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(Yahoo)   Jane. Stop This Crazy Thing. Escalator speeds up at Angels game, 15 hurt.   ( divider line
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7197 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 May 2002 at 1:15 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-13 06:22:33 PM  
I would have paid to watch that...
2002-05-13 08:42:52 PM  
I jumped down an escalator once about 10 steps up and landed at the very bottom of it. The impact did something to it and it shut off. About 3 people staggered forward from it stopping but nothing major.
2002-05-14 01:17:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-14 01:19:37 AM  
If everyone had been on a Segway this wouldn't have happened.
2002-05-14 01:19:44 AM  
Bring on the Mallrats quotes!
2002-05-14 01:22:18 AM  
i would have also paid to see that
so are they leaving it open as stairs now or is there a sign that says escalator broken
2002-05-14 01:22:53 AM  
I know it's probably bad, but imagining that pile-up of people at the end of an escalator makes me giggle.
2002-05-14 01:24:12 AM  
My dad took us to Ringling Bros one time when I was a kid and we saw some other kid get his shoe lace stuck in the escalator. He was screaming and crying but it just had a hold of the lace, it's not like it was actually pulling him in. Anyway, one of the usher guys was yelling to people trying to clear them from the scene saying: "O.K. people, show's inside." to which my father yelled out, "No it's not, the show's right here!!!"
2002-05-14 01:27:37 AM  
Come ride the steel dinosaur
Run wild in the jungle
It's a Zulu nation seduction
Sacrifice a new sensation

-- "Escalator of Life", Robert Hazard
2002-05-14 01:28:02 AM  
That's not SAD - that's Hilarious!!!
2002-05-14 01:28:38 AM  
(disclaimer: I realize that this was unfortunate for those involved. However, no one died, so I can laugh about it.)
The cause? Jed the escalator maintenance guy had a few beers too many, and instead of installing the hopped- up engine on his truck and the replacement motor on the escalator, he got it backwards. Saw him the other day. His truck can't do more than 10 miles an hour, but with all the torque that thing has now, it will move a whole office building.
2002-05-14 01:32:31 AM  
Thats not popcorn and peanuts you smell..

its the fresh scent of Lawsuit!
2002-05-14 01:38:33 AM  
Ack. my g/f lost 3 toes to an escalator when she was a little kid... nasty things...
2002-05-14 01:42:34 AM  
I think the terrorists may have had something to do with this. Escalaterroism.
2002-05-14 01:50:52 AM  
Great headline! [image from too old to be available]
2002-05-14 01:57:34 AM  
Duckman episode: The son rides an escalator and it abruptly stops. "Daad IM stuck"..
2002-05-14 02:01:51 AM  
It's Tim Taylor's (Tim Allen) fault....."more power!!"
2002-05-14 02:03:38 AM  
Muahaha, my plan is working perfectly!
2002-05-14 02:05:12 AM  
I feel sorry for the person who ended up with a broken leg, but that headline is farkin' hilarious!
2002-05-14 02:10:39 AM  
ha for them, but funny. The Angels suck anyway.
2002-05-14 02:11:19 AM  
more proof that god hates the angels.
2002-05-14 02:11:52 AM  
What? People were hurt???

All I saw was the advertisement.

"I'll take 2 blond asians please!"
2002-05-14 02:18:52 AM  
Heh...did anyone else get this great ad of some guy running fast with a blurred image. It looked almost as if he were...oh, I dunno, being ejected from a triple speed escalator?
2002-05-14 02:28:14 AM  
Ahh, escalator problems, nothing like going to recover your luggage at Detroit Metro airport after a long flight at 3am in the morning, and nearly falling down an escalator as it abruptly grinds to a halt with you and 10 other people on it. Adrenaline, great stuff. This wonderful example of 1950's technology in the LC Smith terminal, which will someday be demolished. I'll gladly swing the first sledgehammer.

Brodie Bruce: That kid is back on the escalator!
2002-05-14 02:31:21 AM  
I bet the guy who broke his leg was also carrying two beers and a plate of nachos at the time of the accident. 10 bucks says he didn't spill a drop or lose a single chip.
2002-05-14 02:37:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ahh, that madcap Stripe...
2002-05-14 02:40:13 AM  
great nod to Ren & Stimpy there
2002-05-14 03:09:40 AM  
When I was five, I pushed the STOP button at the bottom of a JC Penney escalator, causing an elderly woman to fall down the steps (from about half way up). She wasn't hurt too bad, but being that it happened in 1967, she's almost certainly dead now.
2002-05-14 03:13:17 AM  
Ah, what a wonderful headline. Good job to whoever wrote that. On another note, I saw a kid fall off the side of an escalator once. Dumbass was trying to ride down the railing. And he did....for a second or two. I havent laughed that hard in a long time. Woulda been even funnier if the kid hadnt have broken his leg. :)
2002-05-14 03:30:08 AM  
bigjoel you make me laugh. These days escalators suck. This kid at the bottom of an escalator I was riding down to the carpark (without walking as well, I hate the impatient fuks who insist on doing that) pressed the big red button and the escalator stopped but it was so smooth that nothing happened. Exciting story, I know.
2002-05-14 04:23:29 AM  
It was the damn a-rabs and Osarma Beeen Law-dinn I tells you.
2002-05-14 04:33:10 AM  
Let me be the first to say:


*sorry about your girlfriend's toes, however*
2002-05-14 05:26:50 AM  
"None of the injuries Tuesday night on the Gate 4 terrace-level escalator was serious, Angels spokesman Tim Mead said Thursday.

Three people were taken to University of California, Irvine, Medical Center where the most serious injury was a broken leg or ankle."

I'm not a doctor, but a broken leg seems serious to me.
2002-05-14 05:32:46 AM  
Was it the up side or the down side? If it was the up side... Bwahahaa... I've always wondered what would happen if someone fell down the up side just fast enough to roll eternally down the stairs.
2002-05-14 05:33:31 AM  
escalator = darwinism

if you lose to a farking escalator, well, too bad. you are dumb.

drifter: can she count to 18??
2002-05-14 06:31:13 AM  
I'm getting a serious visual here,yes,people tumbling,yelling....oh the humanity...

I would have loved to have seen that!
2002-05-14 06:37:25 AM  
2002-05-14 07:52:03 AM  
I hope no $6 twelve ounce beers were spilled...

THAT would have been catastrophic...
2002-05-14 08:11:09 AM  
I'm telling you, you just can't trust these newfangled contraptions. I'm sticking with the stairs and a stout constitution.
2002-05-14 08:49:57 AM  
Probably wouldn't have been a problem, except the accident happened when the 500lbs guy got stuck at the bottom of the fast escalator and everyone just got smushed up against him.
2002-05-14 08:50:32 AM  
Listen, not a year goes by, not a YEAR, that I don't hear about some escalator accident involving some bastard kid which could have easily been avoided had some parent--I don't care which one--but some parent conditioned him to FEAR and RESPECT that escalator!
2002-05-14 08:51:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-14 09:40:30 AM  
"That kid's back on the escalator again!"

2002-05-14 10:17:35 AM  
Big deal. They were sports fanatics. No loss.

String, what's wrong with walking on escalators? I do the same thing on slidewalks. Not because I'm an impatient fark but because there're no regular stairs or walkways to use there. On that note, what kind of lazy fark (aside from elderly and handicapped) uses an escalator when there are stairs available?

I was on an escalator that stopped once. I was stuck for 3 hours before they got it fixed.
2002-05-14 01:26:45 PM  
...those aren't PILLOWS!!!
2002-05-14 02:05:25 PM  
Psst... That Ren & Stimpy nod was itself a nod to The Jetsons.

But Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, and Christina DID write "Lady Marmalade".
2002-05-14 02:07:45 PM  
oh yeah, one more thing, and i don't use this cliche lightly:

B e s t . H e a d l i n e . E V E R .
2002-05-14 03:51:31 PM  
ha ha ha ha ha...

Yes, very sad.

ha ha ha ha ha....

Sorry, I can't stop laughing.

ha ha ha ha ha....
2002-05-14 11:33:17 PM  
2002-05-15 01:06:10 AM  
This happened to me once at Universal Studios. That thing was hauling ass and I rode it all the way down. Too bad it slowed down gradually and stopped before I reached bottom, where I could have jumped onto the ground and inflicted serious injury on myself and grab my neck and scream "whiplash!" and get rich. Oh well
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