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21611 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 May 2002 at 12:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-16 08:50:35 AM  
This was mine.
2002-05-16 08:59:04 AM  
That sure doesn't look like a store-bought CD in that picture, either! Smoking, drinking, burning CD's...
2002-05-16 09:23:00 AM  
Their real problem is not sex or thier church, they will BOTH burn in hell for extremely bad manners. On a recent trip through Las Vegas they managed to anger just about everyone in town by conveniently forgetting that people
actually make a living from TIPS. Not just for a meal
for 2, but comped meals for an entourage of 50!!! I personally witnessed one of these nights out and several others were published in the paper....makes me wish for the
good old days of mob run LV.......
2002-05-16 09:36:27 AM  
The largesse and bad manners displayed by Britney and her friends is appalling.

A lot of her former fans who now hate her have websites up that say how much of a biatch she is to the people who put their money down for her CDs and concerts.
2002-05-16 10:43:37 AM  
her fall from grace can't be too far in the future...right...right? *desperation*
2002-05-16 11:01:46 AM  
Sweatergirl: I second that motion.
2002-05-16 11:19:51 AM  
maybe pics will turn up in Penthouse...
2002-05-16 11:27:07 AM
2002-05-16 11:56:54 AM  
You know who could possibly very well go into pr0n?
Britney's younger sister. She has aspirations to become everything Britney has become, and then some. The problem is she's too close to Britney's age. She'll need to equal or surpass Britney at every stage of her career simply because she'll be known as Britney's sister. If that doesn't work, she'll have to find another domain to escape comparison. If she fails that, then she might go into pr0n to seek success or rebel against her mother and sister.

The cool thing I guess for pr0n fans is that Britney's sister looks just like Britney.
2002-05-16 12:45:30 PM  
You mean kinda like Kylie Minogue's sister? Lots of topless shots of her going round and round the 'net.
2002-05-16 02:01:22 PM  
Jdjoker: More like Kelly Van Dyke or AKA Nancee Kellee (probably NSFW). Less classier and hopefully less tragic.

I don't what's more tragic, me remembering this story from the tabloid news show A Current Affair, hosted by Maury Povich (the show's opening sound effect is now used by ICQ when someone authorizes you)
2002-05-16 02:07:17 PM  
I'm in tight with Jesus and he said that he'll forgive her if I can fark the dogshiat outta her.
2002-05-16 11:40:37 PM  
Ironbar: I tried to submit that one a long time ago. :)

I give 5 years max before she poses for Playboy.

Titney is as fake as her boobies.
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