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2002-05-14 10:42:48 AM
damn this is sad cause PI is gone too *sobs*
that show rocked. And I feel so sorry for Bill Maher. Hell I even mostly agree with what he said!
2002-05-14 10:44:39 AM
It isn't that I don't think he is a Libertarian, although he likes to spend, he just constantly reminds us. It is like when you are at a party, and the doctor keeps saying, "I am a doctor" over and over again until you want to hit him.
2002-05-14 10:46:15 AM
whoop-de-farkin-doo , does anyone besides the people with 8 gigs of porn on thier hard drive care? certainly not me..:deletes 2 gigabytes of said material:
2002-05-14 10:48:27 AM
Geez, Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly came out of the station I listen to here in L.A. (KROQ). They started as lowly interns. Now they're taking over all media!
2002-05-14 10:49:48 AM
Agrees with SLAYERSWINE.
2002-05-14 10:50:43 AM
yes and if only Carson Daly would just disappear off the face of the fvcking planet already

the world would be a better place
2002-05-14 10:50:57 AM
Great. Now I have to throw a rock through my TV. Whoever decided that Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla are funny and entertaining obviously has had their regular coffee secretly switched with crack. I'd would rather watch Stone Phillips have hemmorhoid surgery than watch these two jackoffs get their new dumbass tv shows. Maybe, if we're lucky they'll decide to follow their dreams and audition for that off-off-broadway troupe that performs an adaptation of Tom Arnold's Book-on-Tape on abandoned northeast Missouri gas station roofs.
2002-05-14 10:52:08 AM
I never liked the show but perhaps I'm just thinking with my ovaries.
2002-05-14 10:57:41 AM
No more "girls jumping on trampolines"??? *sniffle*
2002-05-14 10:58:20 AM
The Man Show is like a popular Saturday Night Live skit. Funny for awhile, but gets repetive in a short while, until it becomes cliche and boring.

It's time to go.
2002-05-14 11:01:07 AM

another good show gone. I know the liberal cowtowing facists at ABC will refuse to allow midgets and bouncing large breasted women.

The juggies should start a traveling stripper show. Get a lap dance from your favorite juggy.
2002-05-14 11:03:50 AM
The Man Show. I liked it. Perfect ammunition for women's studies majors everywhere. Personally, I'd like to start a course at my local community college that offered men's studies. How to kind of stuff that men usually get themselves into. How to throw a kickass bachelor party. How to drive from point a to b without asking for directions. How to get away with going out for a night with the guys involving beer, shots and lappers without your significant other busting your chops for it.
The Man Show was a testament to anti-political correctness, more so thanwhat Bill Maher's show was about. Never once did The Man Show ever address a topic that had any relevance in contemporary society.
And that's why I watched it.
<end rant> <begin flamebait>
2002-05-14 11:07:42 AM
Rosalea: "yes and if only Carson Daly would just disappear off the face"

Who's Carson Daly?
2002-05-14 11:08:11 AM
"The Man Show was a testament to anti-political correctness"

The man show was a testament to dick and fart jokes, dude.

I always liked Adam & Jimmy (Jimmy always seemed especially uncomfortable with some of the lamer gross out gags), but those two are way smarter and funnier than their show let on.
2002-05-14 11:08:45 AM
Back when my dad was doing his medical residency at UCLA in 1976 or so, he used to ocassionaly go to this place that had this piano player that would swallow beers. Yep, it was The Fox.
2002-05-14 11:10:16 AM
Too bad the old man Fox died, even though he looked like Jim Carey as the arsonist fireman...

It was funny for the first 5 maybe 10 shows. Then it was repetitive
2002-05-14 11:10:53 AM
I don't think I ever saw an episode of the Man Show, just some clips. Nevertheless, Jimmy Kimmel is a really funny guy. I saw him on Letterman, and he was one of the funniest guests in a long time. He ripped apart everyone on the FOX football show, esp Terry Bradshaw. Which is a good thing.

PI is not a great show, mostly cause it was celebs talking about politics, but it was better than almost every political chat show. However that genre is too saturated. Pundits are like critics, couldn't do the job themselves, so they sit off on the sidelines and biatch and moan.

In a few months, PI won't be missed... but if Kimmel sucks, then, well, it might.

However, don't really know if Kimmel will do his own thing or a verison of PI... I think he is much better on his feet and funnier then Maher, who could be a downright prick at times.
2002-05-14 11:12:30 AM
I'll just say that the girls on trampolines bit was a great idea that got watered down with overly supported chikas. For shame!
2002-05-14 11:12:57 AM
Ha!! As Corolla points out, he's "literally a millionaire," which he somehow achieved without going to a swanky prep school than onto the Ivy League/other prestigious college or university, like so many of his biatchy P.C. Nazi critics (probably one of the reasons they don't like him).

I really have no opinion of Kimmel...
2002-05-14 11:14:23 AM
2002-05-14 11:15:25 AM
sorry to troll, but HOORRAAYYY!!!!!! I hate that damn dememeaning show.
2002-05-14 11:15:26 AM
I wish I had a vagina...
2002-05-14 11:28:27 AM
WTF? don't they just make like 5 man shows a year and rerun them the rest of the time? he's too busy with this show to make 5 frigging man shows a year?
2002-05-14 11:29:17 AM
Somewhere in Hell, The Fox is getting anally raped and shedding a tear...
2002-05-14 11:37:19 AM
The man show kicks ass, after the new 24 episodes I will miss it and the juggies.
PI I can do without, Bill Mahr is a farkin moron and so are the views of most of his celebrity guests IMO.
2002-05-14 11:39:23 AM
oh the humanity
2002-05-14 11:39:23 AM
It is truly a sad day :(
2002-05-14 11:47:41 AM
What? Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

2002-05-14 11:47:46 AM
Brilliant concept, generally lame execution (which may have been partof the concept, I guess). I'll miss it.
2002-05-14 11:49:31 AM

Bunch of lame execs once again ruin the face of television. They get rid of the most daring and intelligent host on network television (Bill Mahr), AND in the process, kill another one of my favorites, the stupid by loveable Man Show. How bout another COP SHOW! Azzes... I hate people.

One side note, though: Atleast I won't have to watch John Schneider smug his stupid face on PI anymore. That guy is a true dumbass in a suit. Anyhoo...

THANK YOU BILL FOR SEVERAL YEARS OF GREAT WORK! Give em the finger on your way out.

2002-05-14 11:52:55 AM
don't have cable, so i can't say i've ever seen a full show, but those man show boy bits were damn funny.

Kymry - since you're trolling...why so uptight? did your boyfriend force you to watch the show? the beautiful thing about having a free will is you can just change the friggin channel! do FARK's [BOOBIES] tags offend you too?
2002-05-14 11:54:12 AM
Does anybody know that blond's name in Badger's photo?
2002-05-14 11:56:09 AM
I love how those white house jack-ovs habitually comment on stuff they haven't even heard, read, whatever. This Fleischer moron condemned Maher without even having read the transcript of the comments. Same deal as with the book, "Harmful to Minors" that so many politicos have bashed without reading. RTFM before critiquing same, morons.
2002-05-14 11:56:12 AM

Thank god we don't have to look at this anymore on PI.
2002-05-14 12:09:25 PM
Thank Satan, that show was so farking horrible it isn't even funny (which is what I think they were going for). The whole "play pranks on women" thing was funny the first season. They took off other good COMEDY shows to air this pile of shiat? That makes about as much sense as Battlebots.

I wonder if this could have anything to do with Jimmy be wanted by ABC to host Politically Incorrect since they want to get 'rid of Mar for thinking for himself.
2002-05-14 12:16:28 PM
Maz847: Nah, my boyfriend doesn't like that crap. Surprisingly enough. It is mostly just that the one time I watched it, all I could think of is that throngs of teenage boys are getting the idea, more explicitly than on most other shows, that women are just meat. It just gets to me. Then they did this "wo-Man Show" that spoofed what chicks like and it was so stereotypical and gross, kittens and babies and whatnot, I wanted to puke. I just--hate all that being thrown in my face. I am not like that, and I don't appreciate anyone telling me I am like that. I don't watch much tv in general, though, because I hate the messages it sends.
I have to say though, the beer kid is hysterical. Where did they find him? and that guy who downs two beers in one gulp--impressive. I would put him on my show if I had one too.
I don't think it pissed me off so badly untill I heard a radio interview with the hosts where they basically said they were sick of trying to accept women as people and it was just easier and more fun to objectify them and treat them as dumb inferior bimbos. Maybe it was a publicity stunt, but I practically punched my fist through my windshield. I also face a lot of sexism at work every day, so I am touchy.

so there is your explanation.
Cheers, Kymry. :)
2002-05-14 12:18:18 PM
And ps-- boobie tags don't offend me because at least there are wieners tags too. Not as many, but they are there. I am all for nakedness, as long as everyone gets a piece. :)
2002-05-14 12:33:51 PM
You rock!
2002-05-14 12:44:05 PM
*surprised smile*

why thanks Banjo!
2002-05-14 12:53:02 PM
*enter spelling Natzi*
It's Decepticon , not Deceptacon. Sorry.
*spelling Natzi exit stage right*
2002-05-14 01:13:04 PM
fark The Man Show - other than the Man Show Boy and bouncing Juggies, it offered me little entertainment. I say we should be mourning the loss of PI - one of the last true junctures of educated and unrestrained political discussions (am I supposed to watch Lary King Live now? Last headline I remember them running was "Bonnie Bakeleys Best Friends Dog Trainer Speaks On The Record, LIVE AT 8!!!!")... shiate!
2002-05-14 01:14:46 PM
I don't see what the big deal is, The Man show sucked.
2002-05-14 01:17:05 PM
I sure this is a blot by the french to warp the minds of our young one so grow up to be pansies.
Step one: watch The Man Show.
Step two: kill all the frencies.
2002-05-14 01:45:08 PM
Who did who in the what now?
2002-05-14 01:56:51 PM
I'll miss the Man Show Boy.
2002-05-14 02:11:29 PM
* yawns *
What else ya got today, fark?
2002-05-14 02:15:25 PM
Kymry - wasn't avoiding the conversation, just got back from lunch.

i have to agree with you on the whole state of television thing...which is why i don't bother with cable and don't watch much tv myself...never heard what they said on the radio, i would hope it was a publicity stunt, kimmel's apparently married after all...doesn't really matter since the general public is too dumb to see through most of that anyway...

i will miss Man Show Boy, even if it is a rip off of Letterman and Rupert G.
2002-05-14 02:39:14 PM
Things I will miss about the Man Show...

1. Man Show Boy
2. Wheel of Destiny
3. Juggies: Polka girl outfits
4. Showcasing the Ignorant Women: "Repeal Women's Suffraging!" That was hilarious.
5. Movies Men Don't Want To See!
6. What Would Adam Do? When you're at your mother-in-law's and you realize she's out of toilet paper? Too late?
7. Jimmie goes to the men's room and violates the Eyes Forward rule. "You call that a peni$?"
8. Showcasing the Ignorant Women: Going to the shopping mall and marketing the "Chocolate Diet." The chocolate suppository had me laughing so hard I wasn't sure I was breathing right afterwards.
9. Juggies: Jungle theme outfits
10. Household Hints from Porn Stars: Polishing silver candlesticks.
11. Jimmie offers his wife two minutes of rebuttal to The Man Show and then loses the audio feed.
12. Adam and Jimmie dress up as Star Wars geeks and cut to the front of the line to get a reaction. Cops get called.
13. Q&A. "My girlfriend insists the wedding take place on Super Bowl Sunday. What should I do?" Q&A, in general, was the best part of the show even though it was obviously scripted.
14. Jimmie plants a CCTV in his own house. Wife does the UPS man and eats Jimmie's sandwich. Jimmie is heartbroken over the sandwich.
15. Any humor done at the expense of Rosie O'Donnell or Oprah Winfrey. Those two are more full-of-themselves than Adam will ever be, Jimmie will ever be, or even Bill Maher will ever be.
16. The Women's Show. How to glue macaroni onto a toilet seat.
17. Jimmie replaces his wife with a monkey.
18. Juggies: Cheerleader outfits for sports night
19. Father And Son with Jimmie and Kevin Kimmel.
20. Yukozuna!
2002-05-14 02:42:09 PM
well...it was funny in a very juvenile way...which kept me interested for about 2 minutes unless someone forced me to watch it. I can always watch TLC, Discovery, or the History Channel...I still opt for Cartoon Network in most cases... ;)
2002-05-14 02:57:43 PM
But where will the frat boys go to get their homosexual panic placated?
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