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(The Smoking Gun)   Yet another New Orleanian attempts to trademark the word "Katrina" so he can slap it on an alcoholic drink. The Smoking Gun is there   ( divider line
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14787 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Oct 2005 at 4:06 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-10-03 02:58:44 PM  
The idiot lawyer has a yahoo email address. Nice.
2005-10-03 04:09:19 PM  
Wow, only 1 comment?
2005-10-03 04:09:42 PM  
Its probably his spam email.
2005-10-03 04:11:13 PM  
You're Fired
2005-10-03 04:11:27 PM  
Lemme guess: It has no taste?
2005-10-03 04:13:02 PM  
Cripes. Was going to email him to let him know he's an asshat then realized two things -

1. He's a lawyer - he could sue me.

2. He's a lawyer - probably already knows he's an asshat.
2005-10-03 04:13:09 PM  
what? no recipe? think they'd have to include the ingredients for a copyright
2005-10-03 04:14:15 PM  
Well, if it's anything like the hurricane is reputed taste, ptooey!
2005-10-03 04:14:15 PM  
Slavic, I doubt it. I've met some lawyers who aren't that Internet savy (damn that is a gay phrase, not that it is a bad thing) with AOL and shiat. Why you wouldn't have your own domain is beyond me, heck your doin trademark filings and you are advertising for another co. Smrt.
2005-10-03 04:14:24 PM  
how many get to heaven
no one knows
but hell will be asses and elbows

tim wilson
2005-10-03 04:15:15 PM  
'Tis an ill wind indeed that blows no one any good.

Oh, nevermind. The guy's an asshat.
2005-10-03 04:15:29 PM  
I would imagine it to be quite close to a pangalactic gargle blaster.... without the gold brick, but with the getting hit in the head...
2005-10-03 04:15:30 PM  

"what? no recipe? think they'd have to include the ingredients for a copyright"

Actually, he's only trademarking the name, and the general catagory of what it is, not the actual mix.
2005-10-03 04:17:31 PM  
Anyone else find it amusing that his name is Dick Sackett?
2005-10-03 04:18:14 PM  
Copy of the email I sent the guy -

You're an asshat. Why in the world would you seek a trademark for the name of one of this nation's worst natural disasters? You truly are the scum of the earth. I compare you to the people that tried to sell pieces of the World Trade Center after 9/11.
2005-10-03 04:19:31 PM  
I have a Yahoo e-mail address. What does that make me?


2005-10-03 04:20:05 PM  
You know what would make an excellent drink? 'Hero Hitler', it would just end up tasting like ash
2005-10-03 04:20:16 PM  
Tastes like Kat...
2005-10-03 04:20:36 PM  

Equal parts white rum and white tea sweetened with white sugar served in a tomcollins glass. For garnish a single black olive is crushed under the glass....

/can we start the race wars back?
//I do sooo miss them...
///sarcasm alert...
2005-10-03 04:20:42 PM  
Me mates and I have given this some thought. So far, we decided it should feature Xlax, so as to simulate the forced evacuation. Or at least Kaluha so as to simulate muddy water.

What say ye, farkers?
2005-10-03 04:20:58 PM  
stupid the first time with the two lawyers, whats so big about this guy doing the same thing?
2005-10-03 04:21:45 PM  
i would like to trademark Hiroshima.

one helluva drink!!!

/beats a flamin moe into the ground
//or a flamin homer
2005-10-03 04:22:10 PM  
The Dick Sackett Dildo might make a nice TM.
2005-10-03 04:23:36 PM  
Yeah, it's in poor taste, but it's not really too surprising, is it?

2005-10-03 04:24:14 PM  

While I agree with you, you'd be better off spreading his email addy around to every mailing list, porn and spam site you can find. Heheh.

Not that it would make any difference, but hey, why not.

/Like my Katrina tall with a twist
2005-10-03 04:27:14 PM  
I gotta say.. who cares?
2005-10-03 04:27:56 PM  
True high roller48.

I didn't do that, but did send the TSG link to several friends and family. Perhaps they will dump a few things in his email for him!
2005-10-03 04:28:46 PM  
Highroller48: While I agree with you, you'd be better off spreading his email addy around to every mailing list, porn and spam site you can find. Heheh.

Now THERE'S a good idea.
But if his address is that easy to find on the web, he's probably getting all that stuff already anyways.
2005-10-03 04:34:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-03 04:36:48 PM  
I thought you couldn't trademark anything that is...dammit, I think of the word(s) I'm looking person's name. For instance, Drew couldn't trademark the name "Drew." Likewise, Katrina is also a person's name, so it can't be trademarked.
2005-10-03 04:36:49 PM  
No wait...This idjit's not a lawyer, he's an even lower form of life, an advertising executive. Could he get lower yet? Yup, he works for personal injury lawyers. Is this the guy who writes those lawyer ads you see during Jerry Springer? Probably.

2005-10-03 04:39:52 PM  
They should let him do it and then people can visit him and throw his own bottles at him for being an insensitive asshat...
2005-10-03 04:40:38 PM  
It figures, this guy runs an ad agency for personal injury lawyers. What a bottom feeding grubastic shiate stain.
2005-10-03 04:43:55 PM  
The attorney who filed it (Lunney), the guy with the yahoo address, is not the guy trying to cash in - he's the patent attorney filing the application for his client, the ad exec. He's just doing his job (which, as most people would say about lawyers, is being a scumbag).

Lunney's an intellectual property professor at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. I had him for several classes. He was a good guy.

That being said, I can't believe he "sold out" and took this client.
2005-10-03 04:45:12 PM  
Sure, the name is very crass and the timing is way too opertunistic, but face it. In 5 years, there WILL be a Katrina drink. I'm not defending the asshats by any means. I think it's stupid to try to take something like that out of public domain anyway.

If a Car Bomb isn't bad taste, then I don't see how a "Katrina" drink is going to be especially when New Orleans is famous for their bigass hurricane drinks in the tall plastic "bongs."
2005-10-03 04:45:59 PM  
CraicBaby -
I know that Britney Spears put a TM on her name.
See link
2005-10-03 04:47:36 PM  

He's not copyrighting the name "Katrina," he's copyrighting an alcoholic drink themed after Hurricane Katrina.
2005-10-03 05:09:10 PM  
I'm going to trademark the entire English language, and everybody will have to pay me to speak.
2005-10-03 05:13:23 PM  

You mean like Budweiser or Jack Daniels?
2005-10-03 05:17:00 PM  
A trademark on a personal name won't stand up because it's not illegal to write about other people, nor is it impossible for two people to have the same name. If someone tries to trademark my name, I still have the legal right to do whatever I want with my own name. You can't stop any other parent from using your name to name their own child. People are named after other people all the time. And I have no right to stop anyone else from making a profit however they like if they share my name. It won't stand up in court if challenged, I think.
2005-10-03 05:39:21 PM  
Muta: I have a Yahoo e-mail address. What does that make me?

Yeah, but do you use it for your professional correspondence?

If a lawyer gave me a yahoo email address instead of something like b­l­a­h[nospam-﹫-backwards]m­rify­m*co­m I probably would not hire him.

Even my dad (a doctor) has his own domain for business email.
2005-10-03 05:43:44 PM  
Ah, the Katrina. It causes your low-lying regions to become flooded with toxic waste.

\who put the sewage line in the recreation area anyway?
\\Case against intelligent design made
2005-10-03 05:48:34 PM  
Drinks with names are just plain stoopid.

Ha ha ha! A bunch of morans sit around & pay a premium for something than anybody could've come up with - and could've called anything.

Add 1 part lawyer, and it spells ripoff for suckers.

Can't even imagine that one day "Frommers New Orleans" will ever devote a single sentence on which NOLO bar makes the best "Katrina".

These asshats want to clog up the legal system with nonsense?
2005-10-03 05:57:57 PM  
I'd like to stand next to him and say "Katrina" over and over again til he threatens to sue me. Then I'd beat the ever living shiat outta him for being a greedy asshat. Best thing about all this is that he won't know who I am so he can't sue me and after the beating, he won't remember anything. Perfect!!
2005-10-03 07:38:10 PM  
Here's the website of one of the guys who first tried to get a trademark.

Click to see the asshattedness!

Double whammy - He's an attorney AND a chiropractor.
2005-10-03 07:45:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Also wanted for questioning

/baby, I still love you *blows kisses to the one-five-one*
2005-10-04 01:47:46 AM  
GIS for Katrina
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-04 10:32:59 AM  
Going by the new's portrait of the disaster, will the drink only be sold in black neighborhoods? Or perhaps only black people will feel the effects of the drink? Maybe they'll only be served at closing time because you'll be forced to leave shortly after having one... just some ideas.

Is it too late to Trademark a "Baghdad"? Hiroshima? Sri Lanka?

/what an idiot
//he'll probably make a fortune
2005-10-05 10:16:56 AM  
To Do List:

- Get an anonymous Hotmail account
- Find this guy's corporate email address (r­sacket­t­[nospam-﹫-backwards]xi­rta­mp­uorg­*c­o­m).
- Flame on, Johnny Storm!

Does it do anything? Probably not. But it qualifies as a Chaotic Good action-of-the-day.
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