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39472 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 May 2002 at 8:09 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-01 02:24:26 PM  
The first person I think of when I hear Wet T-shirt.
Jacqueline Bisset.
I'd post that famous 'Wet T-shirt' picture but that could get me banned.
You all will have to settle for this.
And by the wat, I'd STILL do her if I got the chance.
Man is she SMOKIN' to this day !
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-01 06:06:12 PM  
Hey, SLAYERSWINE, you got a link to that photo? That way we can all enjoy, and you won't get de-Farked!

And on another note...they are certainly playing fast and loose with the term "t-shirt" in these photos!
2002-05-01 06:26:02 PM  
Nothing new here. These pics have circulated around teh interweb for a long time.
2002-05-01 08:12:14 PM  
thank you God [image from too old to be available]
2002-05-01 08:13:40 PM  
hmmmm....anyone else getting a 404 error from some .js file? must be a Netscape thing... *sigh*
2002-05-01 08:15:53 PM  
no problem here.
2002-05-01 08:18:59 PM  
heh, I remember the bar that all those wet Tshirt photos came from. I had no idea the pics would spread so far or for so long.
2002-05-01 08:19:59 PM  
I'd like two of these to go, please.
2002-05-01 08:20:19 PM  
Whoever submitted this, thank you
2002-05-01 08:22:05 PM  
Somebody must have been upset about the farked up boobies link earlier. Thank you for submitting this boobielicious site!!!
2002-05-01 08:22:11 PM  
Where are the guys in their wet shorts?????
2002-05-01 08:24:04 PM  
The distorted thumbnails are eerie.
2002-05-01 08:24:13 PM  
These are from, before they removed the link to their weekly wet T-shirt contest. *sigh*
2002-05-01 08:41:27 PM  

Here's some more of the nice stuff from that particular little piece 'o ass. (week of 6/17/99). All I can say is "yum".
2002-05-01 08:55:29 PM  
Worst ... thumbnails ... ever!

However, I'm most appreciative of the lady in the lower left corner, so I won't whine about the thumbnails too much.
2002-05-01 08:59:00 PM  
All praise to the wet t-shirts and the most tasty and voluptuous contents therein. Amen.
2002-05-01 09:11:22 PM  
those are tshirts. just of the "wife-beater" variety.
2002-05-01 09:13:54 PM  
I'd give anything to be with one of these girls!
But then again, being I can't get laid in a whorehouse, I wouldn't know what to do with them if I got one....nevermind.
2002-05-01 09:14:20 PM  
yes, SLAYERSWINE- please shoot the link out, we must all enjoy
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-05-01 09:14:40 PM  
HHHmmmmm....yyyeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Daddy like!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-01 09:16:55 PM  
Yeaa baby wettshirt4 is hot.
2002-05-01 09:21:07 PM  
Oh boy, bikerdykes.

2002-05-01 09:22:22 PM  
My apologies to Rberry, he will probably be pissed at me but here you go.
2002-05-01 09:22:37 PM  
re Jac. Bisset: IIRC that wet t pic from "The Deep" is
at Retrocrush, might try there...
2002-05-01 09:23:21 PM  
2002-05-01 09:27:16 PM used to have a weekly wet t shirt contest at their club in tennessee during the 90s. Every friday they would post the pictures from that weeks contest. these are all from there. i used to check that site every friday to kill a few kittens. there are more pictures from the contests all over the web, but there is also an appreciation site at:
2002-05-01 09:44:02 PM  
thank you, I was thinking maybe that was the pictures you were talking about, glad tosee them again.

she is a very "sweet" looking older lady.
baby Zero wants to breast-feed
2002-05-01 10:06:55 PM  
sniff sniff *sob* I love wet boobies..*sob*
2002-05-01 10:56:05 PM  
Very nice, I enjoyed every pic. ChemmieIf they did that during the 90's does that mean they quit?
Not one of those chics was bad lookin and they all had nice racks. I need to move to Tennesse, or at tleast go for a visit.
2002-05-01 10:57:03 PM  
Now THOSE are some boobies...
2002-05-01 11:06:55 PM  
HOLY shiat... i have finally seen a woman i know naked on the internet besides which i was around while it was made.
This is my ex girlfriend from high school. i swear to god. i wrote an email to her to try to confirm, but there is no denying that this picture is her. funny shiat.​3.jpg
2002-05-01 11:27:50 PM

she has angelina jolie lips....yum.
2002-05-01 11:30:09 PM  
god bless america
2002-05-01 11:49:07 PM  
Some faux fun bags in there I see.
2002-05-02 01:13:05 AM  
Chemmie - its a weird feeling isnt it? A girl I was really good friends with in college is in the "Girls Gone Wild - Sexy Sorority Sweethearts" video. The first time I saw that, I about spit out my beer.
2002-05-02 01:41:33 AM  
I love boobies!

-he who stacks pork
2002-05-02 02:23:33 AM  
So do I.

-he who kills kittens
2002-05-02 03:52:35 AM  
Just make sure the girls are hot and the water is cold!
2002-05-02 11:52:39 AM  
Laughs at the irony of Jostah's statement but applauds her nearly naked ass anywho
2002-05-02 11:59:04 AM  
Dear Lord those are sweet!

I remember that one of those girls was being used as a "nude" for Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. Of course it's not her. Looks like her though. Shame!
2002-05-02 01:54:41 PM  
Is that really Jostuh????
2002-05-02 03:37:09 PM  
Redbird: Probably not. If you look at the site that the pic is from, the person who runs it is a guy.

2002-05-02 03:38:11 PM  
Jostuh: By the way, great pic in your Bio. Any more where that came from?

2002-05-02 03:45:55 PM  
that pic in Jostuh's profile is also on
2002-05-02 04:07:20 PM  

-he who stacks pork
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