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(   Halloween is New Orleans' "first big drinking night since Katrina." Michael Brown costumes prove so wildly popular that retailers say they only have the front ends of the horses left   ( divider line
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2005-10-31 08:40:59 AM  
New Orleans Halloween ranks up there as one of the best times of my life...

/I saw a flatbed utility truck filled with ice with a 500lb transexual handing out free beer...
2005-10-31 08:44:09 AM  
Halloween in New Orleans sucks, don't come, you'll get shot

or we'll loot your hotel-room

/former resident
//afraid of tourists invading
///should be drunk by now
2005-10-31 08:58:45 AM  
Nice headline. I'm actually prepared for trick-or-treaters. I guess I'll see who shows up. Hopefully it won't be like the last year I tried and had only a bunch of 16-year-old gangbangers who wanted money instead of candy.
2005-10-31 09:11:29 AM  
NOLA halloween was the scariest halloween I've ever had. It was also the most fun. hehe. People were genuinely interested in scaring the sh*t out of you. Good times.

Nabb1: I hope you get some people! (:
2005-10-31 09:20:45 AM  
Happy Celtic New Year
2005-10-31 09:29:42 AM  
Is there Mayor Nagin costumes? What about Governor Blanco?
2005-10-31 09:35:37 AM  
Who is Michael Brown? Assuming he's a real ass, great headline.
2005-10-31 09:40:29 AM  
Gig103: Micheal Brown is the former head of FEMA, whose most important contribution to the Katrina relief effort was quickly realizing that he was woefully ill-equipped for the task, and that his background as the president of an Arabian horse enthusiasts' club was not exactly the background in emergency response that was needed for the job, and after bungling things for a week, stepped down.

No, I am not making this up. You couldn't make up this stuff if you tried.
2005-10-31 09:46:31 AM  
Thanks Nabb. Headline then, is deemed perfect.
2005-10-31 10:00:18 AM  
Wonder if anyone down there has bubble boy costumes.
2005-10-31 10:01:40 AM  
NyQuiLlama: Is there Mayor Nagin costumes?

Is you learn how to speak English?

/Why do conservatives hate grammer?
2005-10-31 10:02:50 AM  
Definitely the best headline on here since the Amazon one a couple days ago.

/Thumbs up!!
2005-10-31 10:05:38 AM  
I would dress up as "one of the thousands of asshats who didn't evacuate when told repeatedly to do so, then blamed the Federal/State/Local government for my own ineptitude in a disaster."
2005-10-31 10:09:08 AM  
I'd dress up as the angel of death and fly all over the city and roam around and have a good time.
2005-10-31 10:11:41 AM  

In which part of town do you live?
2005-10-31 10:16:10 AM  
JerryCallo: Uptown, just off Carrollton Ave.
2005-10-31 10:18:43 AM  
Brown was reamed for his incompetence and rightly so. My question is will Nagin/Landrieu get it for their incompetence?
2005-10-31 10:21:08 AM  

Hopefully the rumors are true regarding the "evacuation" of thugs.
2005-10-31 10:22:50 AM  
Super_Nintendo_Chalmers: I suspect Nagin's re-election chances are about zip right now. I also expect Governor Blanco will get trounced (rightly so) in the next election. Landrieu might get by, but it's tough to say since her base in southeast Louisiana has been dispersed a good bit. She could be in trouble. But, she's not up for re-election until 2008, either.
2005-10-31 10:25:13 AM  
JerryCallo: My neighborhood has never been quieter. I've heard those rumors, and I can believe a large number of them were "evacuated." Not a peep out of Pigeon Town, which is about eight or nine blocks to my west, which was in the throes of a turf war with a neighborhood above Claiborne before the storm. I have come back into town, armed, though. Not taking any chances.
2005-10-31 10:35:19 AM  
JerryCallo & Nabb1

Evac'd from Lakeview, and looted my house for remaining valuables about three weeks ago. (Didn't find crap.)

How's the activity in Lakeview/Mid-city? (Besides the Hallowe'en drinking.)

I have heard crime in Orleans Parish is down to 'bout zero. Wonders never cease, eh?
2005-10-31 10:37:55 AM  
MooseBayou: The only activity in Lakeview and Mid-City is gutting houses and businesses. Actually, a friend of mine lives in a small area of high ground near City Park Ave., and they made out fine, but not much else did.
2005-10-31 10:39:09 AM  
I did Halloween in Nawlin's a couple pf years ago. It rocked.

Voodoo Fest rocked too - my first time to see Iggy Pop live.
2005-10-31 10:41:15 AM  
I lost a former co-worker's expensive heirloom cane in New Orleans on Halloween.
John Hoyle, if you're reading this I still feel guilty about the whole thing.
2005-10-31 10:42:55 AM  
City Park Ave, by Ralph's on the Park? I ask, because I have a friend evac'd in Colorado, who hasn't been back. She was right across Dumaine from Ralph's,in the big 8-plex.

I told her I thought she was hi/dry, and probably not looted.

I'm relocated to Bellaire, Texas, for good. Nice here. I miss my N'Orleans neighbors, though.

I'm wearing my 1000-yard stare for Hallowe'en. I don't believe N'Orleans will ever be what it was. Not even close.
2005-10-31 10:44:50 AM  
Ralph's may have actually re-opened. That neighborhood did really well. As for looters, the Guard guys I talked to said they had to "put some heat up some people's asses" early on, but once the Spec Ops guys got into town, it was all over very, very quickly.
2005-10-31 10:46:08 AM  
Sorry to hear you won't make it back to N.O. I think things will turn around. I lived in Charleston, SC for about five and a half years after Hugo, and things worked out great. I'm optimistic for the same here.
2005-10-31 10:49:04 AM  
My office and home are in Kenner. I have only been able to drive around Lakeview and Mid-City. Haven't had a chance to go into town yet.
2005-10-31 10:49:05 AM  
Is Garland Robinette mulling a run for Governor? (Obvious joke.)

Seriously, do you think Jindal will make another run for Governor? Oliver Thomas as Mayor?

They would make good Hallowe'en masques.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
2005-10-31 10:55:53 AM  
JerryCallo We met here b4 Katrina. My office, (which I now access over the wireless), is also in Kenner, on Vets' behind the airport.

Good luck. Hope things go well for you.

Nabb1 Thanks. I was actually thinking of relocating before Katrina. It was gonna be Austin or Lafayette. Houston presented a better short-term picture, though, for the time being. New Orleans really had become a rat's nest of crime & corruption, and I felt my tax money was being packed up my asshole neatly. Now the crime is gone, but the same petulent, me-first, up yours politics remains. I stayed in Metairie up until last week, then lit out. I'm done with my home city. It hurts plenty, though.
2005-10-31 11:00:44 AM  
/great headline
2005-10-31 11:12:26 AM  
An Amazonian blond's skimpy cop outfit flirts with indecent exposure.

...useless without pics...
2005-10-31 11:20:05 AM  
Nagin will win. His abrasivness during the storm will not be forgotten by his base. However, Blanco won't win, but neither will Jindal.

Oh, how I loved that city on Halloween. Every year for five years I went as a door to door Mormon. Its like the schoolgirl uniform for guys. While, starched shirt with rolled up cuffs, black thin square knit tie, black slacks, and a bicycle helmet. Also help to be tall, blond with blue eyes.
Frenchmen Street is the epicenter. The memories are just insane, full of nearly naked nubile women, crazed hillbillys, and highly intelligent drunken people. If you ever get a chance, go.

/even better if you pretend to have lost your way.
//The Elders said that I was to go straight home, but I was so thirsty.
///What is this, a soda? I'm not supposed to have caffeine.
//// Trashed
2005-10-31 11:22:32 AM  
Great - everybody can come as a $2000 handout or maybe some of the things that were purchased like Prada or lapdances.

Or howabout goin out as a ig spineless jellyfish...that way you can pass yourself off as either the mayor or the LA state guv.
2005-10-31 11:30:40 AM  
Why do conservatives hate grammer?

Why do liberals hate spelling?
2005-10-31 01:28:52 PM  
Bacchus/Dionysus bless those New Orleanians. If this Hallowe'en is any indication, 2006 *will* be the Miracle Mardi Gras.
2005-10-31 02:07:08 PM  
Obviously Nabb1 is not a black resident of New Orleans. Trust me, Nagin is mayor for life after exploding at the feds in the aftermath of the hurricane. Angry white men such as yourself are wholly outnumbered in New Orleans. Now Blanco, who the Hell knows.
2005-10-31 02:13:53 PM  
Oh man I loved this headline.
2005-10-31 02:24:07 PM  

I would dress up as "one of the thousands of asshats who didn't evacuate when told repeatedly to do so, then blamed the Federal/State/Local government for my own ineptitude in a disaster."

You mean a poor, old, or sick person with no transportation stranded in the city - AKA "The Damned" or better yet, "The forsaken." At least it fits with Halloween.
2005-10-31 04:23:11 PM  
Here's a gallery of pics I took at last years Halloween in Nawlins. Good times...
2005-10-31 04:37:26 PM  
FREE Kathleen Blanco, Ray Nagin, Michael Brown, Mary Landrieu, and George Bush masks:
2005-10-31 06:33:44 PM  


[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

/sorry, but it had to be done.
2005-10-31 06:47:59 PM  
Jensaarai: You mean a poor, old, or sick person with no transportation stranded in the city - AKA "The Damned" or better yet, "The forsaken."

No, I mean a vast majority of the people that stayed behind.
2005-10-31 07:05:17 PM  
You wrote a heck of a headline, submittie.
2005-10-31 09:35:39 PM  

Why do conservatives hate grammer?

Why do liberals hate spelling?

haha, pwn3d
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