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(Canoe)   If you thought the relationship between a professional sports figure and his agent was creepy, it just got even creepier   ( divider line
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2005-11-30 08:22:09 AM  
Hmmm. If I were a sports agent, whom would I rather have as a client: Terrell Owens or Mike Danton?

Hang on, I'm thinking...
2005-11-30 08:27:51 AM  
thats odd
2005-11-30 08:36:20 AM  
Next question
2005-11-30 08:53:43 AM  
strangest article evar
2005-11-30 09:17:55 AM  
I heard a fragment of one of the phone conversations while watching a sports update last night; it ended with something like:

Frost: "Do you love me?"
Danton: "Yes."
Frost: "Say it."
Danton: "I love you."

Came right after the bit about 'you go to court and you're farking done...', I think.
2005-11-30 09:51:25 AM  
and while the story of what him put there has become ever clear

Nice, I looooove proof-reading!
2005-11-30 10:00:21 AM  
So they spend all that time and space with the two morons on the phone, then drop this at the end and run:

The 'PA has yet to see the fifth estate's investigation, which details, among many things Frost's involvement with tying up Danton's 13-year-old brother naked to a tree, shooting him with a pellet gun and photographing him.

What the hell?
2005-11-30 10:15:54 AM  
Uhh ... wtf?
2005-11-30 10:17:03 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
Athlete missing brain cells, perspective!!!
2005-11-30 10:17:53 AM  
Isn't that what little brothers are good for?
2005-11-30 10:21:41 AM  
I think this is a little too similar to the Celine Dion married to the old creepy guy that's been her manager since she was 13.
2005-11-30 10:22:34 AM  
I remember when this happened. Of course it has to be a Blues player.

/they suck worse than usual this year.
2005-11-30 10:23:18 AM  
He's like a svenjolly.
2005-11-30 10:23:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-30 10:23:47 AM  
Everything here is perfectly normal.
2005-11-30 10:26:19 AM  
DogEstyle: Isn't that what little brothers are good for?

As long as it's someone else's little brother. Incest is just wrong.
2005-11-30 10:32:44 AM  


i like gum?


at one point in the article, did the hockey player say he was fighting jesus?

i know i should feel sorry for someone, but who?
2005-11-30 10:34:31 AM  
2005-11-30 10:40:27 AM  
"and while the story of what him put there has become ever clear, the circumstances of the troubled relationship between Frost and Danton remain as baffling as ever."

Not nearly as baffling as that sentence. I'm not normally one to nitpick on pisspoor grammar in articles, but today has seemed really farking terrible. Maybe I wore my grumpy pants today.
2005-11-30 10:49:19 AM  
They left out the answer to the most important question, which is "Can I or can't I have someone killed for 10 large?"
2005-11-30 11:22:52 AM  
What tha...?

All I can make out from the article is that someone tried to kill somebody for some reason. Topic for discussion: who is most mentally disorganized: the hockey player, the agent, or the author of the article?
2005-11-30 11:24:31 AM  
Silly Canadians.
2005-11-30 11:45:52 AM  
That sounds teh gay.
2005-11-30 12:01:18 PM  
what what WHAT? Can anyone explain what happened? This article is terribly written.
2005-11-30 12:18:57 PM  
Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

This is twisted.

Holdyerhorses: It is pretty confounded. The subject matter is definitely confusing, but a journalist should always try to at least grasp a little of what's going on before trying to write about it. There was a fine line between what could and could not be said--the journalist stumbled when trying to walk it.
2005-11-30 12:35:09 PM  
Very brief explanation:

Exploitative agent has dumb jock in mindfark. (Sounds homoerotic to me, but what do I know?) Dumb jock tries to have agent killed, agent tries to then get dumb jock out of attempted murder charges.

There's much, much more, but that's about the gist of it.
2005-11-30 12:50:51 PM  
Of course the agent wants to keep the player out of jail. At a trial all the mindfarking will come out, and he'll not only be out of his job, he might also be vulnerable to prosecution.
2005-11-30 12:54:23 PM  
yeah that guy frost is more than just a little creepy.
2005-11-30 01:01:56 PM  
I could see this guy tying up some one's little brother naked.
2005-11-30 01:12:09 PM  
This story just seems to get LESS clear as time goes on - note more. FOr those insterested has more info - and Canoe now has more articles ...
2005-11-30 01:58:53 PM  
Khazar Khum

This agent isn't like Drew Rosenhaus, or any other agent. He was a hockey coach for a youth team in Toronto, and basically Mike Danton was one of the players that "he took under his wing". He actually had Danton change his name and took his parents out of the equation.

/he is a creep
//horrible hockey coach and agent, from what I've been told
///I'm good at slashes...
2005-11-30 02:13:30 PM  
holdyerhorses and all others unaware:

Mike Danton put out multiple, unsuccessful contract kills on his own agent. After arrested it turns out that the agent and Danton are quite close, and in fact the agent has quite a bit of control over Danton. As this investigation has conintued it has not shed good light on the agent, Frost. He has Dantons mind all farked up, compiled with this kid has only ever known hockey, now that he is done playing he is pretty messed up in the head.

Anyways hopes that sheds some light
/Never Liked the Blues, always a Sens Man
2005-11-30 02:51:00 PM  
poonie it's possible for an agent to be even lower on the food chain than usual.
2005-11-30 02:55:12 PM  
Carn: Not nearly as baffling as that sentence. I'm not normally one to nitpick on pisspoor grammar in articles, but today has seemed really farking terrible. Maybe I wore my grumpy pants today.

"and while the story of what put him there has become ever (more[?]) clear, the circumstances of the troubled relationship between Frost and Danton remain as baffling as ever."
2005-11-30 07:34:37 PM  
ooo.. its on tv in a half-n'hour.
thx for the thread/warning.

My old bantam coaches used to sexually assault me regularily.. but I was in damn good shape back then.. who could blame them.
2005-11-30 07:41:06 PM  

Frost=batshiat insanely evil.

strangest hockey story evar. And Frost is still allowed to be a palayer agent! Ridiculous!

The NHLPA needs a beating over the head on this one.
2005-11-30 07:41:45 PM  
player agent, even (jeez I swear I fixed that...)
2005-11-30 07:45:46 PM  
The Frost/Danton thing is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Frost and the players he represents. He's got a Svengali-like hold on several poor kids. Do a google search for his name to see several stories about this wacko. Frost has been banned from some Ontario hockey leagues by officials creeped out by his behavior.
2005-11-30 08:37:46 PM  
tid-bit: Danton was so disliked in the minors (AHL) that one night he scored a hat trick. Nobody on his team went to congraduate him. Just imagine that...score 3 goals and not one teammate shakes his hand or anything. That's insane.
2005-12-01 02:15:42 AM
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