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(Canoe)   In what has to be the most disgusting promotion ever, hockey team to have "Hairy Back Night"   ( divider line
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5728 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Feb 2006 at 6:34 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-08 10:22:00 PM  
Could be worse, it could be hairy ball night....
2006-02-08 10:27:33 PM  

Either way, I think I have finally found a contest I can win.
2006-02-09 12:02:09 AM  
I read that the Lexington Legends are doing this at Applebee's Park this year, too.
2006-02-09 12:33:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Ha ha!
2006-02-09 01:44:31 AM  
George "The Animal" Steele and A-Train unavailable for comment?
2006-02-09 03:39:12 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

2006-02-09 06:37:20 AM  
Yeuch. Gimme a smooth man any day.
2006-02-09 06:57:10 AM  
Finally a link that's better off without pics...
2006-02-09 06:59:45 AM  
Let's hope there aren't any chicks competing.
2006-02-09 07:01:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
first place...hands down.
2006-02-09 07:13:16 AM  
Link farked already. Booooo
2006-02-09 07:25:37 AM  
i'm sending my girlfriend's mom...
2006-02-09 07:33:07 AM  
Ice and back hair. Great. So if anyone falls on the rink, it'll be like pulling up a big, fat, beer soaked mat of Velcro.
2006-02-09 07:33:43 AM  
Call Tochett and see what the odds are that this will never happen.
2006-02-09 07:54:20 AM  
i'll stretch my large hairy sack over my back and sneak in
2006-02-09 08:02:24 AM  
I could think of more disgusting things, but by better judgement prevails.
2006-02-09 08:11:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

George Steele would eat Robin Williams and fart a dust kitten.
2006-02-09 08:12:01 AM  
I'll comb my eyebrows over my back and sneak in.
2006-02-09 08:12:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-09 08:12:29 AM  
I meant "my"......

Well, now that I farked that up, I guess it doesn't matter...........

Just imagine a hundred crazy dwarf women.. or fifty crazy dwarf women and fifty crazy latin women... wrestling in mud, the goal is to see who can suck the most jizz from the people that the crowd (or some kind of wheel of fortune thing) decides to throw into the pit...

They have to fight each other to get to the person thrown in....... and try to get the jizz into their mouth as fast as possible, then make it to their "safe area" and spit the jizz into a measuring cup.

If the people that are thrown in cannot get it up, then the wrestlers in the pit are allowed to take their blood as a substitute, but only using their teeth or nails.
2006-02-09 08:13:41 AM  
Submitter has apparently never experienced a Steelers' "bring your mom to the game" night. Talk about some disgusting, toothless hags--blech!

/I keed
/I'm a sad, bitter old man
/Go Bengals!
2006-02-09 08:18:09 AM  

Another time mate, don't share.
2006-02-09 08:25:13 AM  
Lady J:

Okay, but... but....that hardly seems like the "MOST" disgusting promotion, when there are a billion more possibilities......... to make it TRULY disgusting.
2006-02-09 08:28:07 AM  
Its too early in the a.m. - I read "Hairy Black Night".
2006-02-09 08:28:57 AM  
crypt0z0ic, hire Paris Hilton to host and you can sell it as the new hit FOX reality show.
2006-02-09 08:36:02 AM  
To bad Dan Gallagher's dead...

2006-02-09 08:36:19 AM  
OK, you've made your point. Get back on the lithium.
2006-02-09 08:37:36 AM  
All hail the Summer Sweater!
2006-02-09 08:52:51 AM  
Could be worse, it could be broke back mt. night....
2006-02-09 08:55:47 AM  
So why is that gross? I mean, other than a bunch of probably overweight men with no shirts on....

Social norms are strange.

/loves me a hairy man
2006-02-09 09:11:02 AM  
Heh. That's just great.

Better even, last summer, while traveling through the Finger Lakes area, heard a radio commercial for some team, minor league baseball, that was having their "Fourth Annual Mullet Night". I almost wrecked the car...

/4TH !!
2006-02-09 09:25:23 AM  
I like hairy balls and hairy backs.
2006-02-09 09:30:00 AM  
"George Kennedy.....Ernest Borgnine....Dom Deluise.."
"Actors with hairy backs?"


/$50,000 Pyramid
2006-02-09 09:30:11 AM  
What about Jon Voight night?
2006-02-09 09:39:24 AM  
A certain BU hockey fan yells something during the third period and takes off his shirt, revealing his hairy chest and back. The band plays "Iron Man" as he twirls his shirt overhead and runs through the stands.

Crowd chants: "Sasquatch! Sieve! Sasquatch! Sieve!"

/Only BU hockey fan who never saw the appeal of Sasquatch.
2006-02-09 09:44:20 AM  
That's not disgusting. It's funny. Heck, Taco Bell is more disgusting than that.
2006-02-09 10:01:47 AM  
/another fan of the hairy men
2006-02-09 10:10:01 AM  
Well, my back is not hairy, nor are my balls (smooooooth) but my chest is... Perhaps I can wear a mask backwards and enter? A trip anywhere warm would be nice about now...
2006-02-09 10:24:59 AM  
So why is that gross? I mean, other than a bunch of probably overweight men with no shirts on....
Social norms are strange.
/loves me a hairy man

Marry me?
2006-02-09 10:33:18 AM  

To bad Dan Gallagher's dead...

Was that the dude that smashed watermelons with a sledgehammer? I always loved watching him, hardly disgusting.
2006-02-09 10:36:40 AM  
Oh, wait...... I guess it is kind of disgusting....... I also liked SuperDave.......
2006-02-09 10:42:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-09 10:44:14 AM  
I see a future where "Twister" is played the way it was really meant to be played. Step on a green spot, you have to shiat in the closest person's mouth. Step on a red spot, that limb gets boiled and fet to the closest person on the mat.
2006-02-09 10:45:43 AM  
I meant "fed", not "fet", but one should get the idea.. it could be much worse.
2006-02-09 10:58:40 AM  
More cheers for the furry fellas!

Why does anyone think it's disgusting? It's not even weird. I honestly don't get it. Then again, some guys have better body hair than others, so ... to each his own.
2006-02-09 11:19:26 AM  
HA ok umm.. i'm actually the game host for the milwaukee admirals and.. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. YOU MAY THIN.... ok never mind, i just wanted to get that in. really though, i'm there every game.. pumping up the crowd, playing games during intermissions. good times but i had to take this friday night off. i'm CRUSHED that i won't be able to run my fingers thru a thicket of hairy man backs. and when i say crushed i really mean relieved.

/going to a sweethearts ball
2006-02-09 01:03:55 PM  

......not to sound desperate, or anything, but my clean shaven back is here for any purpose you choose.
2006-02-09 01:10:16 PM  
......that was a joke.
2006-02-09 01:37:35 PM  
.. darn :)
2006-02-09 09:10:09 PM  
I have to second the others on this. Hairy backs are hot! Best is when they're in their boxers, dark fuzz on the back and have a little beer gut over the front. If you're not overwieght when you start dating me, you will be when I'm done :p
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