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(Yahoo)   NY Jets forced to sign QB Vinnie Testaverde. Apparently, Joe Namath wasn't available   ( divider line
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9422 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Sep 2005 at 6:50 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-27 12:20:19 PM  
He's available, submitter, he's just too busy trying to hug and kiss people.
2005-09-27 12:31:08 PM  
WTF? When I'm thinking about salvaging my team's season, I'm not thinking about hiring people who where born in 1963!
2005-09-27 12:31:33 PM  
I heard that the Jets wrote a letter to him saying they had cancer and that the last thing they wanted was for Namath to start against Carolina on Sunday, but Broadway Joe blew it off with, "I am not falling for that again."
2005-09-27 12:33:03 PM  
Broadway Joe was too busy trying to make out with Suzy Kolber.
2005-09-27 12:42:44 PM  
Heh heh. Poor Bart. You know, we had a lot of fun tonight. But, there is nothing funny about... vapour lock. It's the third most common cause of stalling. So please, take care of your car and get it checked. I'm Joe Namath. Good night!
2005-09-27 12:44:13 PM  
Vinnie is back?! Oh farking shiat this sucks.
2005-09-27 12:46:36 PM  
if it's any consolation, he does have joe namath's knees
2005-09-27 12:47:37 PM  
Man. We're f*cked.
2005-09-27 12:47:59 PM  
I submitted this with a Blanda headline.
2005-09-27 12:49:05 PM  
Where's Kordell Stewart when you need him?

/Jets fan in Nebraska crying in his beer
2005-09-27 12:49:58 PM  
brap: I submitted this with a Blanda headline.

Funniest line this week!
2005-09-27 12:53:15 PM  
Hey guys, don't fret- you always have that other football team with the other Manning.
2005-09-27 12:53:59 PM  
I submitted this with a Blanda headline.

Now that there is funny.
2005-09-27 12:56:09 PM  
J-E-S-T! Jest! Jest! Jest!
/Glad that the Jest will suck worse than the Bills.
2005-09-27 12:56:22 PM  
Number one draft pick! Woo-hoo!!

/gonna be a long season
2005-09-27 01:07:27 PM  
Isn't he like 62 years old?
2005-09-27 01:10:32 PM  
damageddude: Number one draft pick! Woo-hoo!!

Matt Leinart? Vince Young?
2005-09-27 01:12:28 PM  
KaponoFor3: Matt Leinart

He's got the California-boy looks that would go well with the celebrity-crazed NY media.
2005-09-27 01:13:51 PM  
I wonder if Ryan Leaf is available somewhere, speaking of draft picks.
2005-09-27 01:29:58 PM  
lucidity: Ryan Leaf

I always felt sorry for the Chargers on that one, and I'm a Broncos fan. Leaf had so much potential, and so little work ethic.
2005-09-27 01:33:06 PM  
Mercutio879: I always felt sorry for the Chargers on that one, and I'm a Broncos fan. Leaf had so much potential, and so little work ethic.

The colts had a choice of picking Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf. The colts chose to have both of them undergo a psychological profiling and the guy assigned to do it said not to draft Leaf under any circumstance.
2005-09-27 03:18:32 PM  
2005-09-27 03:40:17 PM  
lucidity said it best, we are farked

but seriously dont we have Quincy Carter?
2005-09-27 04:46:39 PM  
I think everyone is looking at this the wrong way. Testaverde is the perfect quarterback to lead you to victory in the Matt Leinart sweepstakes.
2005-09-27 05:31:41 PM  
Somehow, somewhere, Jim Plunkett is waiting for a phone call.
2005-09-27 06:53:47 PM  
I had such high hopes for the Jets this year.
2005-09-27 06:53:56 PM  
Better headline was mine, yarr. She be similar, ahoy!

NY Jets resuscitate the corpse of QB Vinnie Testaverde; Joe Namath waits anxiously by his phone
2005-09-27 06:57:35 PM  
2005-09-27 06:58:45 PM  
I heard that the Jets wrote a letter to him saying they had cancer

They weren't lying. Look who they just signed.
2005-09-27 07:00:28 PM  

Seriously, though, where IS Qunicy Carter? His drug-addicted ass has got to be superior to Vinnie's Depends-wearin' ass.

Oh, and Jests, I mean Jets fans, Namath will be back, after Vinnie gets pummelled in week 5, and Bollinger gets hurt coming in off the bench.
2005-09-27 07:01:14 PM  
I smell Super Bowl...
No, wait, it's just flexall 454
2005-09-27 07:01:26 PM  
A large percentage of the Jets team is black. They have experienced disaster. Bush hates blacks. Ergo: Bush did this.
2005-09-27 07:01:35 PM  

3rd link down

2005-09-27 07:02:44 PM  
Isnt vinny one of those old players who dont have to wear helmets?

Or was that Steve Deberg?

Or Craig MacTavish?
2005-09-27 07:04:22 PM  
Well suddenly I feel better about losing TKO.
2005-09-27 07:05:01 PM  
What about Bernie Kosar?
2005-09-27 07:06:35 PM  
seems like a logical choice to me. just like rick clausen in the 2nd half :)
2005-09-27 07:06:45 PM  
Randall Cunningham.
2005-09-27 07:07:09 PM  
Sounds like someone needs to call Boomer Esiason out of the broadcasters booth.
2005-09-27 07:08:58 PM  
Jets in a downward spiral and I for one Love it. May be a blessing in disguise though, I always thought Pennington was overrated. He had a weak arm to begin with and I don't see it getting any stronger after a second torn rotator cuff.
Who knows, protect Vinny, run the ball and stop turning it over and just maybe the Jets may be able to salvage the season, although in that division and in the AFC I think it will be tough for them to get to the playoffs.
2005-09-27 07:09:44 PM  
Warren Moon
2005-09-27 07:10:54 PM  
Bree Walker
2005-09-27 07:12:54 PM  
T.J. Rubley
2005-09-27 07:13:24 PM  
what's so bad about this? their first and second string quarterbacks are out, why not get someone better than your third string to come in? sure, the third could use the time playing, obviously he's got merit, or he wouldn't be on your team.. but.. this testaverde guy, with the disadvantages of being 42, has the advantage of experience, he was starting for a team as late as last year, and he's 6th in all time passing, which probably means he's a hell of a lot better than just the average qb.
2005-09-27 07:13:42 PM  
kordell stewart is a raven backing up their replacement QB. I'm a ravens fan and im just relieved that they dont have to play pennington. you know, for as long as i've been watching the ravens (only a few years), i've never seen them play pennington when they play the jets, he was out last time they played too.
2005-09-27 07:14:59 PM  
Here in Dallas we called him "Vinnie Inceptaverde."
2005-09-27 07:16:08 PM  
I am surprised Flutey wasn't mentioned.

/I always liked that guy.
2005-09-27 07:16:26 PM  
I rarely post here.. but all I can say is...


/Falcons fan
/Vick is god
/He'll learn to pass from the pocket eventually
/Screw you homos, I'm going home
2005-09-27 07:17:30 PM  
Flutie is the back-up for Brady in New England.
2005-09-27 07:17:39 PM  
Without Warren Moon, Michael Vick would be a wide receiver/running back. Warren Moon is god.
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