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(Some Demon Deacon)   Wake Forest Frat that abused pig to receive PETA sensitivity training   ( divider line
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3202 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 May 2002 at 11:15 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-09 01:07:35 AM  
I always hated those guys when I was at WFU. They suck.

I am happy they got nailed. Please help me ridicule them.
I swore I would get back at them. The jerks. Let me have one lousy moment of glory and post this on

Please Mods? Pretty please?

Smell my Finger?

~ Pinky ~
2002-05-09 08:25:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Double secret probation for makin' bacon?
2002-05-09 11:17:54 AM  
That is cruel and unusual punishment, if I ever saw it.
2002-05-09 11:18:33 AM  
I hope they arrive with lunchboxes in tow.... full of ham and turkey sandwiches.

...or perhaps with some bags of MickeyD's burgers.

2002-05-09 11:22:05 AM  
PETA sucks
2002-05-09 11:22:37 AM  
Beating pigs are bad m'kay...
2002-05-09 11:24:16 AM  
Pigs are fer eatin', not beatin'.
2002-05-09 11:24:35 AM  
Fratenity has problems and is suspended. Big deal. Such a long article for a simple story, the writer must get some really good marks on term papers they pass in.
2002-05-09 11:24:42 AM  
I'm not a big PETA fan, but I have no problem with this.
2002-05-09 11:25:36 AM  
Wow, who sucks worse, some fratboy pig torturers or PETA? Tough call...
2002-05-09 11:26:55 AM  
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... bacon ...
2002-05-09 11:29:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-09 11:29:22 AM  
PETA are farking fascist pigs. No pun intended.
2002-05-09 11:29:35 AM  
I don't get it- animal abuse? They just let a pig run around the farkin' place! I was thinking they mutilated it or something or made it die a slow and painful death.
2002-05-09 11:29:46 AM  
Sending people who tortures animals to PETA......I think I'll stop harassing my hamster now.
2002-05-09 11:30:28 AM  
PETA and sensitivity used together? that's like govm't organization. That's like Alanis "ironic". That's like frat boys torturing pigs. That's like.... well, you get the idea
2002-05-09 11:30:50 AM  
2002-05-09 11:32:41 AM  
Unfortunately, the article doesn't specify "PETA"
2002-05-09 11:33:10 AM  
2002-05-09 11:34:10 AM  
Why don't we just do the world a favor and kill the frat boys? It's not like lame ass peta will do any good, and we all know society would be much better off if every pathetic fratty were rounded up and gassed. Why not institute a sort of german-esque "final solution?" Gas a fratty, smoke a fatty. Seriously. I have a few guns and a cement wall, and Clemson U is right down the road - gotta be a truckload of frattys just waiting to be "corrected".
2002-05-09 11:39:06 AM  
They'll make the most of it. They'll spend a week torment the stupid Peta losers and fulfill their legal obligations. It'll be more fun than getting the pig drunk anyway.
2002-05-09 11:40:46 AM  
The program will be designed by the Office of the Dean of Student Services, the Office of Student Development and the Office of the Vice President for Student Life and Instructional Resources.

I hate PETA as much as the next farker, but the headline for this story is inaccurate... there's no mention of them anywhere in the story.

Although I'm sure they'll try to stick their snouts in this one.
2002-05-09 11:43:20 AM  
Curly. Straight. Curly. Straight. Curly. Straight.
2002-05-09 11:43:24 AM  
I was employed by this company that forced black people and white people to go to racial/sexual discrimination sensitivity training. It was a complete joke! They were forcing all this PC crap on us.

After class the white people and blacks sat around the hotel bar biatching about what a waste of time it was. In essence the biatch session brought us all closer together anyway. Waaaaiiiit a minute maybe that was the plan the whole time...hmmmmmm.
2002-05-09 11:43:49 AM  
PETA should be flushed.
2002-05-09 11:47:36 AM  
If these particular fraternity guys are worth their salt, they'll show up for the sensitivity training with lots of pork rhinds and ham sandwiches to eat during the session.
2002-05-09 11:49:14 AM  
That should make 'em think twice. Act like assholes, and you'll have to deal with PETA loons.

Give 'em some time off from date raping sorority girls.
2002-05-09 11:52:58 AM  
How is it that the heads of all these colleges are named Dean? Dean this, Dean that....
2002-05-09 11:56:55 AM  
This is like an experiment. Do pasty, nerdy farkers hate frat boys more than PETA?

...Like skinheads being harrassed by Jehova's Witnesses.
2002-05-09 11:57:38 AM  
As a former frat boy, all I can say is... ouch.

BigBob, I don't know where your animosity comes from, it may even be justified, but still... fark off. I joined a frat, I bought my friends, whatever. Maybe most frats suck ass, including every single one you've ever come in contact with. My experiences were just fine. No S&M style paddling (which frankly I never understood), no hazing beyond a few stupid drinking games. Made a few great friends and together we had the collective cash and venue to throw a few great parties. If there's something wrong with that, well, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But I would do it all over again, even the admittedly stupid stuff that I'll refrain from going into here.
2002-05-09 12:09:10 PM  
Oh great, turn them from animal haters into people haters. Way to go!
2002-05-09 12:12:32 PM  
P.eople T.asty A.nimals
2002-05-09 12:43:06 PM  
Gotta go with Sikobabel on this one.

Funny, I'm a Sig-Ep from Oregon and I don't remember "Bring Porky Pig to a party" as part of the "Balanced Man" program that the nationals were instituting as I graduated.

Maybe I missed something.

Still it's a mildly amusing story and I've forwarded it to a buddy that used to be on the national traveling board (basically a representative the travels around and checks up on the Sig-Ep houses in his territory for the national fraternity) that used to check on this house.

No word from him yet but I'll let yah'll farkers know what he says about the house.

Time to move on...other threads to haunt.
2002-05-09 12:47:15 PM  
I hope PETA doesn't do a very good job, or else these guy will end up with a total disregard for humans.
2002-05-09 12:55:23 PM  
If these frat guys are fun, get this, they will go to class with some sort of pig-based food product, and eat it!!! LOLLOOLOLOLOOL!!!!!!

*breathes through mouth and lets jaw slack*
2002-05-09 12:56:09 PM  
PeTA has nothing to do with this article. Not mentioned at all. The submitter has just been shot. Please go about your business...nothing to see here.
2002-05-09 01:01:31 PM  
i would take PETA over any frat, any day. word.
2002-05-09 01:03:18 PM  
as stupid and sickly minded as these lowlife goatfarkers are (frat boy = goatfarker, just as priest = babyrapist), don't we have laws against cruel and unusual punishment?
2002-05-09 01:15:44 PM  
I rather like PETA actually. They go to the wall for what they believe in a non-violent manner.

Although they are not connected to this article in any way, can some PETA-haters elucidate why you loathe them?
2002-05-09 01:23:38 PM  

Hey brother, I agree. I'm a SigEp alumni, AR ZETA. We weren't a "balanced man chapter," and we didn't hurt any animals the whole time I was active. All we did was drink and fark all the little freshman hotties everyday. It was great! Those were the days!

2002-05-09 01:34:22 PM  
Wooohoooo!!!! Go Deacs!!

Oh, wait. I quit that dump after my sophomore year because it sucks so very, very badly. Never mind.

Damn, FlyingMonkeyPoo, you had to pay 20 grand a year to get laid? I'm sorry.
2002-05-09 01:42:31 PM  
Wow, so there are some daterapists that frequent fark. I figured they'd all be homeless by now, what with their scholastic abilities being so *ahem* remarkable and all. Welcome aboard all you greek folks.
2002-05-09 01:59:16 PM  

I've got an idea:

We should roll the dean up in a rug and throw them him a bridge.


2002-05-09 02:06:29 PM  
No S&M style paddling (which frankly I never understood), no hazing beyond a few stupid drinking games.

What? No paddlings and only a *few* drinking games?
2002-05-09 02:06:42 PM  
Back to English Comp 101 for me I guess.

2002-05-09 02:10:03 PM  
Hmm... frat boys get a pig drunk, and then hilarity ensues... Isn't that just a typical Saturday night for a TriDelt?
2002-05-09 02:25:05 PM  
Has anyone looked at this from the fraternity's point of view? It's entirely possible that the pig already had a drinking problem when he met the SigEps and that's why he passed out naked in the sun. Did anyone think of that?
2002-05-09 02:28:12 PM  
Drunken frats are responsible for every single fistfight I was in at college.

The best part about fighting a drunk is they telegraph their moves seconds in advance - so you have the time to fark with them. What fun!

"I'mma *hic* gonna poundsh you! *swing*"
"Thanks for throwing the first punch! Now it's self defense! *beat down*"

2002-05-09 02:29:59 PM  
Although they are not connected to this article in any way, can some PETA-haters elucidate why you loathe them?

You don't need a reason to hate PETA.
2002-05-09 02:41:24 PM  
You don't need a reason to hate PETA.

That seems to be the common theme. And that's why I'm trying to get someone to intelligently explain why they hate PETA.
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