guys "kill" Santa.
2006-02-09 11:26:08 AM  
Um, the article says that Hogfather is the 3rd book in the series... that's sure as hell wrong...
2006-02-09 11:30:30 AM  

I love the books, but this is unlikely to do them justice. Some of the beauty is the puns (which generally don't translate well).

As others have pointed out, the books are also very much building on earlier ones in the series. I would personally prefer to see these done as a set of tv shows (more film-time than movies), done in the same order as the books. If you split the books up (not one show per book, but one season or so per book, with multiple shows telling the different stories (much like stargate has done)).

This would be a cool way to do things.
2006-02-09 11:31:20 AM  
Why is it that everytime I see "Ho Ho Ho" I say it like Hans Gruber?
2006-02-09 11:32:48 AM  
I see Christopher Walken as "Death".
2006-02-09 11:33:30 AM  
Hmm, I haven't read Hogfather, I don't know how I missed that one... and now its a movie.

I agree though, they should do a movie about The Watch. I love how Pratchett combines a police mystery with fantasy elements.
2006-02-09 11:33:39 AM  

/who cares if it will be good or not.
2006-02-09 11:34:35 AM  
Reaper Man woulda been a much better choice for a Death movie. I think that one is written in a very cinematic manner as it is, and could probably be adapted without having to butcher it.

And it's like 50 times better.

Why is it all the adaptions of his they have made so far have been of my least favorite of his books =\
2006-02-09 11:34:41 AM  
So is this series worth reading?
2006-02-09 11:34:58 AM  
Ian richardson will be providing the voice of Death an the actual figure will be take by some randomer
2006-02-09 11:35:23 AM  
I hope they stick to the book. This should be interesting.

Btw, kudos to Submitter for the HO HO HOing. It made me giggle.
2006-02-09 11:38:50 AM  
HO HO HO INDEED. It would be great if they got Christopher for the voice of Death. He was great in the animated versions of 'Soul Music' and 'Wyrd Sisters'.

I think it is Sam Raimi with the rights on 'Wee Free Men'.Scheduled for release in 2008. Be interesting to see who gets the part of Granny Weatherwax.

I'd love to see al of them made eventually. I'd to see any of them made. I love all the characters. Sam, Granny, Nanny, Rincewind, Cohen the Barbarian, The Luggage, and the Librarian.

2006-02-09 11:40:04 AM  
hate him. hate the bwitish sensibility that permeates his work, ala Adams' work.

Not to bash the bwits. I love JK, Kim Newman, Neil G, and Alan "Kablammo" Moore. They're not twee like that.
2006-02-09 11:41:34 AM  
Baskaa: I see Christopher Walken as "Death".

Walken = Mr. Teatime
2006-02-09 11:50:01 AM  
2006-02-09 11:50:25 AM  

Walken = Mr. Teatime

okay, that just made this thread "Not Safe For Class", I almost fell out of my seat.

and I will echo what others have said, I love the boys of the watch, I'd be interested in seeing someone do those, but alas, do them correctly.

also, if they ever had to cast Rincewind, I've got a friend who matches up extremely well w/ Paul's illustrations, he'd be a hoot
2006-02-09 11:51:31 AM  
One of my favorite Pratchett novels. I look forward to this one.

I reckon I could see this guy as Albert.
2006-02-09 11:52:52 AM  
Never understood the appeal of the fantasy genre.

In fact I'm offended that in bookstores it's always in the same section as science fiction, alongside quality literature by Arthur C. Clarke and William Gibson.

And yes, I care enough to come into this thread and say that.
2006-02-09 11:54:21 AM  
"Death" should be Bill Nighy. He already kinda looks the part.

/Should have done Guards Guards first
2006-02-09 11:56:09 AM  
I've seen the cartoons. They sucked.

This will probably suck too.

The books rock, though sometimes he gets way too carried away with implementing modern things in a fantasy context. "Moving Pictures"? Ugh.
2006-02-09 12:05:19 PM  
Yankees Team Gynecologist

If you like good literature then I suggest you read Pratchetts work, its comedy and social commentary more than it is fantasy. Or if thats not your taste then try Book Of The New Sun by Gene Wolfe or Tales Of The Dying Earth by Jack Vance, Id put them up against any other work of literature.

A good book is a good book regardless of genre. Being a snob about it just denies yourself the pleasure of books you might otherwise enjoy. In fact in my experience the very best works of literature often dont easily fit into any genre.
2006-02-09 12:05:53 PM  
Yankees Team Gynecologist

I take it you hate The Princess Bride then?
2006-02-09 12:11:17 PM  
Having Teri Hatcher and Terry Pratchett threads on the same day confuses and enrages me.

In a happy way.
2006-02-09 12:13:51 PM  
Soul Music was already done as a cartoon. I'd love to see a Pratchett book done as a big-screen adaptation. My first choice is Guards! Guards!

What's not to like about Errol?
2006-02-09 12:17:40 PM  
Wait wait wait, everyone. Guys, we should really start a movement in congress to have Fantasy banned from being lumped together with Sci-Fi. We don't want to offend Yankees Team Gynecologist.

Him and his like-minded nerds might get together and start rioting and demanding the beheadings of bookstore owners and whatnot.

What is this Religion of Peace?
2006-02-09 12:24:55 PM  
It's Teh-ah-tim-eh
2006-02-09 12:29:20 PM  
I'll watch it just to see the scene with Nobby sitting on Death's knee...


2006-02-09 12:31:46 PM  
w00t! I'm re-reading Hogfather at the moment, and I would love to see Susan Sto Helit onscreen. She's easily my favorite Discworld character, and Teatime is probably one of the great bad guys in the entire series.
2006-02-09 12:38:38 PM  
purple_nurple: Looking forward to seeing Miss Susan though. She's HOT!
In Hogfather Susan's like 14 years old.
2006-02-09 12:52:29 PM  

I have a copy of "The Art of Discworld". She's definately an adult in Hogfather. :)
2006-02-09 12:53:51 PM  
This is for British TV. How is this good news for those of us who don't get that channel?
2006-02-09 12:55:44 PM  
Bill Nighy as Death - good choice indeed. The right balance of morose wit and slight scariness.


In Hogfather Susan's like 14 years old.

Even hotter!
2006-02-09 12:58:16 PM  
Monkeys Knuckle

Yeah! All characters in all books should be American, like Jesus. Damn forners, with their forn ways.
2006-02-09 01:04:53 PM  
Ook oook Ook Oook! Eeek! Oook (eek)


Rough translation: A film really needs to be made around unseen university. I could play a role too. But I want to be paid in more than bananas! Perhaps Lords and Ladies could be made (but I want a stunt double wearing the Pongo collar, that was humiliating)

2006-02-09 01:06:50 PM  

I'll watch it just to see the scene with Nobby sitting on Death's knee...



You owe my boss a new keyboard. :)

/Good thing I'm on lunch!
2006-02-09 01:14:10 PM  
Christopher Lee as Death. 'Nuff said.

Finding an actor to fill Nobby's shoes is a tough one.
2006-02-09 01:16:16 PM  
crush_ogre: In Hogfather Susan's like 14 years old.

No she isn't. You're thinking of Soul Music. The Hogfather is the one where she's that nanny.

\Wants to see if they'll include the God of Hangovers
2006-02-09 01:18:21 PM  
Equal Rites is the third book. It's a fairly weak one, but the early ones were for the most part. I'm only on Small Gods going chronologically myself.

And yeah, it'd be hard to translate with the puns and such. If they ever do a big-screen adaption though, they should keep Eric Idle for Rincewind- he did the voice for him in the games, and was spot on for Rincewind's cynicism.

Color of Magic/Light Fantastic together might make a decent movie combined, albeit with the books dragging.
2006-02-09 01:18:58 PM  
That's pretty awesomne, I'm actually in the middle
of reading HogFather.

If you haven't picked up a Discworld novel they are defiantely
worth reading. I don't think I would have chosen Hogfather though.
I think these would have been better choices:

Thief of Time - Awesome book, Susan is older and hotter. Plus death but chocolate. . . brilliant
Mort - "He was as graceful as lawn furniture"
Guards! Guards! - Just great
Night Watch - Again just good

I'm looking foward to seeing the oh God of Hangovers.

/Love Pratchett. . . They better not fark it up
2006-02-09 01:19:30 PM  
All my fallen angels and rising apes would like to see this adaption.
2006-02-09 01:20:19 PM  
I have to agree, Christopher Walken would be a great Teatime. Almost the role he was born to play.

Susan is a bit older than 14 in Hogfather. She was around 14 in Soul Music. I remember Susan going into the pub she frequented looking for her friend who was a Tooth Fairy.

I'm thinking Monkeys Knuckle should change his name to Smeghead. I suppose that passes for wit in the parts of his barn where his sheep fear to tread.
2006-02-09 01:28:57 PM  
I'm thinking Richard Coyle (Jeffrey on Coupling) be great for the Oh God of Hangovers. He definitely looks the part.
2006-02-09 01:32:01 PM  
i'm wondering if they're going to have the subplot with the mall infestation being fought by the wizards?

the whole life cycle of the malls with snow-globe eggs, mobile shopping cart stage and then the sedentary mall was one of my favourites, not to mention little bits like the glingle glingle fairy but i assume they'll probably cut those for time.

i can totally see Walken as Teatime though.
2006-02-09 01:33:06 PM  
This fantastic news fills me with anxiety.

1. The great unwashed masses are going to think it's a rip-off of Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. None of the jokes will translate well to screen (mentioned repeatedly above).

3. Not Enough Explosions (tm) will mean it fails among the great unwashed masses.
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