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8914 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2002 at 8:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-30 07:51:51 PM  
Hot diggity!!
2002-04-30 08:44:20 PM  
"Once again I place the blame squarely on tight pants."
2002-04-30 08:46:48 PM  
I noticed that the blue diamond didn't say GUINNESS.

any FARKer's get their Guinness keychain bottle opener yet ?!?!

2002-04-30 08:47:21 PM  
This is not one of Fark's strong items.... what the FARK!
2002-04-30 08:47:33 PM  
These have been sucking lately
2002-04-30 08:48:02 PM  
I still don't get it.
2002-04-30 08:51:02 PM  
that's hella cool, considering that it's the interenet,it'r free, and short. you get what you pay for. not like i was going to do anything productive with those two minutes anyway
2002-04-30 08:52:13 PM  
That was farking hilarious. They just keep getting better and better.

<sarcasm> Plus, by thinking they are funny, it's like I'm part of an elite club.</sarcasm>
2002-04-30 08:52:55 PM  
C'mon! You all know that any tight pants reference=comedy gold.
2002-04-30 08:53:57 PM  
Hmm... way too much of that one is "visual". How on earth am I supposed to call my sister in Utah and leave Strongbad E-mails on her voice mail? It won't make sense.

Wait, they don't normally make sense anyway.

Carry on.
2002-04-30 08:55:53 PM  
Made me pop my cork.
2002-04-30 08:58:57 PM  
you sick sonofabiatch
2002-04-30 08:59:13 PM  
How can I get my two minutes back?
2002-04-30 08:59:52 PM  
2002-04-30 09:01:11 PM  
I blame tight pants.
2002-04-30 09:02:33 PM  
2002-04-30 09:06:25 PM  
BWOOSH. The Double Deuce.
2002-04-30 09:10:57 PM  
Someone's getting credit for submitting this every friggin' week. Maybe I should try submitting all 6-8 Onion articles every Wednesday...

Okay, so I'm not really trying that hard, but I have been passed over several times.

2002-04-30 09:12:27 PM  
Strong Bad can open my beer from now on
2002-04-30 09:20:05 PM  
funniest strong bad email ever:

Strong Bad: "Hey stupid, you know a guy named Anthony from South Gate?"

Strong Sad: "Yeah, I was just making him this card, and i'm gonna send him a hundred dollars and..."

SB: "Yeah, well he says you're a dumb and crappy guy."

SS: "ooohhhhhh...(rips card in half)"

seriously, is the bomb bomb.
2002-04-30 09:21:29 PM  
Ahh, the joy of seeing another funny Strong Bad posting, and the ensuing, "Worst Posting Ever". Sun rises every morning too.

Uh, Vegasj, no I haven't got my bottle opener yet. I forgot about that...
2002-04-30 09:29:18 PM  
i don't know why i find these funny, but i do.
2002-04-30 09:34:34 PM  
Wah! Wah!
Fark doesn't cater to my every whim and desire!
Fark doesn't ask me my opinion on every submission!
Other people have different senses of humor than me!
I'm too farking stupid to remember SEVEN farkING DAYS AGO when I read a strong bad email and didn't like it and I read it again and didn't like it AGAIN and I felt the need to make my stupid farking opinion known to everybody instead of the more intelligent option of NOT CLICKING ON THE LINK.
Jeebus H Christ - how many times do you Stong Bad hatahs have to stick your hand in the fire before you realize it burns???

2002-04-30 09:35:20 PM  
Homestaw Wunnah is da bomb. Those who don't like it probably dont like kittens too. Iceholes.
2002-04-30 09:44:10 PM  
I'm starting to think that people post this crap just to bother us.
2002-04-30 09:47:25 PM  
So AndyChrist, I'm guessing you liked it?
2002-04-30 09:49:29 PM  
Strong Bad owns you whiners.
2002-04-30 09:50:24 PM  
I wonder if Stongbad will use his power for good or for awesome!
2002-04-30 09:52:10 PM  
Why do people complain about the new Stongbad email every week? Why do they insist on telling us that they didn't find it funny? Why do they waste their time and ours with their drivel? I've got your answer:tight pants.
2002-04-30 09:55:18 PM  
SFOTW - let's put it this way - I discovered HR shortly before my wedding last year and very soon afterward I showed it to all my friends.
As I was standing up there waiting for my wife, one of my friends caught my eye and mouthed "I know! Can you beeweeve it?!?" and I mouthed, "WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT."

I love HR. That's my own humble and nonimportant opinion. What really frosts my A S S is these trolling dipshiats who insists on coming back every week to let us know that - Oh! - what a suprise! They didn't like it the last 7 weeks and they didn't like it today! Horrors!

PS - if los Brothers Chaps read these comments - PLEASE run my SB email!
2002-04-30 09:57:49 PM  
This could get NSFW quick if I had the power to take tops off with my mind.

And for those of you who aren't down with tha Homestah Wunnoh, fark all y'all haters.
2002-04-30 10:09:22 PM  
strong bad is fricking hilarious. seriously.
2002-04-30 10:11:38 PM  
i love strong bad....

still waiting on that damned bottle opener...
2002-04-30 10:25:07 PM  
Strong Bad Rules....all you whiners on here can just: DELETED!!
2002-04-30 10:25:32 PM  
Ahhhh...I feel so clensed.
2002-04-30 10:32:03 PM  
I forsee the Chaps selling StrongBad bottle openers now....that'd be tight; I'd buy one for the parties...
2002-04-30 10:36:45 PM  
lol loved the "once again I put the blame squarely on tight pants" line. Don't know that I get it, but it was funny.
2002-04-30 10:40:17 PM  
The loval president of the Steel Workers Union wanted to protest the rule that shorts were not allowed on the plant floor. So this guy and his 2nd in command lackey both wore summer dresses to work one day. It was NOT PRETTY! ! !
2002-04-30 10:50:22 PM  
Tight pants were/are an 80s fashion thing. It mostly applies to guys, who should not be wearing tight pants.About the only guys still wearing tight pants are people who claim to be 'punk.' Them, and the tragically hip...and maybe some slices of the gay community.

Tight underwear has also been linked to male keeping your sack too close to your body it heats up the little guys, causing them to be created in mutated/malformed/nonfunctioning shapes (2 tails, 2 heads...etc.) If you wear boxers or boxer briefs, your boys will be kept at the proper temperature for fertilizin'.
2002-04-30 11:15:55 PM  
I watched it again and found it funnier the second time than the first. I don't see why you people think it's pathetic.
2002-04-30 11:21:26 PM  
Vegasj: No guiness opener here yet, dammit. I've found that these free internet things take forever. I ordered a freebie from the internet right after graduating from high school, went away to college for a year, came back for the summer, and it finally came at the end of the summer. Damn downy dryer sheets.
2002-04-30 11:24:36 PM  
I used to hate this StrongBad crap, but after review of all the emails. I LOVE THEM!

crapfully yours, Zero
2002-04-30 11:29:37 PM  
I never got my opener, or those farking pens!!
2002-04-30 11:30:32 PM  
i''ve read a lot of the responses, but none have explained tome why this is wortht he time to post
2002-04-30 11:35:12 PM  
To all you Stongbad/Homestart haters out there, let me sing you this little ditty:

Somebody told me
that you were stupid
But I didn't believe them
But now I believe them
2002-04-30 11:38:41 PM  
I haven't LOL for the longest time, until I saw this.
2002-04-30 11:47:14 PM  
Has anyone ever noticed the two knobs on the bottom left of strongbad's monitor? You can adjust it's contrast...

Oh the mysteries of the internet...

To all you strongbad haters...not even worth the comment.
2002-04-30 11:59:20 PM  
Wow, thats crazy!
2002-05-01 12:03:23 AM  
Wait a minute...

Homestar doesn't wear pants!
2002-05-01 12:06:05 AM  
Hey - does anyone know what Homestar sings at the end of the "Everybody, everybody" theme during the intro?
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