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(BBC)   Horsham, England: Once famed for its "War of the Worlds" literary connections, now world capital of dog poo   ( divider line
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2006-01-05 12:47:23 PM  
You can't shiat on England and get away with it!
2006-01-05 12:47:50 PM  
Wow--there really are no posts to this yet.
2006-01-05 12:48:03 PM  
well you gotta have something to be proud of
2006-01-05 12:49:51 PM  
i thought that the Martians landed in Grovers Mill, New Jersey?

have Orson Welles and Buckaroo Banzai been lying to me all these years?
2006-01-05 12:50:08 PM  
Remind me not to vacation there. I hear it's quite "crappy".
2006-01-05 12:51:40 PM  
"CCTV cameras may be used to snoop on people using dog poo bins in an area of West Sussex."

I'm disturbed
2006-01-05 12:51:50 PM  
I thought they were famous for whores....and ham.

/Mmmmmmm Ham.
//stupid unfunny american bastard.
2006-01-05 12:53:37 PM  
better to have it overflowing in bins then on the sidewalk where someone will step in it.

That's my take on the matter

***Wishes more people would clean up after their dogs
*****I play a squishy on City of Villains/Heroes
******I dont like stepping in squish.
********Isn't that a japanese thing?
2006-01-05 12:54:45 PM  
Imagine being the guy stuck watching the poo-cam!
2006-01-05 12:55:31 PM  
peak dog poo peak dog poo!!!

when will you whiney libs give it a rest
if the president says it's ok then that's all there is to it
now go love your terrorist butt buddies some more
2006-01-05 12:57:15 PM  
2006-01-05 12:59:18 PM  
*takes monkeyfetusjuice back to the asylum*
2006-01-05 01:01:20 PM  
Wait wait... dog poo is one of those niggly little things?!?! WELL I AM OFFENDED!!1 HOW DARE HE

//yeah, I know
2006-01-05 01:02:17 PM  
Poop thread?
2006-01-05 01:02:25 PM
2006-01-05 01:03:04 PM  
So... why is it overflowing? The point here is akin to getting a fine for putting your empty Starbucks cup on top of a pile of garbage rising out of a public trashcan.

Did some posey tosser forget to empty the bin?
2006-01-05 01:04:12 PM  
This is a shiatty story. Submitter...
2006-01-05 01:04:37 PM  
What about a death penalty for dogs that foul up public spaces? Any dog caught pooping and not getting cleaned up after would be subject to the Doggy Death Penalty. Streets would be clean pretty quick after the first one. (Bonus Benefit: It would help control the pet population, which is way out of whack to begin with)
2006-01-05 01:07:14 PM  
CokeBear: (Bonus Benefit: It would help control the pet population, which is way out of whack to begin with)

Especially the kitten population.
2006-01-05 01:13:08 PM  
Lagaidh: So... why is it overflowing?

The bins are meant so that if you dog craps while you're walking it, you can put the poo in there. They think that dog owners are collecting poo from where their dogs crapped in the back yard and putting *that* in there, too.
2006-01-05 01:14:44 PM  

/that album rocks.
2006-01-05 01:16:20 PM  
"It's obviously difficult to identify them otherwise because they don't leave any identification behind."

No shiat.
2006-01-05 01:17:02 PM  
Around here, though:
the chances of anyone picking up poo
are a million to one, they said...
2006-01-05 01:19:12 PM  
Dog Poo? Is that in China?
2006-01-05 01:26:52 PM  
I love the smell of poo threads in the morning.
2006-01-05 01:31:11 PM  
I'll wait to see if Mojo Nixon changes his mind about Amsterdam being the Dog shiat Capital of the World...
2006-01-05 01:31:21 PM  

I'm a little more partial to this:
2006-01-05 01:31:24 PM  
Garden Grove Lyrics

We took this trip to Garden Grove
It smelled like Lou-dog inside the van, oh yeah
This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door
It gets so real sometimes, who wrote my rhyme
I got the microwave, got the VCR
I got the deuce-deuce in the trunk of my car, oh yeah

If you only knew all the love that I found
It's hard to keep my soul on the ground
You're a fool, don't fark around with my dog
All that I can see I steal, I fill up my garage

Cause in my mind
Music from Jamaica, all the love that I found
Pull over there's a reason why my soul's unsound

It's you
It's that shiat stuck under my shoe
It's that smell inside the van
It's my bed sheet covered with sand
Sitting through a shiatty band
Getting dog shiat on my hands
Getting hassled by the man

Waking up to an alarm
Sticking needles in your arm
Picking up trash on a freeway
Feeling depressed everyday
Leaving without making a sound
Picking my dog up at the pound
Living in a tweaker pad
Getting yelled at by my dad

Saying I'm happy when I'm not
Finding roaches in the pot
All these things I do
They're waiting for you.
2006-01-05 01:36:11 PM  
In the original 1898 H.G. Wells book, the first Martian cylinder lands in Horsham Common. When Orson Welles adapted the work for radio, he moved the location of the landing to New Jersey for the US audience.
2006-01-05 01:41:22 PM  
Horsham, England: once famed for its "War of the Worlds" literary connections, now World Capital of Dog Poo


i thought that the Martians landed in Grovers Mill, New Jersey?

'Grovers Mill, New Jersey' is the Americanization of 'Horsham, World Capital of Dog Poo', sort of like 'gas' for 'petrol' and 'pram' for 'baby carriage'.
2006-01-05 01:52:25 PM
2006-01-05 01:58:45 PM  
"quite an emotive issue"

2006-01-05 02:44:52 PM  
... ah, damn. Thought this was about my hometown.

/from Horsham, PA
//named after Horsham, UK
2006-01-05 03:29:45 PM  
I used to live right next to Horsell Common where the martians landed (before taking a little holiday to Horsham with their wives and kids).

Most of us avoided the martian parts of town. The pubs could get pretty rough, and heat-rayey. Damn martians.
2006-01-05 03:33:12 PM  
The UK's local councils have batshiat idiot ideas when it comes to garbage. In my town, they halved the number of trash collections (you still get the same ONE bin into which ALL of your trash MUST go - it's not like the USA where you just put 40 trash cans on the street) to once every two weeks and claimed that it was in the name of environmental friendliness.

/ no council tax reduction tho!
2006-01-05 03:47:25 PM  
i'm from Horsham, Pa. and let me tell you, that's the capital of shiatty people...
2006-01-05 04:42:24 PM  
sorry Anza, but it's the truth and it's why i left....
2006-01-05 06:45:03 PM  
its Horsell Common, not me, nothing ever happened in Horsham. Horsell Common is somewhere near Woking I think.
2006-01-05 08:09:11 PM  
Horsell Common, not Horsham.

And then I look up, realize I was beaten to the punch, and cry.
2006-01-05 10:28:16 PM  
"We shall poop on the beaches. We shall poop on the landing grounds. We shall poop in the fields, and in the streets, we shall poop in the hills. We shall never surrender!"
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