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(LBC 97.3)   New dating fad: Eyegazing. Find out if a stranger is your soulmate by gazing into their eyes. Next to be announced: Assgrabbing. Find out if a stranger is your soulmate by grabbing their ass   (tampabays10.com) divider line 147
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2006-01-24 03:35:56 PM  
This might be stupid.
2006-01-24 03:41:06 PM  
Just don't try this with baboons.

They'll rip your face off.
2006-01-24 03:41:18 PM  
Probably it makes them both giggle like little girls. This gives the guy enough confidence (because he's funny you see) to say something...
2006-01-24 03:42:39 PM  
I read it as 'New dieting fad' and thought this was going to be another thread like that one about blocking out the sun to lose weight.
2006-01-24 03:42:50 PM  
I prefer shoegazing.

Kevin Shields just might be my soulmate.
2006-01-24 03:49:56 PM  
retarded, there's a reason you chose that name. Now shut up.
2006-01-24 03:51:52 PM  
Anyone else keep reading it eyeglazing by chance?

/The trick is to stare at the spot between their eyebrows and use your peripherals. It's all about the peripherals.
2006-01-24 03:57:41 PM  
sometimes i try to see if a girl is my soul mate by repeatedly probing her vagina with my erect penis.
2006-01-24 03:58:22 PM  
sonnymaou: It might "want" you, but it's MY SOULMATE!!! Owl whore!!!

Says you!!
That owl stared into my soul.
2006-01-24 04:01:12 PM  
I know Ive said this here before, but the soul is electricity. It makes sense that people would want to connect with others on an energy level, and not just focus on the physical aspects of the person.

Scientific shamanism > combining aspects of science, spirituality and ESP
2006-01-24 04:01:19 PM  

Thanks for the unexpected belly laugh first thing in the afternoon.

2006-01-24 04:05:19 PM  
Mike_Bolton: bukakkeye!!!

Good grief that was funny!
2006-01-24 04:06:33 PM  
What self-respecting guy could stare at a woman's eyes for three minutes without taking a peak down south?
2006-01-24 04:11:16 PM  

Ah, a Lightspeed University gal. Blow up dolls with heartbeats. God Bless.
2006-01-24 04:13:30 PM  
take any woman. look deep in her eyes, and if you look deep enough, you'll see a circus. there's freaks, oddballs, and midgets and they've got knives, clubs and pitchforks. and they're coming after you.
2006-01-24 04:26:02 PM  

That is nasty.
2006-01-24 04:28:30 PM  
2006-01-24 04:36:22 PM  

I guess by the same logic, your name should be jackass?
2006-01-24 04:43:44 PM  
I prefer Bananagrabbing as opposed to Assgrabbing.

2006-01-24 04:44:20 PM  
2006-01-24 04:45:54 PM  
Beauf: What about blind people? Do they prod each other in the eyes with their cane thingies? Is there some sort of soul brail on the eyballs that they can feel?

They skip straight to the ass-grabbing. That's why I bought a big pair of sunglasses.
2006-01-24 04:48:38 PM  

2006-01-24 04:54:15 PM  
Fark needs a bullshiat tag.
2006-01-24 04:54:30 PM  


Tell me about it.

2006-01-24 04:54:44 PM  
Innocent blood has been spilled!!
2006-01-24 05:07:35 PM  

Why should I shut up?

Is it because you think I am incorrect about the headline grammar? Please enlighten us with your explanation.

2006-01-24 05:11:52 PM  

Nope, don't love ya, but you do have a retinoblastoma.
2006-01-24 05:20:16 PM  
2006-01-24 05:23:48 PM  
Skull Leader beat me to it

/abby normal
2006-01-24 05:24:28 PM  
I think the point to "eyegazing" is, like a farker posted before me said, not so much as "finding your soulmate" by looking into their eyes, but to break the ice and get people alittle more confortable.
2006-01-24 05:46:39 PM  
I'm a hypnotist, so I find most of these replies pretty funny.

Some of you farkers act like you know what you're talking about.

But you don't.

So don't believe everything you hear, because this is how bad information gets spread around.

Now open your legs up and lemme nut.
2006-01-24 05:51:45 PM  
Is it because you think I am incorrect about the headline grammar? Please enlighten us with your explanation.

I will. Yes. He thinks you are incorrect. Because you are. "A" is singular. "Their" is plural. You have a number agreement problem.
2006-01-24 05:53:23 PM  
2006-01-24 06:07:36 PM  
Has anyone yet pointed out that this actually works?

/no, really!
2006-01-24 06:11:58 PM  
I just have this nasty scar on my right eye. Looks like a huge red bloodshot vessel that goes near the iris, even if I'm not drunk or high. It's fine if I'm looking ahead, but if I look to the left, it's just gross.

Sewiously, who comes up with this crap?
2006-01-24 06:12:58 PM  
I didn't see the threads from yesterday, but here's more soul-eating goodness.
2006-01-24 06:29:44 PM  
I prefer the time-honored "tit-gazing" technique.
2006-01-24 06:41:32 PM  
Thanks, trueaustinite. My Googling has shown that while not technically incorrect, the headline structure above should be avoided.


Anyway, I'm not too retarded to admit my mistakes, so there. Next time I'll just shut up, as per sonnymaou's directive.

/not really
2006-01-24 07:09:45 PM  
This thread is useless without JON BENET RAMSEY!


/yes, I'd like a window
2006-01-24 07:20:52 PM  
In my state they call this "visual assault" and will get you put on the predator list.
2006-01-24 08:40:35 PM  
Eyegazing? I once heard that if a person is interested in you, their pupils will dilate when making eye contact with you. How retarded. I couldn't spend the rest of my life with someone whose only attribute attracted me to them was their eyes.

Personally, I'm pretty sure that I can spend the rest of my life with someone that can fark well and do the dishes occasionally.

/farking farker
///not so much since the bf moved out
2006-01-24 09:16:15 PM  
Actually, I think this works pretty good. It also tells you a great deal about the other person, like their attention span, their self-esteem, and what they think about you.

1) If they can't maintain eye contact with you for more than a second or two without their eyes darting off, you might as well forget about getting intimate with them. Conversely, if they maintain a fixed stare like in a staring contest for three minutes, they are probably waaay too intense about something else to be interested in you.

2) If they keep looking down "downcast eyes", they probably have low self-esteem. This means that they are also probably easy to coerce into sex, but you won't want it with them more than once. Unless you like to be called "daddy!" during sex.

3) If they are interested in you, you are the most interesting thing in the room, so they pay attention to you when you are doing something, even if it is staring back. You can tell if it is relaxed gazing or nervous staring.

4) If you really aren't interested in them, and you want for them to go bugger off, then stare at the middle of their forehead. This is very unnerving to most people, as they feel like you are staring at something behind them.
2006-01-24 09:32:58 PM  
2006-01-24 10:43:57 PM  
Weaver95: After a quick introduction into the art of Eye Gazing, you sit across from someone else and then gaze into the strangers eyes for three minutes.

Look into my eye.

Thank you....made me spit my drink out.
2006-01-25 12:07:35 AM  
My mom is crosseyed.

My eyes are known to change color at random.

Trying this with either of us would freak most people out...
2006-01-25 12:16:09 AM  
What you do is...after staring for 10 seconds, blow into their eyes.
2006-01-25 02:46:47 AM  
Strangers in the night exchanging glances
Wondring in the night
What were the chances wed be sharing love
Before the night was through.

Something in your eyes was so inviting,
Something in you smile was so exciting,
Something in my heart,
Told me I must have you.

Strangers in the night, two lonely people
We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment
When we said our first hello.
Little did we know
Love was just a glance away,
A warm embracing dance away and -

Ever since that night weve been together.
Lovers at first sight, in love forever.
It turned out so right,
For strangers in the night.

/Wondering why no one thought of this
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