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(Yahoo)   Butch of "The Little Rascals" fame has died. The great "Our Gang Curse Hoax" is alive and well   ( divider line
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12551 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Sep 2005 at 7:16 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-26 05:33:41 PM  
How is it a curse when someone dies of old age?

2005-09-26 05:43:04 PM  
I use this pic a lot.

[image from too old to be available]

Figured he died a long time ago.
2005-09-26 05:51:15 PM  
Yes, the curse is that sooner or later ALL of them will die.

Mwa ha ha ha ha...

Oh, wait...
2005-09-26 05:52:37 PM  
bob denver, don adams, and now thomas bond. does this mean that the trifecta is complete?
2005-09-26 06:16:11 PM  
Alfalfa is cowering in fear somewhere in the afterlife.
2005-09-26 06:23:26 PM  
I wish they would come out with them all on DVD, even the super racist ones. They were so much fun.
2005-09-26 06:24:41 PM  
Sergeant Crash
bob denver, don adams, and now thomas bond

Bob, Don, Tom....I guess Ron is next
2005-09-26 07:10:00 PM  
Man, I remember watching the Little Rascals on TBS every day before school. I bet I saw all of them. I loved all those guys- even Butch. RIP.
2005-09-26 07:19:31 PM  
Buckwheat has been shot!
2005-09-26 07:20:34 PM  
Any pictures of his corpse? I'm running out of tranny porn.
2005-09-26 07:21:25 PM  
submitted with a less funny headline. Forgot about the great curse gig....
2005-09-26 07:22:26 PM  
Sergeant Crash: does this mean that the trifecta is complete?

Trifectas are a silly rumor. I got crapped on by two birds today, and now I'm INDOORS for the rest of the day. Let's see Senor Trifecta come in and ... aw jeez. Not again.

/how'd that chicken balance itself on my ceiling fan?
2005-09-26 07:24:34 PM  
ha ha ha, awesome Morocco Mole
2005-09-26 07:26:41 PM  

At the eulogy, Buckwheat remembers the time Butch beat him up because Butch didn't like Buckwheat singing a Lionel Ritchie song.

"You're un, frice, free times a laddy ..."

[image from too old to be available]

2005-09-26 07:34:07 PM  
Go the curse of old age and natural causes!

/curse is stupid
2005-09-26 07:38:00 PM  
Bond. Thomas Bond.
2005-09-26 07:40:19 PM  
Those racist ones were funny. Did you ever see the one where Buckwheat has a fantasy about throwing a party in Harlem, and there is nothing but Fried Chicken and watermelon. Man I feel guilty for laughing at that....but I laugh anyway.
2005-09-26 07:41:54 PM  
Yeah they shot John David Stutts too, the man who killed Buckwheat.

Butch was a bully, he was mean, he had yellow eyes. No, wait, I think that was a different Butch who was a bully. Was that Christimas Story or The Little Rascals?

Oh yeah, they remade The Little Rascals with all new child actors one time, didn't they? Do those set of children suffer from "The Curse" as well?
2005-09-26 07:46:36 PM  

"You're un, frice, free times a laddy ..."

It's "fee times a mady."

2005-09-26 07:47:32 PM  
If you liked that, you must see "The Kid from Borneo" and "A Lad and A Lamp." That's all I'll say.

/i wish i had a watermelon...
2005-09-26 07:51:39 PM  
TLR was one of the funniest shows on TV, always had me in tears.

RIP, Butch.
2005-09-26 07:53:21 PM  
orion_blastar: Oh yeah, they remade The Little Rascals with all new child actors one time, didn't they? Do those set of children suffer from "The Curse" as well?

I think one was Macaulay Culkins brother... does that count as part of a curse?
2005-09-26 07:58:02 PM  
heh that 1994 movie was on tv last night and i did some searching to see where those kids are now.. most of them have accounts. its freaky
2005-09-26 07:58:07 PM  
My (great-great)uncle Loren Hatch used to say he was one of the original Little rascals. I have never seen any evidence of this, but he insisted it was true. Obviously not one of the big ones like Alfalfa, but maybe?

/just saying
//he's dead too
2005-09-26 08:02:27 PM  
The original Three Stooges are also dead. All 3 of them dead. Damn that's eerie.
2005-09-26 08:03:13 PM  
1994 little rascals myspace accounts:

the kid who played "uh-huh" (wtf happened to him?!?!)




2005-09-26 08:04:58 PM  
RIP "Butch"
2005-09-26 08:07:13 PM  
Mugato, you knucklehead, there were more than three of them!

4. How many Stooges were there?

{Short answer: Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe, Curly Joe. 6. Moe and Larry were there for the Stooges' entire film career, but the position of the "third Stooge" was filled by several people. After Curly left the act, Shemp played the part, and after Shemp, there was Joe, and finally Curly Joe. That makes six. However, in vaudeville there was more than one act calling themselves "Stooges" or even "The Three Stooges". Furthermore, our Stooges were once part of an act called "Ted Healy and his Three Southern Gentlemen" that consisted of Ted Healy, Moe, Larry, and Shemp. That's right: Shemp. Soon Shemp moved on to other things, and

Curly took his place in 1932, before they ever made their first Columbia short.

The long answer? Even more complicated. The name "Three Stooges" was in dispute in the 30's, and there were no less than twenty so-called 'Stooges' groups doing vaudeville and other engagements, enough such that Columbia (actually, Columbia's lawyers) placed ads in several papers at the time announcing that the name "The Three Stooges" and "Stooges" were trademarks. Violators were subject to civil suits.}

6. Are they still alive?

{No. Joe DeRita was the last living Stooge, and he passed away in 1993.}

Apparently there was a "The Three Stooges Curse" as well? ;)
2005-09-26 08:17:11 PM  
I was living in Los Angeles when Hal Roach, the creator of the Little Rascals, died in 1993 at age 102.....His funeral was open to the public, so I attended and got to meet Tommy Bond and George "Spanky" McFarland....THAT was a thrill....Spanky died about six months later.......
2005-09-26 08:24:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Bootch. How does it feel to kill a man with your bare hands. This is a subject I'm very much interested in.
2005-09-26 08:24:19 PM  
Making you even more confused... there used to be FIVE Marx Brothers...

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo. Gummo was only in the vaudeville act, Zeppo quit after the first 4 or 5 films (all the ones with Zeppo are collected in the "Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection" DVD set.)
2005-09-26 08:35:20 PM  
Has anyone ever looked at the so called "curse"? It is hardly a curse, as most people died of fairly normal things... and geesh, these people are OLD!
2005-09-26 08:40:38 PM  
Butch was my favorite. I had a crush on him when I was 6 years old, not knowing that he was in his 60's in real time. I've heard that he was a really nice man too.
2005-09-26 08:40:55 PM  
Oh man 2 in one day This Sucks. Rip Butch!
2005-09-26 08:43:05 PM  
Now if we could just get rid of Robert Blake
2005-09-26 09:34:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-26 09:34:40 PM  
I like Butch's buddy, "Woym"
2005-09-26 09:37:35 PM  
Mugato, you knucklehead, there were more than three of them!

I know that, that's why I said the original three. Whenever a celebrity dies someone always says that it always happens in threes, I was just heading it off.
2005-09-26 09:53:14 PM  
Looking at the myspace profiles, Froggy was the only one who grew up to be hot. That's funny.
2005-09-26 10:06:44 PM  
yea it's like that, one day you are running around, 60, 70 years later you drop dead, just like that, with no warning
2005-09-26 10:27:09 PM  
Who the hell cares?
2005-09-26 10:28:57 PM  
Too bad it wasn't the Baretta dude...
2005-09-26 10:38:13 PM  
a 79 year old man died. That's some curse
2005-09-26 10:43:16 PM  
as some others have noted, yeah he died of old age after a modestly successful acting carrer led to a decently succesful production carrer and is survived by a wife and family.

Somebody please put this curse on me at once.
2005-09-26 11:01:11 PM  
2005-09-26 11:28:15 PM  
In the summer, my mom used to drop us off at a local theater and get her hair done. (Still can't believe she could do this.)

There was this whole nostalgia trip series produced to give children my age an idea of what it was like to attend a studio-owned theater in the early years of Hollywood.

They'd show a full-length feature preceeded by a newsreel, cartoons, and either an episode of "Our Gang" or an installment of "Five Peppers".

The Our Gang series I prefered to all its contemporaries. There was an odd way that they could either raise social issues (gender, bullying) and resolve them creatively. Alternatively, there were issues (racism) that the shorts blithely finessed. Still, these gave me a better understanding of my parent's mindset than any book could have.
2005-09-27 12:10:17 AM  
Does anyone remember the episode where Butch and Worm accosted Porky and Buckwheat, stole their marbles and then added to their degradation by rubbing tomatoes in their faces, leading to this classic line....

"Dey nook our barbles and mashed us in da face with a bamato!"

Been looking for that sound clip for years. To no avail.
2005-09-27 12:29:48 AM  
ertznay: Those racist ones were funny.

The episode with the cake always cracks me up. The part where Stymie is backing the cake and says "Boy it's hot!", wipes his forehead and the sweat makes a black stain on the wall.

Sooooooo wrong. Yet soooooo funny.

2005-09-27 01:08:19 AM  
I remember back in the 70's kids thought that Robert Blake played the part of Butch. Don't know why, I guess they were not very bright.
2005-09-27 01:51:50 AM  
he was Mickey, that was his real name....
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