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(NCBuy)   R. Kelly showered with three Soul Train award nominations   ( ) divider line
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1531 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2006 at 11:51 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-03 10:38:13 AM  
Golden headline.
2006-02-03 10:43:42 AM  
Sussman: Golden headline.

Yep, that's Comedy Gold right there.
2006-02-03 11:08:42 AM  
Bravo! I am drenched with laughter.
2006-02-03 11:53:43 AM  
"if someone was tryin' to pee on me, i'd move out of the way!"
2006-02-03 11:54:43 AM  
If you think he's going to win, urine for a suprise.
2006-02-03 11:54:50 AM  
Only three? He should be pissed!
2006-02-03 11:56:07 AM
2006-02-03 11:56:12 AM  
Nothing like a good ol' fashioned golden shower...
2006-02-03 11:56:21 AM  
It's so warm!
2006-02-03 11:56:48 AM  
It gave him a warm fizzy feeling all over.

2006-02-03 11:56:59 AM  
I don't want to sound racist at all, but those are all bad, BAD BAD videos and songs. Terrible. Laughable. And I can't for the life of me find an ounce of anything but sincerity. And for some damn reason, black people just love it and thing its the greatest thing in the world. I don't understand it. I've never seen anything like it.
2006-02-03 11:57:00 AM  
Come on black americans, you guys invented farking rock and roll and produced the likes of Al Green and Robert Johnson.

Now you're giving awards to R. 'I Inflicted Trapped In The Closet On The World' Kelly?

2006-02-03 11:57:40 AM

I want to pee on you, drip drip drip...
2006-02-03 11:57:53 AM  
2006-02-03 11:59:03 AM  
Were all three the same age?
2006-02-03 11:59:13 AM  
I thought it said showered with three soul train awards nominees. Which seemed plausible.
2006-02-03 11:59:16 AM  
He'll probably thank Sharpton and Jessie for all their help

(Speaking of frauds)

2006-02-03 12:00:41 PM

Imma give you some poo poo
Imma give you some pee pee
I'mm give you some doo doo
Wash it down some some wee wee
This is the remix edition
Of a song about pissin
I got the pee and we can re-can and leave juice in the kitchen
2006-02-03 12:00:45 PM  
to celebrate he's going to shower in his own Dookie Butter.
2006-02-03 12:01:02 PM  
Razzies for music?
2006-02-03 12:01:33 PM  
I looked at the cabinet
I walked over to the cabinet
I stood at the cabinet
I opened the cabinet

That's just lyrical genious right there. How does one come up with such phenomenal words.
2006-02-03 12:01:56 PM  
He's no Popozao.
2006-02-03 12:03:39 PM  
And the award for down syndrom face in music goes to:

R Kelly!
2006-02-03 12:04:27 PM  
I can't wait for the "R. Kelly dragged screaming under a bus for 8 blocks" headline to pop up here
2006-02-03 12:04:28 PM  
Rowlf -
"I don't want to sound racist at all, but..."
Too late.
2006-02-03 12:04:38 PM  
I'm'a readin' a fark thread
Now I'm clickin'
Now I'm typin'
Oh snap, what's that
"Sorry boss man, I'm doing research"
Now I'm fired
Livin' on the streets
Beggin for change
Doin' blowjobs
2006-02-03 12:07:20 PM

If I was to start peeing on you right now, would you
a) stand there and take it, or
b) move the hell out the way??

/imagewhore today
2006-02-03 12:07:55 PM  
Only in America can a guy get richer and more popular by farking kids. ie: Jacko and R. Kelly......
2006-02-03 12:08:27 PM  
"If Tom Cruise and John Travolta don't come out of the closet I'm gonna cap this biatch!"
2006-02-03 12:11:57 PM  
Anyone have a link where I can watch those videos? I've never seen 'em but they sound hilarious.
2006-02-03 12:18:40 PM  
The Soooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuulllll Traiiiiiiiinnnn!

/got nuthin'
2006-02-03 12:20:47 PM  

What little Riley Freeman fails to understand is that in the course of the evening, he not only pissed on a 14 year old girl, he nailed her too.
2006-02-03 12:21:25 PM  
What? Come on, he basically sings stage directions in his "opera."
"Then she looked at me and she said, im gonna stand over here, on this x in the middle of stage right..."
2006-02-03 12:24:51 PM  
I do have a serious question though. How is this guy still walking around free and putting out crappy music?? Wasn't he endited on a bunch of sexual charges??? Did they just let him walk off, or did he actually 'win' a court case???

I'm confused. Gotta love the American Criminal Justice system.
2006-02-03 12:25:05 PM  
I heard he's up for a Pee Buddy Award.
2006-02-03 12:26:18 PM  
indicted. indicted.
2006-02-03 12:36:45 PM  

Rowlf: How is it racist? People of all colours can suck. And Trapped in the Closet sucked.

Am I being raicist against white people by hating popozao? I don't think so.

Stupid and bad and tasteless trancends all race, creed and colour.

2006-02-03 12:38:34 PM  
PopoZao! PopoZao!
2006-02-03 12:52:53 PM  
"Trapped in the Closet" is absolutely one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I mean the unintentional humor value is off the charts. And the way that poor host on VH1 (Ahmer?) tried to seem excited about presenting this "urban opera" only added to the humor. I fell off the couch.

Also, golf clap to submitter.
2006-02-03 12:54:05 PM  
Trapped in the Closet, while not spectacular, was still fun. It was like Soap operas with profanity and sex. I liked it and if it came on TV I would watch it. Am I the only one that finds it strange that he dubbed himself the "Pied Piper" didn't that dude steal the town's children or something like that?

/has his 12Play cd
2006-02-03 12:54:14 PM  
The burden of proof is on the state! ON THE STATE!

/Baretta did that shiat
2006-02-03 01:03:20 PM  
I do have a serious question though. How is this guy still walking around free and putting out crappy music?? Wasn't he endited on a bunch of sexual charges??? Did they just let him walk off, or did he actually 'win' a court case???

Money changes A LOT of things. Public defender(read as oh hell yeah your about to get screwed) < Winston & Strawn, LLP.
2006-02-03 01:03:52 PM  
Lovers wanna love
Haters wanna hate
I don't even want
None of the above...
2006-02-03 01:05:04 PM  
If I don't win those awards I'ma shoot someone!
2006-02-03 01:09:59 PM  
Trapped in the Closet farkin' rocks.
2006-02-03 01:26:28 PM  
It's so warm!
2006-02-03 02:08:18 PM  
Rowlf: I don't want to sound racist at all,

Two mistakes:

1. you didn't have to go there. Bad is bad.
2. you assume any award show is about talent.

I wonder if he'll win awards for fakest backgrounds in a driving scene.
2006-02-03 02:14:57 PM  
"That's my Robert... always peein' on people."

/Chappelle = teh foonay!
2006-02-03 02:41:37 PM  
Glad to see alot of love for the "Boondocks" on here!
2006-02-03 02:44:58 PM  
Trapped in the Closet is absolutely the funniest thing to happen to the recording industry since Bill Shatner's rendition of Rocket Man!
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