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(BBC)   Osama bin Laden's niece renounces family and poses for hot photos in men's magazine. White House declares her a Weapon of Men's Desire   ( divider line 890
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49358 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2005 at 12:10 PM (9 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-12-23 12:36:37 PM  
I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. Co-workers are staring at me. Bravo everyone!

/Anyone know if Osama has some hot MALE relatives that are not jihadists????
2005-12-23 12:36:48 PM  
I'd invade her cradle of civilization.
2005-12-23 12:37:03 PM  
I'd participate in a coalition of the willing to occupy her.

/pretty nasty if you think about it
//as long as I'm not the Lucky Mohommed
2005-12-23 12:37:18 PM  
id drill it til i hit oil.
2005-12-23 12:37:37 PM  
I'd Schwarzkoph her Desert Shield.
2005-12-23 12:37:44 PM  
I would do a securety probe in her cave.

//That was lame.
2005-12-23 12:37:57 PM  
I'd load her baby cannon.
2005-12-23 12:37:58 PM  
I hereby decree a Fapwa on her!
2005-12-23 12:38:02 PM  
I'd sacrafice 2000+ brave American soldiers just to control her oil supply.
2005-12-23 12:38:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let me assure you that I would not hit it. Not only would hit it, but there is nothing there to hit.
2005-12-23 12:39:24 PM  
I'd crush her guts !
2005-12-23 12:39:26 PM  
I'd remember poland.
2005-12-23 12:39:33 PM  
I'd bomb her carpet.
2005-12-23 12:39:36 PM  
I'd drop my JDAM down her chimney.
2005-12-23 12:39:53 PM  
I'd Tigres her Euphrates.
2005-12-23 12:40:07 PM  
I'd bomb that back to the stone ages.
2005-12-23 12:40:10 PM  
I'd...I'd...DAMN! I'm no good at these...

I'd bang her...yeah...i'd bang her good!
2005-12-23 12:40:20 PM  
gripdamage: I'd go in without an exit strategy and refuse pleas for a hasty withdrawal.

2005-12-23 12:40:33 PM  
When I see a woman like her, I think "Allahu akbar" and I blow my payload.
2005-12-23 12:40:33 PM  
gripdamage: I'd go in without an exit strategy and refuse pleas for a hasty withdrawal.

You! Hilarious! You're coming with me!

/don't be an ass
2005-12-23 12:40:51 PM  
I'd slowly saw off her head while she gagged on her own blood and post the video on the internet.

Wait. I am thinking of something I saw on ogrish.

I would like to see her infidels though.

And so this is the end of our story And everyone is dead from AIDS... It took from me my best friend... My only true pal.
2005-12-23 12:41:06 PM  
damn she fell out the ugly tree...
and missed every damn branch.

/my first miracle.
2005-12-23 12:41:07 PM  
this here is a classic in the making...
2005-12-23 12:41:12 PM  
...Now 'bout a gangbang?....
2005-12-23 12:41:37 PM  
I'd drill for oil until it hit the anus.
2005-12-23 12:41:54 PM  
I'd Hammurabi
2005-12-23 12:42:20 PM  
Buttsecks owl? Anyone? In arabic?
2005-12-23 12:42:20 PM  
I'd hit it like John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton.
2005-12-23 12:42:36 PM  
This is a thread where sponsorships are born. Make with the funny, Farkers, and you'll see paradise on someone else's dime.
2005-12-23 12:43:14 PM  
I'd hit it with my Axis of Evil!
2005-12-23 12:43:19 PM  
A Passage To Bangkok: I'd slowly saw off her head while she gagged on her own blood and post the video on the internet.

2005-12-23 12:43:26 PM  
I'd launch an invasion force on her without proper cause.
2005-12-23 12:43:34 PM  
I'd let her take me hostage and blow my head off
2005-12-23 12:43:45 PM  
I would have sex with her.

/if you don't get the joke, you sux
//you sux anyways
2005-12-23 12:43:48 PM  
I'd "vote" her until my finger was purple.
2005-12-23 12:43:55 PM  
I'd be right there behind her while she's bowing towards Mecca, five times a day.
2005-12-23 12:44:20 PM  
insert nose comment
2005-12-23 12:44:35 PM  
I'd sink her libido with my pink torpedo.

/Can NOT believe no one used that already.
//Otherwise, fun-E!
2005-12-23 12:44:44 PM  
2005-12-23 12:44:48 PM  
I'd mecca her lick medina.
2005-12-23 12:44:55 PM  
I'd enter her airspace with my weapon of ass destruction.
2005-12-23 12:44:55 PM  
Me and my buddies in the coalition of the willing would invade her and restore peace.

Quivering, moaning peace.
2005-12-23 12:45:03 PM  
I'd car bomb her turret.
2005-12-23 12:45:05 PM  
CaptainBeer: Buttsecks owl? Anyone? In arabic?

I have Elvish.

[image from too old to be available]


I'm glad gripdamage got sponsored, would have done it myself if I had the cash.
2005-12-23 12:45:14 PM  
Now we know what the NSA wire tap scandal was all about..Bush just wanted her number.
2005-12-23 12:45:21 PM  
I'd plead with her vagina to let its hostages go.
2005-12-23 12:45:56 PM  
I'd defile her holy land.

This is the thread winner right here ->gripdamageI'd go in without an exit strategy and refuse pleas for a hasty withdrawal.

/Thread of THE YEAR!!!!
2005-12-23 12:46:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-23 12:46:09 PM  
good time for an "Ascending from my Rock" line??

/is there ever a bad time?
2005-12-23 12:46:19 PM  
I'd strap her to my body and detonate in a crowded area.
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