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(WFMY)   Long list of people who got write-in votes in a county election include Jughead, Bozo the Clown, Yoda, Jimmy Hoffa and Frank Zappa   ( divider line
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2005-11-10 05:58:26 PM  
I was a write in candidate for mayor here in San Diego. I found out after my roommate went to vote. He said he didn't like either candidate, so wrote in my name.

Vote Stanyanstreet in '08--according to roommate, he's slightly better than Donna Frye or Jerry Sanders!
2005-11-10 07:00:54 PM  
Jughead, Bozo the Clown, Yoda, Jimmy Hoffa, and Frank Zappa

These guys would also make for an interesting basketball team. Or a rock band.
2005-11-10 07:06:45 PM  
I think a better headline is "Vote, Voter Wasted"

/With a tip of the hat to the Onion
//Back in the day when they were good
///you know, 2000
2005-11-10 07:23:54 PM  
General Zod got robbed
2005-11-10 07:54:44 PM  
I don't know why anyone would vote for Jughead. His policies on school reform are sketchy at best.
2005-11-10 07:55:08 PM  
For 8 years running, I've been a write-in vote for the commission of the 'Durham Country Soil & Water Conservation District'

Never win.

However, as part of my unofficial platform, I promised that if voted, I'd make North Carolina (in honor of soil and water) wet and dirty.
2005-11-10 07:55:25 PM  
General Zod got robbed

Don't blame me - I couldn't reach the ballot while I was on my knees.
2005-11-10 07:56:51 PM  
In Seattle I think "Dump the Monorail" was a leading write-in.
2005-11-10 07:58:35 PM  
I wrote in Senator John Kerry to head the county sanitation dept in 2004... seriously. And no... I didn't vote for Bush, either, so shut your pie hole before you even think about opening it.

2005-11-10 08:00:19 PM  
someone voted for pedro
2005-11-10 08:00:27 PM  
I'm writing in Drew Curtis for President in '08! Now, just gotta find some farker to be his Veep! :-)
2005-11-10 08:02:43 PM  
I couldn't in good conscience vote for Bush last time 'round, nor was I willing to go Democrat, so I wrote in Jimmy Buffett for president.
2005-11-10 08:06:40 PM  
In college, I started a campaign for a ticket of two people who couldn't stand each other. They were only three votes short of making the runoff. The campaign was entirely word of mouth, and created the day of the election. The secret was a remarkably obscene, but catchy, slogan. And everyone else running sucked, which was why I started it in the first place. Well, that and the absurd "If elected, you must serve" policy the school had in place.
2005-11-10 08:09:40 PM  
Bozo has some competition on the list, Rufus D. Dufus
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-10 08:10:05 PM  
pedro.. that's awesome.
2005-11-10 08:16:39 PM  
Donald Duck!

Don't forget about Donald Duck!

He's always a good write-in.
2005-11-10 08:16:54 PM

don't blame me, i voted for kodos!

i can't post the pic!

2005-11-10 08:18:34 PM  
In the 1960s, in a City Council election in Baltimore City, someone wrote in an obscenity. Both candidates claimed it was a vote for the other.
2005-11-10 08:19:20 PM  
It seems they have some smart voters -- only one person voted for Perdo.

/hated that movie
2005-11-10 08:21:29 PM  
great googily moogily!
2005-11-10 08:23:04 PM  
Personally I think that Ballots should all feature a none of these option so those who don't like anyone running can state their opinion. I also say that if during a presidential election that if all the canidates suck enough that none of these wins that no one gets the electorial votes for the state. Won't happen but its fun to think of none of these winning a few states some day.
2005-11-10 08:26:39 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2005-11-10 08:29:03 PM  
I'd vote for Zappa in a heartbeat...even in his current state.
2005-11-10 08:29:21 PM  
I hope they didn't use Zappa's name to vote republican.
2005-11-10 08:37:05 PM  
someone voted for pedro

No one voted for Summer, though

She still loses
2005-11-10 08:51:00 PM  
"Vote, I want yours" --Yoda
2005-11-10 08:56:21 PM  
Did any one else notice the link at the end of the article?

Evidently there ain't much to report on in North Carolina. They need to get some car chases or something.
2005-11-10 08:57:51 PM  
I voted for myself and Cookie Monster.

I wanted to vote Grover, but we aren't allowed to vote for Sanitation Commish. in Charlotte.
2005-11-10 08:59:59 PM  
Vote for Pedro and all of your wilest dreams will come true!!!!
2005-11-10 09:00:31 PM  
+10 points to whoever wrote "Helen Keller"
2005-11-10 09:00:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Regan '08!
He'll eat the brains of the corrupt.
2005-11-10 09:04:03 PM  
Somebody voted for Underoath??? Ok, who broke democracy?
2005-11-10 09:08:46 PM  
I "touch screened in" Bill Maher in the California 2002 governor race. Needless to say, I was not surprised when Gray Davis (who won that election versus wingnut moron Bill Simon) was recalled a year later.
2005-11-10 09:25:09 PM  

That's funny - I did a short campaign for Forsyth County District Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. My platform was that I was for dirt and water. I got one vote. That vote may or may not have been my own.

/got beat 12 - 1 by Mickey Mouse
//got beat 24 - 1 by Hugh Jass
///got beat 42 - 1 by Jesus Christ, and I don't even think that guy lives in North Carolina
2005-11-10 09:28:02 PM  
Vote for Frank Zappa.
2005-11-10 09:42:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-10 10:11:25 PM  
Vote for Pedro.

Pray for Omarion.

2005-11-10 10:21:45 PM  
General Zod would have been a much better choice than all these corrupt, graft-guzzling mofos here in Long Island, NY.

/LI politicians suck
//Yes I would kneel before Zod if he would take this cesspool of corruption over.
2005-11-10 10:23:48 PM  
We had a guy running unopposed for delegate in our district so I did a write-in for Stewie Griffin. He didn't win - blast!
2005-11-10 10:50:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

As my online alter ego,I approve. :D
2005-11-10 10:59:39 PM  
Well, when faced with voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, this is what the discerning voter will do.

/Remember the Children!
//Chewbacca for County Comissioner. No more Jawas!
///Republicans for Voldemort!
2005-11-11 12:06:27 AM  
When i was younger i remember going to the polls with my dad and he would always vote for Zappa for President.
2005-11-11 01:00:47 AM  
who needs the peace corps?
2005-11-11 01:31:46 AM  
call any vegetable!
2005-11-11 01:35:38 AM  
call it by name!
2005-11-11 01:53:52 AM  
I write myself in and then request the precinct for an offical result printed out. Suitable for framing. Here in Marin County Jerry Garcia usually beats me by a few votes.

Long time ago local paper showed complete results including Mickey Mouse etc.
2005-11-11 02:21:30 AM  
The difference being that Frank Zappa actually had a political career (albeit a short one).

Read about it.
2005-11-11 06:54:56 AM  
Don't blame me, I voted for Frank Zappa.
2005-11-11 07:27:44 AM  
Hey how could Electro get a write in and not Spidey??
2005-11-11 09:02:28 AM  
Ahh Frank..I miss you.
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