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(LBC 97.3)   Pizza delivery guy says a pack of little girls tried to rob him   ( divider line
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10286 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2006 at 4:56 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-05 02:15:52 PM  
I hope the guys at the pizza place he works at rips on him for being chased by a bunch of preteen girls.
2006-01-05 02:22:52 PM  
Dear Penthouse:......
2006-01-05 02:35:40 PM  
This is a scary neighborhood. I think drivers at this location have had many problems over the years.
2006-01-05 02:36:31 PM  
ozone: Dear Penthouse:......

Dear Penthouse Forum:.....
2006-01-05 02:37:21 PM  
Those girls have some crust!
2006-01-05 02:44:20 PM  
I stand corrected.

/haven't looked at print pr0n since i found teh internets
2006-01-05 02:55:10 PM  
But was it a "sausage" pizza?
2006-01-05 02:55:10 PM  
thinking Hello Kitty should come out with some robbery accessories

/dare to dream
2006-01-05 03:06:59 PM
So, you girls wanna order some pizza?
2006-01-05 03:10:56 PM  
That's hot.
2006-01-05 04:45:10 PM

2006-01-05 05:02:32 PM

Wanted for questioning.
2006-01-05 05:02:40 PM  
I once had a pack of pre-teen girls me car and tell me I was hot while delivering pizzas (I was in college, probably 21 at the time). Unfortunately, this never happened with late-teen or early-twenties women during the course of my deliveries.
2006-01-05 05:02:59 PM  
But how's his Cornhole?
2006-01-05 05:04:39 PM  
11-14 is not "very young". not any more. used to be. they don't build girls the way they used to.

wouldn't surprise me if it happened.

but i suspect he was dreaming.

/former pizza driver
//had some pretty interesting experiences from time to time
///none involved girls in that age range
2006-01-05 05:05:41 PM  
But he wasn't hurt, and nothing was taken.

He says when he arrived at the spot where he was supposed to deliver the pie, it seemed the girls were waiting for him.

Police are looking into whether they were the ones who phoned in the order.

that's a prime example of rampant devious crime right there...
2006-01-05 05:05:44 PM  
Like that's never happened to one of you...
2006-01-05 05:06:52 PM  
N. S. Radieaux Nice simply nice


/RDJ ftw
2006-01-05 05:06:59 PM  
This wouldn't happen with Conceal Carry!

2006-01-05 05:07:46 PM  
... It's a pizza guy. His arms are full from carrying the pizza. How hard is it for one girl to give a swift kick to his nads and rob him?
2006-01-05 05:07:49 PM  
14 is the new "5 to 10"?
/Ok, that was dumb
//shouldn't fark while vodka'd
2006-01-05 05:08:26 PM  
If i was him, and I wasn't hurt, and nothing was stolen, and there were no witnesses, then I think i'd have just forgotten the whole thing.
2006-01-05 05:08:27 PM  
macross87: N. S. Radieaux Nice simply nice

WTF is that from? Seriously creepy....
2006-01-05 05:10:54 PM  
Aphex Twin?
2006-01-05 05:10:55 PM  
It's all good if the girls are the cute little rich kids with braces who are giggling while trying to finish a harmless prank. Not so good if they are hungry, poor, 215lbs and looking to feed their own babies...

/careful to avoid implicating race
2006-01-05 05:12:46 PM  
damn, i hope they ain't got no babies of their own at 11
//Milk does a body good?
2006-01-05 05:12:58 PM  
Fourteen year olds aren't what I'd call "little" girls. Young, yes. Immature, yes. Little, no.

It doesn't say how big the delivery guy is, either.
2006-01-05 05:13:08 PM  
At least some guy didnt strap a bomb to his neck and make him rob a bank. that was messed up.
2006-01-05 05:15:32 PM  
I'd hit 'em! With my car
2006-01-05 05:15:41 PM  
...So... did he scream like a little girl???
2006-01-05 05:16:14 PM  
"If i was him, and I wasn't hurt, and nothing was stolen, and there were no witnesses, then I think i'd have just forgotten the whole thing. "

I'll have to agree with matt2891 on this one..Why mention that a small pack of Brownies robbed me and then gave the pizza back?
2006-01-05 05:16:19 PM  
Were they Gypsies? Because Gypsies do that a lot.
2006-01-05 05:17:22 PM  
The Aphex Twin picture is from the Come to Daddy video, right?
2006-01-05 05:19:00 PM  
Not as unlikely as you might think. I work part-time as a campus safety officer on a small midwestern college campus and there were two robbery attempts of male students recently by a group of 13-15 year old girls. It may have been a gang initiation. Scary.

/"Hey boss. If I catch 'em, do I get to frisk 'em?"
//Now THAT'S unlikely.
2006-01-05 05:20:49 PM  
only thing worse than a gypsie is a hippy gypsie
2006-01-05 05:20:51 PM  

damn, i hope they ain't got no babies of their own at 11

I was thinking of 14, but yeah. It happens... Seriously! I gave one a $2 this one time... in Canada...
2006-01-05 05:20:54 PM  

Correct. All videos directed by Chris Cunningham are worth a look.
2006-01-05 05:21:40 PM  
Hey, girls are tough, these days.

A former girl friend of mine used to work at a place that was not quite juvenile hall, but was designed to "re-educate" kids.

One night, three or four girls, about that age, came out of their rooms, located a pair of scissors, and attacked my girl friend. They punched her in the stomach a couple times, tied her up, put her in the closet, grabbed her keys, and stole her car.

The cops caught them soon afterwards and asked one of them if they really intended to use those scissors. Her reply was "Whatever it takes".

Messed my girl friend up for a while, after that. If you think pre-teen girls are never a threat, think again. This was fifteen years ago; it may be worse, now.
2006-01-05 05:21:47 PM  
Forgot to mention that Richard D James is god.

That is all.
2006-01-05 05:21:50 PM  
a $2 what?
/you piqued my curiosity
2006-01-05 05:22:15 PM  
Were they Gypsies? Because Gypsies do that a lot.

(From Wikipedia)
Do you like dags?
2006-01-05 05:22:47 PM  
Sorry, off topic. What does "Boobies" in my profile mean?
2006-01-05 05:22:53 PM  
hippy gypsie = hypsie?
/just askin'
2006-01-05 05:25:07 PM  
Sorry, off topic. What does "Boobies" in my profile mean?

It means your first Fark forum Post.
2006-01-05 05:26:36 PM  
shaymlss: Sorry, off topic. What does "Boobies" in my profile mean?

It means you're supposed to show them.
2006-01-05 05:27:56 PM  
CygnusDarius: shaymlss
Sorry, off topic. What does "Boobies" in my profile mean?

It means your first Fark forum Post.

Tha'ts ridiculous, CygnusDarius:. Quit messing with her head.
2006-01-05 05:29:15 PM  
I don't think you're supposed to show man boobies though
2006-01-05 05:30:14 PM  
Unless you're Phil Mickelson, I mean
2006-01-05 05:31:04 PM  
Only a guy wouldn't believe this was not only possible, but probable. Girls that age were monsters in MY day, and that was decades ago. Now they have subatomic weapons. Totally out of control
2006-01-05 05:31:10 PM  
When I was 14 or so and my friends and I had slumber parties, we used to call for pizzas in order to flirt with the cute delivery guy.

Until we got caught and sent back upstairs.

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