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(CNN)   No. 3 Al Qaeda guy possibly promoted   ( divider line
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23051 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jan 2006 at 7:41 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-13 07:29:56 PM  
Bet headline for this story so far. IMHO, of course.
2006-01-13 07:31:02 PM  
2nd post of cottage cheese ninjas known as the illustrious peon lord Howard.
2006-01-13 07:31:53 PM  
Me Bet headline for this story so far. IMHO, of course.

Worst proofreading in this thread so far. IMHO, of course.
2006-01-13 07:32:53 PM  
worst proofreading, best headline. I like it.
2006-01-13 07:36:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Looks like I'm movin' on up!
2006-01-13 07:36:25 PM  
I wonder if he gets better benefits and vacation time? Company Camel?
2006-01-13 07:36:59 PM  
Yep-- go with this one, oh Great Mods

/the other ones kinda blow goat.
//not that I'm tellin' ya how to do your jobs or anything...
///headline voting re-incarnated!
////slashies still the same!
2006-01-13 07:38:56 PM  

I wonder if he gets better benefits and vacation time? Company Camel?

Company car-bomb.
2006-01-13 07:43:07 PM  
"Airstrike may have killed Bin Laden's No. 2?"

Oust air freshener - alleviates even the nastiest, cave-dwelling poo smells.
2006-01-13 07:43:42 PM  
Fantastic Headline.
2006-01-13 07:44:03 PM  
Yea! The War on Terrer is over...
2006-01-13 07:44:37 PM  
LOL'd at the headline
2006-01-13 07:44:47 PM  
al-qaeda doesn't exist except as boogey man to keep fox news and the republican party in power slashing benefits and savaging the economy to benefit their corporate overlords
2006-01-13 07:44:51 PM  
Remind me...

How many times have they killed the number two guy?
2006-01-13 07:45:16 PM  
A CIA airstrike

wait. I'm sorry. A CIA airstrike? huh?
2006-01-13 07:45:35 PM  
I hope there was some momentary lapse in the laws of physics and the bomb managed to fall up his ass.
2006-01-13 07:45:59 PM  

"Airstrike may have killed caused Bin Laden's No. 2?"

It would me anyways
2006-01-13 07:46:07 PM  
can you imagine the outcry if the police/authorities could blow up buildings with people inside just on the suspicion that the bad guy was inside, in this country instead of some shiathole infested with angry brown people.

Not a bleeding heart, but man, I wonder how many people in other countries get pissed off b/c the CIA can blow their homes up, seemingly on a whim (or at least plausible intel).
2006-01-13 07:46:10 PM  
Sources: Airstrike may have killed Bin Laden's No. 2

From David Ensor
Friday, January 13, 2006; Posted: 7:35 p.m. EST (00:35 GMT)

(CNN) -- A CIA airstrike on a building in Pakistan may have killed Osama bin Laden's most trusted aide, sources said.

The building where Ayman al-Zawahiri was thought to be was in a small village near the Afghan border.

There has been no confirmation that al-Zawahiri was killed in the attack. However, sources say there was intelligence suggesting he was in the building at the time of the strike.

Pakistani officials were at the scene of the strike, trying to determine if Al-Zawahiri was killed.

More soon.

So, we've got a headline that implicates the blowing up of poo. We get 6 whole sentences. And it ends with More soon.

Ya think maybe someone's rushing to get the news out just a tad bit too much?
2006-01-13 07:46:27 PM  
cnbc reported 18 civilians killed in air strike in Pakistan. This oughtta get interesting.
2006-01-13 07:46:41 PM  
I wonder how long until someone jokes about us always killing their #2 or #3.

I occasionally think that some people don't even care if their leaders are killed.
2006-01-13 07:46:51 PM  
I'll believe it when they can confirm it. How many times do they think they got Al-Zarqawi and it turns out they were wrong?
2006-01-13 07:47:06 PM  
Finally, the #2 guy is dead! Looks like the war on terror is over!
2006-01-13 07:47:16 PM  

probably a predator. unmanned drone, they started arming them after 9/11.
2006-01-13 07:47:19 PM  
heh. clever headline
2006-01-13 07:47:27 PM  
If confirmed, it's no Osama, but this ain't bad.
2006-01-13 07:47:42 PM  
Sources: Airstrike may have killed Bin Laden's No. 2

Oh, it's time to get another #2 or #3, eh?

Excuse me if some of us don't automatically buy it.
2006-01-13 07:47:57 PM  
classic headline
2006-01-13 07:48:13 PM  
There is no Al-Qaeda. You've got random collections of Islamic nutbags who organize in small groups. There is no centralized command structure.

The neocons want to turn Muslim crazies into the new Russian Commies. Not only are the Muslim crazies nowhere near as dangerous as the Commies, the Commies were nowhere near as dangerous as McCarthy and his ilk made out.

Get a brain you morans. Grow a pair you pussies. Stop letting fear lead you to support foreign policy designed only to enrich the few.
2006-01-13 07:48:14 PM  
So it's kinda like Amway... but with more death, right?
2006-01-13 07:48:47 PM  
yep cnbc said predator drone.
2006-01-13 07:48:52 PM  
Time to bring the boys home.
2006-01-13 07:48:56 PM  
Don't we already have the number 3 guy?
2006-01-13 07:48:56 PM  
The twist to killing this No. 2 is that they'll say they found him because he called someone in the U.S. and the phone was tapped.
2006-01-13 07:49:02 PM  
I love how most mainstream media calls people like Zawahiri "Civilians"
2006-01-13 07:49:07 PM  
Descartes: I wonder how long until someone jokes about us always killing their #2 or #3.


I was too late by the time I posted.
2006-01-13 07:49:12 PM  
Yep, CIA airstrike. The CIA has unmanned Predator drones.
2006-01-13 07:49:24 PM  
Sources: Airstrike may have killed Bin Laden's No. 2

Mr Hankey?
2006-01-13 07:49:25 PM  
That's a huge promotion, being the #3 guy is one of the most stressful jobs since the red shirt guys from Star Trek.
2006-01-13 07:49:33 PM  
Do you still get the 72 virgins if your blown up instead of blowing yourself up?
2006-01-13 07:50:17 PM  
Al Qaeda goes through Number 2 guys quicker than the NFL goes through Head Coaches.
2006-01-13 07:50:19 PM  
Looks like we are going to need another Ayman al-Zawahiri!
2006-01-13 07:50:28 PM  
I'm thinking of joining Al-Queda. At least there's plenty of room for advancement.
2006-01-13 07:50:57 PM  
Their organization is just like my last job. Only way to get promoted around there was to wait for some other asshole to die.
d23 [BareFark]
2006-01-13 07:51:03 PM  
why did CNN go into "Breaking News" about this. It's at best a 5 min news story (confirming that he was a target)... it's not "Breaking News" until it's confirmed his ass was fried.

Now, if we (the US) get up our asses and kill Bin Laden... I think we should instantly have a 3 day holiday...
2006-01-13 07:51:10 PM  

enave --
CIA has some armed assets. Notably, they have at least some of the Predator UAVs that have been modified to take Hellfire missiles. They've been used before; in Yemen, for instance.

Two points to note here:
(1) It's may / possibly. Wouldn't be the first time a hopeful report turned out to be wrong.
(2) al-Qaeda, by its nature, is not going to be a single body which you defeat by decapitation. It's more of an assocation of associations, and each of these is likely organized into cell structures as much as possible to preserve operational security. It's more important to hunt down the cells than it is to kill the high-ups, as the cells should be able to operate vaguely autonomously although they may benefit from shared logistical / financial / intelligence branches which could be interrupted. Not like they're all on remote control. And it's not a movement to elect bin Laden or al-Zawahiri or any other individual as, say, global Caliph; so killing heads doesn't make their motivation cease to exist.

2006-01-13 07:51:28 PM  
godspeed, you bastard

enjoy your 72 virgins and all that

unfortunately, i think you'll see 19 of these guys rather than 72 virgins, and the place will be a lot warmer than you think

[image from too old to be available]
2006-01-13 07:51:41 PM  
what. ever. at least angelina is still pregnant. that's some interesting news.
2006-01-13 07:51:50 PM  
I am the new number 2. You are number 6.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-01-13 07:51:53 PM  
Suck It Dolphin

Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?
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