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(   City tries to use eminent domain to knock down tavern for Catholic school's athletic fields, raising an important question: What can possibly be more beneficial for a community than a tavern?   ( divider line
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2005-09-21 03:03:23 PM  
Prep alums, in da domus.
2005-09-21 03:17:01 PM  

When that happened, they said they were not going to decide whether economic benefit was or was not public use, but that it was for individual states to decide.

Which, as O'Connor's dissent indicates, is functionally equivalent to deleting the phrase 'public use' from the Constitution altogether.

Which, in turn, is an expansion of the takings clause to such an extent that all private property practically belongs to the state. You just have the privilege of using it for the time being.
2005-09-21 03:19:51 PM  
The Reichman, I'm class of '97 and I took Delo (for US Gov.) The school shouldn't do this.
2005-09-21 03:27:36 PM  
The only thing farkers are more retarded about than religion is "immanent" (eminent, morans) domain.

Llemiwinks The Gerbil King , the above is not about you, but the point you make is exactly right.

It IS favoritism to for teh government to take one person's property to give to another. But guess what? It's the so-called "liberal" members of the Court that have perpetrated this outrage.
2005-09-21 03:30:49 PM  
JerseyTim, you know both rabiddawg and I.

I share the same name with a famous detective. rabiddawg is just a blonde-haired idiot.

Wow, that's messed up. Not only is the city using eminent domain to procure property for a private organization, it's a RELIGIOUS organization. You'd think having the government procure land for a religious indoctrination center (loosely referred to as a school) would violate the seperation of church and state.

Your stereotypes are amazing. Having spent 4 years there I can assure you it is not an "indoctrination" center. We had plenty of kids who weren't Catholic. They were treated like anyone else with the exception of not having to go to masses.

Compared to C.C.D., Prep was pretty damn loose.

As far as what the school is doing, I think they're going to get a nasty letter from me. The guy owns this bad, it's his livelihood. Given the way real-estate is, and what that land is probably worth, he's not going to be able to afford to open up shop somewhere else. Public or private school, I'd be against this.
2005-09-21 03:46:13 PM  
Jersey City has PLENTY of taverns. The Golden Cicada is a nightmarish hell hole of sorts, which not many people will miss. The problem is that the owner is not offered what the property is truly worth, but what the state deems its worth to be. The legislators just literally snatched 6800 acres of meadowlands, compensating them just $10,800 per acre under the guise of "eminent domain". The true value was much more, with the land being 7 miles from midtown NYC.
2005-09-21 04:33:51 PM  

I agree with you completely. I'm a Catholic and I'm against this too because I think it's an abuse of government power. I think you writing to your alma mater is a good start. Why not have a fund raising campaign like private schools often do to raise enough money to just buy the tavern?

The reason Kelo was such an awful decision, and the central fact that a lot of you are missing, is that the Constitution only allows taking for public *use*. Not public benefit.

Agreed. I don't think Stevens can read. The senile old bat needs to die.

Espertron = typical misinformed anti-Catholic troll
2005-09-21 04:53:46 PM  
City Mayor needs to sit down, pour himself a beer, light up a joint, and put on Zappa's "Catholic Girls," from Joe's Garage.

The he will be in a position to make a decision.

/eminent domain is un-american
//and I'm Liberal - go figure
2005-09-21 04:56:34 PM  

Why not have a fund raising campaign like private schools often do to raise enough money to just buy the tavern?

This school has been on a MASSIVE fundraising campaign for the last couple years, they're doing a lot of big-budget projects. I don't think starting another one just for this would be possible.

My dad just had his 50th reunion the other weekend, it was a huge deal, and I'm sure they were expecting some big donations out of it.

DisGus is absolutely right. This bar is how this guy earns a living, the state needs to come up big if they're going to do this.
2005-09-21 05:42:41 PM  
i went there, not a catholic and the jesuits (priests for you in the non-know) were the ones that actually fostered what i believe in today (agnostic, btw). in fact, you can ask palexc, call me a catholic and i'll beat your first born with a blunt object on general principle. way to generalize though, really...


yeah, delo's was good times.
and don't mind paul, he hasn't had his nap today...
2005-09-21 05:46:08 PM  
rabiddawg: and don't mind paul, he hasn't had his nap today...

I know for a fact that you still wet the bed.
2005-09-21 05:54:47 PM  
palexc passing out and spilling the beer doesn't count and you know it.

we all know how you got a head in italian class though...

/oops, ahead...
//gentlemen, these are 400 dollar pants...
2005-09-21 05:59:33 PM  
2005-09-21 06:11:42 PM  
most abused teacher in history...
2005-09-21 07:59:11 PM  
I just visited Prep today, seems there's some mixed feelings all around.

And since I was down there I passed by the bar in question. It seems to be a run down place, completely out of touch with the neighborhood. It looks like you'd need a penicillin shot for just going near it.

Also a lot of people seemed upset that the school was getting written up as a bunch of rich snobs taking land from a poor honest working man.

I also believe there's a problem with the field, it doesn't reach a certain requirement and thus can't be used for football, if they take over the property the bar is on they can expand the field and start using it.
2005-09-21 09:43:01 PM  
all ED seizures should require a public vote, or at least a jury.
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