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(Contact Music)   Quentin Tarantino pissed off at James Bond producers for failing to contact him following his request to direct next 007 movie   ( divider line
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12190 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2006 at 1:18 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-08 11:54:43 AM  
So make your own secret agent movie, Quentin. What's the matter? Are you losing your view to a kill?
2006-01-08 11:54:49 AM  
Actually, I think that would be pretty awesome.
2006-01-08 11:55:36 AM  
I smell a photoshop contest in the making.

Photoshop: If Quentin Tarantino directed a James Bond movie
2006-01-08 11:56:25 AM  
those...........those.......... BASTARDS!!!!!1!!seven%!@~!
2006-01-08 11:56:54 AM  
Martini, motherf*cker! Can you make it?
2006-01-08 11:57:15 AM  
Oh noes! Someone is pissed about something?!?! Welcome
2006-01-08 12:03:51 PM  
Zipster: Martini, motherf*cker! Can you make it?

2006-01-08 12:05:16 PM  
I really dislike Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction was good. Resevoir Dogs was worse, but still decent. His other movies are tripe. He's an idiot who can barely understand how people function and what they are thinking, and his movies reflect that. He's just obsessed with B-grade karate movies or something, so he makes a bunch of trite shiat.
2006-01-08 12:14:11 PM  
"What is your name?"

"Bond. James Bond."

"What does it mean?"

"I'm British, honey. Our names don't mean shiat."

"Bond James Bond?"


"What does it feel like to keel a man?"
2006-01-08 12:15:22 PM  
I can't think of any Bond movie that was anywhere near as
entertaining as either Kill Bill 1 & 2, or Pulp Fiction. He
should just createhis own secret agent movie.
2006-01-08 12:27:55 PM  
bond is going on 20 years of sukkage and quentin knows it
2006-01-08 12:31:25 PM  
I think it's been proven that Bond producers are not interested in working with directors that are good.
2006-01-08 12:58:37 PM  
I have yet to really like anything he's done.

His sense of self-entitlement is grandly overwhelmed by his lack of what is necessary to make a Bond movie.
2006-01-08 01:07:15 PM  
I think he would make a Bond movie that is a "tip of the hat" to all the previous Bond movies or a movie that is aware on some level how ridiculous the Bond myth is.

Either way, I don't particularly think that he would be a good director for it.
2006-01-08 01:21:16 PM  
James Bond films are terrible. they should let him do the next one, at least it'd be unintentionally funny.
2006-01-08 01:21:59 PM  
Say what you will - a Tarantino Bond movie would be the shiat!

/dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
//How many dicks is that?
///A lot.
2006-01-08 01:23:54 PM  
He should do a remake of Diabolik (pops)
2006-01-08 01:23:55 PM  
Bond films could not get any worse, but if Tarantino directed one I might actually consider watching it.
2006-01-08 01:24:05 PM  

I really dislike Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction was good. Resevoir Dogs was worse, but still decent. His other movies are tripe. He's an idiot who can barely understand how people function and what they are thinking, and his movies reflect that. He's just obsessed with B-grade karate movies or something, so he makes a bunch of trite shiat.

In other words, Tarantino is the perfect person to make the next bond film.
2006-01-08 01:24:15 PM  
Maybe they don't want a movie that takes 5 years to make.
2006-01-08 01:24:16 PM  
I heard that his next film is a 4 hours (devided into 2 parts) epic documentary on Uma Thurman's feet.
2006-01-08 01:24:29 PM  
Pulp Fiction is a friggen masterpiece in my opinion.

If Quentin was to make a Bond movie, it would have to be like Goldfinger or Dr. No. Make something cool and retro - Bond has not been relevant in years because the directors have been terrible - the Bond character is timeless, but you have to revert back to what made it so great when Connery was 007.
2006-01-08 01:25:00 PM  
Of course Tarantino always has to get his ugly mug on screen, so the only way I'd go for this is if he were a Bond girl.
2006-01-08 01:26:08 PM  
Quentin Tarantino is a god damn motherfarking hack.
2006-01-08 01:26:23 PM  

It's OK. I respect your opinion, even if it's wrong.
2006-01-08 01:27:05 PM  
MisterSpim: Tarantino's movies deliberately deal with alot of over the top characters, many of whom are stereotypes or charicatures. I don't think he has ever claimed to be presenting 'reality' or real people in any of his films. Expecting that out of one of his films is like using Godzilla as a basis for research about radiation therapy for cancer.
2006-01-08 01:27:13 PM  

He came up with the idea of doing Casino Royale and requested they consider him when choosing a director and they didn't even get back to him to say no. He wasn't being self-entitled whatsoever.
2006-01-08 01:27:27 PM  
Quentin has managed to make every movie he's made worse than the last. If he directed a Bond movie, it would cause massive worldwide devastation from its sheer suckiness.
2006-01-08 01:27:57 PM  
I'd be alright with him directing it, as long as he didn't give himself a cameo. He was farkin horrible in "4 rooms" even though his scene was pretty funny. The guy simply cannot act.
2006-01-08 01:28:16 PM  
Tarantino did an awesome job with that CSI episode awhile back that was pretty cool and twisted...

/James Bond would be awesome too.
2006-01-08 01:28:31 PM  
Payback for all the ideas he supposedly "borrowed" from Roger Avary?
2006-01-08 01:29:04 PM  
Am I the only one who liked Resevoir Dogs way more than Pulp Fiction?

And Kill Bill kicked ass just for being different.
2006-01-08 01:29:33 PM  
I agreee with darkhorse. Though Tarantino is a much better director than a writer (man is he ever caught up in his own shiat), there would be too much of his ego taking attention away from Bond. One day if he grows up and learns to check his baggage at the door, like Cronenberg did with A History of Violence, then and only then will Tarentino become a respectable director.
2006-01-08 01:29:42 PM  

He was good in Desperado.
2006-01-08 01:29:56 PM  
It's okay guys, it's okay. They were just using the "Bush Administration approach" to the situation, by ignoring it.
2006-01-08 01:29:58 PM  
I don't know if he'd make a good or bad Bond film. What I do know is that with a new actor playing Bond it may be too far a direction to take the film in at once. Let the new Bond get into character then go ahead and unleash a director like Tarantino on the series.
2006-01-08 01:30:03 PM  
You're all missing the point - Tarantino's right, they should have at least had the courtesy to have coffee with him after he helped those idiots come up with an idea for a new script. Pretty straightforward to me..
2006-01-08 01:30:42 PM  
Bond has not been relevant in years because the directors have been terrible

That and they are now gadget driven for product placement.

One thing that I can't understand about these spy films and shows like Alias is that they are always meeting in some hip club with beautiful people dancing around. No wonder Al Qaeda hates us -- their meetings are in a mud filed cave that's freezing cold.
2006-01-08 01:30:59 PM  
It's amusing to see all the outrage directed at him. "OMG, he has an opinion, and he's talking about it publicly!! He's pissed at someone, how dare he be!!"
2006-01-08 01:31:00 PM  
He's pissed that they're stealing his idea? But it's a remake! It'd be one thing if he wrote them a script and said he wanted to direct it, but then they just stole it from him. But we're talking about them taking an idea that's already been done. Calm down Tarantino and go back into hiding.
2006-01-08 01:31:17 PM  
everyone has their own tastes

personally i haven't liked a single tarantino movie, and i think he is a sellout no less, letting everyone use his name on movies he has hardly anything to do with so he can make a buck or two... like hostel, hero, etc...

he can stay the fark away from my beloved bond movies, i am pretty certain the main reason for bond movies - cool action, women and gadgets would be reduced to something bond fans would hate.
2006-01-08 01:31:59 PM  
"English, you motherfarkin' limey ! Do you speak English, "Mr Bond, James Bond " ?"

BTW, saw "Hostel" yesterday, and I don't know what this says about me, or the movie. But I found it real boring. I didn't think there was as much sex and violence as the newspapers claimed.

2006-01-08 01:31:59 PM  
I'm a fan of Tarantino but this is down right arrogant of him. Let me get this straight he said a few years ago it should be done and now it is so he should be consulted. Last I heard he didn't own the rights to Bond. By his logic if I read a book that I think should be made into a movie the author has to consult me first. "I'm sorry Mr.King but I thought The Gunslinger would be a good movie, now you have to have coffee with me."

Again I really like Tarantino but he can sit and spin for this one.

*also I've hated every Bond film I've seen except Goldeneye and that was probably because I got into the game first
2006-01-08 01:34:34 PM  
skinink, you watch the unrated uncensored version?
2006-01-08 01:35:04 PM  
Tarantino gave us all Salma Hayek's boobies in From Dusk Till Dawn. He should be applauded.
2006-01-08 01:36:31 PM  

(if you look closely, the above dot is a violin)
2006-01-08 01:36:48 PM  
He directed an episode of Conan O'Brien, and it was quite enjoyable... Over the top, but enjoyable.
2006-01-08 01:38:21 PM  
I think Tim Burton would make a pretty damn good Bond director.
2006-01-08 01:38:38 PM  
Tarantino presents Samuel L. Jackson as James mother farking Bond.
2006-01-08 01:38:59 PM  
People only say that Pulp Fiction is brilliant because it instantly makes them look smart.
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