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(   Ahhh, a relaxing Hawaiian vacation... laying on a white sand beach, soaking up the sun and gazing at giant pictures of aborted fetuses flying overhead   ( divider line
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2005-11-22 06:35:06 PM  
Sick, just SICK!
2005-11-22 06:41:08 PM  
what is their purpose in showing me dead babies? Do they think I'll be so grossed out that I'll vote republican?
2005-11-22 06:49:36 PM  
If these people spent half the time and money that they do on this crap on helping unwed mothers instead, you'd see abortion rates lower. I'm absolutely convinced of it.
2005-11-22 06:54:02 PM  
I hate those farkers..
2005-11-22 09:00:07 PM  
People like that are why surface to air missles aren't available commercially. Because they'd be shooting down idiots like these left and right.
2005-11-22 09:31:53 PM  
You know, I'm pro-life, but these kinds of tactics are just horribly.
2005-11-22 09:56:12 PM  
Somebody had done a photoshop before of the 9/11 planes flying into the WTC trailing a 'meat is murder' banner from peta. I wish I could find it because I'd post it here.
2005-11-22 11:50:09 PM  
If these people spent half the time and money that they do on this crap on helping unwed mothers instead, you'd see abortion rates lower. I'm absolutely convinced of it.

That's way too much harder than renting a plane with a big poster behind it, or going to a women's clinic and yelling at women going in there.
2005-11-23 02:32:24 AM  
RyoShin: You know, I'm pro-life, but these kinds of tactics are just horribly.

You know, I have a feeling most pro-lifers would agree with you. These people just do it for the thrill of the shock value and convince themselves that they're 'furthering their cause.' Deep down, they just get a kick out of parading sickening imagery. Sensible people on both sides of the issue view them as sick farks. Years ago these asshats decided to do this in front of my high school, picket-style. Students of either side could agree on one thing: definitely inappropriate. Laws regarding disturbing the peace should apply to crap like this.
2005-11-23 04:11:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-23 04:12:00 AM  
Here at the lovely University of Florida, there are planes like this that fly over every football game. We like to taunt the opposing team's section by pointing at the banner and saying "Hey, that looks like your team!"

Kidding aside, I hate those asshats. Kinda like the women's rights group who wanted me to dip my hand in paint and put my handprint on a bedsheet to help "raise awareness" for domestic violence. I'm aware that women get beat up, and I hate it as much as the next guy, but what does that sheet do? Take the money you spent on sheets and paint and donate it to a battered women's shelter, feminazis.
2005-11-23 04:15:23 AM  
"You know, I have a feeling most pro-lifers would agree with you."

What do you base that on, and how you you account for the frequency of these events? Is it the same people every time and in every location?

What makes you so sure they're in the minority?
2005-11-23 04:18:19 AM  
The tactic makes no sense anyway; it's a surgical procedure, and like most of them the gory details are just that, gory.

By their logic we should outlaw bowel resection surgery because close-up photo's of it would be gross.
2005-11-23 04:19:15 AM  
You know, I was thinking abortion was a last resort, a means to an end. But now that I see bloody baby carcasses flying through the air, I'm convinced I should keep my baby. You guys are gonna help me the next 18 years, right?


2005-11-23 04:21:23 AM  
I work for a giant aborted fetus picture printing company so I'm really getting a kick out of most of these replies...
2005-11-23 04:21:29 AM  
Meh. When people submerge a crucifix in urine, it's free speech- when people show real photos of things that actually happen on a daily basis, it's "inappropriate."

That being said, I'd say this is really in the hands of the courts. The FAA DID give blanket permission, but then again, as the last line said that the courts have said that the FAA's authority does not prevent such local laws from being enacted. If they don't get to fly their sign, though, it shouldn't be because it's "inappropriate-" it should be because there's a ban on aerial adverising. End of story.

I'm not offended by these images any more than I am by pictures of the Holocaust, Great Terror, Rwanda, etc, etc; the truth hurts. In cases like these, it REALLY, REALLY hurts. However, I do question their rhetorical value, especally unaccompanied- most people, on seeing something like that, would try and put it as far from their minds as possible. I'd advise them to save those pictures for people already against- people don't like to be disgusted or outraged, and will often lash out at those who disgust and outrage them. On the other hand, the faithful always like to see the cornerstones of their faith.

In the end, I suppose, we all have to choose between what's "appropriate" and what's right, choose between the values society preaches to us and the contents of our own hearts and minds- ::glances down, notices soapbox:: Hey! Where did that come from? ::Gets down::
2005-11-23 04:24:59 AM  
What do you base that on, and how you you account for the frequency of these events?

Last time I checked, 39% of the population wanted to overturn Roe v Wade. That means about 115,336,312 people feel abortion should be outlawed. I know for a fact there are less then 115 million people flying banners of chunky fetus soup so it's safe to assume that a minority of the pro-life crowd are actually doing this despite not being "the same people every time and in every location?"

Of course I don't really understand the point, showing giant pictures of rectal surgery would be pretty revolting to me while I'm sitting on a beach, but it won't make me want to ban colorectal cancer treatments.
2005-11-23 04:25:22 AM  
Can anyone vouch for the authenticity of those pictures?

They had them displayed on campus on huge 6 feet tall displays and I exaimed them closely.

It doesn't look like fetuses up close; doesn't look like flesh. It's just a little too red and not enough textured. It looks like somebody made a mock fetus to gross people out.
2005-11-23 04:25:27 AM  
So, if I feel it's necessary to break the law to force other people to see my opinions, that's a first amendment issue? Americans have the right to free speech. Americans do not have the right to be heard.
2005-11-23 04:25:45 AM  
Just write on the sand in large letters

2005-11-23 04:26:33 AM  
Holycrap WaytoBlue, you totally posted that right when I was typing. Great minds think about rectal surgery, or something.
2005-11-23 04:26:35 AM  
21st century advertising techniques are so hard to understand. A layman such as myself would think this would just gross people out for a moment and make them upset at the pro-life whackos with the sign, but apparently it is an effective way of convincing people.
2005-11-23 04:27:27 AM  

Exact same thought occurred to me. We should fly pictures of gruesome yet remedial operations and they should, by whatever defunct logic the pro-lifer employs, achieve the same reaction.
2005-11-23 04:28:44 AM  
This is the internet generation, I would have thought we've all become desensitized to gory pictures by now. I'm pro-life and all, but sometimes I think abortion might be a better way to go for some babies as opposed to living in poverty under a single mother who can't raise it right anyway. Better to have never lived than to live a shiatty life, maybe.
2005-11-23 04:29:20 AM  
Fun fact: the Bible has not a single passage concerning abortion.

Not one.
2005-11-23 04:30:30 AM  
What do you base that on, and how you you account for the frequency of these events? Is it the same people every time and in every location?

What makes you so sure they're in the minority?

Here in Omaha, NE that is exactly how it is. Whenever there is a demonstration of this sort it's usually the same batshait crazy guy with his young children and a hand-full of other people.

This group, apparently tired of being ignored by everyone as they hold up their signs at the busy intersections (nowhere near the clinic which is in a quiet area), has recently come up with a new tactic. They've begun staging their protests outside the businesses of the doctor's friends and family. One of them was a horse camp where families would bring their kids for lessons. And these asshats are camped out front with the giant pictures of dead babies.

I assume they were hopping they would drive off business at the other businesses, angering the doctor's friends who might then convince the doctor to give up his practice? Well, I just think thats crazy. And a news story about the event showed that customers at these places just hated the protesters even more for doing it.
2005-11-23 04:31:14 AM  
When people submerge a crucifix in urine, it's free speech

It was in a gallery, where people could choose to see it if they wished. This is purposely trying to pollute public spaces. Big difference, also pisschrist was generally seen as quite beautiful and uplifting by all those wholesome little old ladies that later sought it censorship after they read the title.

But I guess that's really neither here nor their.
2005-11-23 04:36:30 AM  
Hey, if there's a lobby out there that wants to ban rectal surgery and will front the cash. . . go for it!

Of you shouldn't break the law to speak; this case should be settled in the courts as a matter of FAA authority v. County statute and prescedent. That being said, it is kinda in the constitution that freedom of speech and press shall not be infringed. If they want to ban all areal adverising, kudos for them- try picking up women with that stuff in the air. Real mood killer.

It would really only be a FOS issue if they allowed areal advertising BUT banned this because it was "inappropriate." I was taking a dig at Farkers.

orrinbloquy- LMAO.

might be good too.

"Come here often?"
"You know, I can get you a bulk discount."
-The two pickup lines not to use if you work at an abortion clinic.
2005-11-23 04:36:57 AM  

Dafodude: You know, I have a feeling most pro-lifers would agree with you.

What do you base that on, and how you you account for the frequency of these events? Is it the same people every time and in every location?

What makes you so sure they're in the minority?

I think that's why Dafodude said "have a feeling" rather than "have conclusive evidence."

Can I borrow a feeling?
2005-11-23 04:37:20 AM  

That has no practical relevance whatsoever. As we have all seen, the jesusfreaks alternately adopt literal, proverbial and completely fictional readings of the bible as the advancement of a given purpose requires. If the literal meaning is unhelpful, adopt a proverbial one. If that is pushing it too far, even for jesusfreaks, just make some shiat up and attempt to veil personal logic and morality in a guise of legitimacy by claiming it to be 'what jesus would do'.

By the way:

When I first read this thread, the first thing that came into my mind was that Maddox picture, clicky. It is only laziness and a vague desire not to be banninated that stopped me re-doing it, albeit with foetuses and abortion as the theme.
2005-11-23 04:38:30 AM  

I think the whole religious problem with abortion is the murder commandment, since they think life begins at conception. Just my two cents
2005-11-23 04:41:29 AM  
Get that shiat out of the air. If it was a PETA zeppelin or whatever instead of a pro-life ad I'd feel exactly the same way.

So sick of people plastering their "messages" over every available piece of space, wall, air, airwave. didn't advertisers and activists watch Johnny Mnemonic?

/gets the shakes
//knows johnny mnemonic was not the good
2005-11-23 04:41:49 AM  
I think we should prevent the wasteful disposal of fetuses and start grinding them up for cat food, dog food, even some kind new tasty spam.

After all, it's probably better than veal.

Fetus pate
2005-11-23 04:42:08 AM  
Fun fact: the Bible has not a single passage concerning abortion.

Not one.

I call shenanigans. Coming soon: Four references to abortion in the bible.

/Wait for it...
2005-11-23 04:45:10 AM  
The way many pro-abortionist talk about abortion, pictures of first term aborted fetuses should be about as shocking as looking at scambled eggs. I don't see how they could be shocking. If your going to do something in your society, don't hide it, be proud of it.
2005-11-23 04:45:12 AM  
What goes through your head as your getting ready for work when you're the aborted fetus truck driver? "Gld I didn't go into solid waste management, that would've been gross." Or maybe it's a local guy yukkin' it up as he grosses out all the facka tourists and haoles around Waiks. Who knows.

What I wanna know is, what is the legality of me driving a van around that said "let's fark (sans filter)." or a giant picture of my wang and me givin' a shaka? I would think that I could be cited for inappropriateness, no? What's the story with this van?
2005-11-23 04:45:59 AM  
II Kings 8:12
II Kings 15:16
Hosea 13:16
Amos 1:13

All of these passages refer to WOMEN WITH CHILD BEING RIPPED OPEN. The one from Amos describes the Lord's anger with those who commited abortion.

/not christian
//just smart
2005-11-23 04:46:45 AM  
next time I go visit hawaii, and this shiat is going on, I'll be sure to pick up some kind of long range rifle with a scope... aim for the fuel tank. I have enough of a problem with the pasty beached whales on the sand, but that would just piss me off to no end.
2005-11-23 04:48:19 AM  
"This article is crap without pics" in 3...2...1...
2005-11-23 04:49:03 AM  
not to toot my own horn, but...
ya I'm gonna toot it:
gasdf2002 = pVVn3d!!!1!!eleventy!!!one!
2005-11-23 04:52:17 AM  

Biblically speaking, abortion is A-Okay.

Ex 21:22-25.
When men fight, and one of them pushes a pregnant woman and a miscarriage results, but no other misfortune ensues, the one responsible shall be fined according as the woman's husband may exact from him, the payment to be based on reckoning, But if other misfortune ensues, the penalty shall be life for a life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foor, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

Here we find, if a fetus is killed accidetally when two men are fighting the woman is not hurt, then one who inflicts it will have to pay a fine to the womans husband (clearly in this passage the fetus is view as the husbands property), but if the woman is killed, then the one who inflicts it shall be killed. Clearly, the state of the fetus is differentiated from the state of the woman in this passage, based on the punishement that the man receives.
2005-11-23 04:53:37 AM  
Hey fubuvsfitch, why the hell are you sitting here when there's HEATHENS that need extermination?


I think you're some kind of half-ass christian who only believes that only the things YOU PERSONALLY find offensive are to be attacked. You're clearly not doing GOD'S WORK.

At the very least, you can go sacrifice some goats, just like Deuteronomy commands, lazy-ass.
2005-11-23 04:53:43 AM  
where the heck is the photo from an old PS of captain embryo and the fetus kid? I deleted it from my hd like a month ago. that would be golden.
2005-11-23 04:53:48 AM  

Did you actually read the Amos one? The last part of the sentence leads me to believe that the punishment relates to a particularly nasty act in war, not to abortion as a general matter.
2005-11-23 04:54:13 AM  

im confused, why does seeing an aborted fetus compare with seeing holocaust pictures, the holocaust was the killing of PEOPLE...?

Ok sorry maybe that was a little trolly i don't actually want to start anything, but it makes me confused every time i see somone with one of these photos, I'm not pro-life, but i can see why somone would be. Showing me that however, not only doesn't 'shock' me, it doesn't prove anything to me either.

/seriously don't take the bait of the first paragraph i just had to say it.
//ducks anyway.
2005-11-23 04:54:16 AM  
Notice how anti-aboirtionists aren't lining up adopting kids?

Also notice that abortion laws only affect the poor because women with expendible income can travel and get it done anywhere forcing determined poor women to get illegal, dangerous abortions?

2005-11-23 04:58:04 AM  
I understand your point, but the point is that the god is expressing dismay at the death of unborn children. so, you know, abortion.
I am not a christian at all, I am agnostic. I dont know where I stand on abortion. Really glad Im not a woman though, kinda feel like they have more say than I do. I dont believe in the passages I quoted, I am just qouting them to show homie that there are references in teh good book.

2005-11-23 04:59:33 AM  
p.s. I heart Renowned transvestite sexologist
but in a completely platonic (thats how ya spell it right?) manner
2005-11-23 05:01:55 AM  
Even if they were to allow some ads (which the place in question does not), it doesn't mean they couldn't ban some as "inappropriate." If someone flew by a banner for their porn site with naked people on it, I am sure most of the pro-lifers would say it is inappropriate and should not be allowed. Once you say that, then you can no longer claim absolute free speech rights, and you acknowledge that the city can ban a public advertising banner as "inappropriate."

That part is irrelevant anyway since they ban all ads, and I can understand why perfectly. It's a tourist spot, they don't want to screw it up with annoying ads flying by on the beach. People don't like it. I wouldn't. If the court rules that the FAA permission means that the city isn't allowed to ban it, then the FAA rules should be changed so the city can.
2005-11-23 05:03:56 AM  
I soooo agree with your point though, I hate when people pick and choose. sexologist pointed out that the bible is full of seemingly contradictory stuff by contradicting the Amos thingy, so its a hodge podge of make it say whatever you want-ness. but ya, haineux you missed my point, bro. not attacking abortion at all.
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