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(MSNBC)   Behold the crappiest cars ever made   ( divider line
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2005-11-27 02:41:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-27 02:47:27 PM  
It's pretty obvious to me that the list of "crappy cars" reflects the article writer's own bias and lack of actual research. The Pinto's gas tank "flaw" is a flaw that was shared by many cars of the time, and in future years. It was not statistically any more prone to exploding on rear impact than other cars.

The Aztek, while bizarre looking, is apparently a great car that its owners love for its versatility and cargo room. It's a good snow-country vehicle for people who like to ski/snowboard.

The Scion xB and the Element are also unusual designs for the American market, although this sort of boxlike shape has been very common in Japan for several years. It offers maximum interior room with a small footprint, making it easy to park and navigate.

Citroen is, well, inherently shiatty because it's French. But the particular model that the article showcases is hardly the worst example.

The H2, while large and expensive and not actually a very good offroad vehicle, is hardly a "crappy" car.

The Chinese car included in the list is not remarkable. Most cheap Asian marques (such as the Kia, Hyundai, and Daewoo) have lousy crash test results. They just happen to meet minimum US standards. This Chinese car hasn't yet, because they're still working on the design. The US has some of the strictest automobile safety standards in the world.

The only car that really belongs on that "crappy" list is the Yugo.

/Arnold doesn't drive an H2
//He drives an original Hummer, which is a very different car
///Used to own a very reliable '76 Pinto
2005-11-27 02:47:43 PM  
Name another car that can withstand that and I'll be amazed.

Jeep Wrangler. I drive a '97 TJ, but a friend of mine got T-boned on the driver's side in her '94 YJ by an 18-wheeler at about 70mph. Sent the Jeep across the road like a tinker toy, slamming the passenger side into a large tree by the road. She walked away with a few minor bruises.

But maybe comparing a 4X4 to a Benz is a bit of a stretch.
2005-11-27 02:48:21 PM  
RE drdank-please splain:
I think most people just drove them from the lot to a crush/recycling facility. saved time & trouble.

The VW fan-belt pulley sounds fishy to me... had a 71 that I put well over 100k on- bought a couple of oil coolers & valves, but never lost a pulley. (had 2 "hubs", main and generator.) The top (generator) side is in 2 pieces, and could conceivably come apart...
2005-11-27 02:52:18 PM  
They forgot one, the Fiat Multipla! That is one fugly car.
2005-11-27 02:53:09 PM  
i have a 2003 protege that i love, and loves the hell out of me, but my brother is a different story. he had a 92 tempo from hell. it finally died this spring, when some jerk without insurance rammed into it. Too bad that wreck wasnt what caused the 2 previous transformers to die, or the exhaust issues, or the oil leaks, or the broken driver's seat, or the paint peeling off of it, or the locks failing...

i therefore nominate the 90s ford tempo as "worst car ever"
2005-11-27 02:58:55 PM  
That article is a pile of fuming bullshiat, it's a pure opinion piece with little facts and lotta shiat.

VOTE ? MSNBC sux why link that kind of crap ??
2005-11-27 03:01:34 PM  
my ex has an Element. while i understand why he bought it (he's a musician, transports lots of big and heavy shiat in it all the time), the first time i saw it, i thought it was so incredibly ugly and stupid-looking that i busted out laughing.

we never got the chance to ball in it, either.

now every time i see a black one, i cringe.

[and F the Cadillac Cimarron]
2005-11-27 03:01:36 PM  
We need a little more Trabant lovin'...

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-27 03:03:07 PM  

Citroen is, well, inherently shiatty because it's French. But the particular model that the article showcases is hardly the worst example.

The H2, while large and expensive and not actually a very good offroad vehicle, is hardly a "crappy" car.

You made some sensible points and then let yourself down. No good because it's french? Renaults aren't all that bad at all. Nothing like a bit of mindless bigotry to ruin an argument.

The H2 is the most serviced car in the US. If that doesn't make it crappy, I don't know what does.
2005-11-27 03:10:49 PM  

The Element is awesome. Let me get this straight... because Honda tried to make something DIFFERENT, it's ugly?? I've got 65,000 on my 2003, and I've actually used it in the way it was adveristed (mountain roads, beach, highway, deep mud, etc) and have had no problems whatsoever.

/ I'd rather drive something unique than a generic SUV anyday

2005-11-27 03:13:41 PM  
Microsoft and NBC team up for a news channel. What could go wrong?
2005-11-27 03:13:57 PM  
What, no pix of the 2000 SUX?
2005-11-27 03:14:19 PM  
I can't imagine any of these being worse than a Trabant. I mean, the thing's a lawnmower made from cotton and plastic.
2005-11-27 03:17:58 PM  
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Honda Elements are very nice, and Scion XBs (like my wife's) are absolutely brilliant design. I've said this before: the XB is a Klein bottle, with more interior space inside than the outside of the car takes up.

And I'll even say a word in defense of that preposterous Hummer H2. It is indubitably true that 98% plus of H2 owners, who exclusively use that four-ton thing to carry one (1) commuter from their concrete driveway in upper-middle-class Suburbia across paved roads to the parking garage adjacent to their office, should be dragged out of the driver's seat and slapped and slapped and slapped until they get some sense. However, I know a guy who runs a site development company, who replaced his Dodge Ram 3500 pickup (with Cummins turbo-diesel and dualies) with an H2. He informs me that, despite its comic-book styling, his H2 is an absolutely kick-ass off-road jobsite vehicle. He's hooked up a tow-chain to it and pulled out dump truck semis that had got bogged down in soft sand.
2005-11-27 03:25:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

AND it runs on sheep urine.
2005-11-27 03:30:00 PM  
I've gotta go on record as a Scion xB lover! If you don't like how it looks, turn the other way. If you wouldn't be caught dead in one, that's your shallow problem.
2005-11-27 03:30:29 PM  
Any list of truly shiatty cars must include any Volkswagon Jetta after 1999. Deposited by a constipated transformer...
2005-11-27 03:31:15 PM  

A Volvo, I had a friend that got hit head on at 65 mile an hour by a drunk driver. He was stopped waiting to turn left and the guy hit him head on at 65 in a small pick up. Said he saw the front end crumple all the way to him and then just stop. He got out and walked away fine. The other driver was seriously hurt.
2005-11-27 03:33:11 PM  
wh0mprat: The WRX is fast as hell, has AWD but a chintzy interior.

Go with the Saab 9-2X. Best of both worlds, and CHEAPER! I got my 9-2x (aero) for a tad under 20k. Mechanically a WRX, but Saab niced it up on the outside (and inside). I upgraded mine to stage 1 ($600), so now i'm pushing 260 hp at the crank. Great ride :)
2005-11-27 03:34:34 PM  
You made some sensible points and then let yourself down. No good because it's french? Renaults aren't all that bad at all. Nothing like a bit of mindless bigotry to ruin an argument.

Yeah, I have a kneejerk bias against French cars in general, and Citroen in particular. I meant the comment tongue-in-cheek but that doesn't come through in my post. Presumably Citroen doesn't suck that much or they wouldn't still be selling well in Europe.

Peugeot seems to make some decent cars, although whether they are still prone to electrical system problems, I don't know. Even if they are, they're not unique in that. There are many American cars with the same issue.

The H2 is the most serviced car in the US. If that doesn't make it crappy, I don't know what does.

I haven't seen any data on H2 service histories, so I wasn't aware of this aspect of the car. I actually have a personal dislike of the car itself but I was trying to give it some benefit of the doubt.
2005-11-27 03:34:49 PM  
What? No AMC Matadors, Ambassadors, or Hornets???
A Always
M Made
C Crap
2005-11-27 03:38:56 PM  
Chevy Corvair: You gotta yank the engine out of its mountings to change the farking spuck flugs.

Datsun 240 Z: Rear shocks, which ought to be a 3-bolt, 15-minute operation, requires you to haul out the whole rear axle assembly; takes all weekend of $500, whichever comes first.

Chevy Vega: This pig had a cast-iropn cylinder head buckled to a cast aluminum block; the two metals expanded at different rates and it would leak oil like a fothermucker.

Ford Maverick: Wheels had a nasty habit of coming off at freeway speeds.

Citroen 2CV: most godawful piece of poodle crap ever put on the road, I coyuld jack the whole thread on what's wrong with this car; one more reason to hate France.
2005-11-27 03:40:35 PM  

Learn your facts about the Pinto before you continue. There is an entire section on the Ford Pinto in most white-collar criminal law classes. The Pinto was deliberately designed that way. There was a wayward bolt placed in a position such that it could puncture the gas tank and spark very easily in even small collisions. Ford could have mitigated the damage by adding a $12 reinforcement strut to each unit, but their bean counters told them it would be cheaper to let a few hundred people burn to death and pay settlements to their estates than to retrofit and refit every Pinto. In Ford's criminal trial, an "I can't believe this crap" ordeal of judicial impropriety, disappearing witnesses, and jury tampering, they were narrowly acquitted. The '70s media wasn't savvy enough to that kind of thing yet, one supposes. But Ford lost the civil class action which followed.

There are Ford executives who will be burning in hell for that decision... and I'm sure the devil will set it up so that they're burning after a low-speed impact to their Pinto.
2005-11-27 03:41:08 PM  
SPECIAL DISHONORABLE MENTION: Any Cadillac Coupe DeVille from the 1980-1990 vintage. These damned cars had a flexible plastic insert between the rear bumper and the rear quarter panel, which would become brittle with age and shatter, leaving the rear bumper hanging in midair, looked like sh't warmed over.
2005-11-27 03:45:46 PM  

SPECIAL DISHONORABLE MENTION: Any Cadillac Coupe DeVille from the 1980-1990 vintage. These damned cars had a flexible plastic insert between the rear bumper and the rear quarter panel, which would become brittle with age and shatter, leaving the rear bumper hanging in midair, looked like sh't warmed over.

wow, there is one of those down the street, I was wondering what was wrong with that back bumper!
2005-11-27 03:48:58 PM  
What in the hell are you talking about?
The plugs on a corvair are on top of the engine looking at you. One is slightly behind a carb, but still easy to get out. Think first, type second.
2005-11-27 03:51:34 PM  
Honda Element - Built by Honda, designed with Legos.
Scion - The box the Element came in
2005-11-27 03:54:08 PM  
I got 300K out of an AMC Hornet that I adored. Ugly, ugly car. When I would hit a bump, the entire windshield would lift out and land back in place. Blew the engine then left it in the woods.
2005-11-27 03:59:22 PM  
"Woodstock 94": I have never changed plugs on a Corvair, but I am reliably informed, you gotta yank the engine loose to do a minor tuneup; might have been some other component.

Also, those Cadillacs had f'ed up bumpers on purpose I am pretty sure; looks okay when you buy 'em, but like crap later on.
2005-11-27 04:02:06 PM  
The Chevy Caprice Classic wagon.

A V-8 powerful enough to rocket the machine at 120+ down the freeway.

A body so poorly put together that at about 118mph things started coming off, the roof rack was one noteable incident, blowing the sheet metal screws on one side, rotating around the others to come down and explode the giant rear side window, all seen in the rearview by the 16 year old driver as a mass of twisted chrome, unidentifiable metal parts, flying glass and other cars swerving to avoid the debris cloud on the 101 heading into SF. Inside the car it was dust and trash of explosive decompression as the slipstream was sucked into the passenger compartment and whipped around the surviving glass at category 2 hurricane strength with a deafening roar. Light objects, papers and other crap were hitting me in the head and then being sucked out the gaping hole where the window had been.

My hair was straight up, and not just from the wind. I stayed in control and got it off the next ramp. Told my dad that it had been vandalized where I parked it.

/last time I ever ate a whole pot brownie and drove.
//WTF were they thinking. If you're going to put that big an engine, use bolts and not sheet metal screws to hold it together!
2005-11-27 04:02:49 PM  
Worst car ever?

Citron 2CV
A radical design for its day, the Citron 2CV (or "deux chevaux" -- literally French for "two horses") was launched in 1949 and intended to provide reasonably priced transport to rural French men. Built to operate under the most adverse conditions with the minimum of maintenance, the 2CV was famously fuel efficient and so became the transport of choice for the Green movement. It was discontinued in 1990.

..that's pretty scathing
2005-11-27 04:05:05 PM  
A guy in my neighborhood has a pea-green Aztek with a customized California license plate "Shrek". When you think about it ... it's very appropriate.
2005-11-27 04:06:02 PM  
Oh yeah, it was about a 1982 year machine.

/death freaking machine that is. AKA the Flying Cinderblock.
2005-11-27 04:07:52 PM  
arathres said:

"Cousin was in a benz that got t-boned at 90 mph into the drivers door. He walked away. Name another car that can withstand that and I'll be amazed."

I call major BS on that speed. I wouldn't even believe it if you had said 90 km/h. I know for a fact that there's no Mercedes Benz (or production car for that matter) with side stiffness coefficients sufficient to withstand a 90 mph impact without caving the door to the centre console. If it didn't crush that much, the impact sustained by the body would be so severe and direct that your brain would slap the side of your skull hard enough to kill you or cavitate the cerebral spinal fluid in your head damaging your brain. NHTSA's tests at about a third of that speed have the door caving in about 1 foot on the "safest" Mercedes models, and after the B-pillar separates, the stiffness drops significantly. Unless of course the vehicle hitting at 90 mph was a bicycle.

/maybe exaggerating?
2005-11-27 04:10:04 PM  
CORRECTION: When I worked at a GM agency in 1966, they used to bring in Corvairs for tune-ups, and the techs just HATED to work on them. I was wrong about the plugs, but at least one simple operation required the engine be partly removed.

In addition to that, you had to jack the ass end of the car up off the ground, set it in gear and run it at 2500 rpm to set the timing or some such; I forget what.

The Corvair was a pile of crap, and it was discontinued for technical reasons long before Nader began his famous windmill-tilting episode. He essentially killed a dead horse.
2005-11-27 04:12:35 PM  
When I was in Germany in 1970-71, I could have bought little Messerschmitt cars all day long for 200 Marks; about $62 in American money.

Got no idea what they would be worth today, save to say a pile.

Also surprised no one mentioned the Italian Isetta 500, where the steering wqheel tilts back and you enter through the front; big fun in a crash!
2005-11-27 04:13:02 PM  
I'm still trying to figure out where they got the idea that the H2 had "robust" off-road capabilities. Every time I've ever heard of someone taking it off-road, it breaks or gets stuck.
2005-11-27 04:14:22 PM  
Worst car evah...the Citroen AX:
[image from too old to be available]

Limited special edition. It had a choke. It would either flood the engine and stall at the destination or not start at all. It once stalled at the rond point at the arc de triomphe (one of the scariest intersections in the world if you haven't been) and I thought that I was going to die. I was stalled in that intersection for 20 min. Worst 20 min of my life lol
2005-11-27 04:20:02 PM  
Chevrolet Vega :(
j z
2005-11-27 04:21:51 PM  
The Element shouldn't be on that list, the hippies love that thing.
2005-11-27 04:24:27 PM  
Send your kid out driving in a Volvo if you want to sleep at night.

British Leyland is one ofthe shiattiest car makers of all time and insensitive to the vertically challenged (the Midget).

Glad my old buddy Ford Festiva didn't make the list.

Where the hell is the Plymouth Volare Station Wagon. It probably ran for such a short time it's now almost completely wiped from our collective memory.

Cars are starting to look chopped right offthe assembly line w/ big chrome wheels and low-profile tires. Is Nelly the only person buying American cars these days?
2005-11-27 04:28:16 PM  
11 years, and I stil own my '79 Spitfire. I'm now doing cosmetic work on it.
2005-11-27 04:31:32 PM  
I was in a bind and needed to pick up a new car relatively quick so I got a loaded '95 Volvo 850...with 144K miles. I'm an SUV guy but I'm really liking this Volvo, I'm just hoping it doesn't crap out on me anytime soon.
2005-11-27 04:34:05 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pride of Ceausescu's Romania (uh-oh), built under licence from Renault (UH-OH) and actually sold in Canada for a few years in the 1980s: the immortal Dacia!

[image from too old to be available]

Now, what's the second worst car of all time? Maybe the recently-discontinued Paykan, an old British design built under Iran:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-27 04:38:54 PM  
2005-11-27 04:46:48 PM  
OK everybody, how about the "coolest" car ever made?
2005-11-27 04:49:05 PM  
List has some funky looking cars, dunno about crappy. I mean, shiat, two of them are Honda/Toyota,,, hardly crap.

If you want crap a high school buddy (in early 80's) had a '79 MGB. Great car to have in HS but what a peice of junk. Would be in the shop for something or other about every other week. It finally burned to the ground on the way school one day (electrical fire).

Lucas Electrics! Lucas, The Prince of Darkness.
2005-11-27 04:57:20 PM  
wh0mprat: I'm going to go drive a few cars over the next week or 2 - Mustangs, 350zs and G35s. I'll take your comments into account.

Dude, just get one of each, and crash teh ones you don't like.
2005-11-27 04:58:20 PM  
Cmon - 2CV ? Toyota Scion ?
As Croc Dundee would say "thats not these....these ARE crap."

[image from too old to be available]
Leyland Marina
FWD, wheezy 6 cylinder motor, bits falling off every other day, Lucas electrics ( the prince of darkness )

[image from too old to be available]
Datsun 120Y
An under engined, under-tyred, under-braked ugly piece of rubbish so bad it is now an in-joke in Oz.
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