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(Reuters)   Pepsi Blue to follow up Code Red.   ( divider line
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11734 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 May 2002 at 2:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-07 02:13:20 PM  
In the first place, this stuff actually sounds pretty good...
2002-05-07 02:34:39 PM  
This should have the SICK tag.
2002-05-07 02:35:57 PM  
fark PEPSI-BLUE AND MOUNTAIN DEW CODE-RED(more like code s---)!!!! Frunch is gay!
2002-05-07 02:36:11 PM  
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2002-05-07 02:36:27 PM  
Mmmmm... fad drinks.
2002-05-07 02:38:26 PM  
Is that vanilla Coke out yet? Has anyone tried it?
2002-05-07 02:38:27 PM  
Am I the only one who is reminded of that fluid they use in maxi pad and tampon commercials?
2002-05-07 02:38:29 PM  
Crystal Pepsi Uber Alles!
2002-05-07 02:38:35 PM  
why should we care?
2002-05-07 02:39:55 PM  
Yeah, all you hatahz out there are probably sucking down Red Bulls and Jones blueberry cream soda like there's no tomorrow though.
2002-05-07 02:40:29 PM  
Everyone remember Pepsi Clear?
2002-05-07 02:40:38 PM  
Are there any fad drinks still around today?

New coke?

Cherry coke would be one, I guess.

Any others?
2002-05-07 02:40:57 PM  
Where the hell is my Vanilla Coke?
2002-05-07 02:40:57 PM  
I'd rather just keep drinking my 8 Mountain Dews a day on average. Code Red is asstastic.
2002-05-07 02:42:07 PM  
I like the article I had better. It described the stuff as "the color of Windex".
2002-05-07 02:42:08 PM  
Bring back Crystal Clear Pepsi.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-05-07 02:43:18 PM  
Yes, but is it more caffinated than regular Pepsi? That's all anyone will care about.
2002-05-07 02:43:20 PM  
just pass the purple french fries with the green heinz ketchup and we'll call it a meal
2002-05-07 02:45:15 PM  
We had code red in our vending machines here at work for about a week. I guess they realized the stuff tasted like shiat, and noone was going to buy it.
2002-05-07 02:45:23 PM  
It will be just like crystal pepsi except instead of being clear and tasting like shiat it will be blue and taste like shiat--or windex, I suppose.
2002-05-07 02:48:55 PM  
Vanilla Coke = May 15
2002-05-07 02:49:26 PM  
If the two huge cola conglomerates keep making new flavors to the point where no one wants to drink their product anymore, then the terrorists have already won.
2002-05-07 02:52:24 PM  
I think the Blue Pespsi, Green ketchup, and purple Nacho chips should all be in one commercial starring an albino.
2002-05-07 02:54:22 PM  
No matter what the color, Pepsi still tastes like yellow piss.
2002-05-07 02:55:33 PM  
Maybe they're going for a pro-american line of cola..I wonder when "Pepsi:Lets Roll" will come out..
2002-05-07 02:56:07 PM  
AnonyMouse: Ewwwww
2002-05-07 02:56:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-07 02:57:16 PM  
So I won't need to buy Tidy Bowl anymore since I'll be pissing it out anyways...
2002-05-07 02:58:05 PM  
I thought this was a new computer virus.
2002-05-07 02:58:30 PM  
I have 2 thoughts on this...
#1. Coke decides to 'reintroduce' a classic, and liked, varity of their product. Pepsi sees this and get worried. "What can we do? We don't have any classic stuff to bring back. So let's make something and hope for the best." I think the Vanilla coke will do a lot better than these new Pepsi's.

#2. Is it just me, or is everything becoming colorized, flavorized, and 'extremed' now? I bet if the soda companys had their way, your water facuet would be running Coke or Pepsi. Kinda like cable. If you want it, you get the one provider in your area...
2002-05-07 02:59:29 PM  
Did the Melon flavored Mello Yello ever make the news? It's..umm .. different.
2002-05-07 03:01:02 PM  
anyone else find it pretty pathetic to read an article about "designer" soda next to an ad for african disaster relief?

"These folks can't afford to eat their own feces, ,but hey! my soda is bright blue!"
2002-05-07 03:01:41 PM  
God says not to eat anything blue.
2002-05-07 03:04:30 PM  

The old "New Coke" still exists under the name Coke II, but the bottling amount is so small that you have to really look for it. It's mentioned briefly a few times on Coke's official website.

Snopes also did a full page about the debacle.

It doesn't taste too bad, but it doesn't have the toxic syruppy death flavor of real Coke.
2002-05-07 03:05:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue
Like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette
And everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
Cause he ain't got nobody to listen

I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa
I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa...
2002-05-07 03:06:16 PM  
Just mix your own sodas :P Add grenadine or strawberry daquiri mix to mtn dew. Buy an assortment of flavoring syrups and add those to your pepsi/coke/whatever. Or just go straight for vodka in mtn dew and get too drunk to care ;P
2002-05-07 03:14:53 PM  
I like Ike!
2002-05-07 04:02:09 PM  
Anyone ever notice how much Pepsi Twist actually tastes like Coke? It's sickening to taste such blasphemy from a Pepsi-labelled product.

Shame on you, Pepsi, for trying to ruin a good thing by making it taste like the inferior product of your competitor.

You guys should working on something better... a Pepsi-flavored product with alcohol in it. Call it something like "Pepsi Hard".
2002-05-07 04:13:40 PM  
Sonic is the master of soda's.

Those of you in the south should try a Vanilla dr.Pepper, thats damn good stuff.

Mt. Dew Code red tastes like a sonic Cherry Limeaid. :)
I imagine the blue pepsi will taste like a oceanwater from sonic too......

Sonic is the bomb.
2002-05-07 04:25:00 PM  
diet Code Red? now I CAN drink this shiat ALL DAY LONG!
2002-05-07 04:30:14 PM  
Pepsette? (named after a particular smurf).
2002-05-07 04:37:32 PM  
Bones3D_mac "You guys should working on something better... a Pepsi-flavored product with alcohol in it. Call it something like "Pepsi Hard"."

2002-05-07 04:55:27 PM  
Dachande: I agree. They got Mountain Dew Code Red, now there's Pepsi Blue, all they need is to bring back Clear Pepsi and they have the red, white, and blue trilogy. Let's Roll!!!
2002-05-07 05:05:45 PM  
Just what I wanted to drink, blue soda that looks like it was just poured out of a Johnny on the Spot! This is disgusting!

2002-05-07 05:05:45 PM  
I think it's about time they came out with hashbrown-flavored 7up, or guacamole bout ground beef flavored milk?
2002-05-07 05:44:27 PM  
My thoughts exactly Henchman!
Screw the new flavor! I WANT CAFFINE!!!!
2002-05-07 06:18:55 PM  
I thought "Pepsi Blue" was going to be the name of the DOE's next supercomputer...
2002-05-07 06:29:03 PM  
Fruity flavors appeal to minorities according to magic johnson.

no really.

I was watching a CNBC peice about magic managing a theatre chain. They couldnt sell shiat for soda until they brought in grape and orange pop. Then the minorities bought a ton. Then the dumb ass beoup of a reporter was like "I'm a total white girl I've never had fruity soda before! HEE HEE"
2002-05-07 06:29:24 PM  
Pepsi sucks...
[image from too old to be available]
...just ask their employees.
2002-05-07 07:53:16 PM  
Bring back Crystal Pepsi!
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