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(SFGate)   Man fatally shot at showing of new 50 Cent movie. Police "unsure" if movie featuring gang violence would lead to... wait for it... gang violence   ( divider line
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7393 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Nov 2005 at 2:17 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-11-11 03:31:15 AM  
Yo, I was a young blood back in 1991 when "New Jack City" opened in theaters, and it was the shiat. Let me tell ya, mofos be talking all that 'Nino Brown' shiat like it was outta style, and coping them cool threads to hook up with tha honeys.
Yo, it was the shiat, fo' real b!
2005-11-11 03:31:48 AM  
Everytime I've seen a gang member I can't help but think about how apelike they seem. And that is not a racial statement, any gang member that acts 'thuggish' makes me realize how primitive some members of society are. If you could even call them that.
2005-11-11 03:33:15 AM  

I like apes.
2005-11-11 03:33:51 AM  

w. t. f.

/plus, you can't use slashies in the middle of a post
//you just can't
2005-11-11 03:34:07 AM  
That What_Would_Jimi_Do post is funnier if you can hear Dale Gribble reading it.
2005-11-11 03:35:33 AM  
Uncle Pim

That reminds me! I need more duckets!

/Now where did I leave my gat???
2005-11-11 03:41:43 AM  
I read some interview with 50 cent with him practically saying "I'm hardcore because I've been shot".

There's a guy who lives down the street from me who did two tours of vietnam as a bomb disposal expert. He comes across as a very level headed person, nice bloke. Never been shot because he probably figured out that standing in front of people with guns is bad for your health.
2005-11-11 03:42:36 AM  
You gotta give it to those rap moguls .. they sure know how to market and advertise.

King Kong advertisers were hitting science journals, Narnia political Jesus blogs but rap promoters goes big time media news.

[image from too old to be available]

Also, that girl is hot. She looks like she really has the hair and skin products figured out there.

Lately when I see hot girls all I can think of how much time they've put into their hair and skin products. Maybe I'm getting old.
2005-11-11 03:54:32 AM  
Well, we can all thank Corporate America and the idiots - both democrats and republicans - in the government for creating the whole idiotic "get rich or die tryin" philospophy by deifying money.

Money at all costs. That should be America's new motto. We should get rid of 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' 50-cent and other tryhards like him are just figureheads of the victimization of our nation's poor people and disenfranchized minorities by the rich. It is farking ridiculous.

The problem is our entire country is obsessed with money. The 'at all costs' means everything else in life that goes in the toilet as a result of this deranged obsession.

In the news today I read that 20 percent of American women have not had a vacation in 6 years. 6 years! That is farking RIDICULOUS.

Our economists are obsessed with measuring GDP - economic activity and the creation of wealth - and they completely ignore the issue of whether or not people are actually happier. War, cancer, hurricanes - great for GDP because they increase economic activity! Hurray! Are people happier? No! Do we realize it? No! Is that the way corporate execs want it? Hell yeah!

Are we happier in the US than in other countries where everyone gets a month of paid vacation every year? Where health insurance and medical care are not just a luxury for the rich? Where you don't have to eat dogfood in your 70s? Of course not.

People in the USA are farking miserable, apart from a tiny elite that runs corporations that outsource our jobs overseas and keep driving the wedge in that makes poor people poorer.

'Get rich or die tryin' is exactly what these fat farking white pricks in corner offices on wallstreet and in the White House want poor America's philosophy to be. They want you to think that if you work an 80-hour week with 5 days of vacaction a year for long enough, you'll be rich one day too! Wake up, dumbass! YOU WILL NOT BE RICH! EVER!
2005-11-11 04:01:06 AM  

If you want to beat What_Would_Jimi_Do you'll have to try a little harder.
2005-11-11 04:01:54 AM  

You all right, man. Don't be so down dude, it's only a farkin' movie. Chill out homie.

\kickin; it on a Friday morning
\\takin' it easy and livin'
2005-11-11 04:02:09 AM  
hadamhiram I'm only telling you this because I care. There are a lot of decafinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing.
2005-11-11 04:03:26 AM  
I got a suggestion: Work less, Spend less; Live More!
2005-11-11 04:03:32 AM  
safeinsane: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the same thing happen with this movie? I seem to remember commercials for its VHS release that bragged, "Now watch from the safety of your own home."


you've gotta be kidding me.... white people crack me up
2005-11-11 04:04:13 AM  
KingSizeLite -

Yeah, I can't take on What_Would_Jimi_Do because I am grammatically challanged: I have an inability to form incomplete and totally incoherent sentences.
2005-11-11 04:05:11 AM  
cuzman -

I CAN nail a 6 inch spike through a board with my penis.
2005-11-11 04:06:29 AM  
Did I just write 'challanged' instead of 'challenged'? Guess I will have to go get a brain for my moran self...
2005-11-11 04:07:06 AM  
You know,dudes and dudettes; it could all be worse. At lest we are not in France, thankfully!
2005-11-11 04:08:10 AM  
Wooo, Pittsburgh makes the big news.
2005-11-11 04:09:45 AM  
2005-11-11 04:13:11 AM  
Yeah. Violent movies never influence people. Tell that to the two replacement vertabrae in my lower spine.

/Kid thought he was Frank Dux
//Match Was Over
///Beat him 7-3
////Kicked me with my back turned
//Ruined my martial arts career
//Seeing his asshat self get beat on by my sensei: priceless.
2005-11-11 04:14:06 AM  
BTW the new Fiddy Cent movie have got an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. At least it's 1% better than Doom.
2005-11-11 04:16:03 AM  
they completely ignore the issue of whether or not people are actually happier.

Do you use ANOVA or pi^2 to measure happyness?
farked if I know!
2005-11-11 04:17:24 AM  
I have an inability to form incomplete and totally incoherent sentences.

Double negative. Double negative. Double negative.

/OWWWWW! My head just asploded! ! !
2005-11-11 04:23:15 AM  
Quick, someone phone Jack Thompson!

Oh wait, wrong industry!
2005-11-11 04:23:37 AM  
Ahem. Double negative as a grammatical error only aplies when the intended meaning does not match the chosen phraseology, as in:

I ain't got nuthin = I do not have nothing = I have something.

But when "I ain't got nuthin" is taking to mean "I do not have anything," then and only then does the double negative become a grammatical error.

/That is all.
2005-11-11 04:24:01 AM  

Nope. I read your post 3 times and.....

excuse me......

4 times and I still haven't got a clue what you're rabbiting on about.
2005-11-11 04:24:30 AM  
Man, I cannot spell today. Applies, damnit, APPLIES!
2005-11-11 04:29:08 AM imitating art imitating life....
2005-11-11 04:35:45 AM  
"Now watch from the safety of your own home" ... was that really, RLY the tagline for the VHS release of Colors? If so, then I have to join mrFREEZE in hysterical laughter. Holy craps!

Your story is cool, because the when the guy was flying off his bike after being "shot" by the imaginary gun, it made me think of Easy Rider, which ends with the two protagonists suffering the same fate (although they were shot by a random redneck, not a cop). Anyway, it made me think "oooh, that's cool", because Dennis Hopper gets blown away like that in Easy Rider, and he directed Colors, and, um...the opening night of Colors is when you saw saw something that looked a lot like the final scene of Easy Rider.

/I apologize; that was rambling and rather pointless
//probably because I'm drunk
///and a doofus even on my best days
2005-11-11 04:38:26 AM  
correlation does not imply causation
correlation does not imply causation
correlation does not imply causation

/needs to be said more
2005-11-11 04:42:06 AM  

Analyze this sentence: I am grammatically challanged: I have an inability to form incomplete and totally incoherent sentences.

/Thrill me with your acumen Clarice
//Fly fly fly Clarice
2005-11-11 04:49:37 AM  
Judging by the reviews, I would probably have popped a cap in someones ass if I had paid to see that film.

Heh....'Pop a cap in someones ass' just doesnt sound right with an English accent.

Yo' why you be frontin'?

Heh..funny........ Im so English......
2005-11-11 04:52:13 AM  
Black people might have created a culture that finds pride in gang activity. I mean they do seem to do it a whole lot.
Half of you read nothing but gang activity and assumed they were all black. You have to wonder what kind of effect that has.
2005-11-11 05:01:51 AM  
Is ebonics an officially recognized dialect, or can I still make fun of people who name themselves "fiddy sint?" I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
2005-11-11 05:09:42 AM  
mr0x: Lately when I see hot girls all I can think of how much time they've put into their hair and skin products. Maybe I'm getting old.

Or gay.

2005-11-11 05:16:08 AM  
my boyfriend is a manager at a cinemark theatre and apparently the corporate office told all theatres getting this stupid movie weeks in advance to hire more sercurity gaurds and paramount will reemburse them in the future. I guess they were anticipating for people to start busting caps at this movie.
2005-11-11 05:18:07 AM  
Was it 50 cent himself? If not, then I'm not interested.

/No-talent ass clown
2005-11-11 05:19:39 AM  
/not reading previous posts

I don't blame these poor folks. Even the posters make me want to shoot someone. Although I can't decide if it's 50 (whose platinum skin grafts render him impervious to bullets) or myself.
2005-11-11 05:28:50 AM  
most annoying things about rap stars / gang members...

that frigging stupid walk! do you need the toilet or something?!? have you got frigging ALZHEIMERS ?!?

/gahhhhhhh !
2005-11-11 05:29:52 AM  
Don't be givin no Lochness monster no three fitty...

\first thing that popped into my head.
\\who is 50 cent?
2005-11-11 05:31:02 AM  
i dont care.his music sucks.fark pdiddy
2005-11-11 05:32:57 AM  
mmm correlation is causation. weeeee
2005-11-11 05:50:46 AM  
Serious question: does the movie create this attitude, or does the movie simply attract people with this attitude?

Look, I have zero use for rap culture, but come on. This "blame the media" mentality smacks of easy answers engineered to make the opinionated feel good about themselves, not an actual, functional observation.
2005-11-11 05:52:23 AM  
Fiddy cent should meet up with a fiddy AE
2005-11-11 05:55:30 AM  
You gotta come strapped when you see a movie like this.

/Gotta keep it real.
2005-11-11 06:11:52 AM  
Renaissance Man
correlation does not imply causation

Chalks another one up for the FSM

/mmmmmmm, noodly appendage
2005-11-11 06:22:38 AM  
50 Cent movie causes otherwise regular people to act like thugs


50 Cent movie attracts some thugs, and they act like they usually do

I wonder which is most likely?
2005-11-11 06:52:17 AM  
oops...i mean security...damn those typos!
2005-11-11 06:52:58 AM  
Oh, come on...I'm sure someone will get shot with an arrow at the "Pride and Prejudice" premier. What's your point, submitter?

Clearly a numpty who hasn't read Pride and Prejudice.
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