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7331 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2006 at 6:12 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-06 12:15:42 AM
2006-01-06 04:55:57 AM
2006-01-06 09:46:41 AM
2006-01-06 09:57:24 AM
2006-01-06 08:40:58 PM
2006-01-07 04:01:42 PM
2006-01-07 10:11:25 PM

My He-Man source pic was captioned "HeMan does 4 Non Blondes". I lol'd :-)

/part 2 of 2 in my "this film sux" collection
2006-01-09 03:44:44 PM  
2006-01-09 08:49:28 PM
2006-01-10 01:13:54 PM
2006-01-10 06:14:00 PM
2006-01-10 06:22:30 PM
2006-01-10 06:26:28 PM

/just saying..
2006-01-10 06:31:20 PM
quick n' dirty
2006-01-10 06:56:05 PM
//In my version, it would star Bob Saget and Michael J fox

on a side note, does anyone remember this costume?
2006-01-10 06:59:19 PM
2006-01-10 07:00:39 PM  
Hey... what do you suppose a movie about Batman might be like?

/looking for the sarcasm vote
2006-01-10 07:22:50 PM
2006-01-10 07:39:38 PM  
Q&D as always:
It's the inevitable marketing tie-in
2006-01-10 07:50:20 PM

Does it get any quicker or dirtier than this?
I'm not sure, but I had to do a Lifetime movie.
2006-01-10 08:08:43 PM
2006-01-10 08:10:11 PM
2006-01-10 08:11:45 PM

/had to be done...
2006-01-10 08:33:57 PM  
And by popular demand:
And I didn't even have to
change the hair!
2006-01-10 08:50:38 PM
2006-01-10 09:01:26 PM
2006-01-10 09:09:34 PM

Quick and nasty, but it's amused me for a few mins.

/curses Photoshop Elements
2006-01-10 09:29:42 PM
2006-01-10 09:54:17 PM

/lil late but what the heck
2006-01-10 10:57:51 PM

Late cause I thought I submitted it already. Then I realized, it's not complete. It's missing an image I can only call the "SKOH girl", an image of some drunkenly woman at a concert for the band Some Kind Of Hate. She's clenching a bottle of something and has it hoisted over head like a victorious barbarian in battle. I wanted to stick her up on the stage area...does anyone know the image I speak of?!?

/damn you SKOH GIRL!!!!
2006-01-10 11:37:36 PM
2006-01-10 11:39:55 PM

I'm tellin ya, he's the perfect guy for the job.
2006-01-10 11:50:35 PM  
Here's some of the preliminary casting:
2006-01-11 12:55:58 AM
2006-01-11 05:38:01 AM
He-Man Fight-Club. . .

My 'O' >>
2006-01-11 09:21:15 AM

/deleted the previous entry.
///fixed the hat.
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