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(LA Times)   Rock the Vote going out of business because its "staff did not have the business acumen to manage a large nonprofit."   ( divider line
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2006-02-07 06:27:26 PM  

Nice Futurama reference. The Prince Georges County, Md. county executive's name is Jack Johnson, btw.

I'm outta here... don't know if anyone will still be around when I get home.
2006-02-07 06:28:54 PM  

So I didn't really see it as the people who knew the candidates best picking the better candidate... I saw it more in terms of the candidate with the most money being able to buy plenty of negative advertising and swamp his opponent.

evidently, pleant of people didn't support mccain because people weren't willing to support him where it really helps - pulling out a check book and spending their hard earned cash. when is the last time you wrote a check to a political candidate that caused you to have to cut back for a short time on some lifestyle choice?

for whatever reason, people who knew mccain well were not willing to support him in 2000 and instead they supported someone who's main asset was that he wasn't mccain. think about it.

instead of leaving up entirely to the people who time after time show an appalling lack of depth of understanding and a tendency to fall for a slick line or a pretty face, let the insiders slug it out in close combat and give us the two (i wish it were three) who survive.
2006-02-07 06:32:42 PM  
I know this is off-topic, but has anyone else noticed the anti-Yakov filter?
2006-02-07 06:33:50 PM  

when is the last time you wrote a check to a political candidate that caused you to have to cut back for a short time on some lifestyle choice?

Never. I never, ever give any of my hard earned cash to political candidates. However, there are a few nonpartisan organizations out there whose work I consider essential and worthy, and they receive my support a couple of times a year.

But I do know of at least one person who wrote McCain a $100 check in 2000.
2006-02-07 06:35:16 PM  
OK, I'm really out this time. But I just wanted to answer nerfball's question. It's been fun... a rational conversation in a Fark political thread. Whodathunkit?
2006-02-07 06:43:20 PM  
Yeah, well, a large part of the Internets must have broken or something. That's the only explanation I have.
2006-02-07 06:44:42 PM  
I saw 1 post
2006-02-07 07:03:04 PM  
I'd say the ratio of self-righteous ignorance to actual intelligence is highest in college kids.

/so if my ratio is high then
2006-02-07 07:44:16 PM  
DieBold made voting irrelevant in the USA several years ago anyway.
But, if you guys wanna rock out in your fancy new dictatorship, be my guest.
2006-02-07 08:17:43 PM  
Good. Can we please tell young people to vote Democrat next time? Please???
2006-02-07 08:55:10 PM  
Wake up, Asshats. Politics was never intended to be fair; democracy, as demonstrated by 2004 and the electoral college, is a joke, and to have MTV boneheads who tell us to "Rock the Vote" while failing to register or vote themselves (GIS it) completes the sham. Jesus.

Good riddance to the Rock the Vote clowns. See you in 30 years, when reality sinks in and you learn the value of psychograoghic research studies.
2006-02-07 09:08:35 PM  
which mirrors how much voters give a shiate here in amurica.
2006-02-07 09:45:46 PM  
I'm surprised it didn't happen immediately after the 2004 election. The statistics of those elections show that none of the voter organizations helped with registration or actual turnout. Whether it's because of apathy, disillusion of the two-party system, or because the young generation just wants to smoke pot and play XBox, who knows.

But yes, I'm now pretty sure that I won't vote in 2008.

/voted Kerry
//never goes a day without wishing he voted Nader
2006-02-07 10:09:57 PM  
not even a horde of braindead Russian bureaucrats,supervised by a drunken one,could be this inept at running a non-profit of this magnitude.

Tell me comrades,why is the Revolution still stuck with these Bozos?
2006-02-07 11:01:28 PM

2006-02-08 12:42:53 AM  
I always thought it was a stupid idea. If people don't want to vote what's wrong with that? It's a great fallacy to just assume that low voter turnout is a sign of dissatisfaction or of a failure of the political order. It could just as easily mean the opposite.

Also not all votes are equally meaningful. The vote of some 21 year old whose political preference is sufficiently weak that it takes a silly MTV ad to prod him into exercising it is not really worth anything.
2006-02-08 01:18:43 AM  
Rock the Vote failed not because it had an obvious bias towards Kerry (not that it helped), but because 18-25 year olds dont want to be treated like they need some asshat emo singer to inform them about politics. Even the most dense of young voters will question the credibility of a group when "vote" and "fo shizzle" are strung together.

I'd rather people not vote at all than to blindly vote just because Puff Daddy told them to.

And just for the record: no one died due to not showing up at the polls in the last election.
2006-02-08 05:15:07 AM  
wasnt they a somewhat democratic organization ...........Just a thought
2006-02-08 08:13:36 PM  
Rock the Vote was such a big sucess last election. I'm sure gonna miss it ;~ )
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