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(Yahoo)   Paris Hilton ordered to stay away from man. No word on if there is chance of making it class action   ( ) divider line
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15392 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2006 at 10:23 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-08 09:27:45 AM  
You just made her day by mentioning her in here.

She's just an attention whore. And not a very good one at that given the "performance" in her video......
2006-02-08 09:28:01 AM  
sign me up... she keeps calling me...

//just loves slappy for his blow
2006-02-08 09:37:02 AM  
Details of the stay-away order have yet to be determined.
Stay-away order? Is that what new-fangled lawyers are calling orders of protection these days?
2006-02-08 09:37:17 AM  
My 65 year old mother was sitting on the couch last night watching CNN. At one point she exclaimed, "That Paris Hilton, what a slug!"

I looked at her and said, in a low voice, "If I ever hear you say that name again, I'll lock you away. There is absolutely no reason for you to know who the hell Paris Hilton is."

Then my DAD piped up, "How can you not? You turn on the television and there she is!"

I weep. Our world is ending...
2006-02-08 09:38:22 AM  
""I've known Paris and worked with her, and the kind of
person that was described on the stand this afternoon doesn't
resemble the woman that I know."

Yeah, she's not the shallow type. I am not sure how anyone
could ever think that.

/sarcasm off.
2006-02-08 09:40:52 AM  
I don't care what the rest of you say, I'd hit it!
2006-02-08 09:44:10 AM  
You and how many layers of wetsuit, eddyatwork?
2006-02-08 09:45:55 AM  
If only she was ordered to stay away from mankind. We'd then have the perfect excuse to abandon her in the wilderness with nothing but a small spoon for protection.
2006-02-08 09:47:34 AM  
submitter: Paris Hilton ordered to stay away from man

As in mankind?
2006-02-08 09:53:31 AM  
binnster: If only she was ordered to stay away from mankind

Beat me to it..
2006-02-08 09:54:36 AM  
I'm putting the over/under of references to Warhol at 20
2006-02-08 09:54:55 AM  
I wouldn't f*ck that with Bea Arthur's dick.
2006-02-08 09:55:10 AM  
A few weeks ago I received an advanced copy of our Valentine's Day sale flier/insert featuring perfumes by both Paris and Britney. I almost wept.
2006-02-08 10:27:09 AM

/been dying to use this pic for a while.
2006-02-08 10:31:50 AM  
2006-02-08 10:33:10 AM  

Isn't there a rule against the "F" word? Even in a graphic?

Bannination? *sniff* Yep, that's the smell.
2006-02-08 10:33:11 AM  
Is that a heroin bruise on her arm in that dance photo?
2006-02-08 10:33:16 AM  
maybe if people stop talking about her, she'll disappear.

Please, think of the children.
2006-02-08 10:33:17 AM  
She's hot so she get greenlit... like any farker WOULDN'T do her.
2006-02-08 10:33:24 AM  
""I've known Paris and worked with her, and the kind of
person that was described on the stand this afternoon doesn't
resemble the woman that I know."

Is it sad that the first thing I thought of reading that was:

I work for Paris Hilton...
2006-02-08 10:34:21 AM  
>> Paris Hilton ... class action

I think that would be a no-class action in her case, no?
2006-02-08 10:34:41 AM  
stay-away order

Um, isn't the term for that "restraining order"? Or is this some new-fangled court order that they just came up with?

//not like that
2006-02-08 10:35:27 AM  
Isn't this the same thing as telling a coke addict to stay away from coke?, or a whore from men...wait....
2006-02-08 10:35:38 AM  
Picture this if you will, a new TV show. A cross between the simple life and Survivor.
We take Paris out, get her WASTED. While she sleeps, snatch her up and put her on a desert island. Secretly film her wandering around for two weeks trying to hump coconut tree's and insulting and demanding the local wildlife fix her a drink. Then we can release some tigers into the mix. However Ms Hilton would have a fighting chance as she could attempt to give the lions some sort of std and incapacitate them for a while. TV comedy gold I tell you.

But seriously... God I hate her
2006-02-08 10:36:05 AM  
"I've known Paris and worked with her, and the kind of person that was described on the stand this afternoon doesn't resemble the woman that I know."

Huh. Have her put her ankles behind her ears, and see if she looks familiar, then.
2006-02-08 10:36:36 AM  
the scab will not heal if you keep picking at it
2006-02-08 10:37:19 AM  
Every time an article about her gets greenlighted, Paris Hilton performs a sex act with submitter. That's my theory.
2006-02-08 10:37:31 AM  
perfect analogy
2006-02-08 10:38:53 AM  
Paris need to cram another burger in her face to shut the fark up.
2006-02-08 10:40:00 AM

Any relation?
2006-02-08 10:40:13 AM  
Sloth_DC: Huh. Have her put her ankles behind her ears, and see if she looks familiar, then.

Sloth_DC, you owe me a new keyboard. Nice one!
2006-02-08 10:41:05 AM  
Quintana said Hilton began a smear campaign against him after she started dating Niarchos, accusing him of trying to get Niarchos to ditch her for his former girlfriend, Mary-Kate Olsen.

Aaaaa! Too many pronouns!

So, Quintana, the mexican party planner, dated Mary-Kate?
2006-02-08 10:41:05 AM  
OMG, funny!
2006-02-08 10:41:35 AM  
I'd really like to see Paris do another video.
Maybe a snuff film?

/She is teh whore
2006-02-08 10:43:07 AM  
socialite known for her "The Simple Life" TV reality show and for an Internet sex video made with a former boyfriend.

So why doesn't she have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame yet?
2006-02-08 10:43:12 AM  
Easy solution -- get rid of your TV. Sure, you'll still see her from time to time online or in threads like this, but you won't care, because you won't really be sure who she is or what she does. We got rid of ours two years ago -- it cut our Paris exposure by 99%.

I've almost completely lost touch with "pop" culture, and I feel that my life is much richer for it.
Can I tell you a popular band? Nope. A new movie star? Nope. A fascinating new product? Nope. That new drug the drug companies are pushing? Nope. Superbowl ads? Nope. This season's "must see" TV? Nope. The latest political scandal? Nope. War in Iraq? Nope.

A great book? Sure, I've thousands to talk about. What my wife did at work yesterday? Yep. Need a new hobby other than TV? Sure, I've tons to suggest.

Kill your TV. It keeps you stupid, complacent, and makes you a good little consumer.
2006-02-08 10:45:00 AM  
Good headline. Peroid.
Paris embargo ON
2006-02-08 10:45:12 AM  
Meh, I'd still give her one.

Probably twice.
2006-02-08 10:46:45 AM  
claimed she called him a "lazy Mexican"

Stupid pleonastic biatch.
2006-02-08 10:47:57 AM  

/And in the blue corner...Quintana the mexican party planner!
//Would be a cool superhero or wrestler name
2006-02-08 10:48:08 AM  
I'd do her.

From behind, watching reruns of The Osbournes, in my parents basement.
2006-02-08 10:48:42 AM  
Britney Spears and Paris Hilton walk into a bar.
Bartender says: Who needs a damn joke, it's Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!
2006-02-08 10:49:39 AM  

Which just goes to prove...Fark jumped the shark...
2006-02-08 10:51:17 AM  
So let me get this straight... she called the guy a "lazy mexican?"

And now this is public knowledge?

Oh she's farked. A little rich white girl undoubtedly has a huge latin contingency working for her and her family (drivers, maids, gardeners, etc etc etc). She'd be a fool to think that they won't do things to make life just a little more difficult.

/yes, I am a mexican
//yes, my parents came to this country and where immediately hired as "the help"
///yes, they did bad things whenever they were disrespected
//// yes, I am slash-happy
2006-02-08 10:52:28 AM  

Not a TFer, but surely there's a list of people and things that require a stay-away-from-the-board order.

If not, make one. We will swear an oath not to submit crap.
2006-02-08 10:53:48 AM  
Quintana the planner
carried a banner
2006-02-08 10:54:16 AM
2006-02-08 10:57:22 AM  
Can't we just send her back to her home planet?
2006-02-08 10:57:44 AM  
Professor Fate: /And in the blue corner...Quintana the mexican party planner!
//Would be a cool superhero or wrestler name

/photobucket, I can't leave you
2006-02-08 10:57:46 AM  
It's true that; stay away from the TV and you do get a different perspective on things. A couple of years ago I lived for a year or so without a TV, and now, though I have one, I rarely watch it except for DVDs and the occasional film. It doesn't interest me like it used to.
However, as I live outside of America and am therefore not exposed 24/7 to Paris Hilton, I quite enjoy these Fark threads to see what a train wreck she is making of her life.

/realises that last sentence wasn't pretty
//that doesn't justify the slashies
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