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6600 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2005 at 11:58 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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HPZ [TotalFark]
2005-12-11 11:59:24 PM  
Just to make sure this stuff stays out of other threads where it might piss people off, keep Survivor discussion to this thread.

Word on the street is that Danni won.
2005-12-12 12:00:15 AM  
snape killed dumbledore
2005-12-12 12:01:12 AM  
I drank a bottle of wine and a pan of brownies tonight for dinner!

2005-12-12 12:01:16 AM  
Steph deserved it. I love that woman.
2005-12-12 12:01:32 AM  
It's a gameshow.
2005-12-12 12:01:39 AM  
survivor is teh ghey...
2005-12-12 12:01:56 AM  
I <3 Danni
2005-12-12 12:03:08 AM  
I lol'd at that fatarse that was all pissed at everyone lying... Like he wasn't scheming and lying in the background.

Pot, here's kettle...
2005-12-12 12:03:13 AM  
THAT SHOW IS STILL ON??????????????????????????????
2005-12-12 12:03:17 AM  
Bush sucks. Oh. Survivor thread.
2005-12-12 12:03:17 AM  
I thought Richard Hatch won. Is it in repeats now?
2005-12-12 12:03:19 AM  
Survivor's on Sundays? That spoiled my appetite.
2005-12-12 12:03:30 AM  

Why did they all look like whores at the reunion?
2005-12-12 12:03:35 AM  
*checks pockets* Sorry... I'm all out of flying rats arses to give, Survivor gets none from me.
2005-12-12 12:03:42 AM  
People still watch Survivor? And they do so seriously?
2005-12-12 12:04:33 AM  
Why, oh why do I have to watch this crapola?

Oh yeah, the wife..the reality TV junkie.
2005-12-12 12:06:54 AM  
I know a few people who've made some good cash betting on who'd win Survivor.
2005-12-12 12:07:07 AM  
I don't think I've really LIKED a contestant since, what, Marquesas? Thailand? Dammit, why don't we get any Gregs and Rodgers and Colleens (especially Colleens) anymore?

Though next season's 'Exile Island' concept looks very promising. Forcing someone out of the tribe for days at a time without actually booting them is going to throw a whole new brand of gameplay into the mix.
2005-12-12 12:07:23 AM  
Oh, if only I could be as cool as the Farkers who, seeing this is a thread about something they have no interest in, force themselves to come in, drop a load, and leave.

/at least I hope they leave
2005-12-12 12:07:32 AM  
Why is your wife so interested in living vicariously through the TV, Hick?
2005-12-12 12:08:22 AM  
Timon of Athens...

I have no idea....Danni looked pretty hot at the reuinion, but frankly Steph looked better before she dolled herself up. Still a hottie though.
2005-12-12 12:08:28 AM  
This is all Bush's fault.

ahem. Okay, well, seriously. So I am watching this season, since the roommate is a total reality show nut and follows ALL of them whilst I sit back and half-read, and I notice Danni is just HOT as it gets. There's nothing hotter than a girl who is not only slender, but physically fit. And she gets more so throughout the show as the competitors shed what remaining fat they have to be left with nothing but muscle tone. With 6 characters to go, as soon as Danni wins the idol, I know she will be in the final two - the others will not be able to beat her in the endurance challenge, and nobody can afford to let the likable Rafe or Lydia make it to the end, or they'll auto-win.

And then they do the finale and Danni is even hotter. I tell you what, that chick WILL appear on other shows. It's just a matter of which ones and how soon.
2005-12-12 12:09:27 AM  
Steph should have won, but Danni was way hotter on the reunion how.
2005-12-12 12:09:41 AM  
People still watch TV?
2005-12-12 12:09:47 AM  
I so wanted Steph to win all season.

The funny part is that Danni's lies are what broke Judd and Steph up, and he still voted for her!

Did he ever find out about that? I missed most of the reunion show due to a flat tire while switching cars in the driveway.. :(
2005-12-12 12:10:23 AM  
If you watch "Survivor", you're part of the problem, and you should seriously think about taking your own life. And the lives of any of your friends that watch "Survivor". None of you will be missed.
2005-12-12 12:10:53 AM  
I wanted Rafe to win. When he got cut, I went for Danni. Steph's a biatch imo, plus she'd already played. I waited every week and I wanted so much to see her voted off. I was hoping for more drama at the last tribal council.

This is the first season that I've watched since the first one. I'll probably watch the next one though. It's the one show where I know they won't throw a lawyer in, which is good when I want time away from law.

On a tv side note, CSI Miami has the worst acting I've ever farking seen. It's borders on comical. I watched once in total disbelief that those are professional actors.
2005-12-12 12:11:23 AM  
Survivor today, The Smoking Gun tomorrow.
2005-12-12 12:11:32 AM  
2005-12-12 12:10:23 AM realmolo

If you watch "Survivor", you're part of the problem, and you should seriously think about taking your own life. And the lives of any of your friends that watch "Survivor". None of you will be missed.

Ignore the troll. He lives in Iowa. His life is joyless.
2005-12-12 12:11:40 AM  

Survivor's on Sundays?

Thursdays, except for the finale.
2005-12-12 12:11:44 AM  
Soylent Green is people!
2005-12-12 12:11:57 AM  
Survivor sucks.
2005-12-12 12:11:59 AM  
realmolo: If you watch "Survivor", you're part of the problem, and you should seriously think about taking your own life. And the lives of any of your friends that watch "Survivor". None of you will be missed.

It needs to be repeated.
2005-12-12 12:12:34 AM  
I only saw about 10 minutes of the entire season, but in those 10 minutes I must say that I'd be rooting for Rafe to win, but not betting on him.

I totally thought Steph had it.
2005-12-12 12:12:38 AM  
I say they bring back "Firefly" and "Space Above and Beyond."

That's all.
2005-12-12 12:12:40 AM  
crap, I forgot it was on tonight. I wanted Stephanie to win.
2005-12-12 12:13:02 AM  
I'm still waiting for Survivor: Siberia. They already have the Russian folk music. They could give the people beets and vodka instead of rice and water. And instead of getting voted off, you get sent to a gulag.

Who's with me?
2005-12-12 12:13:57 AM  

It's the one show where I know they won't throw a lawyer in

Close. Brooke was a law student. Didn't last long though.
2005-12-12 12:14:25 AM  
Um. Survivor Sucks.
2005-12-12 12:14:55 AM  
Iron Felix

I say they bring back "Firefly"

Wrong network...
2005-12-12 12:15:07 AM  
See, as much as I want likeable characters, you're likely not going to get them anymore. (Dammit. Come back, Haskell.) So I'm mainly in it for the game- as long as the contestants play a smart game, I'm happy. And I'm happiest when the jury realizes that and avoids jury questions that comes off as "My question is I WANT AN APOLOGY" or "My question is YOU SUCK".
2005-12-12 12:15:57 AM  
If you watch "Survivor", you're part of the problem, and you should seriously think about taking your own life. And the lives of any of your friends that watch "Survivor". None of you will be missed.

If you insist on making really stupid comments on the Internets, you should really consider taking your own life.
None of you will be missed.

Say what you want, dickheads, Survivor remains one of the best shows on TV.
2005-12-12 12:15:58 AM  
Bobby is alive. Pam was dreaming.

/showing my age
2005-12-12 12:17:07 AM  
let me just take the time to say that I feel very sad that people... including family members of mine, watch this trash
2005-12-12 12:18:15 AM  
When I started lurking in Fark, it was a relatively high-class establishment. Fine cigars and brandy were to be had by all. This thread shows it's degradation into a gossip column. We have to stop this abomination, this vile disease that plagues the internets. We have to cut it off at the root! and then plough the ground over with salt to ensure it never grows again! We should induce acid rain to melt all the biological matter into a puddle even less advanced than the primordial soup frozen on comets. Glass craters for one and all!!!!

Seriously though. What happened? Fark is not meant for this sort of bs. I thought everyone on Fark agreed that reality shows were the bane of intelligent television programming. Do we stoop to these new levels of pettiness and stupidity now? Have we degraded so far? If so, I didn't get the memo.
2005-12-12 12:18:33 AM  

snape killed dumbledore

You, my friend, will find me raising my fist and cursing you if this statement is true.

I've fallen behind on the last two Potter books, but am definitely planning to catch up in the next two vacation weeks. About half of my grad school classmates (mostly gals) had finished all the Potter's up to that point. It is just easy, not crack-head, happy escapism. Trust me, after a bazillion thirty page and up papers and presentations--a little well written sci fi is welcome.

If you posted a totally unrelated spoiler to Survivor, you are an idiot. If not,it is still really dumb because of your instigating post. It isn't like you were discussing Titanic and said the boat BFD.

/I WILL remember you.
2005-12-12 12:20:40 AM  
a little well written sci fi is welcome.

Well-written scifi is Heinlein, Pournelle, or Niven. Jackass.
2005-12-12 12:20:47 AM  
Sandwyrm: it was a relatively high-class establishment

wow, your standards are incredibly low
2005-12-12 12:21:26 AM  

I will not confirm or deny what he said.

However, Half Blood Prince was MILES better than any of the other books (except nothing happens in the first 200 pages, just like any of the others).

Phoenix was good... read it carefully, because a lot of the stuff comes back in Prince.
2005-12-12 12:21:54 AM  
Survivor discussion (spoilers inside)

Listen up East Coasters!
THAT is the way you post a spoiler thread.
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