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(Wisconsin State Journal)   Wisconsin keeps alive it's 20-year streak of being tops in the nation in binge drinking   ( divider line
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2636 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 May 2002 at 1:30 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-22 01:35:37 PM  
and that's just piss

they've topped the beer poll for the last 11 years
2002-05-22 01:36:19 PM  
At least their good at SOMETHING!
2002-05-22 01:36:19 PM  
Woo hoo!

We're number one! We're number one!
2002-05-22 01:37:02 PM  
2002-05-22 01:38:07 PM  
What else is there to do up there?
2002-05-22 01:38:31 PM  
What else is there to do up there?
2002-05-22 01:38:31 PM  
More fun than a barrel of ....
2002-05-22 01:39:38 PM  
Well I for one am doing everything I can to support the Ohio efforts.

2002-05-22 01:42:05 PM  
Shouldn't this be
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-05-22 01:42:10 PM  
All you Packer fans can get shiatfaced drunk and let Mark Chmura sleep with some family member of yours.


Legalize Marijuana fer crissakes already !
2002-05-22 01:42:45 PM  
no wonder wisconsin women are such heiffers.

2002-05-22 01:43:38 PM  
my second article posted! hooray for me, and hooray for my fellow cheeseheads.
2002-05-22 01:47:53 PM  
It's all that farking cheddar cheese!
2002-05-22 01:49:23 PM  
Ranking No. 1 in the nation for binge drinking, Wisconsin has lived up to its hard-drinking reputation...

Three states tied for the most declines: Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota each worsened in four measures.

I'm thinking Minnesota is up to no good.
2002-05-22 01:49:48 PM  
Congratulations Wisconsin,keep up the good work!
2002-05-22 01:49:48 PM  
Behold the power of.... beer
2002-05-22 01:51:53 PM  
After the year most of our competitive sports teams have had (Badgers, Bucks, Brewers); finally, FINALLY something we Wisconsonites have reigned victorious at!
2002-05-22 01:52:18 PM  
Hell Slayerswine, get me drunk enough and I'll let you sleep with one of my family members.
Beer. Cheese. Porn. It must be Wisconsin.
2002-05-22 01:53:11 PM  
there must be some sort of error, i don't live in wisconsin.
2002-05-22 01:53:42 PM  
And here I thought they were only tops in fried cheese curd consumption and morbid obesity.

I so stooopid.
2002-05-22 01:53:42 PM  
And here I thought they were only tops in fried cheese curd consumption and morbid obesity.

I so stooopid.
2002-05-22 01:53:43 PM  
Go Wisconsin!
We're #1! We're #1!

5 or more in a single sitting in a months time? You've got to be dry humping me! Who the hell hasn't had 5 drinks once in the past month? Christ, the hockey game is 3 hours, that's at least 5 drinks right there. Just wait until football starts back up! GO PACK GO!
2002-05-22 01:55:03 PM  
Makes me wanna leave these pissant green apple martini drinking pukes in So. Cali and move back home. Do you know what a field of trees looks like in the fall after drinking a case of Old Milwaukee? Me either...

Barkeep, may I have my Pepsi please!
2002-05-22 01:56:19 PM  
If you drink five drinks at one sitting in a period of a month, you are considered a binge drinker?

I wonder what the fark they would call me.
2002-05-22 01:57:27 PM  
Guess I'll ignore that error message next time sorry for the stutter.
2002-05-22 01:58:54 PM  
When the word "its" is used in a posessive context, THERE IS NO APOSTROPHE!!
Christ, that annoys the hell out of me.
2002-05-22 01:59:39 PM  
Old Milwaukee is the worst beer on the face of the earth, it's not even made here in milwaukee.
2002-05-22 02:00:35 PM  
I'm suddenly looking forward to reunions in Wisconsin now. Remember kids - it takes 4 or 5 Pabst to get a little silly. Binge drinker or just poor taste in beer?
2002-05-22 02:00:46 PM  
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Moral: Wisconsin binging and some horny guy will always trump Oldfark's PSA announcing "Northern Exposure" on Halmark, 2:00 PM EST ....must run, Cicely beckons...
2002-05-22 02:01:30 PM  
well, when you consider that Schlitz is the beer that made Milwaukee famous... how the hell else can you drink that swill except by binging?
2002-05-22 02:03:30 PM  
Damn Jerkychew.. Its nothing to get upsey over.
2002-05-22 02:03:33 PM  
What do they make in Wisconsin in large amounts? Yes... CHEESE!! But what else do they make?
2002-05-22 02:04:07 PM  
upset, rather...
2002-05-22 02:04:33 PM  
Wisconsin also leads the U.S. in paper, Cranberries, and wild rice.
2002-05-22 02:05:25 PM  
Go Wizzy Go
2002-05-22 02:05:44 PM  
I'm in college, in Wisconsin, and I have never been drunk.

Is there something wrong with me?
2002-05-22 02:09:07 PM  
Jerkychews head at 11
2002-05-22 02:09:27 PM  
Sheseala....yes there is!
2002-05-22 02:09:29 PM  
Sheseala, Nope, nothing wrong with you...but you are missing out on part of the "true college experience." ;-)
2002-05-22 02:12:48 PM  
2002-05-22 02:13:30 PM  
Of course, they count miller as "beer."
2002-05-22 02:13:44 PM  
Thorny4Pie: you live in burbank, WTF do you expect :P
2002-05-22 02:14:23 PM  
"It's like New Year's every fark-night!" (...) "You are not alcoholics. You -- and my hat is off -- are professionals." -- Lewis Black, on WI's drinking.
2002-05-22 02:14:51 PM  
It's not that I haven't drank any alcohol. I mean I have it when it's there, but I don't drink enough to get drunk.

I'm not 21 yet though. I turn 21 on November 21st. I have a feeling that is a day I won't remember.
2002-05-22 02:17:23 PM  
Went back to Backwardsville, WI, for my 10-year high school reunion; it's obvious that my classmates haven't done anything but drink and eat cheese. Eight kids in ten years? Yikes!
2002-05-22 02:19:30 PM  

That's what happens when you're a Milwaukee Brewer's fan.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-05-22 02:19:47 PM  
Sheseala, why did you go to college then? College isn't about education ( at least not in class education ) it's about the house parties until you're old enough ( 21 ) to realize house parties suck then it's off to Water St!

Seriously though, I'm all for getting good grades and taking college seriously but don't miss out on the lifestyle. Unless you're a non-trad, you're finally away from your parents, enjoy it! Have a beer and relax a little. :)

I can't imagine having gone through college without drinking. *shudder*
2002-05-22 02:22:26 PM  
Why do the Brewers suck? Simple -- it's Selig's team.
2002-05-22 02:22:39 PM  
Luckycarbon, didn't someone get drunk and fall out of one of the towers at UWEC a couple of years back?
2002-05-22 02:31:32 PM  
I posted this article and wrote the headline. I'm embarrassed to say I used to be a copy editor at the Green Bay Press-Gazette. I should know better. Three whacks on the head with the AP Stylebook.
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