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(   Director of 'Grizzly Man', who saved Joaquin Phoenix from carwreck days earlier, was shot during an interview. Continues interview saying, "I am not afraid."   ( divider line
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2006-02-04 10:14:42 PM  
That's pretty farking cool. An insignificant bullet!
2006-02-04 10:16:16 PM  
Why can't that guy be my dad?
2006-02-04 10:19:47 PM  
Herzog is great. He also literally ate his shoe because he said he would if Errol Morris ever finished a film.
2006-02-04 10:21:52 PM  

The man is a Super Hero.
2006-02-04 10:22:07 PM  
He just carried on with the interview while bleeding quietly in his boxer shorts.

If I had a dollar everytime that happened to me...
2006-02-04 10:24:24 PM  

Finally a famous person that doesn't need to man up.
2006-02-04 10:24:32 PM  
OK. That guy is my new f*ckin hero.
2006-02-04 10:30:13 PM  
An unrepentant Herzog insisted, "It was not a significant bullet. I am not afraid."

I think if I were ever to work for that man, I'd make DAMN sure my work was done right the first time!
2006-02-04 10:34:05 PM  
Oh please, man up Nanc ... er ... nevermind.
2006-02-04 10:34:43 PM  
Chuck Norris unavailable for comment.
2006-02-04 10:40:28 PM  
Man, Discovery Channel just keeps showing that over and over and over again.

Which is ok with me, because it never gets old.
2006-02-04 10:41:47 PM  
Did that make any sense to anyone else?

\air rifle that sounded like a firecracker?
2006-02-05 12:18:31 AM  
BTW, Grizzly Man is a damned awesome movie. Watch it on Discovery, or rent the DVD. It's worth it.

The subject of that documentary was one of the nuttier flakes I've ever seen. I love the way he creates his own fantasy world where all the animals love him and he loves all the animals and every creature emotionally understand and respects each other, then proceeds to live in it. And then gets mauled to death by a Grizzly.
2006-02-05 12:20:30 AM  
wow. man gets shot, continues the interview.

who's he think he is, teddy roosevelt?
2006-02-05 01:01:12 AM  
Herzog once dragged a steamship overland through a South American jungle for one of his films. He's an amazing character.
2006-02-05 01:01:32 AM  
Herzog once dragged a steamship overland through a South American jungle for one of his films. He's an amazing character.
2006-02-05 01:26:26 AM  
Roger Ebert on Tim Treadwell: "I have a certain admiration for his courage, recklessness, idealism, whatever you want to call it, but here is a man who managed to get himself and his girlfriend eaten, and you know what? He deserves Werner Herzog."
2006-02-05 01:29:21 AM  
Any links to the BBC interview video?
2006-02-05 02:52:02 AM  
That man has always been awesome

Also, am I the only one seeing a link between Grizzli man & Nanook?

[image from too old to be available]

Personally, I listen to Kermode & Ebert's podcasts, they are usually spot on when they review movies, and rarely disagree with each others
2006-02-05 03:45:39 AM  
I think we've found a man other than Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris to exagerate wildly over.

Maybe that guy who cut his own arm off to escape the boulder should be in the club too.
2006-02-05 03:47:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 03:48:50 AM  
Teddy Roosevelt's Ghost seen patting him on the shoulder.
2006-02-05 03:49:02 AM  
Who the f*ck is dumb enough to shoot that man? That punk is lucky he didn't make them eat their own arse
2006-02-05 03:53:21 AM  
He's the master; it doesn't surprise me that he's also a tough SOB.
2006-02-05 03:53:52 AM  
that article has so many great quotes it hurts a little.

But what the fark is a snooker ball?
2006-02-05 03:54:58 AM  
NO, hes not a violent man, he's just a man.

In a grizzled(no pn), classical sense.
2006-02-05 03:56:28 AM  
I just gotta say that the dood in Grizzly Man was a farking Moran. I nearly cried tears of joy when his dumbass got eaten.

Don't fark with nature, and don't pretend like its your goddam friend.
2006-02-05 03:58:23 AM  
Is that all you got? I eat punks like you for dinner and crap you out 2 1/2 hours later...
2006-02-05 03:58:34 AM  
An air rifle.. that's a pellet gun, right? I still wouldn't want to be shot by one.
2006-02-05 03:58:39 AM  
But what the fark is a snooker ball?

A type of billiard ball (slightly different in size, IIRC).

Since we're talking about bruising, we can talk about guy growing an 8-ball wherever the pellet hit.
2006-02-05 03:58:45 AM  
"So anyways, Herzog would put on a white tie and tails and walk his pet cobra through the park on a leash. He named the cobra 'Beverly'. And he taught it how to fetch and dial a phone. But then one day, it bit the maid. So with tears in his eyes, Herzog had to shoot the maid."
2006-02-05 03:58:59 AM  
Even Dwarves Started Small. Totally Freaked me Out.

I own it on VHS. You should too.

Watch it drunk or tired or on acid or whatever.

Even sober you will go "Wtf is wrong with this guy"
2006-02-05 04:00:59 AM  
we can talk about guy growing an 8-ball wherever the pellet hit and bleeding. adding that on for you.
2006-02-05 04:01:08 AM  
"I remember one time Herzog took his family to Sea World... they were watching Shamu the whale when Herzog got splashed! So Herzog yells, 'I'm Werner Herzog and no one gets me wet!' So he climbs into the tank, grabs Shamu and throws the whale into the audience, splashes him and yells, 'How do you like it?!' And then damn if Herzog didn't step in there and finish the show!"
2006-02-05 04:04:20 AM  
Everything yoggle has said

Herzog stories are harder than Chuck Norris facts, arnt they?
2006-02-05 04:06:17 AM  
I've been shot with a pellet gun, he's right, it's an insignifigant bullet. Still, it hurts like a biatch. To just shrug is off as "Oh, someone is shooting at us. We must go." is classic.

He got shot in the shorts... hahahahaha
2006-02-05 04:07:09 AM  
well hey, as long as Joaquin Phoenix is still okay...

/teensy bit of a crush :)
2006-02-05 04:07:48 AM  
OMFG, I am such a wimp.
2006-02-05 04:10:08 AM  
Shot with an air rifle. I've only once ever heard of that killing someone.
2006-02-05 04:14:42 AM  
Grizzly Man blew me away. I did feel bad for the girlfriend, though.
2006-02-05 04:16:30 AM  
Getting shot with any type of projectile and then continuing the interview is possibly the manliest thing ever. It is so manly it may, in fact, make this guy more manly than even Maddox.
2006-02-05 04:18:31 AM  
So I'm walking up the hill and here comes Herzog, and he's got the farking severed HEAD in his right hand and the meatball sandwich in the other...and I'm not sure he was paying attention to which one he was taking a bite from...
2006-02-05 04:19:42 AM  
Captain Miller: Mike, Are you all right?

Sergeant Horvath: I just got the wind knocked out of me. I'm fine!

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 04:20:16 AM  
That guy could kick Chuck Norris' and Jack Bauer's collective asses in a three way match. Not by pure skill, but by the fact he'd shrug off all of their attacks. Chuck Norris would roundhouse him and he'd say "it was an insignificant kick" Jack would shoot him "insignificant bullet from an insignificant man"
2006-02-05 04:37:09 AM  
Tis but a flesh wound!
2006-02-05 04:37:38 AM  
Mor Pheus: just gotta say that the dood in Grizzly Man was a farking Moran. I nearly cried tears of joy when his dumbass got eaten.

Why do you lie in your Fark posts? Obviously you didn't see the movie.
2006-02-05 04:41:41 AM  
Hey, let's not go crazy, here. It was only an air rifle.

/Not that most of the nancyboys Hollywood calls directors wouldn't whimper about that.
2006-02-05 04:42:57 AM  

That guy could kick Chuck Norris' and Jack Bauer's collective asses in a three way match.

Yeah, but what we really want to know is how would Herzog stand up against
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

/pirates vs. ninjas - TEH PVN - the movie just asking to be made
//maybe Herzog could get to work on it?
///well, I guess maybe Shogun counts
////but that was mini-series
//And there was only one Pirate, damnit
//staring Ken Watanabe and Johnny Depp?

2006-02-05 04:44:58 AM  
THere's a lot of needless arrogance on Fark.
2006-02-05 04:45:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's just a flesh wound!
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