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(Castrated Kitty)   All the cliche kitties you could ask for.   (talula.freeserve.co.uk) divider line 117
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2002-04-28 06:44:37 PM  
2002-04-28 08:04:29 PM  
2002-04-28 08:05:27 PM  
i didnt ask for any.
2002-04-28 08:05:34 PM  

2002-04-28 08:06:09 PM  
That's not all of them, there should be about 100-200 images in that series.
2002-04-28 08:06:32 PM  
Maybe more, but I remember seeing 100-200 of them.
2002-04-28 08:06:57 PM  

It's the squirrel!
2002-04-28 08:07:00 PM  
2002-04-28 08:07:48 PM  
Ooooooooooooolllllllllllddddddddd. I totally submitted a better archive like two months ago, but nooooooooooooooooooo
What did I do wrong Drew?

2002-04-28 08:08:01 PM  
2002-04-28 08:08:29 PM  
All hail the kitty. Pray to the kitty, or suffer eternal damnation. You have been warned.
2002-04-28 08:09:10 PM  
if this is what we get on fark, i feel bad for those people paying for totalfark. definately not spiffy.
2002-04-28 08:09:44 PM  
Here is a more complete set of the pictures. Click Here.
2002-04-28 08:11:23 PM  
2002-04-28 08:11:26 PM  

2002-04-28 08:11:45 PM  
omg, lots of weird shiat on that server

2002-04-28 08:13:20 PM  
gotta catch em all!
2002-04-28 08:13:47 PM  
Oh.. my... Gosh. Those are the cutest ever.
2002-04-28 08:16:16 PM  
Alright! Now I can set the cliche kitty as my desktop background and use the cliche kitty winamp skin. Would someone please make t-shirts and mugs.
2002-04-28 08:19:24 PM  
So what clip art company should we thank for this?
2002-04-28 08:21:13 PM  
O to the LD.
2002-04-28 08:22:35 PM  
I wonder, now that Cliche Kitty is probably all grown up, whether s/he is still cute, or just looks like any old cat now?
2002-04-28 08:25:34 PM  
5 is the best simply because the puppy has no clue that a little kitty is freaking out behind him. On another note, I think distributing copies of these pictures all over the Middle East would stop all the shiat going on over there. How could anyone possibly think of killing other people when they could look at these adorable kitties instead?
2002-04-28 08:28:12 PM  
#10 burned my eyes with cuteness. Must go listen to "The Wall" for 10 hours or be forever damned.
2002-04-28 08:31:35 PM  
Awwww, those little angles, they're just begging to be chopped.
2002-04-28 08:32:22 PM  
But there are so many that have been left out!

Like this one
This one, too
Here's another
Oooh, don't forget this little feller'
Also, there's this guy, and this guy, and of course this mess of a cat...

And let's not forget the famous UGLY CAT!!!
You got Tubcat #1, and Tubcat #2
The giant cat is here, too...

And, last but not least, let us never forget the brave and noble Weener Cat.
2002-04-28 08:32:48 PM  
Ahhhh images of the Great Satan.
2002-04-28 08:36:23 PM  
Fine fodder for future Fark photoshops. Thanks God we have cliche kitty or there wouldn't be any funny postings.

Long live cliche kitty.
2002-04-28 08:36:41 PM  
Q: Why do I care more about cliche kitty than church and school?

A: Because those things suck.
2002-04-28 08:37:20 PM  
I dont think that is the same kitty in every picture...
2002-04-28 08:38:36 PM  
Mommy's little precious!
2002-04-28 08:38:43 PM  
We should start a website called deathtoclichekitty.org or somethin'.
2002-04-28 08:38:48 PM  
Well farking hell, thats my Boobies :)
2002-04-28 08:39:53 PM  
no no


thats my post

2002-04-28 08:43:30 PM  
2002-04-28 08:45:02 PM  
Ok, so the one I'm not seeing is the shot of the two cats who appear to be in a karate dojo.

By the way, my Fark name is the same as one of my cats.

Not that anyone cares.
2002-04-28 08:47:35 PM  
Ain't they just the cutest?
2002-04-28 08:49:01 PM  
I wonder, now that Cliche Kitty is probably all grown up, whether s/he is still cute, or just looks like any old cat now?

Christian Bale, most of these kitties died so many boobies posts ago.
2002-04-28 08:51:52 PM  
um, I care *raises hand*

But only because I'm a lurker and I like being random.

*lowers it*
2002-04-28 08:53:04 PM  
In a not too distant future.......

2002-04-28 08:53:08 PM  
sheesh...great more stuff for unoriginal and unimaginative photoshops. I sense that FARK is turning into B3TA. Polar bears and farking penguins will be next...ugh
2002-04-28 08:55:44 PM  

Weird stuff? I want to know what this is.

2002-04-28 08:56:41 PM  
Alright! Now I can set the cliche kitty as my desktop background and use the cliche kitty winamp skin. Would someone please make t-shirts and mugs.

Someone already did! No t-shirts though.

2002-04-28 08:57:50 PM  
And this is my new favorite website. I hope I'm the lucky guy they're talking about.

2002-04-28 09:05:23 PM  
say it with me folks:

2002-04-28 09:05:40 PM  
2002-04-28 09:06:15 PM  
I am a cat person. I have two. That being said:


Phew, I fell better.
2002-04-28 09:13:36 PM  
Someone already did! No t-shirts though.

Ha ha! There are mugs, coasters, and mousepads. Glad to see the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. I'd like to sign the cliche kitty to a four picture deal!
2002-04-28 09:14:07 PM  
say it with me folks:

2002-04-28 09:14:44 PM  
Bopper: It's a still of a British TV comedy called 'The Royle family'. Is very funny.

Royle website

I'm a mine of useless information...
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