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(Local6)   Man catches baby tossed from a burning apartment "like a football," but was subsequently penalized five yards for excessive celebration   ( divider line
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18943 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Dec 2005 at 9:17 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-12-15 09:58:47 AM  
"Cheech, what the hell happened to your clothes"

"Ummm, well, I was on my way to work today, and uhhh, there was this building that was on fire, so I ran inside to save a burning baby, I ran up about five or six steps and when I came out I had burning baby all over me, and that's what happened to my clothes, I'm serious."
2005-12-15 10:00:34 AM  

First floor being different from the ground floor, just in case that's the source of your confusion. Otherwise, she could have probably just handed it to him, to much lesser visual effect.

Thank you.

I always thought that ground floor and first floor were synonymous terms. So, the second floor is actually the third floor then?

I suspect that I am not bringing the coleslaw to this year's Mensa picnic.
2005-12-15 10:02:08 AM  
2005-12-15 09:36:40 AM SteelHorseRider
Give that man a job with the Packers. They could use some receivers.

They could use a quarterback too. Sorry, Brett. You were great once and I loved to watch you play. Free up some salary cap so the Packers can rebuild. I hope you get an analyst job at ESPN, preferably on Monday night.
2005-12-15 10:08:21 AM  
"Now you see here when Vasques lines up on the west side of the building and he going to run a slant pattern right under the window and *BOOM* she hits him right in the numbers"
2005-12-15 10:14:56 AM  
sounds like the plotline of Smoke Signals.
2005-12-15 10:19:57 AM  
American or European football?
2005-12-15 10:20:32 AM  
It ends tragically. That child's unfortunate new nickname? "Spike".
2005-12-15 10:22:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available] ... indeed.
2005-12-15 10:43:55 AM  

I don't know about other countries, but in the US ground floor and first floor are synonyms. In England, though, the first floor is the floor above the ground floor.

/no embolding sk1llz
2005-12-15 10:44:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

don't spike the baby!
2005-12-15 10:48:33 AM  
tacks: "Now you see here when Vasques lines up on the west side of the building and he going to run a slant pattern right under the window and *BOOM* she hits him right in the numbers"

It's just not the same without the whiteboard.
2005-12-15 10:49:26 AM  
It looks like the baby had quit breathing too so getting it out of the smoke was important.
2005-12-15 10:49:44 AM  
In the US the floor on the ground is the first floor. In the UK that is the ground floor and the next one up is the first floor and so on.
2005-12-15 10:56:29 AM  
Russkie, milk_plus is correct. If the mother had waited for the "flames started whipping at her feet" when the child was no longer breathing from smoke inhalation, especially when there are about 5 or 6 people waiting to catch the baby, THEN she should have been charged with reckless endangerment. She did what she had to do to save the child.
2005-12-15 10:57:01 AM  
In Australia (and probably England too), 'level' starts with 1 at street level, 'floor' starts with 'ground' at street level and 'first floor' being like the first level on top. I cant speak for the UK, but in Australia, generally the 'ground floor' is where the entrance lobby is, and elevators to go up 'x' number of floors (where x = floor number).
*shrugs* makes sense to me anyway
2005-12-15 11:01:39 AM  
Weird, first the rugby baby story, now an American football baby story.

What baby sport should we expect next?

//not saying anything about hockey
///or baseball
2005-12-15 11:02:30 AM  
Things got out of hand when the dude started celebrating, and Steve Tasker slapped the baby out of his hands from behind.
2005-12-15 11:09:46 AM  

Inhaling smoke will kill you first before the fire actually burns you. The kid wasn't breathing anymore so he was pretty much a dead kid. If he didn't survive the fall he was dead anyway. Sorta like when people are doing CPR on someone and you crack their ribs by accident. You keep going cause, well they're dead anyway.
2005-12-15 11:19:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-12-15 11:26:02 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

I remember typing in all the code for that game. It was worth it.

/Apple ][+ rocked.
2005-12-15 11:32:57 AM  

Wow, major flashback.
2005-12-15 11:36:03 AM  
How long before I start seeing the dead baby jokes?
2005-12-15 11:42:01 AM  
Thanks for beating me to the punch trapped in CH
2005-12-15 11:44:03 AM  
Yes... a woman mother. I swear, I'm looking forward to this author being Darwin'd some day.
2005-12-15 11:53:13 AM  

Yeah, right.

- "And stop calling me Shirley!"
2005-12-15 11:55:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

The mother.
2005-12-15 12:31:14 PM  
Thank you padraig...that was the joke.
2005-12-15 01:53:48 PM  
The video is on both the local6 website and
2005-12-15 02:03:12 PM  
Baby tossing trifecta in play. Let's hope the next one doesn't involve a soccer player.

2005-12-15 02:29:56 PM  
Apple ][+ was a joke, compared to the Franklin Ace 1000, a powerhouse computer if there ever was one.
2005-12-15 02:48:49 PM  
The Cleveland Bronws just signed Vazquez to their practice squad.
2005-12-15 03:20:46 PM  
Maybe she dropped her baby because it seemed to have stopped breathing, as evidenced by the catcher performing minor CPR afterwards.

2005-12-15 04:11:00 PM  
Look out! It's TL!
2005-12-15 04:11:47 PM  
LT even!
2005-12-15 10:05:34 PM  
What are the chances of two mothers both throwing their kids to athletes out of a burning building?
2005-12-16 12:31:31 AM  
"It's just a miracle, a miracle," Vasques said. "Especially in the holidays, now. It was a beautiful thing."

Look out Mr Vasques. You're on Bill O'Reilly's shiat list now for using the 'H' word.

/good on ya man. May karma come around 10 fold.
2005-12-16 10:12:06 AM  
Hero indeed. I couldn't imagine having to do that to my son...
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