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(Yahoo)   6.7 magnitude quake rattles Greece. Opa   ( divider line
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5009 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2006 at 10:47 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-08 12:22:26 PM  
Ever wonder why Greek chick hit the wall so early in life?
2006-01-08 12:34:00 PM  

Vertical stripes have a slimming effect.

/Tremor caused by gyro failure?
2006-01-08 01:12:28 PM  
Submitter here. Yes, the headline is not creative. None of my good ones have ever been greenlit.

BTW, it should've read "Opa!" In my haste to try and be first, I forgot that the headline thingy automatically cuts off the last punctuation.
2006-01-08 01:13:16 PM  
itzhak: Now you see what ouzo does to you?

forget the ouzo, give me some tsipouro
2006-01-08 01:32:41 PM  
Or as my Greek friends would shout, "skata!"
2006-01-08 01:58:00 PM  
My old man starts off the day with a couple of fasolada powerd earthquakes of his own.

/doesn't need an alarm clock
//bean and vegetable soup for those who don't get the word above
2006-01-08 02:16:33 PM  
You like-a da shaking, yes?
2006-01-08 03:35:16 PM  
Once you go greek, you never cheat.
2006-01-08 04:10:00 PM  
What the hell do all these Farkers have against Greece? Question for all you-"hey, let's make fun of a country I can't find on a globe"-people. Have you ever been? How much do you actually know about Greece, its history, or its current place in the world?

Here's another question, according to you xenophobic, close-minded people, what countries actually do matter?

I wonder if there should be a new term for Americans who think that countries only matter if they directly impact America. Oh wait...
2006-01-08 04:37:13 PM  
Or as my Greek friends would shout, "skiata!"

/more appropriate for fark.
// 1/4 - Lesbian
2006-01-08 04:56:30 PM  
Haw, nicely done, NightWulf.

Good headline, too.
2006-01-08 05:08:59 PM  

Check out the comments on that confabulator page; the first one, at the bottom of the page, April 12, 2005, is from Ricky Romero

Very, very slick. :-)

2006-01-08 06:24:13 PM  
props on the headline

/everybody sucks but me
2006-01-08 07:35:44 PM  
Whatever. Makes Zeus laugh.
2006-01-08 08:50:23 PM  
If us Greeks are so ignorant how comes we aren't the ones who have George Bush as our president?
2006-01-08 10:06:56 PM  
The headline would have been funnier with some exclamation marks.
2006-01-08 11:46:40 PM  
I think the "butt-sex" jokes could be reserved for San Francisco instead of Greece.
2006-01-09 05:59:42 AM  
hey, deltabourne

Dude, dont take it personally. the fark populace are just being themselves (undereducated 15-year-olds that have never left their birth state, let alone their country)

We arent ALL like that, man.

/going to greece for honeymoon
//if we meet, buy you a drink
2006-01-09 06:53:13 PM  
The headline would have been funnier with some exclamation marks.

Right. As I mentioned earlier, Fark eliminated the exclamation mark I did have. Not that anyone's reading this anymore.
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