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(KESQ)   Today's "hot female teacher banging three male students and wasn't around when you were in school" story brought to you by Visalia, California   ( divider line
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62230 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Nov 2005 at 4:28 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-11-21 01:59:06 AM  
Sweet, they're gonna make her register as a sex offender. Now I can find her.
2005-11-21 02:05:43 AM  
Apparently this is old news...

Here's her pic

[image from too old to be available]

I'd clap her erasers.
2005-11-21 02:06:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not bad. Gawd, but kids these days are lucky....
2005-11-21 02:09:39 AM  
i've said it before and i'll say it again: a medal is in order here for this chick....
2005-11-21 02:25:37 AM  
oral copulation

Oh yeah. Tell us more...
2005-11-21 02:50:03 AM  
steviep: "Not bad. Gawd, but kids these days are lucky...."

It probably happened before, the teachers just got away with it more.
2005-11-21 03:01:12 AM  
and oral copulation.

Not "oral copulation with a minor" but just "oral?"

Oral sex is against the law in California? WTF?
2005-11-21 03:39:25 AM  
For anyone who thinks these dudes are lucky -- they live in Visalia. That's just too high a price.
2005-11-21 04:33:45 AM  
who weren't
2005-11-21 04:34:40 AM  
Meh, this is nothing new. Me and two other guys had sex with our art teacher in the sixth grade. I didn't really know what I was doing and didn't really want to be there, but Mr. Cooper promised us punch and pie afterwards...
2005-11-21 04:37:38 AM  
Oral copulation? Doesn't she realize that shiat causes cancer!?
2005-11-21 04:38:00 AM  
Today's hot female teacher banging three male students who wasn't around when you were in school brought to you by Visalia, California

At the same time?
2005-11-21 04:38:15 AM  
Actually, the language is correct sal-paradise
She wasn't around when you horndogs were in school.
Well, I think she wasn't. Very well could be wrong.
2005-11-21 04:39:43 AM  

No, it's "wasn't". Submitter is referring to the teacher, who WASN'T around when you were in school. If he'd used "weren't", he'd be referring to the students she scrumped.
2005-11-21 04:45:39 AM  
That 'Time to get a raise?' ad was peachy.
2005-11-21 04:47:46 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-21 04:53:38 AM  
I wish she taught at Mt. Whitney High when I was there. Visalia- represent (even though this is Tulare)!
2005-11-21 04:54:06 AM  
"Court Judge Walter Gorelick"

He should have recused himself.

Oh, and I wish there could be more ads on that site.
2005-11-21 05:03:42 AM  
Wonder who ratted her out.
2005-11-21 05:04:34 AM  
Oral, because of the onion breath, I suppose.
2005-11-21 05:08:50 AM  
*sigh* I remember the teachers I would have banged like a drum, if given the opprotunity.
2005-11-21 05:14:54 AM  
I would tap that ass faster than a greased bolt of lightening.
2005-11-21 05:18:09 AM  
I think it's sexist that male teenagers should be governed by the same protective laws as female teenagers. It doesn't sound like rape, and it's probably better the guys get a sexual release from an older woman instead of pushing their a young girl their age into premature sex.
2005-11-21 05:19:29 AM  
shagging three teenaged boys? that's at least 90 seconds of lovemaking right there!
2005-11-21 05:20:35 AM  
pretend that extra "their" doesn't exist, it was planted there by typing gremlins
2005-11-21 05:21:08 AM  
When my highschool counselor dies or something, I'll tell the story on FARK. She's a hottie.
2005-11-21 05:21:14 AM  
Dear Fark People :

I did a teacher when I was in high school. It really wasn't all that great.

Larry the Fish
2005-11-21 05:34:47 AM  
Dear Larry the Fish:
fark you for not providing pics.
2005-11-21 05:38:10 AM  
1. shes kinda scary looking

2. all of my teachers were scary looking

2b. therefore the idea of sex with teacher makes my penis sad!
2005-11-21 05:39:11 AM  
shagging three teenaged boys? that's at least 90 seconds of lovemaking right there!

You're optomistic.
2005-11-21 05:40:08 AM  
"it's probably better the guys get a sexual release from an older woman instead of pushing their a young girl their age into premature sex."

Obvious double standard here.
2005-11-21 05:44:27 AM  
...and by 'lovemaking' I mean 'rabbit-like thrusting and boobie-mauling followed closely by profuse apologising'
2005-11-21 05:53:03 AM  
Did anyone else's browser window title read:
"Tulare teacher to spend one year in jail for sex with stud"

It's been a long morning.
2005-11-21 06:00:35 AM  
2005-11-21 06:25:33 AM  
tristan's_friend is both hilarious and achingly beautiful. Therefore, I am in love and have nothing to say about the article.
2005-11-21 06:30:38 AM  
These teachers WERE around when we were in high school: they were in high school with us, probably banging the teachers.
2005-11-21 06:37:56 AM  

Oral, because of the onion breath, I suppose.

Good one, but you're thinking of Vidalia, not Visalia.

/it was funny
//no really
///cannot resist the slashies...
//...or the ellipsis...
2005-11-21 06:40:57 AM  
I think the headline grammar is incorrect. Shouldn't "who wasn't around" etc. be right after "teacher" since it is talking about her? I don't know the correct terminology but I seem to think it's incorrect.
2005-11-21 06:42:56 AM  
WOOT! lets here it for Visalia, my hometown baby!

and yeah, this sort of thing went on way back when I was in school...why, the very first person to touch my peener was my 6th grade spanish teacher...and she was a babe! lol...of course back then boys were smart enough not to like, run off to the cops, it was, you know....a GOOD thing to have your penis touched for gods sake!

whats happening to this world...*sigh*
2005-11-21 06:53:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-21 06:59:25 AM  
consensual sex should never be a crime, fire her sure, but sex offender?
2005-11-21 07:04:24 AM  
Complete double standard. If this was a male teacher, he'd be going away for 25 years.

If this judge had given a man who did this a suspended prison term and one-year in county, every women and children's rights advocate group in the country would be filing petitions for his ouster.
2005-11-21 07:05:33 AM  
Why, oh why couldn't I have been offended like that back in school? Not that any of my teachers were in the least bit hawt, but y'know...
2005-11-21 07:18:07 AM  
They didn't mention what grade these high schoolers were in. If they were seniors, she shouldn't have to spend a single day even in court, let alone jail.

I knew a guy in 12th grade that was banging his 11th grade Social Studies teacher (she was a second year teacher, and recently divorced.) Maybe it is different because he was not currently in her class, I dunno, but he was nearly 18, and she was only 25ish. I don't see the big deal.
2005-11-21 07:18:35 AM  
"Oral sex is against the law in California? WTF?"

Yes, and in many other states, and under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as well. Often lumped in an broad definition of "sodomy", oddly.

Like adultery, it's just not prosecuted much.
2005-11-21 07:20:33 AM  
SaintOfKillers That's funny right there I don't care who you are
2005-11-21 07:23:51 AM  
You sir are CORRECT.

For all of you saying "where's the crime ?" ... When YOUR 17-year-old daughter gets tapped by her 25-year-old teacher, I want to hear the same indignation...

/it's a crime, morans...
2005-11-21 07:23:52 AM  
Can't get enough of that Rachel Wray.
2005-11-21 07:32:58 AM  

The same is happening to you in someone's head, right now. farking. owned.

/more importantly, a spider just landed on my pillow
2005-11-21 07:33:28 AM  
zippythechimp: Can't get enough of that Rachel Wray.

Ok, b ut why do people use THAT photo? She looks like she just rolled out the back door of the short bus on the way to the petting zoo.
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