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(JSOnline)   Abercrombie & Fitch in hot water again: parents angry over thong for seven year olds.   ( divider line
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16897 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 May 2002 at 11:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-17 01:35:58 PM  
I have to think hard here, lets see would I dress my 7 year old daughter in a thong or allow her to wear one. No!! There are sooooooo many products out there that surely would offend each and every one of us that this seems benign. However, A&F in typical corporate thinking got just want they wanted...attention and a hell of alot it. This seems really familar, coporation gets attention, people come to store to "see" what all the hubbub is and buy shiat...really simple isn't?
2002-05-17 01:45:53 PM  
... that's... sick. Whoever came up with this idea is going to Hell. I mean, I hated A&F before, but now I will feel just a little more contempt for anyone wearing A&F apparel. Burn, A&F. Sick bastards.
2002-05-17 01:46:34 PM  
This seems really familar, coporation gets attention, people come to store to "see" what all the hubbub is and buy shiat...really simple isn't?

No. What's simple are the minds of people who do find this offensive, and then support the company by purchasing a non offensive shirt for themselves. Where I come from, we refer to those people as "stupid farks."

I didn't need a reason to not buy A&F's preppy crap before. Now I have an extra one at my dispense.
2002-05-17 01:50:17 PM  
If anyone goes in to just "check them out", you've got issues, I can't see where anyone aside from a mother and maybe a father (no not a priest) would go see what crap is tring to be pushed on their children, anybody else has may have a problem if they're curious about little girls panties, let alone a thong
2002-05-17 01:51:18 PM  
If you shave, I sbmit that then you're trying to look like a child in some way. The same goes for make-up. Who has naturally red lips? Kids!

Kids look good. It's what you do about it that's right/wrong.
2002-05-17 01:52:17 PM  
Pathighgate: I think the original store still exists, I'm not sure if it runs under the same name or not though. I do know that Limited, Inc. bought the name for their crapwear.

As for thongs, I say eh, it depends on the clothing and my mood. I do agree that you have to wear them a couple of times to get used to them if you've never worn them before. Now they're fine, but sometimes you buy that pair that "just doesn't sit right" and they drive you crazy all day.
2002-05-17 02:02:56 PM  
Whoa, what could THIS number possibly mean?! At the top, it tells me "Farkers have clicked on the above link 6969 times."
2002-05-17 02:18:09 PM  
If I were the abercrombie guy, I'd point out that a lot of girls never get very big. I know girls who shop in the children's section.

But we're all missing the real point. Ewwwww, you buy your clothes from the mall? that's gross.

Seriously my parents made me buy my clothes at Target until I was old enough to afford or work for my own shiat. Why buy kids clothes at the mall? like the sooner you immerse your 8 year old in shiatty pop culture, the better off she'll be, more likely the less sane she'll be.
2002-05-17 02:18:09 PM  
"It's not appropriate for a 7-year-old, but it is appropriate for a 10-year-old," said Carney. "Once you get about 10, you start to care about your underwear, and you start to care about your clothes."

Why do I suspect the spokesman who said this does not have a daughter at home...

Yes I know if it bothers me I should just ignore it and I plan to. But if they have the right to sell it, which they do, then people have the right to biatch about it and use lawfull means to stop it if they so desire.

To be honest, what ticks me off more than anything else is that this is just another in a long line of examples of things that seem to do nothing more that reduce the length of 'Childhood' and increase the length of time one is a 'Conusmer'.
2002-05-17 02:21:32 PM  
The thongs, part of Abercrombie's summer line, sell for $7.50, or 3 for $15. Some have stripes, others are solid pink or blue. The solid-colored thongs have the words "eye candy" printed in a little pink heart and "wink wink" in a small green box.

Let me get this straight. they have thongs for 10 year olds that say "eye candy" on them? what kind of sick motherfarker....

the concept of the thong isn't so bad, but why don't they just put the words "jailbait" on front and be done with it?
2002-05-17 02:27:42 PM  
Just go to Brazil where 90% of the females from 6-60 wear thong bikinis on the beach. Human bodies are human bodies and people should be able to handle that concept.
2002-05-17 02:30:25 PM  
As the father of a 1 year old girl and 3 year old boy, let me just say that this article made me sick to my stomach. I guess "the talk" needs to happen sooner than I had planned. Great.

A&F just made another enemy. Fathers of Daughters Unite! Be like the boy! Be like the Boy! We like Roy (grandfathers in the back)!
2002-05-17 02:34:58 PM  
Oompaloompa - (WARNING - BORING TRIVIA AHEAD) The tradition of shaving started on the northern edge of the Mediterranean with Alexander the Great - his clean shaven army could easily differentiate themselves from their bearded enemies, and they coul grab the enemies' long beards and run them through with ease. I specify the northen Med. because the Egyptian had been shaving for a few thousand years prior to Alexander, and I don't know about Eastern Asia.

Red lipstick was originally worn by a particular class of Ancient Roman prostitute called a fellatrix, to advertise her speciality.

I am hoping neither of these functions had anything to do with looking like children, although you never can tell.
2002-05-17 02:35:46 PM  
Shouldn't that be Graberboody & Pinch?
2002-05-17 02:45:38 PM  
Preach on, Rifter and DGodz. I work at a major department store to put myself through college and people like that drive me insane. I have people yelling about prices and merchandise quality like I give a shiat. I don't really care what they think. They aren't going to accomplish anything by yelling at me because if they try to go any higher than me to complain, say the manager, then when the manager asks me about it I make them out to look like the biggest asses in the world.
2002-05-17 02:53:05 PM  
The kid that wears those is going to be teased mercilessly in gym class. Unless times have changed that much since I was in Jr. High.

I don't remember thinking about my underwear until I was in college, maybe. I certainly wasn't thinking about panty lines.
2002-05-17 02:55:43 PM  
thong for kids = questionable

tong for kids with "Eye Candy" printed on the front = pretty farking sick, any way you look at it.
2002-05-17 02:56:58 PM  
2002-05-17 03:08:12 PM  
Weaselkiller and the rest of the retail clerk support staff:

Just what is somebody supposed to do who is unhappy with something in a store? Well, they used to complain directly to the proprietor, who was not only quite possibly responsible, but who also had a vested interest in sorting out the problem. Now, enter the massive store chains, who hire idiots who can barely scrape up the brain cells necessary to push the item across the scanner, read out the price (which is probably already displayed to the customer), put the item in a bag, and return the change that the register already calculated for them. Despite their general uselessness, this is the store's 'face' to the customer. If something is wrong, it is to them that the customer must first go. Now, if the customer is rude, or foolish enough to assume that the slouching automatron behind the counter can actually do anything about the situation or even cares, then that is their mistake. But even those that understand the general limitations of the retail clerk must still begin their journey with them. If it is a simple complaint, then it is at least expected that the recipient pass the information on to their superiors. The hope, of course, would be that if there are enough complaints, that someone with some real authority might actually do something about it. Of course, if the complaint is serious enough, more direct action should be take, but most of us usually have more pressing issues to deal with - a simple conveyance of a factual displeasure to an employee of the store before leaving is usually sufficient. However, there are also those issues that must actually be resolved then and there. For those issues, the customer must now request the assistance of somebody with not only a brain, but possibly the authority and/or ability to actually solve the problem.

So, when such a customer actually requests such assistance, the automatic reaction of the useless clerk is to attempt to embarass said customer.

Thank you Weaselkiller, you just re-affirmed my view of the general level of intelligence of the population - especially those in the service industry.

- Grumpy
2002-05-17 03:11:50 PM  
I'm with you, Sango. A thong for kids that says "eye candy" or "wink, wink" is in no way a fun or innocent article of clothing. Even if no one else sees it, it sends a message to the ten year old girl wearing it that it is ok to be sexual or seductive. This isn't like playing dress up in mommy's clothes. This is telling young girls "Be a slut! Be a slut!" When I was ten, I certainly wasn't thinking about panty lines. I remember being freaked out by the contraption that is the training bra.

No, parents don't have to buy them for their children if they don't want to, but it is in decidedly poor taste of A & F to market such an item. Boo to them, and boo to society for trying to make children grow up so fast. The world of sex and dating comes too quickly as it is. Why push it on ten-year-olds?
2002-05-17 03:18:26 PM  
I shave cause I'm in the Navy and they tell me to.
2002-05-17 03:42:59 PM  
uh...yeah..totally sick.

Any chance of getting some pics of 7-year-olds ""modelling"" said thong?
2002-05-17 03:57:52 PM  
anybody have pics from the "controversial" catalog from a while back??
2002-05-17 04:04:25 PM  
Good god, I hope the little girl from the billboard article never wears these.
2002-05-17 04:37:16 PM  
can everyone do me a favor. Pleae don't talk dirty on FARK. My 7 year old is reading everything.
2002-05-17 05:23:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]Mwahahahahaha!
2002-05-17 05:23:31 PM  
Oh, dammit. LoL. This is why I should view one thread at a time...
2002-05-17 05:43:33 PM  

Woah woah there! I think that is the first time anyone has accused me of being Christian of all things. Heh heh heh. Nope, I am not a whit christian, if anything I SHOULD be jewish, but I am not that either. Was an Athiest born and raised. I am actually TOTALLY wondering what made you think I was one? Because I wore thongs when I wanted to be sexy? Huh? Usually I wear cotton undies, kinda boring. so when I want to spice it up I wear a thong.

Tell me again why you thought I was a "xtian hypocrate" for that?
hee hee
2002-05-17 05:48:33 PM  
2002-05-17 05:49:07 PM  
Serpico: It doesn't sound very...

"Page 52-53: Lesbianism. One male and two females lie on the ground on top of each other in a seemingly menage`a trois (group sex). The two females are kissing each other"

... erotic according to the thorough...

"Page 95: Photograph of topless female revealing her breasts with her pants pulled down to her private area"

... description I found on the...

"Page 5: Close up photograph of nude couple, focusing on the girl's bare breasts"

... site.

Hmmm, scans you say? They've gotta be out there :)
2002-05-17 06:12:03 PM  
"eye candy" and "wink wink" are over the top. I don't object on the basis that they're thongs... cause yeah, 10 year old girls probably do care about panty lines. but "wink wink" and "eye candy" for kids who are WAY too young to be *thinking* about showing their underwear to others? I guess it's a free economy and all so consumers will just have to vote with their credit cards...
2002-05-17 06:19:50 PM  
That's right little girl, when you think of your ten-year-old vagina - think "eye-candy".

I'm gonna hurl.
2002-05-17 06:25:48 PM  
I agree with Tigerlily. I can actually overlook the whole 'thongs for 10 year olds', but still think it's not right. The 'eye candy' and 'wink wink', on the other hand, is just plain wrong. I haven't read the article, but did A&F even try explaining that?
2002-05-17 06:25:50 PM  
"She was only Seven.. Seven.. and she was sexy"
2002-05-17 07:03:08 PM  
At least you all don't live in farking Whitefish Bay... Conservatism is king in this village....
2002-05-17 07:47:47 PM  
Telling a 10-year-old (or 12-year-old) that they're too young to have sexual urges, is not going to stop that charging rhinoceros in its tracks. Don't you remember when you were that young?

IMHO, It's repression that causes sick behavior
2002-05-17 08:05:29 PM  
Kymry!! I'm so sorry I confused you with someone that constantly spews there xian crap. I don't know who I was thinking about..

About the thong... Mmmmmmmmm.. Thong....

I like wimmens in thongs.
2002-05-17 08:10:34 PM  
Simply ignoring something won't make it go away...if you're opposed to something strongly, you should take some kind of action to try and get rid of it. Of course, staying out of the store is as good a way as any...

Oh well, at least kids today are learning proper ways of taking care of themselves when they become sexually active, especially with the heavy emphasis on sex in popular culture...
2002-05-17 09:25:28 PM  

Okay, listen. It amuses me to no end when parents suddenly decide what is right for everyone. In America, parenting in general is so screwed up we have the parents of Columbine shooters blaming video games and claiming they had no idea their child was on the verge of 'going postal'. Then we have people who then backlash and try to tell others what is and is not appropriate.

Get over yourselves.

This is a free country. And like everything else, you vote with your dollars in the marketplace (and in Politics if you're rich enough, but that's off topic). If you do not think thong underwear that is small enough that children can wear it is right, DON'T BUY IT. If you don't think abortions are moral, DON'T GET ONE. But remember, this is your opinion, and the rest of us are NOT obligated to follow your lead. I have no children. But if I did, and little Suzy was maturing and wanted to wear a thong, then guess what? If I chose to buy her thong underwear it's be NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS.

I don't like guns, but I'm not going to tell you not to buy one.

Whoever tied this to the bikini now being worn by young girls was right on the money. In fifteen years thongs may be more popular than any other type of underwear. I'll stick with boxers, myself.

But again, just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't be available. Welcome to the capitalist market of America, now shut up and get out of the fast lane when I'm trying to speed, thanks.

When children's thongs have been outlawed, only outlaw children will wear thongs.
2002-05-17 11:18:59 PM  
You know what this means... Panty checks before recess. (It's "a safety issue").
2002-05-17 11:23:03 PM  

No, no, no.


This can't be real. It's gotta be a hoax. Too stupid to be real, even for Abercummy&Foo-- Uh, I mean Ampersandy&Fig-- Uh, I mean that retarded, overpriced clothing company with the stupidass name.

At least I hope so.
2002-05-17 11:30:17 PM  
I agree, if you don't want your kid to wear them then don't buy them--but--you have to wonder about the person who came up with the idea of thongs for second graders in the first place. What were they thinking? It's just the idea that thongs are being made for kids that bothers us.
2002-05-17 11:38:29 PM  
And ladies, I have a question:

How can a thong be comfortable? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the way they look, but I can't imagine a string up my ass being very comfortable.
2002-05-18 12:06:23 AM  
I don't know...I find them comfortable, Rev.Crackwhore. Something about having less material and less wedgies (to be blunt and too the point). Plus, they never bunch up and as a bonus, no really obvious panty lines. I do really hate it when girls wear low-rise jeans and their thongs hang out the looks trashy. Just don't wear any underwear and all problems are solved!

As for this article...Yes, if you don't want your child wearing a thong at 7 or even 12 years old, don't buy it for them. If they shop on their own and buy one, and you're still doing their laundry and see it, sit em down and have a little talk. It's better to be involved in your kids' lives and have some uncomfortable moments then have to deal with much larger problems later on.

Ahh, the things we do for money....yeesh.

Abercrombie&Fitch sucks. I have a friend who spends (wastes) her money there to be "hip" and ends up looking like every other high school/college kid with some stupid saying across her chest.

Originality rocks.
2002-05-18 12:25:04 AM  
What is a mom doing shopping at abercrombie if she doesn't want her daughter to have slutty clothing. Buy her a sweater and dark, cotton panties at Kohl's if you have a problem.
2002-05-18 01:17:18 AM  
Hmmm...10-year-old in a thong...this brings about one of my most favorite quotes...

"If there's grass on the field, play ball!"

Hehehe, what a -great- saying. "One ticket to hell, please."
2002-05-18 01:41:55 AM  
But where are the ones for boys?
2002-05-18 03:09:55 AM  
uhhh... sounds like too many parents talking in here. Way too much of the "i'm gonna decide this for my children" going on... Not that i support A&F at all, especially not underwear sized in that manner, but ... everyone's repeating each other. move on?

We have concluded that those who don't like this, aren't going to buy it. Others may stop buying A&F at all (they probably didn't buy anything of theirs to begin with). Those that are even more concerned may fight against A&F selling it. and those who don't care are going to ignore it.

2002-05-18 08:13:36 AM  
This is a free country? Where do you live? Nothing in my country is free
2002-05-18 10:17:40 AM  
Here's a free clue for all you parents out there (because you so obviously don't have a single one amongst you):

Having children was YOUR CHOICE. Your children are YOUR REPONSIBILITY. If you don't think something is appropriate for children then it's UP TO YOU to ensure that your whiny brats are not exposed to it. If you have no time to
supervise or educate your children then it's YOUR PROBLEM.

It's bad enough that you expect the television to raise your kids because you're too selfish to spend time with them, and that you expect taxpayers to subsidise you because you were selfish enough to have children without ensuring that you could afford them first, but now you expect big business to look after your children for you too? For fark's sake...

Duh-merica, land of the dumb, home of the slaves.
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