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(Manchester Online)   English yuppie couple try to evade $200 speeding tickets with elaborate lie, including flying to Bulgaria to mail postcard "evidence."   ( divider line
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2005-10-14 11:30:49 AM  

What a couple of farking boneheads.

Karma just owned those two.
2005-10-14 11:45:49 AM  
It's not the's the insurance increases.
2005-10-14 12:04:23 PM  
What some won't do when they have more money than, G-d!...
2005-10-14 02:24:05 PM  
perverting the course of justice

ahhh...the English use of verbage. LOVE IT!
2005-10-14 02:33:26 PM  
Someone I know went to that much trouble to prove someone had WMDs.

He got caught, too.
2005-10-14 02:33:52 PM  
What is a chartered surveyor, in American speak?
2005-10-14 02:33:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

just drop it in any mailbox!
2005-10-14 02:34:09 PM  
we need an pwn3d tag
2005-10-14 02:35:12 PM  
11,000.00 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds
= 19,461.01 USD
United States Dollars


/best conversion guess
2005-10-14 02:36:58 PM  
eh no problem, we'll just charge the town an extra 20K for our next job!
2005-10-14 02:37:45 PM  
Spud Boy: we need an pwn3d tag

No, we do not.
2005-10-14 02:37:50 PM  
2005-10-14 02:37:58 PM  
I smell a new cliche.

Konstantin Koscov did it.
2005-10-14 02:38:05 PM  
Broktun: What is a chartered surveyor, in American speak?

2005-10-14 02:38:10 PM  
it couldn't have been less that the costs of the tickets to make that flight...
2005-10-14 02:38:50 PM  
I get paid for what I write, and not some crazy joke swappers but courts and stuff.

Deal with it!
2005-10-14 02:39:17 PM  
Heh, if they really were trying to dodge the insurance hike they must have had some serious other hits on their record.

Speeding tickets here in the US stay on your record for three years, right? So they shelled out over $500 for every month that would hurt their insurance, assuming the laws and insurance companies over there are the same as the US.
2005-10-14 02:39:55 PM  
Oh this is going to crush them. Quite right too, what-what.

Freakin' ^%*^%&%$#$#. Hope all their clients cancel, their house is bulldozed to make way for a new interstellar highway, their child grows up to hate them but otherwise be an uncommonly happy and well adjusted person, and that the oil repeatedly hits their anuses.
2005-10-14 02:40:02 PM  
...."two counts of perverting the course of justice."

/gotta love that!
2005-10-14 02:41:32 PM  
I enjoyed the experience and would gladly return the favor [sic] unfortunately my car is no where as good as yours but it will get you about!

I find it amusing that the article makes a [sic] note regarding the american spelling of favor.
2005-10-14 02:41:51 PM  
OWNED!!!! $11,000 for being proven that you're both Lying Snobby biatches.
2005-10-14 02:43:41 PM  
2005-10-14 02:37:58 PM 13ItemsInA12ItemOrLessLane

The greatest trick Konstantin Koscov ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn't exist.

I'm not afraid of the Devil... but I am afraid of Konstantin Koscov....
2005-10-14 02:44:03 PM  
Colonel Mustard on the A59 with the Ferrari...
2005-10-14 02:44:22 PM  
28 days to pay otherwise your wife will known the definition of being a prison biatch and the man gets to lose his Be-hymen.
2005-10-14 02:46:24 PM  
Did you Koscov today?

//hope someone gets it, but I doubt it
2005-10-14 02:47:16 PM  

2005-10-14 02:47:22 PM  
The Bromleys eventually admitted making up the story after investigators said they could find no trace of Mr Koscov.


It wasnt the lie that got them in trouble, it was telling the truth.

/Find a lie and stick to it.
2005-10-14 02:47:55 PM  
Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel.

2005-10-14 02:49:11 PM  
The farkin' link is taking for freaking ever to come up.
2005-10-14 02:50:16 PM  
Ah, the power of Stupidity truly knows no international borders.
2005-10-14 02:50:55 PM  
2005-10-14 02:52:17 PM  
How much time and money did the police waste investigating this? Using Interpol to check in Bulgaria? Shouldn't the police be out chasing real criminals, and just drop crap like this?
2005-10-14 02:53:23 PM  
Pay the court clerk!
2005-10-14 02:57:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-14 03:04:30 PM  
^^^^^^That's pretty fast. Can you slow it down a bit?
2005-10-14 03:05:31 PM  
court perverts!
2005-10-14 03:11:06 PM  
Farkette_Gone_Wild ^^^^^^That's pretty fast. Can you slow it down a bit?

I GIMPed this. Couldn't figure out how in a reasonable amount of time.
2005-10-14 03:13:09 PM  
>Heh, if they really were trying to dodge the insurance hike >they must have had some serious other hits on their record.

Or it could be that he had already racked up enough points to get his license suspended (or on probation etc... read that 12 points during a 3 year period will get you suspension)
2005-10-14 03:17:14 PM  
The quaker is just spewing the same "I work for" cliche we've seen a million times before.
2005-10-14 03:18:53 PM  
It's not the fine, or the increase in insurance premiums - it's the points on your drivers licence.

In Britain motoring offences have a points score. Non-insane speeding gets you 3 points per offence, which stay on the licence for the next four years (iirc).

The kicker is if you get to 12 points you lose your license completely, until they expire below the limit again.

This bloke was probably on 9 and was desparate not to get any more.
2005-10-14 03:19:13 PM  
If I ran the world, I would have hired someone who looked Bulgarian-ish to show up at their door, sweaty and out of breath, claiming he was Konstantin Koscov and needed to hide.

Maybe after a couple days I'd show up at the door with the police and still fine them the $20K (US) or so. But hot damn wouldn't that be funny!

/...if I ran the world, that is.
//Shout out to all the real Konstantin Koscov's in Bulgaria who had Interpol beating down their doors recently. Cath Bromley's bad - she lives on Moss Lane, Broadbottom.
2005-10-14 03:20:53 PM  
Nice combo cHico11! Now burninate it.
[image from too old to be available]Konstantin Koscov did it.
2005-10-14 03:36:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Since these rich pricks have so much money to burn they could have hired this man to play Konstantin Koscov.
2005-10-14 03:51:53 PM  
unfortunately my car is no where as good as yours but it will get you about!

That's their problem: way too subtle.

They should have tried:

Gosh, I sure enjoyed ripping through town in your car, especially along Dukinfield Road where the cops put up that fixed camera. Hope you haven't received any tickets because of my recklessness. If so, let the cops know it was all my fault and you have nothing to do with it. Lovely weather here. Ciao

Bloody morans.
2005-10-14 03:56:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
Konstantin Koscov did it.
2005-10-14 04:00:29 PM  

^^^^^^That's pretty fast. Can you slow it down a bit?

I work for bulgaria,
so im really getting a kick
out of most of these replies
some of you guys are very good
at making it sound like you know
what you're talking about
but trust me you dont

..or something liek that
2005-10-14 04:02:32 PM  
If the speeder's a brit, you mustn't acquit.
2005-10-14 04:07:39 PM  
Wait. They have yuppies in the UK? They're not called by some quaint bit of British slang that Yanks don't understand and give the British yet another way to pretend they have a leg up on us in the English department? Maybe it's got an extra U in there?

2005-10-14 04:20:07 PM  
Where's Darwin when you need him
2005-10-14 04:21:12 PM  
I smell another cliche.

Konstantin Koscov for President.
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