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(Some Guy)   Apparently, Israel is entitled to all the land from the Nile to Iraq   ( divider line
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7574 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 May 2002 at 8:51 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-14 10:05:29 AM  
I farking hate those wacky religious arabs who think that because their god told them...

...oh wait
2002-05-14 10:17:57 AM  
If you read your Bible, Jesus clearly said that "his Kingdom is not of this earth".

Butttttttttt, coincidentally, the Israelites did not recognize Christ's divinity.

Convenient, eh?
2002-05-14 10:20:46 AM  
Tricky Chicken, archaelogy is not a basis of support for a claim to land unless the land was not recently dispossed (within 1 or 2 generations). This whole idea of historical right is not logically sound. By historical right the Native Americans should have a decent claim to their original homelands - I mean, hey!, they were displaced less than 400 years ago, not 2000.
2002-05-14 10:24:33 AM  
Heres a quote from the Likud speech on the future of the west bank and Israels policy there:

"exclusion of the damaging influence of those alien populations who imply danger for the state of Israel and the Jewish people's community"

"...those questionable population groups can be assigned to specific living areas".

Doh! Sorry, got my wires mixed up: this quote was made in 1939 by Hitler. Sorry if i confused anyone. "Israel" should read "the reich" and "Jewish" should read "German"
2002-05-14 10:26:17 AM  
...and NOW im gonna grap the popcorn.
2002-05-14 10:27:40 AM  
Bridgeboy, I agree. The American Indians got royally screwed by a more advanced society with a better military. This is pretty much what happened to Israel when the Romans came along. Does this mean that 1600 years from now some 'Indians' living in Colorado will get the UN to 'give' them a large portion of the eastern seaboard because a long time ago they could not defend the land themselves?
2002-05-14 10:30:21 AM  
Reichstag burning yet?

Serious reversal of people turning into those they were once persecuted by.

Israel is a non-partisan, theocratic state, it shouldn't try to be what it's clearly not.

Stop using my tax dollars to fight your wars, Mr. Sharon.
2002-05-14 10:32:35 AM  

I read my Bible, but i have the 1739 Swedish supremacy version in which there is nothing about Jews or Christ, just a world in which the nations of the earth bow down to the mighty Swedes and 70 virgins serve every male of the Chosen Swedish People glorious Meatballs in eternity.

Which version did you have?
2002-05-14 10:37:30 AM  
King James.

But then again, the King James Bible was subject to creative editting from whichever monks he hired to do the transcription.
2002-05-14 10:47:12 AM  
The jewish terrorists have already won.
2002-05-14 10:51:27 AM  
Well if it's in that really ancient, poorly translated book of myths and legends, it must be true!
2002-05-14 10:54:21 AM  
But then again, the King James Bible was subject to creative editting from whichever monks he hired to do the transcription.

And then the ageing monk looked up from his books with a tear in his eye, and said "The word is 'celebrate'" ;-)
2002-05-14 10:59:08 AM  
Creepy. I love it.
2002-05-14 11:01:14 AM  
I don't think most Jews believe they deserve Eretz Israel. Zionists on the other hand...
2002-05-14 11:17:23 AM  
The only thing Israel is entitled to is a big old nuke dropped right on its head.
2002-05-14 11:18:20 AM  

Tricky Chicken: True. In fact, it's entirely possible/probable that Moses was actually an Egyptian priest. Then he conned a bunch of people into following him on some ridiculous power trip. Hell, The Ten Commandments were plagiarized from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Quite a few stories in Judaism are borrowed from Artenism (the first monotheistic religion). These stories were spread around the Ancient Egyptian empire and were adopted by travellers. The first religion that had the idea of one single God was Artenism. Judaism came after Artenism. The story of a young baby (in Judaism's case, Moses) being found near a river bed was actually an Ancient Egyptian tale.

The three great religions of the world borrow stories from other relgions. Judaism with Artenism, Christianity with Judaism and Paganism, Islam with Judaism and Christianity.
2002-05-14 11:27:32 AM  
Artenism? The worship of Art Garfunkel?
2002-05-14 11:36:21 AM  
Yes. Egyptians were crazy about Garfunkel.

Anywho, Artenism was discovered quite recently by archaeologists. It supposedly pre-dates Zoroastrianism.
2002-05-14 11:38:14 AM  
Seeing how tthe Jews were around a whole bunch longer than the Muslims, I tend to agree.
2002-05-14 11:38:31 AM  
Where did you find out about this? I really dig archaeology.

Yes, bad puns too.
2002-05-14 11:40:38 AM  
Coincidentally, up until the start of WW2, the Nazis pursued a policy of Jewish emigration to Palestine... an alternative site was Madagascar.
2002-05-14 11:41:23 AM  
BBC (or was it Discovery, hmmmm, I don't seem to remember).

The documentary was awesome.
2002-05-14 11:45:39 AM  
I knew it (I just bought up BBC's website). It wasn't "Artenism". It was "Akhenatenism". My bad.
2002-05-14 11:51:25 AM  
Actually, it was "Atenism". Akhenaten was the ruler at the time (this time it's true, I swear).
2002-05-14 12:05:44 PM  
G-d didn't give the holy land to Israel.

The United States of America gave the holy land to the Israelis. So from now on, all Isralis should begin worshiping their new God, the U-A. Be very greatful and humbled that the all powerful U-A has decided to feed and arm you while you have wandered through the desert for the last 40 years.

The all powerful and vengeful U-A has SPOKEN! ! !

Now get to Micky D's and bow down to a happy meal at least three times a day!
2002-05-14 12:17:04 PM  
ClownCollegeGraduate: STFU!!!

Your science doesn't prove shiat. Anyone can find pieces of pottery on the floor and writing on the wall and claim it to be anything. How do you know stories from Egyptians became part of Judaism? It's a lie.

Hoosier: STFU AS WELL!!

That's such blatant anti-Semetism and racism. Go fark yourself.
2002-05-14 12:20:48 PM  
Your science doesn't prove shiat. Anyone can find pieces of pottery on the floor and writing on the wall and claim it to be anything. How do you know stories from Egyptians became part of Judaism? It's a lie.

So exactly how can we believe any history at all?
2002-05-14 12:27:39 PM  
can't you see what's happening, BigAl? Steyr is displaying the reasons why we shouldn't use a book of fairy tales to justify giving people land which they lost thousands of years ago. I say we kick all the Israelites out (give them a state in the us.. like Utah) and let the cannites have their land back.
2002-05-14 12:28:55 PM  
I am surprised at the lack of cultists in this thread. It appears that steyer is a lone voice.
2002-05-14 12:31:55 PM  
I know many sites that refute that bullshiat claim that Judaism borrowed from any false religion.
2002-05-14 12:35:23 PM  
You gotta believe any source that bleep's out God's middle initial. He'd be pissed otherwise, going all like, "Hey dickwad, watch the O. Remember who your ass is writing about. That's right, Hashem, biatch."

Please, if we can't believe science (utterly arbitrarily, I might add) then all discussion is impossible. Science is the natural extension of rationality and logic.

Here's something that I just have to reference again:

Main Entry: Sem·ite
Pronunciation: 'se-"mIt, esp British 'sE-"mIt
Function: noun
Etymology: French sémite, from Semitic Shem, from Late Latin, from Greek SEm, from Hebrew ShEm
Date: 1848
1 a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b : a descendant of these peoples.

Wow! So shut up with the rampant anti-semitism claims, hardline Israeli supporters, because you're guilty of it yourselves!

Anti-Israel does not mean anti-Jew anyway. That distinction must be clear at all times as we pull our head out of our collective ass as a people.
2002-05-14 12:40:32 PM  
For all you ill-informed idiots, read what David Rohl's book, Pharaohs and Kings. It reveals the Old Testament to be a true account of the history of the Jewish people and is a good book for Jews and Christians who believe in the validity of the Biblee. His book reveals why the stuff engraved in Egytian chronologies are incorrect.
2002-05-14 12:41:49 PM  
When the Israelis start going into Jewish schools and bars and blowing women and children up you can talk...until then shut your ignorant farking hole you pea brain...the Palestinians are terrorists, period...if the Canadians were coming into Michigan and blowing things up, would there still be a Canada the next day? We have one suicide attack in the U.S. and we dismantle an entire country on the other side of the world...the Israelis live with it everyday you horse's ass...the only reason the Palestinians live in refugee camps is that they were told by Syria and Jordan to leave the land in the 60's, so that those countries could wipe out the Jews for good...too bad they got their asses kicked before the war even started...
2002-05-14 12:43:49 PM  
[JB:] Um, do you believe in God?
[KG:] I believe, I believe.
[JB:] You do?
[KG:] I believe in God. I believe in God.
[JB: (laughs)] Y'do--
[KG:] I believe in God.
[JB:] Do you?
[KG:] I believe in God.
2002-05-14 12:44:14 PM  
Way to go J!

It is almost impossible to have a debate with a religeous person. They usually refer to other sects as false without arguing why, and they refer to one questionable source (the pentateuch) as a foundation for their arguments. When the source is questioned, they get angry and start throwing out personal attacks and agressive language. i.e. "that bullshiat claim that Judaism borrowed from any false religion". If pressed hard enough the personal attacks will begin. My favorite is "you are going to hell". Quick question, if I don't believe in your god, why would I believe in his hell? Also, If god is good,and all things from god are good, and god created everything, then wouldn't hell also be good?
2002-05-14 12:47:20 PM  
Killow is right.

Thankfully, Israelis might not have to deal with dirty Arab terrorists again. Palestinians won't be getting a state, the government has made that clear. Republicans like DeLay have also made it clear that they would like to see West Bank become a part of Israel and Palestinians (all of them Jew hating terrorists) relocated to different Arab land.

As long Israel has support of the US government, we don't care which ever Jew-hating EU country does what. West Bank and Gaza will become a part of Israel sooner rather than later. They lost the land, so tough. The so-called "illegal settlements" will grow in numbers.
2002-05-14 12:48:27 PM  
Killow, Is going into a town and bulldozing innocent peoples houses any better? How about forced relocation? Weren't the Jews forcibly relocated by the Nazis 'for their own protection'?
2002-05-14 12:51:15 PM  
"dirty arabs"
"all of them Jew hating terrorists"
"Jew-hating EU counrty"

Who is full of hate here? I seem to notice alot of racism.
2002-05-14 12:51:27 PM  
wow i can't believe so many of you bothered to even read it...snooze...boring!
2002-05-14 12:52:36 PM  
Careful with that broad brush you paint things with, you might get some on me.
2002-05-14 12:54:41 PM  
Killow: I'm not ignorant, and let's keep those gloves up, smart guy. You're repeating an extremely narrow and myopic version of events that you have been told is the truth. If you take issue with my definition, please forward your complaints to, and if dislike the fact that I'm vivisecting Judaism and Israel, know that it's for their own good. History will view Israel, as it stands today, as an oppressor of an ignorant and extremely poor people, and I hope that Jews at large, in general some of the more credible religious types on the planet, will not marry themselves to such an entity.

Suicide bombers are an effect, not a cause. You read too many comic books.

Israelis READ about it every day, and talk about it every day, but live largely in a peaceful environment (as they have the big guns.) The Palestinians live with it every day, when they as bulldozed from their homes, as Israeli soldiers torment their households out of anger with the full force of government behind them, as they watch their few rights being violated behind a wall of false nobility.
2002-05-14 12:54:56 PM  
Tricky Chicken: You don't know anything, idiot. Israeli army bulldozed those houses because each and every Palestinian is a terrorist. The less of the bastards there are, the less homocide bombings we will see.

Thankfully Israel has a strong, tough and intelligent man in charge who won't listen to bleeding-heart liberals. The actions of idiots like the refuseniks and marchers in Tel Aviv won't stop Ariel from wiping out each and every one of those vermin. Israel will have West Bank. Maybe then, the settlers can live in peace and Jews will be invited from all around the world to live in part of the promised land.
2002-05-14 01:03:10 PM  
Steyr: Won't that be nifty. Isn't it great that the extremely right-wing Israeli and old school Aryan rhetoric is hard to tell apart?

Actually, I'm rereading your stuff, and I think I realized you're a troll. Never mind. It sucks, too, because you're poisoning my outlook on the Jew mindset, so I guess you're either a very clever Jew-hater, or some random zealot.
2002-05-14 01:05:46 PM  

I hate to be proven right over and over again.

Here come the personal attacks.

"you don't know anything"
on the contrary, I am well versed in both sides of this subject.

you have read but a few words that I have written and yet you can make this assumption.
2002-05-14 01:08:09 PM  
Wow, I looked at the top, and I agree with Fb. Maybe there is a God.
2002-05-14 01:09:25 PM  
J- A clever troll would come in here and school me about the way the palestinians treated the jews that were relocated there by the Nazis. I honestly have no idea about that yet, and I am eager to learn.
2002-05-14 01:11:54 PM  
It must be very hard for the Israeli ego to comprehend that their sole existance is due to the generousity of the USA. It must be brusing to your fanatical religious egos. Don't let it get you down, even the USA owes a thanks to France for our own independance. But at least the USA fights it's own wars, and doesn't continue to rely on aid from France.

The only truth to religion in the middle east is that the ONLY "legitamite" religion is the one which owns all the guns.
2002-05-14 01:12:35 PM  
J- read your bio. all I can say is NARF!
2002-05-14 01:15:39 PM  
Hoosier-I thought the main theing the French did was block the retreat of Cornwallis (heh heh he said cornwallis). I could be wrong, according to Steyr I am an idiot.
2002-05-14 01:16:25 PM  

The three great religions of the world borrow stories from other relgions. Judaism with Artenism,

Christianity with Judaism and Paganism,
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