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(AP)   Strip club reopens in New Orleans, offering $1 private dances to rescue workers   ( divider line
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17423 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2005 at 5:05 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-21 07:31:08 PM  
ArmyCop: The good folks that were in the Center came out voluntarily, and were taken via helicopter to evacuation sites.
They were given any aid that we had. Food, water, evacuation to medical aid.

The ones that wouldn't come out were the hardcore criminals- the murderers, rapists, and thieves preying on the weak. they used the Convetion Center as a base of operations.
The building is three floors, a mile and a quarter long.
There are literally hundreds of rooms, stairwells, and other places to hide.

So, having tours of duty in Bosnia, Croatia *and* post-deluge NOLA, compare/contrast?
2005-09-21 07:31:50 PM  
Now, I have nothing against strippers (but at these prices I soon will. Badum tish!), but if the second storm hits, that psycho preacher who blamed teh gheys for Katrina will just use this to further his "God is punishing nawlins" rhetoric. I'm all for charity (what time does her shift start? Badum tish!), but some nutty people will use this for ammunition.
2005-09-21 07:34:33 PM  
Hero indeed. :)

/former stripper
//no, I didn't have a bad childhood
///college wasn't gonna pay for itself
////slash slash, motherfarker
2005-09-21 07:35:13 PM  
Ok, gweilo888, now you're just trying to get me riled, aren't you? Organic food story?! Puh-leaze...

2005-09-21 07:39:27 PM  

You're fighting a losing battle, hon. There's a tremendous amount of testosterone spraying around these threads... if this bothers you I suggest you never EVER click on a boobies thread. :P Myself, I generally just either go with it and take it with a sense of humor or simply click out of the thread.

There's pretty much nothing you can say that won't be picked apart once the general attitude of the people in the thread is against you. They'll last longer than you; you'll eventually just kinda give up out of frustration.

/message board veteran
2005-09-21 07:43:51 PM  
I remember when I lived in the Czech Republic and they asked me, "do you have this in America?", referring to their omnipresent sex clubs, brothels and live porn acts at normal discos.

I explained that in America we have (in some areas) "strip clubs," where you can only watch and not touch, and that prostitution is illegal.

They just shrugged. Over there, if you're watching a sex show, it's assumed you'll either go work off your hard-on with your partner, or shell out for a whore.

In America, strip clubs are like watching football where everyone just runs around simulating touchdowns without ever involving a ball (or two).

/Jest sayin.
2005-09-21 07:48:50 PM  
Darkprincess.. can I see some nekid pics of you? Since naked women is good in your book.
2005-09-21 07:52:29 PM  
Kemidra, you are wise and kind. Thank you.
It isn't easy to express an opinion that so many here disagree with, but it won't keep me up tonight :-) I do have a sense of humor about it. I go to the boobies links and don't have a problem with them. The strip club thing just strikes a nerve with me, as well as being stereotyped as the typical "female."
2005-09-21 07:56:26 PM  
Twitch OSX, I don't think I'd have problems adding a pic to my profile if I was more tech savvy and had the equipment with me. However, you people are so bloody good with photoshop, I don't think it'd be a good idea.
2005-09-21 08:00:10 PM  
DarkPrincess -
The point is that you came off as looking down on the good gesture a strip club is doing for the rescuers of so many people down there. Its pretty dern narsty going house to house and picking through waste/bodies/whatever, and after your done, you would probably want to have something to take your mind off things. I dunno, thats how I see it.

/makes no difference to me
2005-09-21 08:05:26 PM  
Hey, I for one think DarkPrincess should be respected for the way she has conducted herself. I can't say the same for some of you Farkers.

I say this as a oft-time patron of the exotic-dancing arts, who actually thinks the "hero" tag was quite fine, albeit a little tongue-in-cheek, I would hope. But I can also see how some might think it sad.

But personally, I do think they are trying in their own way to repay the relief workers (by cutting rates) while restoring at least a part of their own incomes. I have no problem with that, and if I was there I would tip the hell out of them.

Yes, strip clubs are what they are. At least we have SOME freedom in this country both to choose how to make money and to choose how to spend it.

/Wishes he looked good enough to dance in a women's club.
2005-09-21 08:11:32 PM  
Darkprincess.. heh.. I was just farking around being rude.. no worries.
2005-09-21 08:12:41 PM  
Washere88, I guess when you put it that way, it did sound like I was "looking down" on the gesture. I didn't mean to sound like that. If opening a strip club for rescuers/workers is a purely thoughtful gesture, I can't fault it. I'm still thinking about the tragedy of it all and the last thing I'd think to do was open a strip club in the midst of it all. I understand the gesture, though. For those who wouldn't want to go to a strip club, though, what would have been an equally thoughtful gesture? That's the direction my mind would be going.
2005-09-21 08:19:35 PM  
gwydion5, how kind of you! Sorry you don't feel like you look good enough to dance in women's club. I think you are fine and there are much better ways to make an impression on a woman than dancing in some club. In fact, you have just made an awesome impression on a woman and she didn't even see you naked ;-)

/needs to get a life and quit posting in this link
//Ghosthunters is on soon, must watch....
2005-09-21 08:21:48 PM  
Drinks, $3.

Drinks involving water and clean glasses, $44.75.
2005-09-21 08:26:14 PM  
I bet the rebate is due to skin boils from the polluted water
2005-09-21 08:31:48 PM  
I agree with Dark Princess. "Hero"? Where are America's priorities these days?
When I work a really hard day and am tired I don't relax by drinking beer, or going to a strip club. These are two very popular American vices and they aren't heroic in the least.
I can see that providing a distrction for the real workers in New Orleans is a good thing. But heroic? That is an overstatement in my opinion.
2005-09-21 08:43:28 PM  
Ohhhh God that's nasty, Tentacle.

/remembers fondly back to "Day of the Tentacle"
2005-09-21 08:46:10 PM  
bneffer, you are amazing. I wish I could have said that as well as you did. I didn't want to upset anyone here, but I just didn't think the hero tag was right.
2005-09-21 08:47:19 PM  

Thought you were leaving? Something about Ghost something or other?

2005-09-21 08:52:34 PM  
bigpete53 - sorry, yeah I'm leaving. Ghosthunters (Ghostplumbers) in 10 minutes, then I'll be out of everyone's hair.
2005-09-21 08:53:12 PM  
There are going to be some interesting new mutant STD cumming out of the Big Easy I suspect. . .
2005-09-21 08:56:18 PM  
I went to Starfleet Academy and majored in Vulcan Logic.
Are you talking about that SciFi Channel show? Never watched that one.

/Level 12 nerd
2005-09-21 09:00:23 PM  
Hehe...bneffer, yes, the SciFi show. Nerds rock, btw.
2005-09-21 09:27:14 PM  
I've got a question for the women in the audience:

What do you think about male strippers?

I ask because I've visited more than a few female clubs over the years -- some in New Orleans -- and marveled at the number of women who accompany their husbands/boyfriends/friends to these establishments.

I can't imagine accompanying a woman to a male strip club. While I'm not one of those unbelievably stupid men who put on a hyper-machismo with their excessive -- and affected -- aversion to the male form (you know the type: "oh, no, I saw a man's penis, I'm going to melt."), I find male strippers incredible creepy. It's actually painful to watch.

I can appreciate that some men are very good looking...but, the whole trying-to-look-sexy thing just creeps me out. So, I guess in addition to my question about male strippers, I'm also interested in hearing the feelings of women who've gone to female strip shows/clubs with a date (or, even alone).

//saw a male stripper at a lady friend's birthday party
///left soon after the dance began
2005-09-21 09:28:49 PM  
I haven't invoked this in a long time...but, circumstances demand it:

Who thinks fork_off should be banned/beaten for posting fat chicks with the intent to blind all of Farkistan?

Anyone? Anyone?!? Bueller?
2005-09-21 09:44:39 PM  
That's it, fork_off, you need to go. Dude, that is just not cool. I was thinking Alex...Alex..$1 private lap dance ...Ale...HOLY FARK! That was just uncalled for.
2005-09-21 09:46:57 PM  
darkprincess: enough arguing! you're first in the special olympics. well done. strip clubs are fun, but don't go if you don't like em. nuff said.
2005-09-21 09:53:44 PM  
fork_off really does need a ban!
2005-09-21 10:06:03 PM  
Did someone report Fork_off yet? If not I will. ;)

That's horrid.
2005-09-21 10:11:22 PM  
unterseeboot - I had moved on and live and let live here. Everyone is fine here except for the nightmare fuel of the woman pic. Thanks for calling me retarded. Insults are a wonderfully thought out means of communication on your part.
You should be so proud.
2005-09-21 10:12:31 PM  
OMG FORK OFF OMG OMG OMG.... Wine bottles will never look the same to me... ever. OMG. I did not want to see my wine that way.... ever....

2005-09-21 10:13:14 PM  
pfft...dancers down there are lame...visit Canada and see what a ripper should look like.
2005-09-21 10:22:16 PM  
more_free_than_you: pfft...dancers down there are lame...visit Canada and see what a ripper should look like.

Ah, yes. I'm sure every single stripper in Canada is hot, and every last one in the US is lame and ugly. That's a logical line of thinking.
2005-09-21 10:23:54 PM  
Dark Princess:

Sorry you got such a hard time from this unruly crowd.


I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but I used to work on sound systems in the Quarter, and from what I remember, Deja Vu was a "female impersonator" club. Can any displaced NOLA Farkers chime in?

As I former resident, I think you may be right. I think I stumbled in there late one night and got a suprise when one of the dancers sat down and I could see razor stubble.

I have to say the dancers were more friendly than usual..

/grossed out at the memory...
2005-09-21 10:31:26 PM  
more_free_than_you writes: pfft...dancers down there are lame...

Are you kidding? New Orleans has some of the best low-cost dancers in the world. The high-end establishments may be eclipsed by chichi clubs in other cities...but, the hole-in-the-wall clubs in NO give you a really good value.

By the way, everybody says I've missed out by not visiting Club Super Sexe during my trips to Montreal. Are they right? I seriously want to know.

/not a pervert
//haven't been to a strip club in years and years
///I only went for the articles
2005-09-21 10:34:49 PM  

I would have to agree with you. The dancers in NO are pretty good. Also, the restrained rules keep things from getting too gnarly. It's a decent scene with at least some semblance of decorum.
2005-09-21 10:52:20 PM  
thanks, stinkypinky. i hadn't meant to give anyone a hard time. i respect and learn from other farkers opinions. i just had to say this before i go. i'll sleep better now. i don't know why it matters, but i guess it does a little.

/will work on getting thicker skin to deal with rabid farkers
2005-09-21 11:10:34 PM  
At times like this I realize how much I love this country
2005-09-21 11:49:35 PM  
Personally, I think it is Cool thing these venues are doing.
Close too Heroic, but not quiet there, in terms that it is aiding the Relief Effort. A Relief Workers moral is important. Too much of a bad thing can wear a person down.
There are women Relief Workers there as well. They should have the option of something along these lines as well if they want it.

As for some folks who do not see a Strip Club doing this as a positive thing... not going to ridicule them. They are welcome to their opinon and I will politely disagree with them. As long as they are not trying to force their opinions down my throat then I welcome their views. It's all cool.
2005-09-22 12:18:40 AM  
DarkPrincess: I have two pairs of shoes and they are sneakers.

pffft... go get yerself a pair of heels and see if someone will throw ya a little dick now and then.
2005-09-22 12:35:11 AM  
might prefer some average sized dick instead...

/yeah, that's how i read "a little dick"
2005-09-22 03:16:43 AM  
Not a former stripper, but could have been had I not been so fortunate as a teenager. I think women who take off their clothes to feed their kids, go to college, pay for their mortgage are to be respected.

At least they are being productive members of society. Whether you like strippers or strip clubs is irrelevant. Most of them are more honest and ethical than politicians.

Much better than the trampy butterfaces that are giving their stuff away for free, just for the fun of it.

/pole-dancer wannabe.
2005-09-22 03:45:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-22 04:40:40 AM  
The men of America should unite and stop paying so farking much for lap dances. A local club here charges $20 a dance- that's a dollar EVERY NINE SECONDS for a three minute song.
2005-09-22 08:02:55 AM  
Guys, remember you always get what you pay for.. NSFW
2005-09-22 09:57:50 AM  
Well, I've got no one to blame but myself for clicking DangItsHimAgain's link, now do I?

Lets see, Clear History? check. Delete Cookies? check. Delete Temporary Internet Files? Check.

Fire self? No, Just a Verbal Warning this time.
2005-09-22 10:09:49 AM  
What do you think about male strippers?

Pretty much "ick." Seen a few all-male revues. Their abnormally large thingers flop around in their banana hammocks like they pooped themselves. And the way they move is weird and too purposeful. And the way the look at you makes you feel the bad kind of dirty. (Erm, well, that's my opinion, of course.)

I much prefer intimate silliness in a pair of briefs. My boyfriend's wiggles are much, much more appealing.

That being said, it's also a statement of a "We can objectify men too, dammit!" I'd just rather objectify normal men.
2005-09-22 11:08:07 AM  
Ya know, I enjoy the boobies like any other man, but my first thought is where are the priorities here? There'll be time for fun [bags] when the work's done.
2005-09-22 11:25:06 AM  
There'll be time for fun [bags] when the work's done.

For some reason, that makes me think of the lyrics to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers.
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