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(A former toy store employee)   Farkers/ettes who work or have worked retail, tell us your Black Friday horror stories. Voting enabled because the turkey and stuffing said to   ( divider line
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2005-11-25 12:22:37 AM  
Have a black Friday story, but nowhere's near what I expected to have happened.
I worked 14 months at Gurnee Mills, the then-self-proclaimed "World's Largest Outlet Mall". Hard to tell by looking at their prices, but that's besides the point.
Our busier days were actually Saturdays and Sundays right up until Christmas. Reason being that the mall brought in tour bus operators, sometimes numbering into the HUNDREDS, chock full of shoppers. The actual number of buses on that Black Friday: THREE.
Additionally, the mall opened regular hours on that Friday. Therefore, many of our normal shoppers have already been to Wally World, Target, K-Mart, etc. well before our doors opened.. at 9:30!
I actually sent people home early that day. It was so surreal, expecting armageddon but instead getting bored shiatless.
2005-11-25 12:28:13 AM  
I worked retail for years, but I used to love Black Friday. So crazy busy the day just flew by - EXCEPT for the year of the poop.

At 10 am we noticed a trail of poop through the store that led to the ladies room. We quickly built barracades out of small appliance boxes to keep people from tracking it around even more and the boss went to check the ladies room where she found a half naked, poop covered, very confused lady. She helped to clean her up as best as she could with paper towels gave her a couple of uniform shirts to wear around her middle to get out of the store. She stood in line and bought her stuff! We had no idea till the cashiers asked why a stinky customer was wearing a uniform shirt. Meanwhile we were trying to mop the floor, help 10,000 customers, and make sure no one stepped in the poop or slipped on the floor.
We got the placed cleaned up and then within 2 hours it happened again! This time some dotty old guy, who had no idea he was pooping himself or that it was leaving a trail on the floor. It was a kitchen store and we had 3 cooking demos going on in one aisle and a shiat river in the next one. Merry Xmas!
2005-11-25 12:31:49 AM  
I live in the middle of nowhere tucked away in Southwestern New Hampshire, so while I've heard of "Black Friday", I was somewhat oblivious to the sheer insanity it brings.

Made the mistake of going to the mall on that fateful day when I was 17 (I think) to get a couple really unimportant things. Holy shiat, I paid dearly for my ignorance.

Despite the obvious crowding, things were uneventful 'till I ran into the Best Buy to pick up something stupid like a battery charger or whatever, and somehow got myself in a three-way fight with two soccer moms because they felt I was stealing a salesperson away from them. I kid you not, they screamed at me some awful stuff for a good five minutes, and when I dared to raise my voice and cuss back at them, all hell broke loose. Eventually I and maybe 15 others were "escorted" out of the store, and upon returning home I curled up the fetal position and hummed Raffi songs for about four hours.
2005-11-25 12:33:42 AM  
For some reason or another I'm waking up in about 5ish hours to brave Black Friday - I'm getting my girlfriend an iPod for her birthday (and plan on going door-to-door to see if any jewelers can do laser engraving) plus accessories, I need a new pair of cargo jeans anyway, and I might as well head over to Best Buy - the electronics they're selling look like crap but who can resist the allure of all 3 seasons of 24 for $20 each?

Good luck to all the fellow insane shoppers, and Cthulhu bless you poor bastards working retail. If any of you are at the King of Prussia Mall and need defense against the crazies I'll be glad to loan you my nice, heavy, wooden cane, so long as you return it in some form of unbroken.

/a vote for me is a vote for cheap 24 box sets!
2005-11-25 12:35:50 AM  

Wow for someone so high and mighty you would think you would learn to use spellcheck before laying your boring ass BIO down for everyone to read and learn how truly farking stupid and lame you are. BTW Freelance means unemployed.

2005-11-25 12:37:19 AM  
I would love to see this same thread on

"I waited all night and day and all night again, and when I finally got in, they were all out of ! I was so angry i spit at some poor kid running the till, then blamed him for an interac systems failure entirely out of his control. I then demanded to speak to his manager because it seemed to be the thing that people do when they're mad! After that I screamed hysterically and had to tell my little princess that I failed her, and then begged her to not lock me in my room for being such a bad parent. I cried my self to sleep for being such a failure. I hope my princess is not scarred for life! does my husband still love me? am i still pretty? isn't my SUV pretty? it's worth more than your car."

Okay, I obviously have some issues to work out. sleep time.
2005-11-25 12:44:10 AM  
My personal horror story is from my childhood.I was about 10 and I cant remember if it was the Commodore 64 or the Cabbage Patch doll that was the big thing.My mother and I were there waiting outside when the doors opened.The whole group started forward and I was slammed against the glass doors.That was one of the scariest things I have ever had happen to me.
I do work for WalMart but its not one of my normal days to work.

2005-11-25 12:45:13 AM  
Tack: I'm glad people get up at the oh my god its early to come to my store. Yes it will be a mad rush to get that portable DVD player at half off retail, but when it is all said and done, I'll be satisified that me and my team did the best job we can in facilitating these crazed shoppers.

Can you do us a favor and post your experiences later when you get off of work?

/interested to hear the number of obscenities used
2005-11-25 12:47:30 AM  
Don't have Black Friday here in Canada, but I worked at American Eagle Outfitters during the back to school specials a few years ago, and had some girl come in and try to buy something with $40.00 worth of nickles and $20 worth of other assorted coins. She came in with two big mason jars. I counted twice, got a different total each time (didn't have a big enough counter space for everything) and ended up overcharging her on purpose.

Now I feel like I'm missing out on some fun. Thanks Americans!
2005-11-25 12:49:32 AM  
Nothing will beat the Christmas Eve day, though. I worked as a cashier last year. It was pure hell. Good luck to all you retail folk out there, you'll need it.

I'm from Down Under. Had my first Thanksgiving dinner last night, care of a visiting New Mexican. Mmmmmmmmm turkey and red wine. So this Black Friday thing is new to me. Retail craziness though, sadly, isn't.

7 years working the checkouts at Woolworths. *shudder* Vividly remember the night a woman rammed me with her trolley. It was Christmas Eve and some genius decided that we needed to stay open until midnight - and I got stuck with a close shift. 9 hours of non-stop scanning, with a queue never less than 5 trolleys long.

So its 1AM, an hour after we were supposed to close, officially Christmas bloody Day, and this woman is still slowly pushing her trolley round the aisles, browsing what was left on the shelves (which wasn't much). I walk up to her, and kindly ask that she finish her shopping and go down the the checkouts, as we were supposed to close an hour ago, and I'd like to go home. This crazy biatch just looked at me, and rams me with her trolley - tried to push it straight through me. Seriously.
2005-11-25 12:50:12 AM  
I love to people watch on major shopping days! Have seen friends fist fight over crap for the grand children, old ladies elbowing everyone to get half price on toilet paper, and kids being run down just for the hell of it... I offer to drive friends and family who think they have to shop, sit in the parking lot and watch people scream at each other, really fat people park too close to another car and well, you get the picture...a kid throwing a tantrum and mom actually kicking the kid...I stopped that on and nearly got beat up for my trouble.
I watched one guy load up a expensive electronic thingee, too big for the cart, get behind his wife, laugh and carry on with the cashier and walk out without paying at Wally World...And yeah, I followed him out and asked him WTF, he apologied, saying he totally did not know his wife did not pay for it and took it back....I believed him.
2005-11-25 12:50:29 AM  
For my fellow Canucks, wouldn't this be comparable to our boxing day stuff?

Maybe the chaos over here is subdued because we have to wait for stores to open in the snow and cold.

/did that once
//never again
///was kinda cool to walk out of there with 3 out of the 5 plasma TVs they had for sale though.
2005-11-25 01:02:09 AM  
For my fellow Canucks, wouldn't this be comparable to our boxing day stuff?

Nowhere near as many crazed people. Boxing day sales are for people who are trying to save a bit of money. Black fridays have the element of crazed people trying to get the "must have" thing for Christmas gifts mixed in as well.

I was down in the US for a black friday a few years ago. I lasted about half an hour before I had to get out of the madness, put my stuff I was going to buy on the ground and walked out. Not worth the headache to save a couple bucks.

I still hit the Best buy boxing day sales, but not until the late afternoon. That way, the huge crowds are gone since the big deals are obviously already gone, but can still pick up a few decent deals.
2005-11-25 01:02:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

How can it be tomorrow when today's Friday?
2005-11-25 01:05:16 AM  
I'll tell you in about... 15 hours.

I work at Barnes & Noble (in High Point, NC... if you wanna know... I'm the guy with the long red hair).

Should be fun.
2005-11-25 01:06:11 AM  
One last post in this thread before I find something else to do:

I often find that worse than the actual in-store experience is the parking lot demolition derby, with the familiar star-studded cast:
-Teleporters. Right when you're about to pull into a space, this guy will materialize out of nowhere and fly into that spot. Comes complete with screeching tire sound effects.
-NASCAR tryouts. These people will do laps around the lot waiting for a closer parking space, because they're too important to park in the back and walk a bit extra.
-Der Autobahn. Stop signs, lane markers, other cars, and pedestrians no longer exist when Speed Racer and his Mach Five are on the way in and out of the mall parking lot.
-Mr. "I can't believe you towed my truck." These are my favorites, and I take sadistic pleasure in seeing this happen (three years in a row so far where I live). Some guy will say to himself "Hey, I've got an SUV / Jeep / Hummer / gas-guzzling off-road vehicle. I don't need to wait for a parking spot." So he parks up on one of those grass islands in the lot instead. Within a half hour his vehicle is getting towed and he's outside flailing his arms at the security guard and tow truck guy. Pwn3d.
-Mr. Entrepreneur. You know those hot-ticket items that sold out within five minutes of the door opening? Well, this jackhole bought them all, and he's taking up three spaces in the parking lot with his van doors open trying to sell them at a 500% markup. Most likely he does this because he's too stupid to figure out eBay and all that interweb technowhatsits. Sometimes security will chase him out, but that just means he'll appear at the lot across the street and be another store's problem.
-GreenAdder. This guy just wants to park wherever he can (first empty spot will do - he doesn't mind a little extra walking), get in the store, make one or two non-holiday purchases (things like Coke and milk) and get out. He is rarely - if ever - seen on Black Friday, as that is the traditional turkey hangover / video game coma day.
2005-11-25 01:15:18 AM  
-Teleporters. Right when you're about to pull into a space, this guy will materialize out of nowhere and fly into that spot. Comes complete with screeching tire sound effects.

I have come so very, very close to slashing tires when I have been the unfortunate victim of some douchebag driving into MY space when I'd had my signal on while waiting for a frickin' pedestrian to walk by. If not slashing, letting the air out of their tires. Close.
2005-11-25 01:16:09 AM  
Hah. A few years ago, the worst time of year was the days following Christmas... especially if you worked in tech support. Imagine the sheer numbers of complete idiots that bought $tech_gadget and were too stupid to RTFM.
2005-11-25 01:16:44 AM  
I have shopped Black Friday precisely once. We went to Best Buy a few years back, and I swore I would never, EVER do that again. People were courteous, thank God, but people were EVERYWHERE. The place was so thick with human infestation you literally could not push a cart down an aisle, any aisle. The line to check out went around the entire perimeter of the store and took us more than 2 hours to travel through.

Now...we just may go by a Babies R Us tomorrow, although if people are there in hordes, screw it. The inlaws are in town but leave tomorrow; I'm pregnant with their first grandchild. They'd like us to register before Xmas so they can begin buying baby goodies, so we'll see if registering is even thinkable tomorrow. I'm hoping since it's *Babies* R Us it won't be as insane as the larger stores, more general stores...
2005-11-25 01:20:53 AM  
I totally sympathize with all the current and former KB Toys workers. How hard is it to work in a toy store that doesn't carry the best toys?

/that's how it was in '93 anyway
2005-11-25 01:21:35 AM  
Okay, on the subject of the parking lot cowboys... I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, and I need to know if it's wrong. If it's wrong, how wrong is it? And who here has done it?

You know those a@@holes with their shiny new ve-hicles (usually pickups/SUVs in my experience) who can't stand the thought of someone scratching their precious new paintjob, so they take up 2 parking spots? I want to know if I'll go to hell for keying their car/truck/whatever. Went to see Harry Potter on the first night it was out, and the mall was PACKED, yet some jerk with a pathetic little Ford grocery-getter thought he was important enough to have two spaces in the main parking aisle. My boyfriend had to yell at me to get away from this guy's truck... next time I think I'm going to key something.
2005-11-25 01:22:15 AM  
I used to work at Radio Shack too during highschool. My first "real" day was Black Friday and I know all too well what you're tlaking about. It was bad enough working in that kind of store during the regular times of year, but that was horrible. That store has to have the worst customers ever. Only reason I stayed working there was that I basically had free reign of the store.
2005-11-25 01:28:52 AM  
running_too_slow: next time I think I'm going to key something.

I've always thought having a can of black spray paint at the ready would be a good thing.

So when you encounter such things, you merely spray paint the driver's side windshield, and the driver's door window. Blacken it enough so the car can't be driven, and the farkwit has to call to get it towed HIMSELF (or herself).

It can likely be cleaned (or at the most, the windshield may need replacing), which isn't likely as expensive as a paint job to fix a "keying".

But it will make the jackass think twice about doing such things again.

/also thought about arming myself with a paint gun for when cycling, to do the same thing to farkwits who do crazy schit in traffic ... catch 'em at the next light, SPLAT goes a paint pellet on the windshield, driver's side ... and away you ride!
2005-11-25 01:32:48 AM  
The same year that I was beaten with gift wrap & had a cd frisbeed at me I heard the all time best exchange between two customers.

The check out line was 80 or 90 people long & all 10 registers are going strong. One customer had come into the store with both her seeing eye dog & her cane, a staff member got her the items that she asked for and proceeded to ring her up at the "low counter" register (ADA- Americans with Disabilities compliant). The other customer was near the very start of the line and shouted "Hey!, SHE cut the line!"... the bind woman shouts back "I'm sure if you'd like to go blind, you can be next!" The whole line cracked up and heckled the crap out of the biatch at the front of the line until she just dropped her stuff & walked out.

/love that holiday feeling.
//buy all my shiat on the internets.
2005-11-25 01:37:03 AM  
Not that it was Black Friday, but when I used to work at Radio Shack during the early days of DirecTV, we used to be able to sell more than 1 set to each customer. Usually people would buy a few of them just for the cards so they could use it illegally. Anyway, I was working a Sunday by myself when I got a call from a guy that wanted to return a set, most likely because his card got zapped. He was polite for about the first 10 minutes of me telling him he'd have to talk to the manager and then he threatened to come to the store and shove the dish where the sun doesn't shine. Unfortunately he had given me his name so I could have him banned and then I laughed at him and hung up.
2005-11-25 01:40:00 AM  
My worst Black Friday was pretty serene until closing time. It was busy of course but being a software schill in the mall isn't brain surgery. Till this fella comes in and while he's paying he's running his credit card in a crack in the counter like it's a mag-strip reader. I ask him to stop but does he? Fark no! The dumb arse drops his friggin' card into the gap and stares awestruck (at his own stupidity I'd like to think). Then I get the sob story that that is his only card and how will he afford Christmas if he can't get it out from inside the fixed and very large store counter. My Weeners is "That bites call the company and get a'll come before Xmas." My boss came out and said that "We'd do what it took to make it right." By we he meant me like I somehow mind-controlled this farktard into dropping his card into the gap. I got the Mikita drill from the back of the store and over the next couple of hours dis-a-damn-sembled the entire farkin' counter. Removing all the POS terminals just to get at the facing (no in retrospect there was no easier way sans using a sawsall on the beast)where he dropped his card. Any thanks? Nope. A letter to management about this? Nope. I hope his teenage pokemon playing child proves sterile or barren.
2005-11-25 01:46:25 AM  
I used to work for an adult video store and never got the lines of soccer moms waiting at 4 in the morning for ball gags and lube. I guess im just lucky :)
2005-11-25 01:50:19 AM  
Same shiat as everyone else...

Irrationally Enraged Fat Woman: "Where's [object X]? You had it last week!!!"

Me: "We must have sold it. As you can see we're very busy."
Irrationally Enraged Fat Woman: "But I wanted to show my husband before we bought it!!!"

[Husband is nowhere to be seen]

Me: "Perhaps you'd be interested in something else? We won't be restocked by that supplier until after Christmas."

Irrationally Enraged Fat Woman: "But that's what I wanted! You're a shiatty employee! We're going to [name of shop owned by the same people who own ours]!!! What do think about that?!! Huh! [Stabbing the air in front of my face with her index finger]

Me: "Good luck...and have a Merry Christmas."

/I'm the tactical nuke of retail associates
//My kung fu is strong
///My revenge is merciless
2005-11-25 01:55:23 AM  
Looks like I'm gonna go out and have fun putting all sorts of cool stuff into my cart and NOT buy it.

That should piss some people off!

Freaking awesome!!!
2005-11-25 01:59:53 AM  
I worked in retail management for 15 years. The worst was when I was a Wal-Mart jewelry dept manager. Had to be at work by 5:30 am to be ready for the doors to be opened at 6. That's enough torture as far as I'm concerned! But no, it began with trying to politely break through what would qualify as a mosh pit waiting to run through the doors and begin pillaging everything in their vile paths. The day got worse from there. Nevermind I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and having morning-noon-and-night sickness. Ugh. I NEVER enter a mall from this day forward through the end of the year because I become completely homicidal, and prison can really ruin a holiday season, I would imagine.
2005-11-25 02:04:22 AM  
Thank you for blessing us non-TFers with your presence! You're definitely the cat's ass...hole. Maybe you could go out tomorrow and pick up a Mach 3 to shave the rat hair off your face cool guy!
2005-11-25 02:10:39 AM  
I worked at an outlet store for a major computer manufacturer. Every major sale had a few good deal computer and notebook bundles... and the dreaded Back Page specials, ones and twos and if lucky threes of older-than-usual-stock units , scratch-and-dent, etc. Yup, people would start lining up at 4am for these. Yup, by the time I'd get in around 6am the line was usually to the street (three supersize store lots away). One Black Friday, a woman rushed in with the end of the line and saw THE LAST BOX OF WHAT SHE WANTED in the hands of another customer -- she ran up, grabbed it, and *bit* the guy to make him drop it. About 20 minutes later another employee got hit in the head by a pissy customer slinging computers around trying to find where we had 'hidden' the computer he wanted (sir, try the carts of the people who stood in line two hours before you got here).

What made the day even more fun: dialup credit card connection. For the first 2-3 hours of the sale, the phone lines were jammed; imagine, a major computer manufacturer, hundreds of people in line waiting for checkout, and the cashier is having to sit an extra 5-10 minutes per person hoping that this time they slide the card, it will manage to get a non-busy line to the credit card company. Sooo very hightech.

I'm actually glad our division finally got cut in a downsize and put an end to my 9 years in retail. Never doing retail again if I can help it! I won't even look at the Black Friday ads just in case I might be tempted by something, spent too long on the other side of the counter to want to go NEAR a store that day.
2005-11-25 02:17:56 AM  

I've always heard of people whose souls have been totally sold over to corporate overlords. But never ever seen one. Now I have. And I want to thank you for showing your kind does exist.
2005-11-25 02:23:44 AM  
Here's an idea worth trying. Take a laptop with a DVD burner, a stack of blank DVD's, and a camcorder. When you see someone about to start a fight, film it. Walk up to the person who was attacked, take them aside, and ask if they are pressing charges, and that if they are, you could burn them a DVD of the incident on the spot for $100.00 so that they'll have evidence for court.
2005-11-25 02:24:13 AM  
running to slow: Go for it. There's a special place in hell for people who take up2 spots in a busy parking lot.... And I don;t even drive. *G*
2005-11-25 02:46:13 AM  
I was working at K-mart (remember them?) part-time and an old woman came up to the register eating a corn dog and put 5 pairs of granny-panties on the counter. She said "I'm wearing one of the panties. Ring it up."

I said "...uh, I need to get the tag for those" and turned around to call my manager to write out a tag.

She said "oh dammit, I'll get the tag" and hiked up her dress and started rooting around in the granny-panties for the tag. We all just sat and stared...agog. She found the tag and plopped it on the counter. I quit shortly after.
2005-11-25 02:51:56 AM  

I think that the answer you're looking for is that middle aged women feel that this somehow validates their lives. This is the best answer that I can come up with.

/I think they're all crazy, too.

No why middle aged women are such biatches.

They are usually with a domineering husband. Who has probably ordered them to get half the things and was too lazy to go down himself.
Have screaming brats for children, Which they and their husband have produced.
Are in a job they don't like with no real authority.

So when they see you you seem to be in a lower position and they take all their bitterness out on you.
2005-11-25 03:08:24 AM  
Jeez, save your regular shopping for ANY other day but Hot Friday.

You Radio Shack 'droids seem to excel at confusing your problem for my problem. Where is it written that my cordless telephone battery won't die on Black Friday? Here's an idea: STFU and serve the customer, like you're paid to do.

/not actually the least bit crabby
//after reading the third anti-customer diatribe from a Rat shiat salesperson, I'm actually thinking of going battery-shopping tomorrow just for the sheer fun of it
2005-11-25 03:25:16 AM  
Bwahaha. I worked Wednesday and will work Friday... at an Albertsons Deli. Dead days for me. Wednesday, the rest of the store was crazy, but we were able to sit comfortably in the back of the deli with a very few amount of customers.
2005-11-25 03:49:21 AM  
Not technically a BF story, but Radio Shlock counts, eh?

The Bug Lady. My manager and a coworker had warned me, but I thought it was some sort of joke..

..little old lady comes in with a radio, needs batteries for it. I notice tiny insects crawling on the thing. of course, she wants the batteries installed.. little old lady, so I figure, okay, it's just bugs, so I get a bag and put it under it to keep the bugs from crawling about.

I was getting something or another and turned my back, and she was removing the bag to let the creepy crawlies run amuk. To this day I don't know why..

First time I ever told a customer to leave based purely on my opinion of 'this crap ain't worth it' and told her to have the nice folks at circus city help her. Of course, I didn't get in trouble for kicking her out, since she was, indeed, The Bug Lady.
2005-11-25 03:59:21 AM  
One thing to know is that if you work in a mens clotihng store such as (cough cough) Claiborn for will be rushed only at the last minute. Here is why - go ahead you femenistas get warmed up.

Women only think of themselves when shopping; they will spend twelve hours combing the store thinking "how does this look on me." "what will they say when they see ME in this" etc etc. At the last minute they will need something to give to thier husband/boy friend who finances most if not all of thier trip! So they jam the mens stores for some token to give him. Think I am making this up? That actually was a quip from one of my female customers!! but it is true, we get rushed at the very last minute. Of course we take advantage of this and put the most expensive stuff out for them and short stock (hold back) the cheaper or "sale" items. (BTW wtf is it with women thinking that a marked down price is a marked down price?) We routinely reprice items 25 to 45% higher then mark them down by the same amount. Funny thing is with that little red line through the price they will buy it.

Seriously, stake out, or stop in and check your local "claiborn for men" at an outlet mall. then see when it has a drove of female will see I am not kidding.
2005-11-25 04:05:44 AM  
I posted this in a TF thread ... any of you folks want a crack at it? I'm still soliciting opinions ...
I was thinking that maybe my wife and I would go around to the big box stores at Carousel Mall in Syracuse this afternoon and hand out (factory pre-wrapped) candy to any retail workers I happen across while we browse. We would do our best NOT to take up any of their time, just say we're trying to brighten up their day and have them take some candy if they want it.

My wife say that:
1) They won't trust the candy
2) They'll be too busy and frazzled to care
3) They might just think we're in the way

I disagree, but then again, I try to think that people appreciate a kind gesture. I've worked in retail before and I realize how much this day is hell for them ... does anyone else think this is a good/bad idea? I want to give it a try, and my wife says she'll go along if I really want to. Or am I just going to be in the way?

I figure I can put those *PAID* stickers on the candy bags at every store and carry the receipts, as well as give candy to the front door guy first so that he knows we're cool when we leave with bags of candy.

Any thoughts?
2005-11-25 04:16:47 AM  
That sounds like more fun than just watching the carnage, MacEnvy. I think it'd probably go over pretty well with most, you may get the odd tosser, but, meh..

I've never worked retail, but I've been a member of "the unwashed masses" (though happily washed) several times, and Best Buy is definitely the most interesting..
One year my cousin and brother were cold, so they found a refrigerator box beside the store and sat in it for a while.. I think the same year an old man got trampled by people rushing into the store.
Oh, and one time about 30-40 people formed a second line, evidently thinking themselves too important to have waited since 3:00 AM. Lots of yelling between the two lines, don't honestly remember what came out of it, though.
2005-11-25 04:29:34 AM  
i've read about 4/5ths of this i'm going to bed and sleeping LATTTTTTTE tomorrow.

worked best buy last year as part of the geek squad. stood behind the computer check out (specially designated line for them) and "informed" about our "services" for 9 hours. wasn't that bad, but best buy is the devil.

2005-11-25 04:36:02 AM  
Sometimes I like to go down to the Galleria (Houston) on Black Friday, just to watch the chaos (takes about an hour to park). I used to have a lot more free time on my hands than I do now. Never worked retail. Don't regret it, either.


IMO, I think it'll depend on the person. Some would probably slap the candy out of your hand, and others it would make their day.

/obligatory slash
2005-11-25 04:49:51 AM  
I have to be in there in a few short hours...another "Black Friday". I'm taking my stun-gun this year. Seriously.
/if I make it out alive, I'll write again
2005-11-25 04:52:58 AM  
RobDude: Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE explain to me what all this utter *non-sense* is all about?

EVERYONE hates the whole day after Thanksgiving shopping crap. I don't even go shopping and I hate it. The customers hate it, the employees hate it, and the stores should hate it to.

Why do we do this? It's retarded.

becuase you are american, end-of-story.. this sums up 'americans' really in so many ways.
2005-11-25 05:11:54 AM  
joe90 [TotalFark]becuase you are american, end-of-story.. this sums up 'americans' really in so many ways.

Not really. No one I know goes anywhere near a store on the day after Thanksgiving. None of them are crazed consumers. None of them scream at others in public. They're americans, all of them and yet they comport themselves with dignity and maturity.

Good troll, though.
2005-11-25 05:21:17 AM  
I've never been shopping on Black Friday, I usually do all my shopping online (I've only been in a mall one time in the past 7 years). I was thinking of swinging by the Circuit City near my house when I get off work at 7AM since they have some speakers I wanted on sale, but after reading this thread I think I'll skip it...

A co-worker was just telling me last night that he times it so he's walking up to the doors right as the store opens, and he just strolls in past all the people waiting in line. His philosophy is that if there's not a sign that says "Please wait here" or a roped-off area, then fark you, too bad. Of course, he's a 6'3" black guy who's a former Southeastern Conference All-American, so not too many people are going to hassle him.

kallahan, I have absolutely no sympathy for the drones at my local Rat Shack - the farktards can't find a single component or cable I need, the only thing they know about is the remote-controlled lowrider with flashing lights and bleeping noises that are stacked in the middle of the aisles. I went in to buy a Sirus radio the other day, and not one of the FIVE employees in the store could tell me ONE SINGLE GODDAMN THING about the service. They kept them in the back room and brought me the wrong model THREE TIMES, and when they finally got the right one they rang it up wrong (at least it was $10 in favor...)
2005-11-25 05:37:18 AM  
I'm a courier for a major company (think 3 letters, funny commercials), and this is gonna be my 1st Black Friday.

My territory covers 2 major shopping areas: a mall and a mile long strip of big box stores.

I drive the biggest truck at our station.

Guess I better prepare for MORTAL KOMBAT!

/starts humming the theme from Conan The Barbarian
//putting on go very fast shoes
///packing an extra large lunch, ain't even gonna try for a restaurant
////got a good trainee with me
//let's rock
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