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(BBC)   Osama bin Laden's niece renounces family and poses for hot photos in men's magazine. White House declares her a Weapon of Men's Desire   ( divider line 890
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2005-12-23 02:29:30 PM  
I'd issue a sensitive leak near my election and then let Scooter Libby take the Plame.
2005-12-23 02:29:39 PM  
I'd rock her kasbah
2005-12-23 02:30:35 PM  
I'd snipe her face with my DNA bullets.
2005-12-23 02:30:40 PM  
See? The union isn't so bad after all. I knew they weren't really inconveniencing people.
2005-12-23 02:31:27 PM  
/Wrong thread
//I'm an idiot
2005-12-23 02:31:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

... and make no mistake.
2005-12-23 02:31:49 PM  
Conspiracy theorists would postulate that I would know in advance that I would hit her but that I failed to consciously act to prevent it.
2005-12-23 02:32:49 PM  
I'd hit it with my little boy.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-23 02:33:09 PM  
that's not white phosphorus
2005-12-23 02:33:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
/props to Snowbound for inspiration
2005-12-23 02:33:20 PM  
To the mystery Sponsor:

Thank you, you've made my day :)
2005-12-23 02:33:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd pre-emptively strike, shock and awe, and convert her to Boorring-ology Abu-Ghraib-style mothaf!ckas!

I went to a party, and right next door was this persian wedding. I understand why these guys are so hard-up about their women.
2005-12-23 02:34:15 PM  
Al jizzer it
2005-12-23 02:34:54 PM  
I'd invade her suffical region and leave millions of navy seals behind.
2005-12-23 02:35:13 PM  
Olive Stone would film me hitting it as an uplifting story about everyday New Yorkers helping one another amid a cataclysmic tragedy. It would be scheduled for release in August 2006.
2005-12-23 02:36:01 PM  
my Salami Bin-Bobben just lookin at her!
2005-12-23 02:36:01 PM  
2005-12-23 02:36:19 PM  
I'd serve up an extra-healthy portion of Hot Beef Manhattan to her.

/via injection, of course...
2005-12-23 02:36:31 PM  
I'd take it Armpit deep into her grenade sump.
2005-12-23 02:37:01 PM  

you need to add. Then I'd get tangled up in the sheets and be unable to get the hell out of there!
2005-12-23 02:37:10 PM  

Good show, old bean.
2005-12-23 02:37:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/not really, she'd live on to ride the cack more.
2005-12-23 02:39:56 PM  
I'd show her my fire plan.

I'd "RED-3" her insurgency

I'd put my peice in her middle east.
2005-12-23 02:40:04 PM  
Victell, just_ducky

For no reason at all, here's a picture of Morena Baccarin.

[image from too old to be available]

I'd ravage her nerve clusters. Then she'd have to fall on my sword.
2005-12-23 02:40:49 PM  
I would engage in coitus with it.
2005-12-23 02:41:58 PM  
I'd mortar it, cannon, and evacuate

I'd MOPP level 3 her Bunkers

/god this is great.
2005-12-23 02:42:17 PM  
I'd fill her with belly marrow pudding
2005-12-23 02:42:34 PM  
I'd Mecca big mess on her ;)
2005-12-23 02:43:53 PM  
2005-12-23 02:46:30 PM  
seanmc42: I'd Mecca big mess on her ;)

That's it, thread's over. You win.
2005-12-23 02:46:53 PM  
I would hit it and then convince others Saddam Hussein was involved.

/Dariodevil, help, I can't stop
2005-12-23 02:47:14 PM  
I so accustomed to seeing ho-hum middle eastern chicks, ya know, all wrapped up, or just fat and nasty, but within the past few years I've seen a many freakin gorgous ones.

Definitely thought about forgetting about the gf for a little middle eastern hottie.

/needless to say, i'd hit it, useing my wiffle wiffle ball bat.
2005-12-23 02:49:24 PM  
Why, I'd take my AGM-84H SLAM-ER and Ramadan her throat. Mohammed-a-homita-homita.
2005-12-23 02:49:31 PM  
I'd invade her Holy Land with my Templar Knight- Crusade Style...
2005-12-23 02:51:02 PM  
I'd politely ask her on a date. We would dine at the finest 5 star resaurant and then take in a show. Afterwards, we would stop at a nice jazz club for some Cristal champagne and pleasant, intellectual converstation. Following that I would take her home and when we reached her abode, I'd give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. If she asked me in for a nightcap, I would acquiece like a true gentleman. If she offered to take me on a tour of her home, I would be complement her taste in decor. If she showed me her boudoir, I would quietly and respectfully follow her in and disrobe her (hanging her dress in the closet). Then, and only then, would I HIT IT with the force of someone who has put up with all the previous crap and wants the payoff!
2005-12-23 02:52:18 PM  
I'd wire-tap it and then withdraw my soft-lumber tariff.
2005-12-23 02:53:25 PM  
All I can say is that this thread made my day. God bless you fark.

/I would ride that magic carpet.
2005-12-23 02:54:05 PM  
I would ask her if she'd like to talk, and get soundly rejected.
2005-12-23 02:54:51 PM  
I'd rappel from her Mount Ararat and plunge myself into her Gulf of Aqaba.
2005-12-23 02:55:07 PM  
someone check, I think this is the longest "I'd hit it" thread yet.
2005-12-23 02:56:28 PM  
I'd hit for one thousand and ONE Arabian nights.
2005-12-23 02:57:05 PM  
I would listen to skethcy, exxagerated reports of her WMD capabilities from a man with ties to Iran who is wanted for bank fraud in Jordan and then I would deny knowing him eventhough he was my guest at the State of the Union address.

And I'd bang her!
2005-12-23 02:57:33 PM  
I'd hide my dick cheney in her undisclosed location.
2005-12-23 02:57:41 PM  
My hitting it would be such a sudden surprise that the nation would be stunned and Congress would gather to sing God Bless America on the steps of the Capitol.
2005-12-23 02:58:18 PM  
Iraqqed her then Iran away.
2005-12-23 02:58:27 PM  
I'd make her lick Bush at the 69th parallel, then make her give me Jihead, then I'd wipe her virginity off the map and then I'd claim her virginity was a myth.
2005-12-23 02:59:36 PM  
I'd glaze over her parking lot.
2005-12-23 02:59:44 PM  
I bet she has to shave it twice a day.
2005-12-23 03:00:01 PM  
I'd place my speaker icon in her task bar.
2005-12-23 03:00:22 PM  
I would unilaterally invade her count-ry and replace her current dic-tator

(all the funny ones have been taken)
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