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(Angry Alien)   Just in time for the holidays: The classic "It's a Wonderful Life," done by bunnies in 30 seconds. Repeat from last year, but funny all the same   ( divider line
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23305 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Dec 2005 at 2:38 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-12-08 02:28:27 PM  
When does the colorized version come out?

/that's 'colourized' for you foreigners out there...
2005-12-08 02:32:47 PM  
I've never seen the original so I'm definitely not going to watch this one either.
2005-12-08 02:43:42 PM  
Or do you mean "colourised"?
2005-12-08 02:43:56 PM  
He dies in the end...
2005-12-08 02:44:43 PM  
This is the first time that I have seen that movie and not fallen asleep.
2005-12-08 02:45:04 PM  
I'd like to f&ck that voiceover chick.
2005-12-08 02:45:35 PM  
Two things I like better than "It's A Wonderful Life."

1. The alternate ending on Saturday Night Live where they kick the crap out of whatshisname played by Jon Lovitz at the end.

2. Miracle on 34th Street. Without a doubt my favorite Christmas movie.
2005-12-08 02:45:42 PM  
Wasn't funny last year, was only slightly less funny this time around.

I guess thats a plus. Maybe. Sorta.
2005-12-08 02:45:59 PM  
2005-12-08 02:46:05 PM  
it's 'z' in english!
2005-12-08 02:46:27 PM  
If by "funny" you mean "stupid," then yes, submitter, it's pretty damn funny.
2005-12-08 02:48:10 PM  
Heh. I love that site...
2005-12-08 02:48:41 PM  
I thought it was pretty true to the story...

I could've saved myself so many hours watching it at other times, if only I'd have this before now.
2005-12-08 02:49:27 PM  
This is a tragic day in history.
2005-12-08 02:49:46 PM  
"Too Many Users"


2005-12-08 02:52:00 PM  
They left out the most memorable line....

[image from too old to be available]

Merry Christmas, Movie House!
2005-12-08 02:52:22 PM  
I like the version re-enacted by prawns better.
Ant [TotalFark]
2005-12-08 02:52:23 PM  
buried_alive: I've never seen the original so I'm definitely not going to watch this one either.

You make it sound like having never seen It's a Wonderful Life is a source of pride for you or something. Just watch the damned movie already. You may just enjoy it.
2005-12-08 02:54:27 PM  
2005-12-08 02:54:33 PM  
Jimmy had better say that, it made him rich.
2005-12-08 02:55:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-08 02:56:50 PM  
Didn't someone make a sound file of George Bailey going insane and killing everyone? I thought that was pretty damn funny.

/Merry Christmas, Savings and Loan!!
2005-12-08 02:57:07 PM  
Tonight I shall edit a "Special Edition" of that movie. The end credits will run right after he hits the water.
2005-12-08 02:57:58 PM  
"I wish I had a million dollars ..."

Ant [TotalFark]
2005-12-08 02:58:00 PM  
Geez... There's a bunch of cold-hearted farkers in here. I love It's a Wonderful Life. Despite the fact that I'm an atheist and don't believe in angels, gods, heaven, etc., that movie always makes me slightly teary-eyed in the end.
2005-12-08 02:58:18 PM  
When my parents split up my dad went to live in our 17' camper. He was rather bummed until his parents gave him a copy of It's a Wonderful Life for Christmas. Cos, y'know, a guy living in the woods without heat, electricity, or TV is really going to want or be able to watch that bullshiat. After that, he became downright miserable and hasn't changed since.
2005-12-08 02:59:08 PM  
That was stupid, and I waster 30 seconds of my life.

Which is a lot better than wasting 2+ hours watching that stupid movie again this year.

/really does hate that stupid Wonderful Life movie
2005-12-08 02:59:59 PM  
My favorite movie ever. Hands down.

Movie Snobs - I said "my favorite movie" not "best movie ever". It's just my opinion.

You can now unwad your panties and get back to watching "Buffalo 66".
2005-12-08 03:01:27 PM  
Obviously I meant the real movie, not the bunnies.
2005-12-08 03:01:49 PM  
That was cute and amusing... I wouldn't go as far as "funny", though.

Excellent audio work, and excellent animation. I'll give her that.
2005-12-08 03:05:52 PM  
I'd like to f&ck that voiceover chick.

She's also the owner of the company, Jennifer Shiman.
2005-12-08 03:08:21 PM  
Just in time for the holidays- sucky cartoons, it was bad last year and is bad this year all the same.

You'd swear that with having an entire year to think about it, they could make it not suck. In stead of "It's a wonderful life" they could have used a better christmas movie... like "Bad Santa"
2005-12-08 03:10:55 PM  
I love this movie. The real one. The Bunnies one is great too. You guys are all Scrooges. Err, Potters.
2005-12-08 03:11:49 PM  
I love that animation. Know why? It's only 30 seconds.

It's a Wonderful Life is so overrated. It's contrived and over-sentimental to the point of nausea. The whole thing is SO obviously trying to make you tear up and feel warm and fuzzy, that it loses all credibility from the very beginning. They may as well have put giant subtitles that say "CRY NOW." I can't watch five minutes of it without falling into a diabetic coma.
2005-12-08 03:12:07 PM  
jeez - from all these responses I'm wondering how big the coal lump is and exactly where it got stuck...

I thought these were great

/check out the Pulp Fiction or Jaws ones, even funnier (and everything has bunny ears, even the shark in Jaws)
2005-12-08 03:12:24 PM  
link farked - any mirrors?
2005-12-08 03:13:32 PM  
Hot Dog!

/watched it with the sound off, I chuckled but only because I was imagining that a highly-intellegent pug had started a business giving erotic massages. Whew, no more rarebit for me!
2005-12-08 03:14:56 PM  
Hey look, mister - we serve hard drinks in here for men who want to get drunk fast, and we don't need any characters around to give the joint "atmosphere". Is that clear, or do I have to slip you my left for a convincer?
2005-12-08 03:15:43 PM  
I've never seen it; just got around to seeing Miracle on 34th Street this year too. :P
Yeah, check out the other movies on the site too - more movies I'll never have to watch.

I am curious, though, why Submitter didn't link to the Christmas Story one...
2005-12-08 03:18:06 PM  

You got luckly, take those 30 seconds of your life and make something of yourself.
2005-12-08 03:18:30 PM  
2005-12-08 03:19:43 PM  
2005-12-08 02:46:05 PM lerry

it's 'z' in english!

As an English bloke, I'd have to say "bollocks".
2005-12-08 03:23:56 PM  
As far as I can tell, this site is actually *self-farking* - I keep getting all these weird gateway errors or something. It may help to just open up the main page of the site ( and open up the movie in a new window.

...hmm, Star Wars coming on December 16 - I'll be going back to that site, I see...
2005-12-08 03:26:25 PM  
Just worked for me. Probably just overloaded with over 4000 hits in about 45 minutes.
2005-12-08 03:28:04 PM  
Geez! The hairpulling about this movie; it's a sweet story about tough times with eternal themes running through it about family, friends and being careful what you wish for.

To quote another great movie, "Lighten up, Francis."

/get me, i'm givin' out wings!
//and slashes
2005-12-08 03:31:20 PM  
Best Christmas movie you never heard of: Comfort and Joy

Bill Forsythe, where are you>?!
2005-12-08 03:32:47 PM  
You got luckly, take those 30 seconds of your life and make something of yourself.

You, on the other hand, were not so "luckly." Why not take those 30 seconds of your life and make something of your grammar?
2005-12-08 03:35:24 PM  
Is it just me or is this one much, much funnier?
2005-12-08 03:36:02 PM  
Great Christmas Movie (makes 34th St. look like a pile o' puke) in my opinion..

Liked the bunny version as well, but only cuz I love the flick so much!
2005-12-08 03:37:43 PM  
This would so have saved me two hours of my life.

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