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2005-11-28 10:06:46 PM
Is there a copy of the Taco Bell "I'm a Pirate" commercial anywhere online?

I really don't know why I still find that commercial funny.
2005-11-28 10:40:11 PM
Why would people seek out or search for ads? Ads and commercials are to be ignored and fast forwarded through. Choosing what type of ads you will tolerate is just going to encourage them. Ok, it's obligatory....

"By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. Thank you, thank you. Just a little thought. I'm just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they'll take root, I don't know. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves. Seriously though, if you are, do. No really, there's no rationalisation for what you do, and you are Satan's little helpers, OK? Kill yourselves, seriously. You're the ruiner of all things good. Seriously, no, this is not a joke. "There's gonna be a joke coming..." There's no farking joke coming, you are Satan's spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage, you are farked and you are farking us, kill yourselves, it's the only way to save your farking soul. Kill yourself."

2005-11-28 10:45:07 PM
*golf clap*, submitter

got a chuckle on that one.
2005-11-28 10:46:10 PM
If anything needed to convince me to not buy a TiVo, this would be it.
2005-11-28 10:48:06 PM
Way to go, Tivo. More sucking the corporate cawk. People bought Tivos to a)record tv shows and b)SKIP THE FARKIN TV ADS.
Looks like Tivo is selling out to the almighty advertising dollar. :-(

ReplayTV sounds like a nice alternative.
2005-11-28 10:52:20 PM
That'll only get mileage on Super Bowl Sunday, and that's about it.
2005-11-28 10:53:16 PM
Calm down, calm down.

1st. Tivo's are so easily hacked ads will never be a problem.

2nd. If you don't have a Tivo, you're a looser anyways.
2005-11-28 10:53:33 PM
wow, unbelievable. farking companies can't get enough money. the product they make to skip ads is now meant for searching ads???? wow
2005-11-28 10:54:16 PM
the only thing that sucks more than ads are people who quote bill hicks at length
2005-11-28 10:55:09 PM
Calm down, people, from the article it sounds like TiVo is simply going to archive/index advertisements for viewers to voluntarily watch; it's not going to force viewers to watch ads.

/If there wasn't wild speculation, it wouldn't be Fark.com
2005-11-28 10:55:09 PM
bob_ross-2nd. If you don't have a Tivo, you're a looser anyways.

Only losers spell loser with 2 "O"'s
2005-11-28 10:55:30 PM
google what?
2005-11-28 10:56:02 PM
Since Tivo already aggregates quite a bit of data about you and what you watch, adding what commercials you would willingly watch to that database is a marketing goldmine. Of course they pitch it like they are doing the subscriber a favor.

/Got into marketing as an artist, left after I realized the majority of people in marketing are souless, sociopaths that make politicians look altruistic.
2005-11-28 10:57:08 PM
I wish I could choose what products are advertised to me. I want to watch these commercials. Sadly, advertisers are not getting it. They keep shotgunning all viewers with random things for sale.

/Send me stuff on ski resorts, kit airplanes and circuit parties.

/Do not try to sell me air "freshening" aerosol sprays, power wheelchairs, or anything having to do with feet.
2005-11-28 10:57:28 PM

It's free, and Free. Besides, why pay monthly....
2005-11-28 11:01:38 PM
As for me I need to prompt the public to continue to use the idiot box so I can make a paycheck. Please consume, It's healthy. It's wise and good.

Where would you be without SPAM (the food product). Why can't amerika sustain itself on poorly stated ads and products only destined to magazine and tabloid advertising?

Please buy it's good for our future.
2005-11-28 11:03:49 PM
This episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is brought to you by Carpet Cleaners of America and Famous Clams.
2005-11-28 11:03:52 PM

....suckin' Satan's pecker.....

/I still miss Bill Hicks
//when Carlin dies, I hope they can have a drink together
///don't want Carlin to die. I lurv him...
////i am so high on muscle relaxers right now....but my back doesn't hurt a bit
2005-11-28 11:06:17 PM
you guys aren't the same people that squealed like piggies pulled from the teet when AdCritic flatlined, are you? just askin'...
2005-11-28 11:06:23 PM
VCR + FFW. < $50.

Bet you feel TiVoed now!
2005-11-28 11:07:08 PM
MythTV, Meedio, and Beyond TV. The last two have ad filters, I don't know about MythTV, it might.
2005-11-28 11:08:12 PM

2nd. If you don't have a Tivo, you're a looser anyways.

That hurts, man. ;(
2005-11-28 11:08:45 PM
studebaker: /Send me stuff on ski resorts, kit airplanes and circuit parties.

/Do not try to sell me air "freshening" aerosol sprays, power wheelchairs, or anything having to do with feet.

Send me stuff on video games and electronic devices.

/do not try to sell me air "freshening" aerosol sprays, beer (I'm a vodka man), femenine hygene products. Or any product named after a weapon that implies it has some sort of magical "effect" on women.
2005-11-28 11:11:45 PM
TiVo is too invasive. I don't see what's so wrong about a standard DVR. You can FF through a 2 minute commerical block in less than 10 seconds.
2005-11-28 11:12:05 PM
bring back adcritic
2005-11-28 11:13:53 PM
I work for advertising, so I've been getting a kick out of these replies....

No, really. Part of the Graphic Design course I'm in right now concerns advertising. I'd find this service of INNUMERABLE value to for the research papers I have to do. Does anyone know how hard it is to find digital copies of Tim Horton's commercials online?!?
2005-11-28 11:14:09 PM
TiVo's most valuable assets are their software and their brand name. I can't understand why they haven't worked out deals with cable providers to brand their proprietary DVRs with the TiVo name.

This ad nonsense will go nowhere.
2005-11-28 11:22:10 PM
The already do jonb, and since it's against my style to provide more than the most vague proof to my claims, I refuse to post pics showing this to be true. However, it is. I believe Dish is selling a DVR with the Tivo brand name emblazoned right on the front.
2005-11-28 11:22:27 PM
I'll be the first to say that I'll typically watch the TiVo ads from the thumbs menu or in the main menu. Generally they are somewhat interesting, often long couple minute movie info things or funny/interesting for some other reason. Plus there have been plenty of times I've wanted to have someone see a certain commercial because of something funny that makes it remind me of them/something they did.
2005-11-28 11:24:07 PM

I don't know about Dish, but TiVo has for a long time made DVRs for DirecTV. However, they're missing the lion's share of the market - the cable customers.
2005-11-28 11:28:02 PM
I would imagine that this may be an attempt at stealth by Tivo. If they can promote this feature then it will be hard for the money grubbing corporate pond scum corporate marketing men to force them to take out the 'ad-detecting' feature. After all, it's not their fault if the viewers use this feature to skip over the ads when it was meant to enable them to find them, is it?
I call cleverness on this one!
2005-11-28 11:28:53 PM
Not for long.

TiVo and Comcast have a deal in the works right now. Major specifics as yet unreleased though.
2005-11-28 11:32:36 PM
Snapstream.com Beyond TV
Rescued me from TIVO
Best solution for Windows XP
2005-11-28 11:37:30 PM

Tivo has a deal with Comcast starting next year, iirc.
They are currently in negotiation with other cable
companies for bundling deals. And their Opencable
Tivo box was supposed to be hitting the market
about now
(A Tivo that would work with any cable providers equipment)

zenferret, you still have to change tapes on that VCR,
my Tivo has 3 FFW speeds as well as commercial skip
and I can rewind/FFW thru up to an hour of "live" TV.
2005-11-28 11:39:43 PM
Woah! Change tapes?!? The horrors! ;P
2005-11-28 11:52:35 PM

Cool. I can rest well tonight.

/Comcast still sucks
2005-11-28 11:53:00 PM
I love you guys who are complaining about corporate greed. I was under the misunderstanding that companies were in business to make money..
2005-11-28 11:53:25 PM
Will somebody please invent a software that will help me get access more pop-ups?
2005-11-28 11:57:54 PM
dvr is to vcr as word processing is to pencil and paper.

until you can have 2 vcr's recording simultaneously on different channels, while watching, rewinding, and fastfowarding a third channel, and a menu system that allows you to select shows to record, all controllable from one remote, then you do not have a better solution than a dvr.

join the 90's, zenferret.
2005-11-28 11:58:16 PM
Do the needful

Yes, you misunderstood. Corporations have lots and lots and lots of money. They can never run out. Yet all they do is try to take more of your money away. They are bastards.

Just like the government.
2005-11-29 12:01:33 AM
Despite a pretty good price, all this recent stuff about potentially limiting which shows you can record and how long you can keep them pushed me to build a MythTV box instead, got it running just last week.

And wow - Linux has been busy since I last played with it.
2005-11-29 12:06:44 AM
bob_ross: 2nd. If you don't have a Tivo, you're a looser anyways

Sob. When is TiVo coming to Australia?
2005-11-29 12:24:08 AM
I third BeyondTV. For less than $100 (including TV tuner card) I can do what TiVo does on my comp.
2005-11-29 12:27:24 AM
Corporations aren't the only evil in this world, though. For example, I should disclose that I, too, want to take a little bit of everybody's money.

/Come on
//Just a little
2005-11-29 12:29:08 AM

I don't know about Dish, but TiVo has for a long time made DVRs for DirecTV. However, they're missing the lion's share of the market - the cable customers.

Actually, DirecTV is phasing out their DVR's with TiVo in favor of technologies developed by a sister company within the Murdoch empire (which is already in use on UK's Sky satellite service). They're still supporting the TiVo-based DirecTV DVR's, but may not after next year.
2005-11-29 12:36:26 AM
Yet again I'm glad I have a replayTV and don't have to put up with TiVo's crap. At least I know my replay's not taking up storage space with farking adverts.

Although if they let me search classic ads, and had the Heineken ads from the UK about five years ago ("Oh, Mr Darcy!" You know. The one with the bazooka.) then that would quell my ire for a few minutes.
2005-11-29 12:40:32 AM
My favorite commercial ever is from A&W's "Thickheaded" ad campaign. The one that goes:

[A cheerfully overconfident APPLICANT is being interviewed for a job by the BOSS]

APPLICANT: Mr. Dumbass, I can do a lot for Dumbass & Dumbass Inc. I'm a go-getter! DUMBASS material all the way! [slaps lap] So, am I your man, Mr. DUMBASS?

[A beat]

BOSS: [leaning forward] The name, is... Dumass.

ANNOUNCER: That's pretty thick-headed! But nothing like the rich, creamy taste of A&W Root Beer. With A&W, it's good to be thick headed!

BOSS: [to SECRETARY, as the Applicant leaves] What a dumbass!

Sure, it's not a very original joke, but man, the guy's delivery is dead-on PERFECT. Busts me up every time just thinking about it.
2005-11-29 01:02:39 AM

2005-11-29 03:34:35 AM
For those interested, wil's got a piece up on this at Suicide Girls (pops, NSFW?), as well as his expanded thoughts on WWDN:IX.

/jus' sayin'
2005-11-29 08:57:30 AM
I'm not saying that I'd use TiVo to search for commercials, but I'm not really upset by the existance of commercials. I like them for one simple reason: they pay for the TV shows I like to watch. If you get rid of commercials, then you'll have to pay some other way. Might as well let the "evil" corporations pay for the shows eh?
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