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(ESPN)   The incredibly selfish Kobe Bryant only adds 8 assists to the 50 points he rains down to beat the Clippers   ( divider line
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2006-01-08 03:49:26 AM  
I hear he forced the opponent to kiss his basketball when he was done.
2006-01-08 06:30:11 AM  
I hear he forced the opponent to kiss his basketball when he was done.

Yeah, but he said it totally consentual.
2006-01-08 08:24:04 AM  
he still isnt as good as AI and without shaq his team is just as successful as the sixers.
2006-01-08 08:24:25 AM  
he is pretty selfish actually
2006-01-08 08:25:15 AM  
I'm curious if he'll ever seriously chase Wilt Chamberlain's single-game scoring record. I have no doubt it's crossed his mind.
2006-01-08 08:26:53 AM  
at this point in time in the NBA he and AI are the only players that have a prayer of scoring 100 in a game.

iverson isnt getting any younger and plays hurt every single year.
2006-01-08 08:28:39 AM  
It's a good thing for the basketball's sake that its hole is too small for Kobe-style penetration.
2006-01-08 08:29:29 AM  
Poor Kobe. He will never get it. Michael Jordan learned that you have to be a team player first. When he started listening to Phil Jackson, Chicago started winning championships. Without Shaq to compliment his talent his huge ego will obiously overshadow his talent. I hate LA but love to watch good athletes compete. Unfortunately he will go the way of Iron Mike Tyson. He is already on the road, that great talent goes when they are given entitlement. LA sucks but unfortunately my beloved Boston Celtics suck worse than a shop vac. Too bad they didn't take Larry Birds offer of a few years ago and let him buy the team and get us back to our championship ways. Oh well, we will have to settle for our "PATRIOTS". Peaking at the right time and kicking butt.
2006-01-08 08:31:35 AM  
"I can't fully take credit for that last move," Bryant said of his go-ahead basket. "I stole it from Michael Vick, believe it or not. I knew they were going to run over to double with (Chris) Wilcox, so I picked up the blitz, threw a pump fake at the guy, got him up in the air and went around him."

Wait a sec is the article about football or basketball??

/hehe sorry football weekend
//he he my Bucs lost
///slashy slashy
2006-01-08 08:36:07 AM  
I'm glad to see this. I am so sick of these fair weather Laker haters, who only rag on LA when they are doing well. I've been a Lakers hater through it all. I hate them when they're winning, but don't jump on the band wagon and start hating another team just because they start to suck.

Laker hater FOR LIFE.

(Go Suns!)
2006-01-08 08:39:38 AM  
Eight assists is actually pretty good considering the group of stiffs he plays with. An assist is more than just passing the ball. The guy you pass the ball to has to make a basket almost immediately (i.e. if you pass the ball to a guy 25 feet from the basket and he drives to the rim and lays it in, it's not an assist).

The league leader in the NBA averages 11 per game, so eight isn't bad. Kobe actually ranks 32nd in the league in assists.

There are plenty of reasons to hate Kobe. His performance last night isn't one of them.
2006-01-08 08:42:04 AM

/b-b-b-b-but she WANTED it ...
2006-01-08 08:43:50 AM  
People actually watch the NBA? Who knew?
2006-01-08 08:49:38 AM  
What is this NBA?
2006-01-08 08:51:00 AM  
if the man os scoring 50+ points a game, why the hell would he need any assists?

/8 assists isn't that bad
// Hawks fan :(
2006-01-08 08:54:49 AM  
The hate for Kobe will always be there, but you can't deny he's playing MVP caliber Basketball right now.
2006-01-08 09:08:39 AM  
I'm curious if he'll ever seriously chase Wilt Chamberlain's single-game scoring record.

Yes, he will. He'll pour in 102 at the annual Boy Scouts father/son game at some point. He'll also further endear himself to the rest of us by castigating his own kid for not giving up the rock to the hot hand.
2006-01-08 09:08:41 AM  
Um, he was just shy of a triple-double. I'd call that a decent game.

/normally happy to Kobe-bash.
2006-01-08 09:09:01 AM  
he isnt playing MVP quality, he's playing best-shooter-in-the-league-that-never-passes-except-one-game-and-that-gets-gre enlit-on-fark-quality
2006-01-08 09:10:06 AM  
jhjmonnee, if by "MVP caliber Basketball" you mean being the only person on a lousy team doing anything and not making any of his teammates look better in the process, then yes, he is playing "MVP caliber Basketball." If you mean he's acting like such MVPs as MJ, Bird, Duncan, or anyone else who brings their team along with them when they achieve greatness, then no, he is not playing "MVP caliber Basketball."

\MJ=Only thing that can tie Ditka in a contest
\\God i wish the Celtics were still good....
2006-01-08 09:10:08 AM  
People actually watch the NBA? Who knew?

That's right, cause everyone's too busy watching the new NHL. Woooooo! Wooo! ... Wo.

I'll leave now.
2006-01-08 09:30:58 AM  
Considering the caliber of the other players on his team, if he passes, chances are the Lakers lose the game. They're there for his support, not the other way around. No way to win championships, but if he passed, as much as some people would like, (And as said, he's nowhere near the worst person in the league in this respect.) the Lakers wouldn't win nearly as many as they have. And it's about winning, stupid.

/Kobe is a cheater and a moran, and an example of why basketball only beats out hockey in the ratings.
//College is better.
///Still sucks.
2006-01-08 09:33:30 AM  
Keep tweaking the headline, but people still don't care.
2006-01-08 09:35:02 AM  
Amidst all this Kobe worship, let's try and think about that White chick's anus ok, sports fans?
2006-01-08 09:36:52 AM  
I stole it from Michael Vick


50 points on 41% shooting...
Phil came back for the money and the girl.
Kobe can touch the ball all day, and blame for no-names for any problems they have.
The team is selling jerseys and will creep into the playoffs every year.
All is good in LA. Well, ummm, except for the fans who would like to see another championship.

/Haven't watched a single Laker game this year, but I bet that sounds good if you haven't either
2006-01-08 09:43:00 AM  
Kobe will never be able to break Wilt's scoring record. (20,000+, and I ain't talking points!)
2006-01-08 09:44:08 AM  
I guess I don't know anything about basketball but isn't the objective to score the most points? Who cares if he doesn't pass a lot?
2006-01-08 09:47:06 AM  
Wow. He's just having his way with the NBA, isn't he? Just bending them over a couch.
2006-01-08 09:59:24 AM  
"That's right, cause everyone's too busy watching the new NHL."

Damn right.
2006-01-08 09:59:33 AM  
My Clippers Conference contracts tripled, ended up dumping them all. 3bagger is not too fecking bad for bball. But I held my Warriors contracts too long, pretty much broke even across the board..... Feh...

/tradesports dot cahm
2006-01-08 10:03:33 AM  
Fark Kobe, where's the pics of his hot-ass wife?
lmb [TotalFark]
2006-01-08 10:07:15 AM  
As a native of L.A. it pains me to not be interested in a Lakers' game anymore. As a kid I loved Showtime and watched every game. Now I could give a rat's ass if they're on. Kobe Bryant is the most selfish basketball player ever. The Lakers will never win another championship as long as he's on that team.
2006-01-08 10:17:29 AM  
East coast writers are pompous asshats and have done their best to perpetuate this story. Kobe is definitely not without his flaws, but this story and others from ESPN have been ridiculous. Having seen the game last night, when he was on, it was truly a thing of beauty and truly is unrivaled (AI is equally as impressive, just in a different way). Suck it, east coasters.
2006-01-08 10:18:33 AM  
Someone else that could score 100, Lebron. That is if he ever decided to do it, and then hogged the ball, which he's not very good at.
2006-01-08 10:27:36 AM
The majority of todays NBA players are self-centered and "hog" the basketball from the other 4 members of their teams. This style of play has traditionally eroded the league's fan base.
2006-01-08 10:34:57 AM  
This thread is why the NBA is teh suxors!!11one. No team discussions, just stars! babbeee!!

/bball fan
//getting pretty sick of it on both levels
2006-01-08 10:38:22 AM  
RandomExcess: Wilt's scoring record. (20,000+, and I ain't talking points!)

But remember, for Chuck Norris thats a slow tuesday.
2006-01-08 10:43:17 AM  
The team is selling jerseys and will creep into the playoffs every year.

they sure as hell didnt creep into the playoffs last year, but my grizzlies sure did!!!
2006-01-08 10:46:11 AM  
50 pts. on 17 of 41 shooting-----pathetic-------oooo he has 50 points; almost a point for each shot he took. I agree 8 assists is a big step for Kobe---but when you damn near take 50 shots yourself? It really takes an "all-star" to throw up 50 shots when he has hit less than half of them. With that being said, it appears the line between "all-star" and "a**hole" has been severely blurred.
2006-01-08 10:55:08 AM  
There is no way that anyone in the modern NBA could score 100 points. If Kobe or AI or Lebron or anyone would try, they would simply be triple teamed for the entire game. That would be so embarassing that no team or coach would allow it to happen. Plus, scoring 50, 60, or heck, even 70 points is one thing. I just don't believe that anyone will ever score 100 in a game unless the league expands another 10 teams or so.

I'll admit, I'm a Laker Hater, and I'm a Kobe Hater. And I'm also a Phil Jackson hater. This guy is the most overrated coach in the NBA ever. He's supposed to be a genius because he "invented" the triangle offense? Give me a break. I can coach an NBA team to victory with three superstars. We are seeing this season how good of a coach he is without three superstars.

Now I'm glad that my team, the Pistons, are on top, but not only because of that. They are showing that the team concept can still work in the NBA. I'm already looking forward to June when we have another all-team finals: Pistons vs. Spurs.

/Laker Hater Since 1988
2006-01-08 11:03:24 AM  
That's right, cause everyone's too busy watching the new NHL.

The NHL is back? Damn.

How long until the players get locked out again or, better yet, the NHL goes under so that the hockey "highlights" don't get in the way of my NBA and NFL highlights on Sportscenter?
2006-01-08 11:06:26 AM  
Also, I hate Kobe and the Lakers, but you know that biatch probably wanted it in the ass, asked for it in the ass even, then thought about it and decided to get some money out of the deal.

Not to defend Kobe for cheating on his wife, the bastard, but there are a lot of women out there who abuse the fact that there are asshole rapists out there to extort money/feel better about taking it up the ass/avoid their own moral hangups about having sex.

Yes, I said it.
2006-01-08 11:16:46 AM  


figure skating? > NBA
televised scrabble > NBA

anything i missed?
2006-01-08 11:18:49 AM  
I'm confused here. 8 assists is actually alot for anyone that's not a point guard. Does the poster know a single thing about basketball? Who would submitter rather have take shots? Kobe Bryant or Brian Cook?
2006-01-08 11:20:53 AM  
That's right, cause everyone's too busy watching the new NHL.

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. You're talking about a sport that was getting beat in the ratings by BOWLING, right? That's before the strike, too. Hockey's going to be dumping a lot of teams in the next few years to avoid going bankrupt, and I'm sure basketball might be moving in that direction too.

/source:​nd-tv_x. htm
/Rough USA popularity sports thing: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Arena Football, Lawn Darts, Bowling, Hockey.
//Go Bengals!
2006-01-08 11:36:47 AM  

You should never be able to go it alone in any true team sport.
2006-01-08 11:38:30 AM  
sarcasm [ sr kzzm ]



cutting language: remarks that mean the opposite of what they seem to say and are intended to mock or deride

[Mid-16th century. Directly or via French < late Latin sarcasmus < Greek sarkazein "tear flesh" < sarx "flesh"]
2006-01-08 11:39:53 AM  
Are the boys from ESPN guest-adminning at Fark today?

Anyway, have fun playing golf this spring, Kobe.
2006-01-08 11:40:48 AM  
You could almost say he "raped" his teammates out of those assists.
2006-01-08 11:45:22 AM  
My money says Kobe is just another rich black criminal who got away with a crime because he was rich and black.

Yes, I said it.
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