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36324 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2006 at 9:33 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-01-05 02:16:14 AM  
Having watched every episode several times, I STILL think there are things I've missed. I wish Fox executives would realize when they have a hit and support it and not jump on the next train tro crapville (Herman's Head, Andy Richter, etc).
2006-01-05 02:16:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

So f'ing good.
2006-01-05 02:42:18 AM  
A marklar by any other skein would marklar as marklar.
2006-01-05 03:40:48 AM  
2006-01-05 03:47:41 AM  
I stopped reading the article as soon as I saw the word "skein."
2006-01-05 05:47:01 AM  
MadMattressMack Best lines EVAR!

Zoidberg: The beauty was in your heart, not in your hands!

*Fry tries playing and sucks. The audience boos.*

Zoidberg: Your music was bad and you should feel bad.

/my favorite Zoidberg quote.
//Touching and then completely hilarious, just like Futurama encapsulated in one shining moment
2006-01-05 06:22:20 AM  
L.Darte: Godfellas

I will go on record to say that this episode the best half-hour of television ever produced.
2006-01-05 06:36:30 AM  
"Family Guy" now resides as Fox's Sunday 9 p.m. tentpole.

hehehehehe.... Tentpole...
2006-01-05 08:00:37 AM  
LineNoise: Jurassic Bark was probably the single saddest thing ever on TV

A-farkin'-men my friend.
2006-01-05 08:43:51 AM  
Jurassic Bark was nothing compared to The Sting. Not sure why you all don't know that.

One of the best episodes ever. And I don't mean one of the best Futurama espiodes, I mean one of the best TV episodes of all time.
2006-01-05 09:11:29 AM  
Yup The Sting episode made me cry whereas Jurassic Bark only made me tear up a little.
2006-01-05 09:31:47 AM  

witty cartoons>reality tv

the tide is turning!! sarcastic smartasses rejoice!
trading spouses/makeover show watching people go away!
2006-01-05 09:34:15 AM  
four best (made me cry a little moments on futurama)

jurassic bark
the sting
the episode about the seven leaf clover
and the one where we learn that leela's parents had been watching over her from the sewer's her whole life
2006-01-05 09:39:09 AM  
Unka luka loonka luturama:
Knock back some Slurm; FOX brought back Futurama!
2006-01-05 09:41:02 AM  
Zap Brannigan: Kif, I've got that rare TV-induced blood disorder. What is it again?
Kif (sighing) FOX-toxia.
Zap: That's it!
Kif: Please put on some pants, sir.
2006-01-05 09:50:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"She's built like a steakhouse, but she handles like a bistro."
2006-01-05 11:11:48 AM  
So many great Futurama lines...

"Nobody make a smell."
"It's good cholesterol, but it spreads like bad cholesterol."
"It's toe-tappingly tragic!"

And one of my personal favorites:
"Save us Jesus!"
"I help those who help themselves!"
2006-01-05 12:37:13 PM  
I have all the DVDs of Futurama, Family Guy, and South Park. And a few of the early Simpsons.

I mean they're all funny, but each one also has something that bugs me.

Thing that really bugs me about Family Guy is that if you don't know a reference to something, then you have to sit there for 2 minutes trying to imagine what the reference might've been like.

Futurama's always been my favorite. Their stories and characters were futuristic yet it was always easy to relate to the scenarios in the scripts, and best of all they were original because no animated show had done anything like it before. The animation on Futurama sometimes was just simply incredible.

Also Futurama has the best commentary :P
2006-01-05 12:40:53 PM  
"Welp, I killed my grandpa"

Fry:"Maybe God loves me."
Bender:"HAHAHAHAHAH! Ahhh..."
2006-01-05 01:24:24 PM  
Freedom Freedom Freedom Oy!
Freedom Freedom Freedom Oy!
2006-01-05 01:31:40 PM  
Gabbo is Fabbo: Skein is not a made-up word.

All words are made up.
2006-01-05 01:32:58 PM  
a little late to the party but I made it non the less. Does anyone have a .wav or mp3 file of the "Bite my shinny metal ass". I can't seem to find one by it self. I figure it would be the best email notification ever!
2006-01-05 01:35:54 PM  
LineNoise: Godfellas was probably the best of them, and Jurassic Bark was probably the single saddest thing ever on TV

Yes, that was a sad episode, as noted several times in the last "Futurama is back" thread. But the single saddest thing EVER?

Maybe you just haven't watched much TV.
2006-01-05 01:39:36 PM  
schilphish: Does anyone have a .wav or mp3 file of the "Bite my shinny metal ass".

Try Googling "futurama soundboard."
2006-01-05 02:38:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-01-05 02:57:22 PM  
Fry's always made public his feelings towards Leela. Her wanting to see the end of his Holophoner opera was the first major step she made to acknowledge any growing affection for him. "Luck of the Fryish" was pretty touching, too.
2006-01-05 03:12:53 PM  
Network President: "Greetings, gentlemen. You already know my execubots. Executive Alpha, programmed to like things it has seen before."

Executive Alpha: "Hey, hey, hey!"

Network President: "Executive Beta, programmed to roll dice to determine the fall schedule."

Executive Beta: *rolls dice* "More reality shows!"

Network President: "And Executive Gamma, programmed to underestimate middle America."

Executive Gamma: "It's funny, but is it going to get them off their tractors?"
2006-01-05 03:39:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I'm meeting you halfway, you stupid hippies!"

/Four more years!!
2006-01-05 07:02:39 PM  
Sweet Zombie Jesus!
best. line. evar.

The episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee... shiat, I was bawling with laughter!
2006-01-05 09:16:34 PM  
you're close pvt dancer. it's actually:

Mayor Poopenmeyer: My God, it's the real Santa. Get 'im Jesus!
Zoidberg Jesus: I help those who help themselves!
2006-01-05 10:10:56 PM  
While I am almost, but not quite, jubilant over the possible return of Futurama, I had a problem with this article that several others seem to share. Namely, the recurrence of the word "skein" -- they keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

To prove that more farkers know more obscure stuff than random chance alone would allow, I will cite a quote, and ask if it is obscure:

"No hallowed skein of stars will ward, I trow, who's once been set his tryst with Tristero."

/No Googling allowed.
2006-01-05 10:45:43 PM  

I don't have a brother, but "Luck of the Fryish" taught me what a brother's love should be. Yancy broke generations of tradition to name his son Philip, and encouraged him to fulfill Philip's dreams.
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