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(NBC4)   Have acne problems? Milk may be the culprit. Here comes the science   ( divider line
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13547 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Dec 2005 at 2:19 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-12-10 11:16:24 AM  
Milk is the culprit of a host of ills. It is awful, disgusting stuff that coagulates in the back of your throat.
Milk should be banned, especially if someone is trying to drink it from a clear glass at the table. At the very least, no one over the age of 10 should be able to order it without having to wear a big white "M" on her forehead for a week, and a milk mustache besides. And it shouldn't come to the table in anything but a carton with a straw.

Unless it's being used for cheese. Then it's okay.
2005-12-10 11:40:22 AM  
my acne is bad regardless of whether i drink milk or not. this year i cut down from 2 glasses per meal (literally) to no more than one per day. i figured that the extra thousand or so calories per day could have been part of the reason i gained 10 pounds last year.
2005-12-10 12:06:02 PM  
I have acne problems, am lactose intolerant and haven't drank a glass in years.

No, milk is NOT the antichrist, sorry, bookgrrl. I know people who think it causes everything from unwanted pregnancy to cancer but no.

Life causes death.
2005-12-10 12:10:43 PM  
Milk sodomized my dog and didn't cuddle afterward.
2005-12-10 12:30:15 PM  
I drove a milk truck for three years. We could have all the regular, vanilla, chocolate milk we wanted for our journey. I loved every second of it.
/Still drink about 5 glasses a day
2005-12-10 02:24:28 PM  
Sounds like milk sodomized bookgrrl too and she never forgave it. I've never seen somebody that pissed at milk before. Let it go, bookgrrl, let it go.
2005-12-10 02:24:28 PM  
Between lactose intolerance and that horrible pleghm in your throat thing (especially bad if, like me, you play the French horn), I haven't had milk in years. Wonder if that's what made my high-school acne finally go away.

/still love ice cream though
2005-12-10 02:25:29 PM  
I drink on average a quart of skim milk a day, and don't have acne problems. I call bullshiat, unless it is just whole milk/milk fat.

/didn't rtfa
2005-12-10 02:26:06 PM  
Stotan, try decreasing soda intake as well. All the sugar in there doesn't help the acne situation either.

If it is really bad, try Accutane. You have to take a lot of blood tests throughout, and you will lose night vision permanently, but it will clear you up forever.
2005-12-10 02:26:19 PM  
When I was growing up, I drank more skim milk regularly than most full family households, and I did't get acne breakouts. Therefore, they must be looking in the wrong place. Heh.
2005-12-10 02:27:18 PM  
I drink lots of milk, never had any acne problems.
2005-12-10 02:29:19 PM  
"Ah doan't kayer. Yer a grawin' bawey. Draink yawer miyulk."
2005-12-10 02:31:04 PM  
I think Bookgrrl was being funny as well - I got a kick out of reading what she wrote, it was part serious, part funny. LIGHTEN UP FOLKS.
2005-12-10 02:31:59 PM  
JChris: Stotan, try decreasing soda intake as well. All the sugar in there doesn't help the acne situation either.

The caffiene's real bad for acne, too.

/used to have lots of both
2005-12-10 02:32:45 PM  
The best cure for acne is hot white man juice.
2005-12-10 02:33:23 PM  
My doctor told me to stop drinking milk to see if my acne cleared up, and yup, it did. Didn't go away completely, but it did get a lot better. He said it was because of the bacteria in milk that did it. Who knows?
That was about 1978 so this isn't anything new.
It does help some people though.
2005-12-10 02:34:09 PM  
I went to a dermatologist and was told that I shouldn't eat ANY dairy, red meat, chocolate, nuts, etc... And had to walk around with stinky ass benzoyllll peroxide stuck to my face. So I didn't and lived on a steady diet of chicken and bread for three monthes and it farking sucked. And didn't work.
So I told the dermatologist off and got some proactive and bathed in uncooked red meat and washed my loins with milk and cheese and it worked much better than that stupid asshot dermatologist. At least proactive doesn't make you smell like a bleach factory.
2005-12-10 02:35:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-10 02:36:59 PM  
This is why I drink soy milk now.
2005-12-10 02:42:20 PM  
Someone in my family has adult acne, and they have tried every possible treatment available including dairy free. Doesn't work. But enough of the anecdotes, there are several very good studies regarding acne, and its relationship to diet as well as various topical treatments (see pubmed.) The studies show, from thousands of acne sufferers no connection to diet, in several large studies. The dairy connection is a lie being perpetuated by a variety of new age "alternative" medicine groups and animal rights groups, especially PETA. They have no data, no studies, and no clues about acne. This should speak volumes about their credibility.
Rather humorously, there are other new age groups who are actually claiming raw milk is the cure for almost every disease.
2005-12-10 02:45:45 PM  
"If it is really bad, try Accutane. You have to take a lot of blood tests throughout, and you will lose night vision permanently, but it will clear you up forever."

What the fark?

That is definately not worth it
2005-12-10 02:45:52 PM  

Stotan, try decreasing soda intake as well. All the sugar in there doesn't help the acne situation either.

Sadness of my life that. I love mountain dew. It'd be the greatest thing in the world if not for the existance of RED mountain dew, which trumps it for that title. A while back I also figured out that my mysterious adult acne breakouts only happened one to two days after my occasional mountain dew splurges. Not fair that, not fair at all. But more not fair is that I'm in the states(home of RED mountain dew!), there's a 7-11 right accross the street, and I can't have a bit of it without turning into something a teenager would pity.
2005-12-10 02:48:58 PM  
I don't care if milk kills me and blows up the civilized world in the process, IT'S farkING GOOD. Geez.

If I wanted healthy I'd stop smoking and being drunk all day long.

/drinks a big tall glass of yummy milk!
2005-12-10 02:49:01 PM  
Skream: The best cure for acne is hot white man juice.

Ingested, or applied directly to the face?
2005-12-10 02:50:05 PM  
Oh, and don't women need a shiatload of calcium? There's shiatloads of it in milk. And milkproducts...

Dear GOD I wish I had a yoghurt...
2005-12-10 02:51:11 PM  
Hmm that's interesting. I stopped drinking almost all milk (not really for any reason, just don't like it) and what little acne I had did go away. Plus I stopped suffering from almost 90% of all my stomach problems.
2005-12-10 02:52:58 PM  
This thread breaks my heart. I pretty much live off caffine and cheesed-goods. So, I guess that explains it.
2005-12-10 02:54:43 PM  
I had acne on my face, then it moved to my back, now it's on the back of my head.

I have migratory acne.
2005-12-10 02:56:55 PM  
"If it is really bad, try Accutane. You have to take a lot of blood tests throughout, and you will lose night vision permanently, but it will clear you up forever."

I went through two rounds of Accutane and I didn't lose my night vision. The second round was a couple years ago and now I'm cleared up for good. No ill side effects except for very chapped lips.

I bloody hate milk too. I'm lactose intolerant and have never consumed a glass of the stuff voluntarily. My skin hates me simply because I'm unlucky, I guess.
2005-12-10 03:00:49 PM  
In the spirit of the scientific standards of this thread: just eat carrots if you start to lose night vision...

/milk killlllzzz!!!
2005-12-10 03:02:28 PM  
I'd say that the milk thing could be a problem for some people, but hardly all. I've gone through a few gallons of milk a week for periods of time with no difference in acne trouble.

For those of you with acne trouble (or know people with the issue), try using Vitamin B5 (otherwise known as Pantothenic Acid). Cleared things up for me when I had problems with it.

Please see the following for information on it:

You can get B5 from pretty much any vitamin co. like puritan's pride.
2005-12-10 03:03:21 PM  
I dunno about acne, but steriod-laden milk is the reason today's 13 year-old girls have C-cups.
2005-12-10 03:04:00 PM  

In the spirit of the scientific standards of this thread: just eat carrots if you start to lose night vision...

Stop spreading junk science! Carrots have to be radioactive before they give a person better vision.

/Phd in Gilligans Island
2005-12-10 03:06:51 PM  
If it is really bad, try Accutane. You have to take a lot of blood tests throughout, and you will lose night vision permanently, but it will clear you up forever.

Bwaahaha...I don't remember having 'night vision' before I took Accutane. Supposedly it reduces visions in low-light conditions, but I never noticed a difference. My skin was dry as a mofo tho...peeling everywhere, ugh.
2005-12-10 03:09:01 PM  
Doh..I guess if it reduced visions it wouldn't be such a bad thing...
2005-12-10 03:09:35 PM  
"If it is really bad, try Accutane. You have to take a lot of blood tests throughout, and you will lose night vision permanently, but it will clear you up forever."

I took Accutane in high school and the night vision thing never happened. You do have to take a whole crap load of vitamin E though, because your skin will dry out like hell. And yeah you have to have monthly blood tests because it can significantly increase your cholesterol. It works like a charm though, if you follow your dermatologist's instructions.
2005-12-10 03:11:11 PM  

i don't drink soda, and i've been on three courses of accutane. it doesn't clear you up forever.
2005-12-10 03:12:27 PM  
Chocolate is what sets me of.

I wonder if something happens to the milk in milk chocolate when they make it.
2005-12-10 03:14:18 PM  
Are you serious stotan? Do you take it as perscribed? For me it was once in the morning, once in the evening, and one 1000mg vitamin E with each, as well as some cream (retin-A I think) and moisturizer.

You really have to keep on top of it or it will not work right.
2005-12-10 03:15:52 PM  
Accutane does not cause "night blindness" - but it will give you monkey babies if you get pregnant!

/took it twice during high school
//still get acne, but not as bad
2005-12-10 03:16:03 PM  
Acne is GENETIC. Just like just about every other major physical ailment.

Milk is for cows and babies. I'm neither, therefore I don't drink milk. Can't stand the stuff.
2005-12-10 03:16:17 PM  
sugar does not cause acne, sorry people.
2005-12-10 03:16:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
that isn't a picture of me,
i have acne, but not very severely, nothing works, i think masturbating more might prevent it. lets find out.....
2005-12-10 03:17:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Cheetos can cause acne too.
2005-12-10 03:19:41 PM  

of course i took it correctly. i'm not retarded. i also took two pills per day, night and evening. it cleared me up deliciously while i was on it, but i still have acne. just not as bad. benzaclin works pretty well for me right now.
2005-12-10 03:23:56 PM  
So I've read through this thread and I find it all rather amusing.

I've tried:

benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, sulfur, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, etc

erythromycin, retin-a, differin, many more i've forgotten

tetracycline, monocycline, accutane

vitamin-b 5 (pantothenic acid), red light treatment, blue light treatment, various diets, climate changes, etc


benzoyl peroxide and toothpaste are both very effective at drying up spot acne

the anti-biotic prescriptions seemed more effective than the others in preventative maintenance

tetra/monocyclin are both very helpful in drying out and clearing up the skin, but i developed a tolerance in about a week with both. i take both sparingly now.

accutane was NOT worth it. didn't help. my face/lips were bright red and peeling for months.. my night vision is all screwed up.. and i suffered some depression while on it.

b5 was very mildly helpful.. however i had to take about 20 pills a day... i prefer the cyclins above.

red/blue light treatments: didnt do shiat

diet-wise... milk and nuts both cause breakouts for me. period.

really the only thing i've found to be absolutely helpful is tanning -- two 20 minute sessions a week seems to keep me pretty clear. if i skip a week though, boy am i in for it.


at this point i'm guessing i'm allergic to something - soap/ shampoo/laundry detergent, food, something in the air.. i have no idea. it took me 3 years to realize that eating nuts will _always_ lead me to a breakout within 1 1/2 weeks.

i've been to at least 10 dermatologists. screw 'em all.

my acne really isnt even that terrible, just damned persistent.
2005-12-10 03:24:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
And I thought it was the oil in the deep-fryer!
2005-12-10 03:25:10 PM  
oh - haha and i did try to find a correlation between acne and sex, and acne and masturbation. none found, thus far.
2005-12-10 03:30:47 PM  
yeah, i had annoying "shotgun" acne all through college. not huge barnacle pot acne that some poor guys get, but the little scattered stuff that just doesn't recede.

that said, my roommate said it was because i drank a big glass of whole milk every meal. and ice cream for dessert.

i stopped cold turkey, and by the end of the week it was gone for good.
2005-12-10 03:31:20 PM  
Still have acne even though I'm way past my teens. This is what I've discovered after many, many different diet changes:

It's the fat.

No, really! The skin not only an organ that provides a protective covering to the body, it is also a waste processing organ where it exudes fat and oils. That's why Accutane works -- it prevents the skin from excreting fat and oils, thus creating the well know side effects of dry skin, eyes corners, etc.

Whenever I consume food with ANY sort of saturated fats or oils (in other words, it can become congealed at room temperature or lower), my skin starts breaking out within hours. This includes consuming butter/margarine, milk, cookies (shortening), nuts, chocolate, coconut, crackers (shortening again in the form of partially hydrogenated oil), or any other food with fat or fully or partially hydrogenated oil or oil that congeals at room temperature.

Since I've been a vegetarian since 16, it's been really easy for me to eliminate various food groups and experiment over the years. I can consume unsaturated oils (canola, corn, soy, etc.) that don't congeal, even when put in the fridge, and not get acne. I may get oily skin, but that's a different matter. Breaking down oil by frying or baking at high temps also causes acne, although it's mild since there's not very much broken down oil, comparatively.

Whenever I stick to consuming food with no saturated fat and that only has uncooked oil, my acne goes away.
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