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(Channel 5 Cincinnati)   Video of the guy stealing the ball from Brett Favre during yesterday's Packers-Bengals game   ( ) divider line
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2005-10-31 04:20:52 PM  
Andulamb: I don't drink so I have to ask -- can drinking alcohol really make you this stupid? Could even Mr. Rogers or Mother Theresa behave this way if they got drunk (and weren't dead), or do you have to be a bit on the stupid to begin with?

Um. Yeah.

/was that a serious question?
2005-10-31 04:21:02 PM  
"Remember when daddy hit the ref with the whiskey bottle"

You always plead innocent for shiat like this, it will get bargained down to a fine + court costs. Be worth the cost for a story to tell "remember when uncle Greg floored that security guy."
2005-10-31 04:21:07 PM  
I would really love to know how someone did that Burking King thing so fast! I mean like, Wow... That's really amazing.
2005-10-31 04:21:19 PM  
Heh, funny video. Too bad he didn't score a touchdown, I was rootin' for him. Stinkin' security.
2005-10-31 04:21:54 PM  
I submitted this earlier today with a better video (where you can clearly see the security guards collding in slapstick fashion), but got no GL.

Look here:

and click on "RAW incident video".
2005-10-31 04:21:57 PM  
you know, the best thing that guy could have done is take the ball away from favre. christ -- he wasn't doing anything useful with it during the whole game.
2005-10-31 04:22:26 PM  

You're my hero.
2005-10-31 04:22:44 PM  
If that were me, I would have at least made it to the end zone.
2005-10-31 04:23:35 PM  
Now does anyone have the video from MNF a while back where the fan ran onto the field and got absolutely macked by some huge player?
2005-10-31 04:23:40 PM  
Somewhere a drunken John Madden cries for the death penalty.
2005-10-31 04:24:33 PM  
I like Jayday's rule with a Commissioner's Discretion clause:

The game continues to be played, and if there is probable cause that the trespasser was doing it for the purpose of getting a win for the away team (say, he's from Green Bay), then the forfeit's acceptance it up to the commissioner's discretion.
2005-10-31 04:25:31 PM  
Pretty sure that was Favre's only completion in the game...
2005-10-31 04:25:51 PM  
duckpoopy: "...if your Favre you gotta be pretty pissed about your pass coverage if a skinny white guy in an orange sweater gets passed your defensive line."

You don't know much about football or English, do you?

Dammit. Beat me too it.
/all comments should be voting enabled
//votes for duckpoopy
2005-10-31 04:26:12 PM  
A younger, Drunker Favre would have ripped that guy's head off. Oh, the good old days...
2005-10-31 04:28:58 PM  
Beer is great!
2005-10-31 04:29:01 PM  
Friggin sweet!!!

I used to work with a guy who just adores the Green Bay Packers. He loved the team so much, the smarmy bastard named his son Brett after Brett Favre. He probably couldn't take the shame and slit his belly open seppuku-style after watching that debacle.
2005-10-31 04:29:01 PM  
He pleaded innocent? Maybe he's hoping for an instant-replay judge.

"After further review....evidence that the defendant was on the inconclusive. The play stands....the state is charged with its first timeout."
2005-10-31 04:31:46 PM  
Drunk man got crammed by the security guard while said Drunkman was turning his head back to look at the two keystone cop security guards that had both dove at him and went smack into each other right behind Drunkman. Easy tackle and one of the best of the past weekend.

-Sing it with me!
/Drunkman! Get your head off that bar.
//I said Drunkman! I want the keys to your car.
///I say Drunkman! You've just gone way to far in your "p" "a" "r" "t" "y" ing.
////It's fun to stay at the "j" "a" "i" "l".
2005-10-31 04:31:50 PM  
2005-10-31 04:31:54 PM  
I used to work with a guy who just adores the Green Bay Packers. He loved the team so much, the smarmy bastard named his son Brett after Brett Favre.

My 16 y.o. daughter's name is Peyton Manning III. And they are both "Boy-Crazy".
2005-10-31 04:31:57 PM  
ShootTheMoon: Another view, with the burger king King superimposed.

I work for Burger King

So I am really getting a kick really .

Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

But trust me.... You don't.

I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about.

This is how bad info gets passed around.

If you dont know about the topic....Dont make yourself sound like you do.

Cuz some farkers beleive anything they hear and we all know the king didnt steal that ball.
2005-10-31 04:33:12 PM  
I think the real story here is that Favre barely even tried to retain that ball. If he can't handle a fan in the back field, who can he handle?
2005-10-31 04:34:14 PM  
Nice grab, Blanco Nino. But too bad your ass got SAAAAAACKED!
2005-10-31 04:34:20 PM  
He got jacked up!
/the Texans should go after the Burger King when he becomes a free agent. The King does nothing but make big plays
2005-10-31 04:34:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-31 04:35:47 PM  

I can only hope that someday you work hard and get promoted to fries.

Good luck!
2005-10-31 04:36:07 PM  
Darn. I was hoping it would be one of the ones where a linebacker kills the guy. But I really wish it had been Favre using his cannon to drill the guy in the face from about five yards out.

/Loves when attention whores get owned. Alas, not this time
2005-10-31 04:38:29 PM  
Those first two security guards had terrible pursuit angles and totally owned themselves. But then again, they've learned poor tackling from watching the Bengals from 1991-2003.

/Had to learn proper tackling techniques because of being a "small football player" in high school.
2005-10-31 04:38:32 PM  
Why did he grab the ball? In that debacle of a game, all he had to do was backpedal 10 yards and Favre would have thrown right to him.
2005-10-31 04:40:41 PM  


excellent use of a previous link
2005-10-31 04:40:42 PM  
Holy_Juan: DrCocktosten

I can only hope that someday you work hard and get promoted to fries.

Good luck!

LOL, It works! It works!

/starts reeling in Propiel trollomatic, Cliche edition.
2005-10-31 04:41:06 PM  
You know if any of the players had even touched that guy, he would be a millionaire by year's end.
2005-10-31 04:41:43 PM  
From the article:

The 31-year-old Mt. Washington resident didn't get very far Sunday before he was tackled by security guards and taken into custody.

I am not sure what video they are watching but it appears he broke two tackles and made from the Green Bay 45 to the 12 yard line. Not too shabby.
2005-10-31 04:41:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This guy was needed on the field.

/Da Bears!
2005-10-31 04:44:16 PM  

Dang, I was going to submit that as a Photoshop contest original. GREAT pic. I've already sent it around the office (and co-workers all sent it off to their friends).

You got dibs on the PS submission.
2005-10-31 04:44:40 PM  

The beatdown on this guy would still be continuing. Prolly would last til thursday or so (see Wiki for Mussolini). The only problem I see is out of town fans rooting for the opposition would go running on the field just to assure their team a win.

I live in Denver but am a Miami fan. I assure you I would find a way to make it on the field, beat down or no.
2005-10-31 04:45:44 PM  
pjpjpjpj: I submitted this earlier today with a better video (where you can clearly see the security guards collding in slapstick fashion), but got no GL.

Look here:

and click on "RAW incident video".

Yea, but it's real media, ugh.
2005-10-31 04:46:59 PM  
\Got nothing.
2005-10-31 04:47:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-31 04:48:35 PM  
Farve has lost his top 2 receivers and his top running back, not to mention all of the losses in free-agency last offseason. The fact that he's even kept his team in games is remarkable. Get off his back.

Boy, those remarkable Bengals sure look vulnerable when they play a team that is not in complete disarray. I mean, they only beat Green Bay by a touchdown, at home! Sad.

/go Chargers
2005-10-31 04:49:45 PM  
I have to say that I'm impressed. He made it pretty far, broke a few tackles and then still held onto the ball. The Vikings should sign this guy. I wonder if he can throw the ball too?
2005-10-31 04:52:24 PM  

I think Farve's performance yesterday left a bit lacking also.

But in his defense...

How many quarterbacks in the league right now do you know that can throw 5 INT's and still be bringing his team downfield at the end of the game for a possible tie or maybe even a win (w/a 2 point conversion)?

The dude has been playing with 8 recievers that were not even in camp at the start of the preseason. Bad routes caused 2 of the INT's easily. Tipped passes probably caused 2 more (goes along w/the bad routes soo..)

Before the game Favre had one of the best QB ratings this year. Discount 2 of the INT's and he had a QB rating really close to 110. On the first Packer TD drive he completed 5/6.

Now even I don't like the Brett Favre is a football god talk that Mr. Madden spouts while the slurping sounds are coming out of the speakers as background music, but give Brett some slack.
2005-10-31 04:52:33 PM  
It would have been perfect had he been dressed in a Burger King costume.
2005-10-31 04:52:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for comment.
2005-10-31 04:53:08 PM  

Farve has lost his top 2 receivers and his top running back, not to mention all of the losses in free-agency last offseason. The fact that he's even kept his team in games is remarkable. Get off his back.

Favre is a QB who was once great, but is now mediocre at best. he played through injuries and in doing so hurt his team just to continue a streak of consecutive starts. Ever since curing his addiction to pain killers he has been lack luster at best.

And he is leading his team to the very bottom of the worst division in the NFL, possibly worst division ever.

He should have retired, and instead of going out on top he will be remembered like the great Jerry Rice and my own beloved Dan Marino: At one time they were the elite at their position, but they hung on for too many years.
2005-10-31 04:53:27 PM  
I saw a picture of that guy running with the football last night last night, and I realized there were two thing in that picture which you couldn't see:

Alcohol in his blood
At least a single hundred dollar bill in his wallet.

Not pictured:

Three friends laughing their arse off.
2005-10-31 04:54:02 PM  
Okay, but take a look at the still of the guy getting the ball from Favre. Clearly Favre's arm is coming forward. Tuck rule! Tuck rule!

/Patriots fan before I moved to Wisconsin
//Yes, I know the tuck rule doesn't apply here
///FWIW, the Badgers would have beaten Cincinnati
////Go Badgers
//Yeah, go Badgers, you jerks who suck up my fellowship $$$ with your oak-paneled lockers and your $900/hr massage therapists
//Good thing slashes are free
2005-10-31 04:56:40 PM  
I think it's hilarious that the players did nothing about it. On one hand had they tackled the guy he would have sued them. On the other hand they all looked like a bunch of doofuses for being the most qualified to do something about it, and doing nothing.

What happened to the good old days where if one of the players had knocked him silly everyone would have said, "serves him right".

Damn political correctness.
2005-10-31 04:56:58 PM  
Thanks to whoever posted the "raw video" link that showed the entire play. Fave turned the ball over, or perhaps it will be listed in his stats as an interception (one of thousands) and the 12th man on the field takes off for the endzone, completely eludes two defenders, but the third guy nails him with a textbook perfect tackle. That 3rd security guy should be in the highlight reel.

AND stadiums should be forced to hire 50% of the security of women.


Are your lawyerettes cooking up the lawsuit for this blatant discriminatory policy?? (hiring only dudes for securititty?)
2005-10-31 04:59:42 PM  

You may have the honor.
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