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(Scotsman)   A few tricks and tips to keep your boobies in place   ( divider line
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36715 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Nov 2005 at 1:02 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-11-24 11:37:36 PM  
I will hold them in place for you, if you ask me nicely.
2005-11-25 12:00:32 AM  
When a furtive glance catches a nipple, whether it be in a bar, a class, at the gym-it's such an incredible feeling of accomplishment.
2005-11-25 01:04:12 AM  
This thread is useless without... well.. you know.
2005-11-25 01:04:45 AM  
phewph, now I can live my life how I really want to
2005-11-25 01:05:42 AM  
Damn you submitter....damn you.... this is exactly what we DONT want to happen. Let the Boobies fly free!!!
2005-11-25 01:06:07 AM  
Any farkettes bragging/complaining about their large cup sizes must post pictures, period. No exceptions.
2005-11-25 01:07:24 AM  
Free your boobies and my dollar bills will follow!
2005-11-25 01:07:36 AM  
They're real, and they're spectacular.
2005-11-25 01:08:44 AM  
I know mine keep wandering off.

/duct tape
2005-11-25 01:08:59 AM  
Smuggling peanuts?

2005-11-25 01:09:45 AM  

Give them a stern talking to beforehand, and set the ground rules then.

Reminds me of this woman I work with. Has a C-cup, and they are so firm/look so good in a bra, that I'm sure that when she walks by me, she notices that I always glance at her boobs before I look at her face.

The sad thing is, no matter how many times I tell myself to look her in the face first, I hardly ever do.

2005-11-25 01:10:30 AM  

/let the pigeons loose.
2005-11-25 01:11:12 AM  
ATTN ATTRACTIVE WOMEN: I got something to hold your boobies in fact I got two! My hands.

However, if you would prefer I just make them jiggle, I got something else for ya, but only one. ;)
2005-11-25 01:11:37 AM  
2005-11-25 01:12:13 AM  
I always know I earned the trust of a woman the first time she starts talking about "The Girls" while I am around
2005-11-25 01:13:44 AM  

you only got one? haha

/shifty eyes
2005-11-25 01:15:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-25 01:17:12 AM  
bleah tips for red hot mamas bleah. g string?? double bleah

(life long old fasdioned prude here..)
2005-11-25 01:18:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-25 01:19:40 AM  
This whole thread is gonna turn into a big sausagefest.
2005-11-25 01:21:27 AM  
Wow, even the articles are sponsored around here.
2005-11-25 01:23:16 AM  
Seikima, I sure hope you brought the eye-bleach... Ow...
2005-11-25 01:24:39 AM  
Smuggling peanuts, I've got to use that one

/btw, what's wrong with that?
2005-11-25 01:26:35 AM  
Seikima, where did you get that pictur of me?
2005-11-25 01:26:41 AM  
bingo wings!111!!eleben11!!!!onetyone!!!!!1111
2005-11-25 01:27:55 AM  
Seikima That was probably the last thing I needed to see after drinking some Jones Soda Co. Turkey & Gravy Soda.
2005-11-25 01:28:54 AM  
Wow...just wow. How many ugly sticks are we talking about here, Seikima?
2005-11-25 01:30:17 AM  
Come on this thread is just screaming for some nip slip pics!
2005-11-25 01:30:49 AM  
Seikima that looked like some hell beast from Doom3!
2005-11-25 01:31:25 AM  
let me be the first to say that im very disappointed this article didn't have illustrations
2005-11-25 01:32:53 AM  
Here's some linkage​=307&gro up=30
2005-11-25 01:34:16 AM  
those paste on bra things, not just for your nipple but to support the whole breast. DO NOT WORK. At all. I wore them to prom my junior year and i ended up ripping them off halfway through the night. they did nothing except make me sticky.

In regards to "muffin tops".....that problem is easily fixed....wear clothes that fit. I freaking hate these people who think they are a size 3 just because they can shove and squeeze their fat ass into a three. If you have skin/fat hanging over the top of your pants/out of your clothes, get a bigger size. Just because you wear a seven, doesnt make you fat....It looks infinetly better than wearing clothes that are too small. Geez.
2005-11-25 01:34:24 AM  
I misread as "A few trick and tips to keep boobies at your place". You know, bar the door, fake a nuclear holocaust, etc....
2005-11-25 01:34:28 AM  
Hockey tape. Works like a charm!

/ Ever the true Canadian...
2005-11-25 01:36:45 AM  
amfv That was probably the last thing I needed to see after drinking some Jones Soda Co. Turkey & Gravy Soda.

I thought you were drinking it his honor. I hope you know Jones Soda Co. Turkey & Gravy Soda is Boobies Gentleman's favorite beverage.
2005-11-25 01:39:04 AM  

Yah, but not the real handyman's secret weapon.
2005-11-25 01:47:31 AM  
I misread as "A few trick and tips to keep boobies at your place". You know, bar the door, fake a nuclear holocaust, etc....

[image from too old to be available]
"That's hot!"
2005-11-25 01:53:30 AM  
Bounce your boobies!
2005-11-25 02:01:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-25 02:06:27 AM  
Ya mean like if you're out of duct tape?
2005-11-25 02:12:00 AM  
Jeez, why is TFA so anti-nipple? I hate bras (and am an A cup) so I end up flashing my high beams pretty often. I've noticed guys sneaking peeks at em. Whatever, as long as they aren't pointing and laughing, it's all good. Buying special nipple stickers just sounds like too much effort.

Also, any farkettes ever use those "chicken cutlets"? I had to wear em to make a bridesmaid dress fit properly. Then I got drunk at the reception, whipped them out, put them on my plate and pretended to eat them.
/so I'm told
//was blacked out due to open bar and lots of champagne while getting my hair done
///at least no one will ever ask me to be a bridesmaid again!
2005-11-25 02:15:30 AM  
AUDREY HEPBURN or Jackie O would never have been caught with an H&M label poking out the top of their LBD

2005-11-25 02:20:59 AM  
i don't believe it
2005-11-25 02:21:40 AM  
LBD = Little Black Dress, I assume
2005-11-25 02:27:40 AM  
Bleah. Mine show up throw a thick wool sweater, how is tape going to stop them? Besides, they need freedom and freah air. It's cruel to cage them up.
2005-11-25 02:30:47 AM  
On a more important note, what in the the hell happened to the Boobies links on Fark?? I don't care what anybody says, it just not the same.

So, Fark has circumed to the prudes, apparently.
2005-11-25 02:31:57 AM  
Ya know...

A few threads ago, there was an article about a camel losing a hump and the thread quickly enjoyed a mass of photos of lovely ladies displaying camel toes.

THIS thread however... yikes!
2005-11-25 02:37:01 AM  
wadems - Fark has been circumized by prudes? NOOOOOO! Say it's not so, they chopped up all those poor defenceless weiners, damn them all to hell!

I could put a picture up but all I got's a scanner. And it's so cold on the glass.
2005-11-25 02:40:06 AM  
Possible NSFW
/lots of boobies
//more than total recall

2005-11-25 02:45:10 AM  
Come on ladies, make with the nippin' goodness already!
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