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(Some Guy)   Man pukes up bag of marijuana on cop, apologizes, says it isn't his.   ( divider line
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8684 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 May 2002 at 2:34 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-15 02:36:25 PM  
dry it out and smoke it!
2002-05-15 02:37:28 PM  
2002-05-15 02:37:35 PM  
some people are fahking re ta did
2002-05-15 02:37:38 PM  
2002-05-15 02:37:54 PM  
Opps... Sorry, that's for my baby bird.
2002-05-15 02:38:10 PM  
DOH! Don't ya hate it when that happens?
2002-05-15 02:38:15 PM  
2002-05-15 02:38:57 PM  
Stupid azz mary jane laws make people do stupid shiat.

You take it out of the bag you dumb ass, you'll still get high.

Is it 420 yet?
2002-05-15 02:39:04 PM  
repeat after me: "I am we Todd did. I am sofa king we Todd did."

bummer that guy lost his stash man.
2002-05-15 02:39:52 PM  
I'm sure slayerswine has something to do with this
2002-05-15 02:40:23 PM  
"Assistant Linn County Attorney Harold Denton said officers noticed Sneed suddenly began choking."

Almost a fatality, almost...
2002-05-15 02:40:37 PM  
Whoa! I was wondering where I left that bag. Uh,... you can keep it...
2002-05-15 02:40:44 PM  
LOL that is great
"officer, i swear that isnt my bag, my friend was in my stomach, he must have left it there."
2002-05-15 02:41:07 PM  
where in the article did he deny possession? did I miss that part?
2002-05-15 02:41:09 PM  
2002-05-15 02:41:40 PM  
too bad the submitter's tag line isn't true. that would have been funny.
2002-05-15 02:41:42 PM  
i love it when i'm watching cops and the cops ask if they can search the criminals pants and the criminal says "these aren't my pants"

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! i watch just to hear that. nothing in this world makes me laugh harder.
2002-05-15 02:41:55 PM  

Oh my God officer! Look what McDonalds slipped into my food this morning!
2002-05-15 02:42:37 PM  
I puked on a Rosemont cop once at a Judas Priest concert.
It was Dark Beck's though.
2002-05-15 02:42:41 PM  
"Did I do that??"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-15 02:43:34 PM  
"Actually, Officer, I- blleeeeghghghhh..."
2002-05-15 02:43:58 PM  
This one needs a [image from too old to be available] tag instead. If you don't give the cops a reason to search your car, they can't search it. So if you absolutely must try to avoid responsibility, toss it in the glove box or something. But if you yakk up a bag of weed on the cop's shoes, he doesn't need a warrant to see the evidence you so kindly offered to share with him.
2002-05-15 02:43:59 PM  
My dog blew grass yesterday, but I didn't smoke it.
2002-05-15 02:44:12 PM  
Take it out of the bag first dumbass...

dry it out and smoke it!

I guess thats better than smoking labrador.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-15 02:44:37 PM  
Maybe some kid slipped it in his taco...
2002-05-15 02:46:00 PM  
"Waiter there is a dime bag in my soup"
2002-05-15 02:46:15 PM  
heehee..he tossed
aw heck..4:20 'round the corner. Join in!
2002-05-15 02:47:17 PM  
Damn that's funny. What do you all do when you encounter something on fark and almost start laughing . . . I have to pretend I'm going to cough or something sometimes to hide it from the boss & coworkers LOL (actually not LOL - but laughing inside)
2002-05-15 02:48:23 PM  
A Sneed with weed is a dumbass indeed.
2002-05-15 02:50:40 PM  
"I can't believe I threw up in front of Dean Wormer!"
"Let's face it. You threw up *on* Dean Wormer."
2002-05-15 02:53:25 PM  
Here's a funny puking story. I was in a bar in Houston hanging out with my brother and a couple friends and for some reason I told one of my friends about this girl I had gone to school with who was having sex with a guy in the back of her stationwagon when he puked into her mouth while kissing her (they were both drunk as hell).

Now what's extra funny about this story is that 15 minutes after I told my friend, THAT GIRL WALKED INTO THE BAR.

How freaky is that? I had last seen her years before and had heard she was living on the West Coast.
2002-05-15 02:59:42 PM  
This assclown would never make it on fearfactor®
2002-05-15 03:00:13 PM  
You know when you hit a bong, and something goes wrong and you end up swallowing smoke. You can feel it sit in the pit of your stomach for sometimes hours until a good burp comes along. Well, i got pulled over once just as that burp came out.....i just told the cop i'd been smoking a cigar...of course he knew the smell but luckily i had nothing on me.
2002-05-15 03:00:18 PM  
The last time I ate a 7-11 jumbo hot dog I through up gray sand 3 hours later. Seriously, gray sand.
2002-05-15 03:04:41 PM  
Gray sand=Vanilla ice coke
2002-05-15 03:09:19 PM  
"Now how'd that get in there?"

"No officer, I have digestive problems, so my mother feeds me like a bird... So it was really in HER stomach and she must have given it to me when she puked up my lunch..."
2002-05-15 03:15:51 PM  
His name is Raaaalph,man.....
2002-05-15 03:19:21 PM  
One time I did too many Hot Damns and barfed
in the snow. It was kinda pretty.
2002-05-15 03:23:04 PM  
It really hurts to swallow hash wrapped in foil.
2002-05-15 03:29:27 PM  
Binary: Good one.
2002-05-15 03:37:21 PM  
CappyGoat Now for the important question:
Did she swallow?

Iknow that was sic.
2002-05-15 03:40:38 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence: Knowing this girl, that was probably part of her normal repetoire. However, we should hope that she did not in this particular instance!

Although it would add a bit of extra spice to the story...
2002-05-15 03:44:58 PM  
Cappygoat, Some one needs to get a Texas Fark party together.
2002-05-15 04:19:02 PM is never THEIR weed. Not even when it is already INSIDE that persons body. If I was the cop, I would hope I packed my favorite baton that day.
2002-05-15 04:30:45 PM  
2002-05-15 04:37:32 PM  
Trust me:

If ever you're told by a cop who's pulled you over to "sit tight and wait for the K-9 unit to arrive" too will be scarfing down that phat sack and thanking god you had the good fortune to have a frosty cold mountain dew with you to help wash it down.

Not that I'd know or anything.
2002-05-15 04:41:38 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence: There was talk of having one in Asstown sometime in July. I don't see it on the party page though.

I've said it before... I used to work at channel 2. I hate that station.
2002-05-15 04:45:37 PM  
did anyone read it? it never says that the guy said it wasn't his...
2002-05-15 05:04:07 PM  
Wraith: Hmmm. I guess the article left that part out. But I'm sure it happened.
2002-05-15 05:05:49 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence: There seem to be a lot of Houston and Austin Farkers. But I guess none of us, including me, have stepped up to the plate to organize the thing.
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